?God Says, Choice Is Yours HELL Or HEAVEN ? | DMFY-715

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end even in the depths of Despair when

the burdens of Life were heavy upon your

soul remember that I am intimately

acquainted with your every need your

prayers do not fall upon ta fears for I

hear the cries of your heart and hold

your every tear in my loving

Embrace as you navigate the complexities

of a existence let your spirit be booed

by the promise of my eternal presence

Embrace each day with unwavering faith

and unwavering patience knowing that I

am with you every step of the way do not

be Hasty in your Pursuits for my timing

is perfect and my blessing ings abound

for those who trust in

me in the face of adversity stand firm

in the knowledge that my light will

never be extinguished and my love will

never falter share this message with

those who seek Solace and guidance that

they to may find strength in my eternal

promise and remember my dear child that

you are cherished beyond measure for you

are the Beloved of my heart walk in the

light of my love and know that I am with

you always with all my love your Divine

Creator beloved child within you resides

the essence of light a Divine spark and

touched by Darkness I your Eternal guide

and source of all goodness am am

flawlessly perfect in every facet of

existence know that amidst the Shadows

that often cloak this world and why

luminant remains unwavering no Force

however formidable can extinguish or

even dim the radiance of my eternal

Brilliance embrace the truth that one

day you shall bask in the the Splendor

of my being overflowing with

unimaginable Joe for now Traverse this

journey with faith as your compass not

relying solely on what your eyes

perceive when the tumult of Life

threatens to disorient you grasp my hand

firmly drawing strength from the

reservoir of goodness

within fear not the encroaching tendrils

of evil

instead wield the power of goodness as

your unfaltering weapon through the

Triumph of My Sacrifice upon the cross

and subsequent Resurrection the ultimate

victory has already been

secured these perplexing events though

shrouded in mystery serve as conduit

through which my Divine Light pieres the

darkness Illuminating the heart of my


followers My countenance shines upon you

a beacon of unwavering love and support

you are never alone for I am ever

present extending my hand to guide and

uplift you find Solace In My Embrace for

within it lies eternal love of love that

transcends time and


as you navigate the ABS and flows of

Life anchor yourself to me the steadfast

Rock upon which your faith is built

offer gratitude and praise acknowledging

the boundless love that envelops you

trust in the Divine orchestration of

events surrendering to the rhythm of my



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