?God Says, Devil Wins Once You Skip This Video ? | DMFY-765

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest child in the midst of

life’s Myriad challenges always remember

that I am here for you I am the steady

strength that upholds you when you feel

weary the unwavering Melody that

resonates within your heart lean on me

for I am more than capable of carrying

you through even the most daunting

Journeys in both moments of joy and

Times of struggle I Empower you to

harmonize with me your competence stems

from the fusion of your innate talents

and my Supernatural empowerment you are

capable of far more than you realize for

I have endowed you with boundless


find solace in seeking my guidance

through scriptures and the quest of my

countenance surround yourself with wise

counsel for in their wisdom I shall

Luminate the path destined for you trust

in my spirit to lead you along the

ordained path of your

life Express gratitude for the gifts I

have bestowed upon you and the

opportunities that lie ahead stay in

communion with me cherishing our

companion ship as you Traverse life’s

journey in my presence you shall find

boundless joy and Triumph regardless of

the turmoil that surrounds

you know that Victory is already yours

secured through my sacrificial love and

miraculous Resurrection

reflect on the profound meaning of my

love for it transcends the imperfections

of this world your soul eternally

intertwined with mine under goes

transformation from glory to greater


glory amidst the distractions of this

world keep your focus on me my presence

can bless you ceaselessly offering

comfort and encouragement ment in every

moment by fixing your gaze upon me you

become more effective and joy in the

present Express gratitude daily for the

gifts bestowed upon you and the

empowerment you receive stay connected

with me through daily

manifestation cherishing our

companionship as you navigate life’s

journey in embracing my presence you

shall find endless joy and Triumph for I

Am The Sovereign of Glory who loves you

immeasurably share this message with

those you love and let them to discover

the boundless Jo found in my

presence to loved child in the Labyrinth

of life’s trials and tribulations I

stand as your unwavering strength Det

etal Melody that resonates within your

heart know that in moments of Despair or

doubt I am here to lift you to carry you

beyond your perceived limitations I am

the orchestrator of your journey guiding

you through the harmonies of both Joy


adversity your competence is not merely

a product of your own efforts but a

Divine infusion of your innate talents

intertwined with my Supernatural

empowerment therefore let go pride in

your achievements for they are but a

reflection the greater

capabilities that reside within you

waiting to be fully

realized in the pursuit of your purpose

seek guidance from scriptures and the

wisdom of those who walk the path of

righteousness through Earnest

discernment and communion with my spirit

you will find Clarity and direction

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