?God Says, Don’t Skip Me Otherwise Satan Wins today ? please | DMFY-746

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my cherished child I am the keeper

of your inner Flame the one who ignites

your path from Darkness to light in

moments un weariness weighs heavy and

burdens threaten to dim your spirit know

that it is I who replenish your lamp in

using it with the fuel of strength and

resilience when the flicker of Doubt

threatens to Snuff out your light call

out to me breathe deeply in my presence

for I am the sustainer of your soul the

everpresent source of


Radiance in the midst of life’s trials

when the Shadows Loom large remember

that but I am the Beacon of Hope amidst

the darkness though this world may be

fraught with challenges and uncertainty

I remain steadfast as The Guiding Light

That pierces through the


Gloom trust in me

wholeheartedly even when the path ahead

seems obscured for in your trust I will

transform your darkest moments into

opportunities for growth and renewal

when worries and cares threaten to

overwhelm your thoughts turn to me and

Whisper my name let the warmth of my

presence envelop you casting out fear

and doubt offer your gratitude for my

unwavering love and protection affirming

your trust in my guidance as you immerse

yourself in scripture let my word be a

lamp to to illuminate your path guiding

your steps with wisdom and

Clarity rejoice in the joy of my

presence for you are deeply loved and

cherished in my sight like a devoted

lover I Delight in your company

rejoicing in our communion together take

joy in our relationship finding strength

and Solace and intimacy of our


let your heart leap with gladness as you

seek my face knowing that in me you find

true fulfillment and

purpose glorify my name above all others

for I am the source of all goodness and

Grace find joy in our daily

manifestations as you align your heart

with my Divine Purpose for your life

through prayer and medit ation let your

soul be uplifted drawing strength from

our sacred Bond surround yourself with

others who share in our journey of Faith

finding strength in community and

fellowship in moments of doubt and isair

remember that prayer is not a last

resort but a powerful conduit for divine

intervention trust in the power of your

word words to invoke change knowing that

I am always listening ready to respond

to your heartfelt pleas find courage in

our connection knowing that I am with

you always guiding and protecting you

through life’s

trials as you navigate the complexities

of this broken World be of good courage

knowing that I am your rock and your

salvation meditate meditate on my

greatness and my unfailing love for you

finding solace in the knowledge that I

am ever present walking beside you every

step of the way share our message of

hope and love with others inviting them

to join us on this journey of faith and

transformation embrace the restorative

power of quietude and reflection

making space in your life for moments of

sacred rest in my presence

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