God Is Saying, I Win Jesus Lose If You Skip Jesus Christ Today No Cap! |

hey there precious soul today I see the

weight you’re carrying the exhaustion

atched on your face and the burdens that

seem to be piling up I want you to take

a deep breath and lean into this moment

with me let’s cast aside those worries

fears and stresses that have been

dragging you down you’re not alone in

this journey for I am here the ever

loving presence that that wraps around

you like a comforting


Embrace Life can get overwhelming can’t

it as easy to get caught up in the

hustle and bustle trying to control

every little detail but I want to remind

you to pause take a moment just be still

to reconnect with the essence of your

being in the quietude know that I am

here a steady anchor amidst the stormy

seas of

life you don’t have to carry the weight

of the world on your shoulders trust in

me dear one for I am the orchestrator of

time and Circumstance I hold the

blueprint of your life in my hands

weaving together the threads of your

experiences into a beautiful tapestry of

growth and purpose

when the storms rage within you

threatening to capsize your spirit

remember that I am the calming presence

amidst the chaos my peace surpasses all

understanding a gentle bomb for your



soul in moments of uncertainty when the

path ahead seems shrouded in darkness

fix your gaze upon me I am the god

shiding light Illuminating the way

forward with Clarity and Grace trust in

the unfolding of your journey for I am

leading you towards a life brimming with

fulfillment and

joy release the doubts and fears that

bind you my dear one you are stronger

than you realize for my strength flows

through you sustaining you in moments of

weakness lean in to that divine power

within you allowing it to lift you up

and carry you through even the most

challenging of


times and when you feel like you can’t

take another step when the weight of the

world threatens to crush your spirit

call out to me my name is a Beacon of

Hope a source of Renewed Energy and

strength I am always here ready to lift

you up on wings of love and

grace prayer is a powerful tool my dear

one hit your direct line to me a channel

through which you can pour out your

heart and soul don’t hesitate to seek

guidance and Clarity in our

conversations for I am always listening

always ready to impart wisdom and


as you navigate the twists and turns of

life let love be your guiding force love

me with all your heart and love your

neighbor as yourself in doing so you

honor the legacy of my son Jesus Christ

embodying compassion kindness and

forgiveness in every

interaction know that you are never

alone on this journey my spirit resides

within you a constant companion and

source of strength draw clothes to me

and I will draw clothes to you

enveloping you in the warmth of my

presence find solace in my love my dear

one let it mend your wounds ignite your

passion and Infuse every moment with joy

and embrace the fullness of life that I

offer you for within it lies the

richness of your Divine Purpose

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