?God Says, I Am WARNING You Don’t Ignore Me Again! ? | DMFY-720

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end refrain from

despondency my beloved child for my love

for you knows no bounds embrace the

Solace inherent In My Embrace and revel

in the assurance that you are cherished

beyond measure trust implicitly in my

divine prise idence and let not doubt

nor fear Cloud your

heart remain steadfast in your devotion

and let your faith illuminate the

darkest recesses of your soul and your

moments of uncertainty recall my

steadfast presence and let the Assurance

of my love embolden you for I Am Your


Guardian your steadfast comp companion

and your Eternal source of light and

love to love child within you I am the

radiant light that knows no Darkness

every facet of my being resonates with

perfection devoid of any hit of

imperfection in a world cloaked in

Shadows and besieged by malevolence you

must anchor yourself in the knowledge

that I am the unyielding light that

pierces through the darkest of nights my

Brilliance knows no bounds and even

amidst the gloomiest of

circumstances my light remains UND dim



quenchable one day you shall witness the

entirety of my Splendor and your soul

shall overflow with boundless Joy

however for now your your journey is one

Guided by faith not sight when the

Tempest of Life threatened to Buffet you

off course clasp my hand with unwavering

resolve let not a spectre of evil

instill fear within you instead wield

the power of goodness as your weapon no

that I am ever present for through my

sacrificial act upon the cross

and subsequent Resurrection I have

already secured the ultimate triumph


Darkness these tumultuous events though

they may confound serve as conduits for

my Divine Light to permeate the hearts

of my faithful Embrace this Holy Light f

is a Beacon of Hope and Solace amidst

the tumult of


my countenance shines upon you a

constant reminder that you’re are never

alone my love enfold you offering

strength comfort and unending Joy trust

in me for I shall never forsake

you in The Crucible of Life amidst its

trials and tribulations I remain your

steadfast Rock your Sanctuary your most

cherished possession let gratitude and

praise fill your heart for my love for

you knows no bounds trust in the

unfolding of time for my Divine timing

is Flawless resist the urge to hasten

into an uncertain future or cling to

fleeting Pleasures that offer no true

fulfillment cast off the shackles that

hinder the flow of my blessings and

distance yourself from those who lack

Faith remain steadfast in prayer

diligent in the study of my teachings

trust in my promises for they shall be

fulfilled in due course do not despair

in the face of adversity for I see and

understand the burdens you carry within



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