?God Says; DON’T SKIP IF YOU’RE A REAL CHRISTIAN. God Message Today !

God is about to surprise you with


blessings you have been in this place


enough the holy spirit is moving you to

a new

level your breakthrough is

happening every assignment of the enemy

has been

cancelled you’re about to receive some


news God is fixing your

situation you are coming into a new

season of

blessings you’re going to be notified

that something has worked in your

favor get ready for

it God is going to send people resources

and finances to you that you never

imagined everything is coming together

right on

schedule God is going to cause the right

people to recognize you he’s going to

open doors you could know open you’re

going to rise higher accomplish more

than you thought possible and reach the

fullness of your

destiny for someone reading this

something has been

pending you’ve been waiting on a

yes you’re about to get

it God has blown the door wide open in


favor as an Act of Faith he wants you to

Rejoice like you’ve already got it

tell God thank

you promises you’ve been standing on

dreams you’ve been praying about in the

upcoming days God’s going to cause

things to fall into

place he’s going to make things happen

that you could never make happen on your

own this is the week where it all

changes for

you God and His angels are working on

your behalf right

now you will see experience advancement

and growth in all areas of your

life don’t

quit don’t give up your breakthrough is

close if you are reading this right now

I declare that if you keep walking by



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