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beloved child hear me for I declare unto

you if anyone wishes to be esteemed to

be exalted in the eyes of the Eternal

they must first humble themselves and

become as the lowest of servants this is

not a mere platitude or a call to

superficial humility it is a Clarion

summons to redefine the very essence of

what it means to be great tap into the

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overflowing favor in the Kingdom of

Heaven the standards by which worth is

measured are inverted the pursuit of

self-aggrandisement the insatiable

hunger for recognition and

acclaim these are but fleeting Pursuits

that hold no currency in the Realms of


instead true greatness is found in a

life of selfless service in a

willingness to lay aside personal

ambition and to embrace the role of a

humble servant look upon me your savior

who though possessing the very Glory of

the Eternal one did not cling to the

splendors of

divinity instead I emptied myself taking

on the form of a servant humbling myself

even to the point of death on a cross in

that Supreme Act of

self-abasement I unveiled the true

essence of greatness a greatness rooted

in sacrificial love and unwavering

obedience to the father’s will follow in

my footsteps my beloved child and let

the Same Spirit of selfless service

guide your every step for in doing so

you shall not only honor the example I

have set but also gain access to the

profound depths of joy and fulfillment

that can only be found in serving others

elevate your life with God’s grace

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thanks button when you embrace the role

of a servant you become a conduit

through which the Father’s Love flows

freely your hands become instruments of

his grace extending comfort and healing

to those in need your words become

vessels of his truth imparting wisdom

and encouragement to the weary and

downtrodden in the act of service you

transcend the boundaries of

self-interest and become a living

embodiment of the Father’s Heart for

Humanity no longer are you constrained

by the limitations of personal ambition

or the desire for recognition for your

focus shifts towards the needs of others

and the pursuit of their

well-being as you serve with a pure and

selfless heart you shall discover a

profound sense of purpose and meaning

that far surpasses the fleeting

pleasures of worldly Acclaim for in

ministering to the least of these you

Minister unto the very heart of the

father and in so doing you align

yourself with the cosmic rhythms of his

love and grace ready to receive Divine

guidance and transform your life

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beloved do not be deceived by the

world’s distorted perceptions of

greatness reject the notion that success

is measured by the accumulation of

wealth power or influence for these are

but temporal Pursuits that hold no

lasting value in the sight of the

Eternal one instead embrace the path of

humility of

service and of Selfless Love for in this

counterintuitive wisdom lies the key to

unlocking the true Treasures of the

Kingdom Treasures that cannot be

Quantified by Earthly standards but are

Eternal in their worth and

significance when you choose to become

the servant of all you embark on a

journey that transcends the boundaries

of this Earthly existence you align

yourself with the very heart of the

father who desires to see his children

walking in the footsteps of his son

embracing a life of sacrificial love and


devotion in this sacred Pursuit you

shall find your true identity not in the

fleeting accolades of this world but in

the unshakable truth that you are a

beloved child of the most high called to

reflect his glory through acts of

selfless service and unconditional love

so let the words I have spoken take root

within the fertile soil of your heart

allow them to challenge and reshape your

understanding of what it means to be

truly great for in embracing the mantle


servanthood you shall not only

experience the fullness of the father’s

Joy but also unveil the profound depths

of your own purpose and Destiny the path

may seem

counterintuitive even foolish in the

eyes of the world but it is a path that

leads to everlasting life to the

unfolding of the father’s glorious plan

and to the realization of your true

calling as a servant of the most high

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message Embrace this sacred truth my

beloved child and let your life become a

living testimony to the transformative

power of Selfless Love and humble

service for in doing so

you shall not only honor the example I

have set but also experience the

Unspeakable Joy of walking in lockstep

with the heart of the Eternal one

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