?God Says; EVIL PEOPLE CAN’T OPEN THIS. God Message Today !

my beloved

child seek me not the pleasures of this

world I bring

happiness this world will disappoint you

please turn to me I don’t want you to


anymore don’t ever allow fear to

paralyze you from going after your

dreams stop overthinking and start

walking in

faith take a moment to pray when you

draw near to me I will dra draw near to

you I love you I provide Everlasting

happiness if you were tired of feeling

hopeless lost and down come to me I will

bless your

life I am here for you I love you I have


back I am going to send you a blessing

to remind you that I am always in your

corner I love you I have given a special

gift to ratch and every one of you a

special talent Only You possess to make

you shine and let others know it must be

a gift from God be thankful you didn’t

end up with what you wanted because I

have a much better blessing coming your

way be thankful you didn’t end up with

what you wanted because I have a much

better blessing coming your

way stop placing so much importance on

acceptance from other

people I love you and that’s what


most I will stand by you I will help you

through I will dry your

eyes I will fight for you I will comfort

you I am here for you

and I will never leave you start

sturbing your doubts and feeling your

faith negative thoughts should have no

place in your mind if you live a life

with God negativity does exist in me

don’t ever underestimate the power of

faith and asking in jesus’ name if you

ask for it you shall receive it believe

it when No One Believes In you believe

in yourself and trust in me because I

believe in you and I will always make a

way consider it pure joy when You Face

obstacles and trials because when your

faith is tested it puts you in a

position to develop a more intimate

relationship ship with me every word of

mine is true and I am here as a shield

to protect everyone that trusts in

me sometimes your greatest

disappointments are meant to bring you

closer to me so I can reveal a greater

thirst A’s world can’t

satisfy don’t stop now you’ve already

started finish what you

started it’s better to finish than to


started I love you don’t give up

everything will work itself out because

you’ve got me fighting for you I will

always be your biggest fan and nothing

will ever stop me from loving you and

cheering for you your life is not

horrible get up from that pit of

misery they’ve promised you to give you


victory don’t allow Satan to bring you

down get up and keep

fighting I love you everything will

happen for you all of a sudden and you

will be thankful you didn’t give up

blessings are

coming believe that no matter what

you’re going through right now God

promises to work everything out for good

doors are going to open that you never

thought would open that problem that

looks permanent is only

temporary share this video with your all

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