?God Says; RECEIVE MY BLESSINGS. God Message Today !

my dearest child you may be overlooked

now but the time is coming when you’re

going to be noticed people are going to

recognize your value your gifts your

talents I am going to cause you to stand

out you’re going to go from being

unnoticed to being in charge from being

not recognized to being the

favorite open your eyes child of God you

might not see it now but everything is

changing you will soon look back and

finally understand why the battle was so

hard you’ll be staring at the blessing

in front of you and you’ll know why it

was all

necessary beauty is coming from this

it’s bag check

season it’s time to take inventory of

your relationships attitudes and

perspectives and let the negative

baggage go check them in because they

can’t go where I am taking you you’re

going to a new level

I am taking you somewhere bigger and

better I am going to take you from

obscurity to

notoriety you’ve worked hard you’ve been

faithful you’ve honored me now get ready

the curtain is about to come up I am

about to show people who you really are

you are coming into a new level of

prominence a new level of influence and

a new level of

income I am going to endorse you people

are going to see the greatness I put in

you I am about to promote you I am about

to give you an opportunity you’ve never

had I am opening doors for you I am

going to take you from the bottom to the

top whatever has been stolen from you is

coming back home your days of being

without are over anything that is

harassing you or hindering your life is


removed I have dealt with all of your

needs now I am dealing with your your

wants don’t Ponder on the end of this

year and think it’s too late it’s only

beginning child of God I feel the need

to tell you guys to get close to the

throne get so close you’re able to Touch

the Hem of His

Garment cry it out if you must cry it

out to the father but settle in and know

that this new beginning brings so much

hope on the beauty to come I know you

have a lot on your mind right now it

feels feels like the weight of the world

is on your

shoulders you feel

alone lay all your concerns before me in

prayer I will provide I will make a way

for you don’t

worry I have your back if you’re in bed

right now feeling discouraged tired and

unsure if things will ever get better

God is saying to you tonight rest I am

already at work I will turn around every

negative situation in your life bless

you and your family and heal every place

you are hurting if you’re reading this

with tears in your eyes know that God is

speaking directly to your wounded Soul

through this message you didn’t just

happen to stumble across this message

God LED you to it he wants you to know

that he is making a way for you right

now he is healing that

sickness he is going to give you an

opportunity that you’ve never had he is

going to heal your strained

relationships stay in faith because your

breakthrough is coming I know you have

been struggling for a long time

financially spiritually and

emotionally you have a good heart and

people have abused you in many ways the

devil has tried to make you lose your

mind many times you have been betrayed

in many ways yet you stand in the midst

of your

storms you are still here because I am

with you I will not allow any weapon

that is formed against you to prosper

fear not I am going to turn things

around and bless you in the presence of


enemies hold on to your faith share this

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