he who is a true Christian will not

leave it Midway and will definitely see

it till the end my beloved child when

time is right I will walk you through

the way for now you can just trust me

and stop hurting your little heart with

worries I control the situation and I

will never allow plans of the Crooked to

prosper I love you don’t be scared or

ashamed of your

weaknesses I created you this way and I

love you for who you are don’t try

pretending instead let’s talk it out

together if anything is lacking I will

provide if you are hurting I will heal

my child I love you so dearly let me

help you treat people with love instead

of how they treat you I never taught you

to treat people the way they treat you

treat them better

the world teaches to treat people the

same way they get treated but that’s not

the way I

roll I have mercy and I love the past

can be very daunting and

scary for many of you you have changed

your lives around and stopped living a

life filled with sin and when you look

back at who you used to be it troubles

you because you just want to erase that

part of you it’s

hard but remember that all those things

transformed you all those things are


story I love you you can’t let what

others have done to you control how you

treat others around you not everyone has

bad intentions towards you not everyone

wants to bring you down talk to me more

and I will help you discern the good and

bad things in your life I love you the

life I gave you is not about you you you

were created in my image to live for me

and to be a source of Love help and

comfort for other people seek me and you

will find your

purpose restrain from doing what you

want and ask me to expose to you what I

want from you I love you I don’t want

you to think about all the wrong things

happening in your life instead I want

you pray to me because those problems

will pass and will soon be victories

with my Divine help the place I now have

you is different than you expected and

outside of your comfort zone but I need

you to stretch yourself and rise to the

accashian in this season because I am

preparing you for the next level the

paths you walk now will prepare you for

greater things God is about to surprise

you with unexplainable

blessings you have been in this place

long enough the holy spirit is moving

you to a new level

your breakthrough is happening every

assignment of the enemy has been

cancelled I love you amen share this

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