?God Says, Don’t Skip Me If You Need Heaven! ? | DMFY-714

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end in your moments of doubt and despair

remember that I am the lifeline that

will never falter cast aside the

shackles of impatience for my timing is

impeccable surrender to the symphony of

Divine Providence and watch as miracles

unfold before your very

eyes to not be swayed by the misdeeds of

others nor covet the paths they tread

their Trent existence shall wither like

the grass while the Eternal promises I

offer shall endure for all


eternity as you navigate the tapestry of

life let your faith be a Beacon of Hope

hope Illuminating the path ahead trust

in my love for it is boundless and

unyielding in every trial and every

Triumph know that I am with you guiding

you towards the Fulfillment of your


Purpose share this message with those

who seek Solace and inspiration for in

spreading the light you become an

instrument of my grace and as you embark

on this journey of Spiritual Awakening

May the daily manifestations of my love

and guidance lead you ever closer to the

radiance of my eternal

presence my dearest child within you

resides the essence of light for I am

the embodiment of all that is pure and

perfect in my divine nature there exists

ists no Shadow Of Darkness only an

eternal Radiance that illuminates even

the darkest corners of a

existence while the world around you may

often seem shrouded in the cloak of

negativity and evil remember that I am

the unfaltering Deacon of light amidst


abyss in moments of uncertainty when the

chaos of the world threatens to

overwhelm your spirit grasp firmly onto

my hand to not succumb to fear for my

presence is your refuge and strength

through the sacrifice of my eternal love

upon the cross and the Triumph of my

resurrection I have already secured the

ultimate victory over

Darkness the trials and tribulations

that beset you are but fleeting Shadows

for my light pierces through the Gloom

and fills the hearts of those who follow

me with boundless

Joy know that you are never alone my

beloved child my countenance shines upon

you with unwavering affection guiding

you through life’s tumultuous Seas trust

in me wholeheartedly for I am your

steadfast rock your sanctuary in times

of storm let your heart overflow with

gratitude and praise for my love for you

knows no

bounds in your journey through life

remain Vigilant against the snares of

Temptation and the distractions of the

World free yourself from the shackles of

doubt and uncertainty and embrace the

divine divine plan that unfolds before

you keep your faith strong for my timing

is impeccable and my blessings abound

for those who patiently await


them to not be swayed by the Allure of

Trent Pleasures or the misguided Paths

of those who aray from the light stay

true to your convictions for what I

offer transcends the fleeting pleasures

of this world trust in the abundance of

my grace and know that everything

unfolds according to my Divine will

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