?God: Now I Won’t Bother You Anymore? | DMFY-622

God says today watch this video till the

end if you believe

me practice hoping for things you cannot

see both for this life and the next ask

me to guide you toward hopes and dreams

align with my will train the eyes of

your heart to see these blessings while

you pray for my will to be fully and



done discipline yourself to wait eagerly

keeping your focus on me and the outcome

you long for remain hopeful and

expectant as you persevere be of good

courage for I will strengthen your heart

it is my desire for my children to be

brave not

cowardly escaping difficulties and

seeking an easier way out often stems

from self-pity and a sense of

entitlement remember I am Sovereign over

your life and even your challenging

circumstances hold

value summon the courage to embrace your

life trusting that I am in control and

with you in your struggles approach me

with a courageous art filled with hope

and I will bless you in numerous

ways now in the place of the Jesus

affirmations Channel consider

incorporating daily manifestation into

your routine manifestation is a powerful

tool that aligns your thoughts and

actions with your desired

outcomes instead of subscribing to a

channel explore daily manifestation

practices that resonate with you focus

on positive affirmations and visualize

the life you want to create in alignment

with your purpose and divine

guidance in conclusion my beloved child

Embrace each day as a gift for Renewal

growth and joy Trust In the Journey have

hope in the Unseen and approach life

with courage and

gratitude your path is unique and I am

always by your side guiding you toward

the Glorious destiny that awaits share

the essence of this message with those

around you and may your days be filled

with the Light Of Hope and the joy of my

presence my dearest child I want to

share with you the profound beauty of

embracing each morning as a new


it is my fervent desire that you release

the heavy burden of yesterday’s trials


disappointments allow your soul to be

unburdened as you embark on a fresh day

but the heart eager to please me and

walk in my

ways each Dawn is an opportunity for

transformation a chance for my Divine

influence to shape you little by little

this journey is lifelong marked by both

challenges and pain but also adorned

with moments of unparalleled joy and

peace for I am with you every step of


way consider this path as a continuous

renewal a process not achievable through

mere human effort or willpower it is my

Spirit dwelling within you you that

takes responsibility for your renewal

guiding your growth in

Grace therefore do not be disheartened

when faced with problems and pain as

these struggles are integral to your


process in the face of adversity have

the courage to Express gratitude even

amidst painful experiences trust that I

am holding you firmly by your right hand

prepare you for the Glorious future that



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