?God Says, Please Don’t Make Me Sad By Ignoring This Message ? | DMFY-711

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my cherished child Within Me resides


Luminosity there exists no Shadow no

hint of Darkness I Your Divine guy

epitomize perfection in every facet

while the world around you may seem

shrouded and Gloom and tainted by

malevolence remember always that I am

the Eternal Beacon radiating even amidst

the darkest of nights my Brilliance

knows no bounds impervious to any

attempt to diminish or extinguish


it one day the full extent of my

Splendor shall unfold before you inel

veloping you in a Euphoria Beyond

Comprehension for now however you must

navigate the realm of faith for what you

perceive may not always align with

reality when the chaos of existence

threatens to and snare you grasp my hand

with unwavering

resolve let not fear sway you for

goodness possesses the power to triumph

over evil know that I am ever by your

sigh having secured the ultimate Victory

through my sacrifice and

Resurrection The Peculiar events that

unfold in this world serve as conduits

piercing through the darkness to allow

my Divine Light to permeate the hearts

of my faithful this holy illumination

stands ready for your embrace my dear

child for you are never alone I am your

constant companion offering Solace

fortitude and joy and fettered Trust in

my eternal presence for I shall never


you find solace in the knowledge that my

countenance shines upon you a reminder

of my boundless love Rejoice for I am

your steadfast anchor your sanctuary

amidst the tumult of life let gratitude

fill your heart for my love knows no

bounds and my blessings are


manifold release yourself from the

shackles that hinder the flow of my

grace and distance yourself from those

who s doubt and disbelief remain

steadfast in prayer unwavering in your

Devotion to my teachings trust in the

divine plan for my timing is impeccable

do not rush headlong into an uncertain

future nor cling to transient Pleasures

that offer not but fleeting


satisfaction fear not for I see the

burdens weighing heavy upon your soul

the anguish that ACC companies illness

and financial Strife embrace my promises

allowing them to permeate your being for

in them lies the key to peace and

fulfillment have faith dear child and

revel in my presence for therein lies


contentment know that I am a god of

Miracles capable of bestowing blessings

upon you and your Ken Embrace patience

for haste may lead as stray resist the

Allure of wickedness for its Pleasures

are transient its rewards fleeting share

this message with those you hold dear a

testament to your love for me and your

faith in my divine

plan subscribe to the Daily

manifestation channel to stay attuned to

my voice and that its teachings guide

you along the path of righteousness

trust in my unfailing love for in it

lies the promise of Eternal


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