?God Says, I Swear This Is My Final Goodbye! ? | DMFY-713

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end rest assured dear one that I am

cognizant of your every need and trust

your cares unto me and I shall bear them

with Grace and compassion to not be

swayed by the Deeds of the wicked nor

Envy their Trent successes like the

grass that Withers and the flowers that

fade their prosperity shall be

fleeting inscribe these words upon the

tablets of your heart and let them guide

you through life’s trials and

tribulations embrace the daily

manifestation of my divine presence for

there in lies the key to True

fulfillment share these Tidings of Hope

and love with those who Journey

alongside you that they to May bask in

the radiance of my

grace the loved child within you resides

a boundless light an Ence of Purity and

touch by Darkness I Your Divine guy

embody perfection in every facet devoid

of even a shadow of

imperfection while the world around you

may team with shadows and malevolence

remember that I am the Eternal Beacon

Illuminating even the darkest of Realms

my Radiance remains unyielding

Invincible against any attempt to

diminish its

Brilliance in this Journey of Faith you

may find yourself navigating through

tumultuous Seas where the waves of

uncertainty threaten to enul you yet

take solace in the knowledge that my

hand is forever extended towards you A

steadfast anchor amidst The

Tempest fear not the Spectre of evil

instead harness the power of goodness to

Vanquish it through the Triumph of My

Sacrifice upon the cross and the

resurrection that followed I have

already secured the ultimate

Victory the enigmatic events unfolding

around you like shards of light piercing

through the shroud of Darkness serve as

Testament to my enduring presence allow

the Holy Light to permeate your being

suffusing your heart within parallel Joy

know that you are not alone for my gaze

of love and protection rests upon you


trust in my unwavering companionship for

I am the Bedrock upon which you stand

your Sanctuary amidst life’s tumult let

gratitude and praise be The Melodies

that resonate within your soul for my

love knows no bounds embrace the rhythm

of divine timing for in its Cadence lies

the orchestration of Miracles yet to


release the burdens that weigh upon your

spirit for I am intimately acquainted

with every facet of your existence your

pain your struggles your fears they are

not hidden From My Sight embrace my

promises for they are the keys to

unlocking boundless

blessings guard your heart Against The

Lure of fleeting pleasures and the

Whispers of Doubt stay steadfast in

prayer unwavering in your pursuit of

spiritual enlightenment the ephemeral

Treasures of this world pale in

comparison to the Everlasting riches

that await You In My

Embrace trust not in the Trent minations

of the world but in the enduring truths

that I impart let Faith be your Compass

guiding you through the Labyrinth of


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