🔴God Says, Ignore If You Don’t Need Me!😭 Ik You Started Hating Me These Days | DMFY-771

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end I am your true father the one who

loves you

unconditionally without reservation or

judgment with each New Dawn I eagerly

await the opportunity to commune with

you to envelop you in the warmth of my

love let these words resonate deep with

in your soul for they carry the essence

of my

presence know that you’re are never

alone for I Am With You Always guiding

you protecting you and showering you

with my boundless love as you Journey

forth remember the triumphs of your past

for they are a testament to the strength

of your spirit and the power of your

faith let courage fill your heart heart

and declare your unwavering belief in me

for it is your faith that ignites the

very essence of our connection do

amen if these words have stirred

something within you if you have felt

the touch of my presence I invite you to

join us on a journey of Discovery and

transformation subscribe to our daily

manifestation for you Chann Channel and

explore the depths of Faith love and

perseverance with

us share this message with those who

seek Solace and encouragement for

together we can spread the Light Of Hope

to all who are in need and remember dear

one you are cherished beyond measure and

nothing can ever diminish the love I

have for

you my dearest child I am ever present

watching over those I hold dear with

unwavering care every trial that crosses

your path is but an opportunity for

growth a chance for blessings to unfold

those who Harbor ill intent seeking to

thwart your destiny shall find

themselves as strange from my Divine

Design they are blinded by false Notions

of power unaware of the Fate that awaits

them know this my beloved I am your true

parent boundlessly loving and guiding

you each step of the way as the sun

rises each day I eagerly anticipate our

meeting let these words resonate within

you stir your soul to recognize my

presence take a moment by by your head

and reverence and feel the Embrace of my

love enveloping

you to not suppress your tears for they

cleanse the doubts and to spare clinging

to your spirit rise my cherished one

cast off the burdens of the past and

reach towards the heavens with arms out

stretched Victory Echoes In Your shout

of joy for you are destined for


reflect on the triumphs of yester years

for they are the Stepping Stones to even

grander achievements your life is

entrusted to me and in surrendering to

my will you find strength beyond measure

I hold you close in the tender Embrace

shielding you from defeat and


overwhelm fill your spirit with courage

affirming your unwavering faith in our

connection just as these words resonate

within you may they Inspire others on

their Journey of Faith and perseverance

if you feel moved share this message

with those seeking Solace and

encouragement for together we can spread

Love and

Hope remember one cannot serve of

conflicting Masters Focus your heart on

the treasures of heaven where true

abundance resides

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