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my beloved one you are hearing my voice this day not by chance but because I

have drawn you to me take this to Heart especially if you are in a hurry but if

you can pause a moment to truly receive this message it will flood you with great joy I am exceedingly delighted

with you your enduring loyalty has profoundly moved me despite hard trials

your trust in me remains unshaken therefore today I declare I will lavish

even more blessings upon you and your family do not lose heart or halt your

journey in your times of adversity take my hand and I will lead you through the

storm when waves of chaos threaten to overwhelm rest yourself In My Embrace

and I will be your comfort I have told you before trials will come but Victory

is assured through my son’s sacrifice his resurrection defeated death itself

so no earthly trouble can defeat you when you abide in him I yearn to share

my strength which never fails to pour into your soul an eternal Wellspring that renews and refreshes when weariness

Creeps in come to the living water only I Supply your critics cannot see the

plans I have for you so they try to box you into small spaces and keep you chained to fear but I have come to give

you life in abundance to set your sights on higher places I will lift you up out of despair’s pit

to joyous Heights I know the struggles you face even when no one else does when

giving up seems the only option remember I have not given up on you my plans for

good are bound as securely as my great love for you you wonder if sticking to

the path matters since trouble awaits around each turn how can persevering be

worthwhile when adversity keeps coming wave after wave let me assure you child

blessings line the way after every storm I will bring peace even now though you

see it not the tumult is calming the silence you hear Whispering is my love

surrounding beckoning you into its Sheltering Wings where you can rest from

Battle do not fear you are undeserving of such refuge and comfort lay down

pretenses and come to me simply as you are I know the daily unseen War but you

do not fight alone I am ever by your side closer than

breath if all you can offer me is the smallest seed of Faith as a mustard seed

it is enough for me to uproot mountains on your behalf believe though the way seems

darkest my love ever accompanies with bright and Shining Rays to guide you safely through valleys the changing

tides of life bring highs and lows weeping nights and joyous

days sorrow has its allotted season then gives way to gladness walk through

grieving Shadows bravely for its cleansing leads to Greater depths of healing but do not set up your tent in

sadness territory or get stuck in despair’s trap critics will come to terrorize you

as an impostor making you doubt who you are foes will set up assaults to keep

you caged in fear rather than free to fly but their taunts are only smoke not

the substance of who you are in me my purpose has always been to lead you into

abundantly thriving life though others seek your harm I only plan for good a

future painted with the brightest Strokes of beauty my arms remain open wide when you are pushed down you may

turn away but my heart ever bends toward you even if today you push me away I do

not ever withdraw my love from you or consider you forsaken tomorrow I will run to meet you

yet again as the longing father awaiting his prodigal child’s return my loyalty

cannot be shaken my Resolute love cannot be diminished by any act or word against

me it is only when you stop running that you will discover this sometimes my love feels too distant

to intangible when adversity is the loudest voice but do not believe the lie

lean in closer and you will truly know deep in your soul that no one loves you as completely as I do no one knows the

secrets of your story like I do or cares more tenderly no human friend can enter into

your sufferings with you or understand the weight of your burdens there is no person who sees you

as beautiful when you feel wretched who believes in your radiant Glory when you feel clothed in

shame the pain right now seems beyond coping the strength to take one more

step feels drained have you forgotten the dawn will always break after the longest

night place your hand over your heart breathe deeply of my presence filling

you now with love honesty and peace hear my voice rising up in

Everlasting encouragement and Good Hope hope the vision in your mind may be

clouded by doubt or weakened by waiting but soon your eyes will brighten with

Dawn’s golden Rays the weight pressing down will lift as you behold my glory

you will be astonished at my faithfulness do not fear the strain or stresses this day holds I measured them

out carefully with the abundance of Grace I will pour out to meet you in it even as I speak I am lifting your your

head holding your face tenderly with both hands you feel it the fresh wave

rising in your soul is my love filling you with uncommon joy and Supernatural

peace the rest I am blessing you with now come straight from my throne room I have commanded angels to minister

to your deepest places of need and refresh your weary Soul you are covered

just keep walking with me one step at a time together we will make it at times seems you cannot Trace me

but do not trust the LIE unforgiveness jealousy bitterness and resentment Cloud

your vision but I am ever near free yourself from weights that hold you back from flying leave the soul infections

untreated no longer for I bring healing in my wings and Liberty from chains others put upon you I have so much more

in store if you would simply receive it yes the hardship now seems endless dark

storm clouds fill the Horizon before you but a breakthrough is coming I have

spoken it and so shall it be your circumstances will shift suddenly like Changing Winds keep standing through it

all soon you will shine like the dawn’s first light piercing the Gloom the

momentum is turning now in your favor can you not feel the intensity around you beginning to crack and

crumble it is my hand breaking down strongholds that contain you and my life

exposing works of darkness you will finish your course and complete your purpose right on time

there will be no DeLay So straighten your shoulders lift your eyes from the

ground March forward boldly and without hesitation fear not the waves that lap

your heels I will part waters before you so you do not even get your feet wet

walking through to the other side it is true sometimes carrying my call feels so

heavy it is crushing but have I not promised to Bear your burdens when they overwhelm and be your strength when

yours fails I will never leave nor forsake you precious one even when you let go I hold on even

when you give up I lift you up I am making a way even now where you see no

way just keep treading water help is on its way soon you will be carried Along

by the current of my favor sweeping you into the fullness of your purpose there is is a great life of

Freedom before you still waiting to be lived if you do not bow to discouragement yet the tempter’s cruel

Whispers try without ceasing to prevent you from grasping hold of it using past shame and present fears of future

failure to paralyze you do not listen they are smoke and Vapor without

substance meant to obscure your sight so you cannot see my Open Arms beckoning

you into Destiny’s greater story still unfinished I have held you from birth

carried and comforted you all along this journey I know your frame and all your fragile places have I not proven myself

faithful when fears seek to torment and trials rush like a flood call on me

beloved one and I will show you Great and Mighty things you cannot now fathom take my outstretched hand again

look into my eyes shining with pride for you can you see yourself reflected there

as I see you radiant in Glory Victorious over Darkness we will finish this race

together your cries of Joy echoing at the Finish Line I promise my beloved

child hear my voice calling out to you respond and you shall receive my answer

through visions and dreams I will unveil Mysteries and share with you my great plans I am taking you on a journey to

experience wonders beyond imagination have faith and embrace these words for abundant blessing blings

envelop you it brings me utmost joy to enrich your life and shower you with my

spirit these words testify to the depth of my love for you from this day forward as you undergo

renewal your Praises will rise straight to my Throne from my very presence I am infusing your life with

blessings to restore your happiness and heal your Wounded Heart do not ever doubt my love for you cherish this truth

in your heart always stand firm and brave in the face of struggles confronting challenges fearlessly

without wavering before any threat do not permit the cynicism of others to

steal your peace those who Express skepticism about my promises will continually yearn for fulfillment yet

you have courageously disregarded the critics despite scorn from naysayers you

have maintained steadfast faith in me thus I vow to never forsake you

to Forever remain by your side as your protector against adversaries night and day your emotional well-being is

infinitely precious to me allow your thoughts to be enriched by my sacred

words align all your dreams and aspirations with my purposes do not rush

into actions just to please other people instead be patient seek my guidance in

prayer and I will direct you on the path of Triumph cast aside all fear of Fai failure remember you are cherished by me

safely held in my hands through my love you will prevail over every challenge my

deepest desire is for you to feel so valued and secure that you confront trials and foes with boldness and no

trace of fear immerse yourself in my word for promises that will guide your course and illuminate your

way you were not created to walk in darkness I appoint you to excel shielded

by my love empowered with courage and ability to achieve greatness to increase in wisdom to

surmount obstacles to defeat forces and to Vanquish Giants share with me your

needs I am attentive my will for your life is to unfold Visions beyond what

you can presently grasp and for my power to be tangibly displayed with such

Clarity that others will recognize my activity you shall be an instrument

through which I dispense blessings to the world begin with your family urge them

to pursue deeper knowledge of me pray for your loved ones and I will intervene with my might healing sicknesses

eliminating lack erasing destitution and replacing sorrow with joy hatred and

disunity will dissolve forgiveness and Harmony will Thrive peace will come to

reside in your home so be brave and do not fear tell your family about my

kindness and reliability help them grasp that the good things in their lives are not random luck but my intentional

blessings encourage them to keep me at the center of every decision and to cherish me dearly in their

hearts my longing is for their lives to be transformed through my blessings which also extend to you and your

family my desire is for your home to shine brightly with my light becoming a

sanctuary for the weary May any who come to your door find relief from their loads and sense my

presence May wonders transpire right in your midst I have magnificent plans for

you and those most precious to you plans destined to unfold even if unclear at

present you may feel overwhelmed trying to meet others expectations but my plans are flawless I will drench you with

blessings far beyond what anyone can conceive so persist in prayer dwell deeply in my teachings align with my

heart heart and listen each morning for my guidance I am eager to give you Direction so you can walk with

confidence rather than uncertainty my intention is for you to rise each day to Victory following a

path different from those who crumble under Earthly troubles I came that you may live fully

and abundantly just grasp my hand in trust and watch my blessings Cascade over you you have been searching to know

what I desire from you now you understand I cherish you extravagantly

and long to bless you richly each day though the world endeav to crush your

faith with hardships I have triumphed over all its Sorrows nothing can defeat

you if you embrace my teachings with faith and welcome these astounding blessings with love and humility I hear

every prayer making a way through wildernesses unleashing a river from my Throne to sweep away all your cares

cleanse your soul and leave leave you calm and receptive to faith hope and peace cease permitting anxious thoughts

to barrage you allow me into those corners of your mind burdened with painful memories I am your lord your

Redeemer I have forgiven all your sins so you need no longer punish yourself with doubts and

guilt if you genuinely love and believe in me banish Notions that your troubles are Beyond solution I do not want you

weighed down by by stress and grief that is not my design for you you

were not created to walk with downcast eyes defeated and unable to lift your

Gaze heavenward on this day I desire for you to be liberated from all

worries yes you dwell in a realm of hardships but you were strategically placed here in this era to ignite your

faith and cultivate the humility to embrace the wisdom and blessings I am ready to impart

despite the challenges you have faced they have been ingredients in my recipe to prepare you for what I have appointed

you to do your financial struggles will end as you release your grip on

possessions remember people are Priceless Treasures know at all times my

extravagant love for you and extend that same Grace patience and kindness to

yourself the pursuit of flawlessness will only hinder and confuse you everyone makes mistakes but I stand with

you seeing your struggles when you stray from my ways and let emotions rule your

behaviors yet with each new day comes forgiveness and Grace to those who turn back to me ever ready to give you Fresh

Starts and mercy straight from my hands I personally reach out to shine radiant light upon you in pure Divine beams and

remind you of the immense love I hold for you now is the time to place all confidence in me you have a significant

purpose dreams to pursue and a family to care for I ask for your devotion and

loyalty your heart belongs to me so take this journey towards freedom very

seriously I did not create you to be aimlessly tossed about by storms do not

be misled by fair weather friends who temporarily exalt you only to watch you stumble and then accuse you do not dread

being alone embrace my love and Trust offer me simple childlike faith

believing profoundly in my care for you and you’ll not face battles by yourself

you will overcome obstacles with my empowerment finding health and vigor to keep advancing forward allow yourself to

feel fully loved do not be afraid to release relationships that are unsupportive of your Soul’s growth I am

here to encourage understand and companion you without judgment approach me with transparency not because I

demand it but but because your heart cherishes me demonstrate genuine

dedication to me I do not expect perfection in actions or public displays

I see beyond exteriors I value authentic love not pretended affection mixed with

malice your loyalty and heartfelt prayers are precious to me and I bountifully reward The Humble Spirit you

have witnessed my love and experienced my deep care for you let this absolute

truth sink to you from this day your fears are dispelled as I strengthen your

confidence and ease your worries together we will walk into Triumph your heart brimming with peace

cradled in my love and immersed in my calm this is how it has always been is

now and always shall be on this day I Infuse you with courage

banish your fears and reinforce your self assurance I will not permit your trials to be in vain after this battle a

prize awaits my intent is to revolutionize your self-perception you are infinitely

precious to me no matter your history successes or letdowns my love for you only grows

stronger all your experiences have been wisely preparing you for the assignment I have appointed you and your family to

fulfill do not fixate on the flaws than those you love they too will mature

gaining Insight wisdom and spiritual depth the individuals you know today

will transform I myself will oversee their development persevere in

prayer this chapter will conclude and peace will return to your household first bring your worries

requests and fears to me do not let anger steal the joy you have sought curb

harmful words words refrain from comparisons that damage Spirits although necessary rules exist

in your home keep your tone gentle never resorting to insults choose to

discipline with Tranquility before correcting loved ones pause to invite my

guidance to fill you with Heavenly patience and strength I will help you offer correction wrapped in love I am by

your side day and night watching while you sleep I walk with you in parting my

wisdom dream big plans for I have magnificent purposes for you awaken each

morning refreshed and hopeful ready to face all with Grace and calm I will not

burden you beyond your ability yet when pressures weigh heavily recall that you

have resilience to push through for the means of Victory already reside within

you rise up do not weep nor waste time

lamenting just on the other other side of this struggle awaits your reward a trophy honoring your endurance a

celebration of your faith and the yield of your efforts I equip you with such

might that you will walk unharmed through dangers Untouched by the deceitful Shadows stand bold and

confident for all you hope for is on the verge of reality your faith is the light

guiding you shining brightly to launch each new day your devotion brings me

great joy and in turn I promise to unfold miracles in your life my love for

you is measureless even as I Envision the bright future in store fear not the

journey ahead the trials or battles with my name as your Shield confront every

challenge pledge you will not be swayed by fleeting emotions or halted by any

Affliction I am your healer provider pillar and shield I satisfy your needs

multiply your diligence and anchor your thoughts in faith above all I gift you

today with Rock Solid certainty of my changeless love even when you stumble my

love remains constant ever ready to support your next step your life brims

with splended surprises abundant opportunities and Stepping Stones to

Greater victories your faith makes your face radiant and your joy touches all

around you the way you treat others especially loved ones demonstrates my power and

love at work in you revealing to the world the Miracles I perform in those who entrust their hearts to

me hear this every struggle crossing your path has a strategic purpose so do not dread

difficulties do not permit anxiety to shake your spirit press on resolutely in

this direction for I am always at your side offering love peace patience and

might to fill your days with joy and serenity I love you my beloved Child

come rest yourself before me lay down your burdens and frustrations your

sadness anger and fear unload the weight of this world that rests so heavily upon

your shoulders if only for a moment let me lift you up I see your weariness precious one I

know the nights you have Lain awake worrying about things beyond your control I have watched watched You Weep

until you had no more tears grieving over loss and Injustice I have felt every anxious

thought that denies you peace my child I know and I am with you in all of it you

are not alone you need respit my love so let me care for you now be still before

me comfortable in my presence there is no pretense here no judgment so tell me

what troubles your soul confide in me together we will find Solace and

direction I will speak gently to you wrapping you in understanding and

compassion for I know you better than you know yourself and I celebrate who you are to me you are flawless chosen

adored I see your longing for connection Community friendship it’s how I designed

you take heart dear one for I will bring people alongside you to walk with you in

meaningful relationship in the meantime know that you have me I am your truest deepest

most faithful friend there is not one moment I am not thinking of you wanting

what is best for you working on your behalf you are constantly on my mind and

in my heart talk to me about anything share your excitement grief anger

gratitude all of it my friendship will fill spaces inside you that you didn’t

even know were empty together we will get through this difficult season one

day at a time I know your financial struggles weigh heavily on you Precious

Child let’s talk about this remember while money pays for goods and services

needed to survive in this world it does not determine your worth or mine you are

Priceless to me so do not attach your value to dollar signs and bank accounts

walk in Freedom from those burdensome perceptions trust that I see your monetary needs and I am able to provide

abundantly for you in my way and timing I have all you require already prepared

for you stay close to me now through prayer and reading my words to you in scripture let me fill your mind and

spirit with peace and assurance that I’ve got this and I’ve got you my darling one I want you to know

that where you see problems and messes too big to REM remedy I see opportunity I can take the difficult

disappointing even devastating situations you find yourself in and eventually bring about something

uplifting and Redemptive I work in Wise and mysterious ways to not only sustain you during hard

times but use them to transform you into the strong compassionate person I

designed you to be when you feel hopeless cling to me the god of hope I

will Infuse you with courage peace Clarity and comfort please talk to me about your broken relationships let’s

figure this out together I never intended for you to go through this

alone now take a deep breath with me Center yourself in my love for you

rather than the words and actions of others that caused harm their judgments do not change who you are what I say

about you is what matters most you are chosen precious beloved remember that

truth as we unpack the pain of your damaged relationships be assured that

forgiveness and Reconciliation are possible but also take time healing is a

process allow me to walk closely with you each step of the way when memories surface that tempt you

to return to old habits of criticism blaming and hatred come to me immediately share honestly about the

anger and hurt scream out your frustration if you need to then we will

quiet ourselves and I will gently reveal my perspective to you I want to

transform the way you view yourself and others impacted by offense I long to develop compassion and

mercy in you my child as you yield to me the potent seeds of forgiveness and

restoration will organically take root and Bloom New Life In Due Time beauty

from ashes for now steady your heart in me let me hold you until the storm

passes each day is an opportunity to encounter my healing love in ever deepening

ways my dear one you have been through so much mistreatment neglect and abuse

the impacts of which cannot be underestimated the trauma you endured changed how your brain works how you

experience the world and yourself so much was stolen from you but I want you to know precious

child that I see you and I have bound your wounds with my loving

touch I know the depths of your pain and I collect every tear you

cry I am healing what has been hurt please come closer and let me care for

the broken places that cause you to lose hope together we will walk a journey of

recovery untangling past hurts so you can move freely into the future I have

prepared for you I am making all things new the old

will pass away beauty from ashes remember I promise you that the years

the locusts have eaten will be restored to you can you trust me with this my

love I declare over you that any generational curses from your family of origin are demolished right now in my

mighty name you have inherited my blessings alone with set you free to determine your own path if any Darkness

lingers we will allow my brilliant light to shine and dispel it there is no

condemnation for you now set down the heavy mantle of others

expectations unchain yourself from idolizing or demonizing your mother father grandparents or systems that

failed you I break off that Distortion and call forth your true identity you

are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased we will walk together into wholeness come now and dream with me

Envision the life of joy peace and purpose I am creating for you what hopes

fill your imagination and cause your spirit to soar share everything with me

without restraint the dreams in your heart are gifts imprints of how I designed you to navigate this

world they hold Clues to why you are here and how you are equipped to bless others let’s un wrap those gifts

together yes some of your dreams may seem impossibly unattainable from your current vantage point but remember I am

the god of the impossible restoring dignity to the marginalized bringing Justice to the oppressed cultivating

Beauty from Barren places this is what I do this is who I am what I Envision for

you is an Abundant Life threaded with meaning adventure and celebration let me

awaken hard to reach places within you now all things are possible with me my

beloved walk forward in faith and Assurance of this I know there are times

your path ahead seems desolate and uncertain you cannot perceive how your

hopes can materialize in tangible ways when fatigue blurs your sight and doubt

consumes your thoughts come to me be still let us tend the garden of your

soul together there wrapped in my love Vision will clear and hope will spark

once more my dreams for you will reignite and guide you as you move

forward one step at a time Clarity will come Dear Heart a

meaningful adventurous life awaits you can you trust me with the timing and details for now rest yourself in me

knowing I am at work and will bring it to fruition ah I see sadness has overtaken you again my

love just when Joy found you sorrow crept back in to Rob your

peace come let us address this headon why do you grieve so what troubles your

spirit tonight yes I already know the thoughts and events fueling these

emotions but I gain much joy when you confide in me feelings find a home with

me where they can be safely examined and resolved so go ahead precious one share

everything that weighs on you now hold nothing back for me who loves you most there now wasn’t that cathartic

unloading your mind allows fresh perspectives to take root it refines your vision which gets clouded by

emotion my truth brings Clarity On Wings Of Grace listen as I speak it gently

over you now you my dear child are never alone not for one moment

my spirit is intertwined with yours through eternity I am constantly working

on your behalf arranging everything perfectly even when it is not yet visible to you stay near me and you will

gain eyes to see my intricate handywork as your story unfolds you will recognize

my character in all the details every crisis incubates meaning

in the fullness of time I use painful situations to give birth to something new and hopeful I redeem them hardship

tenderizes you preparing your heart to receive more of me struggle stretches

your capacity for empathy it is all a part of your transformation into Christ

likeness one day you will see how perfectly purposeful it all has been for now remain ever near me allowing my

peace to permeate your soul I’ve got this and I’ve got you you know I take

great Delight in you my dear one I celebrate who you are becoming through this journey of intimacy with me keep

taking risks as you lean into my love talk to me about everything that happens in your life significant or small share

your excitement when dreams manifest into reality we will rejoice together

let me Comfort you when friends are fickle or funds or scarce unload all your anger and despair as well so that

hope and joy may replace them I treasure these times with you my Precious Child

your future remains Unwritten vast opportunity stretches out before you do not allow fear or other

voices diminish all I have prepared for you hold fast to my visions that spark

your spirit Fully Alive as old dreams fade together we

will Envision New Horizons pulsing with Adventure your purpose will take shape in due time remain pliable and

willing let me nurture your gifts and develop your calling trust my timing opportunity will

emerge soon for now steady your focus on me alone my ways my dreams my heart for

you and for the world shut out distractions that VI for first place in your mind sever soul ties to those who

wish to control or constrain you I am taking you higher which requires radical

trust fear still binds you I see listen for my voice of Courage singing loudly

within your soul your mind races with doubt trying to paralyze your dreams but there is power in you from my spirit who

dwells in you what Adventures stir in your heart

beloved one drink deeply from that well of Living Water within you and share it

all with me let us cultivate the seeds of inspiration taking root in the fertile

soil of your soul I will nurture your wildest dreams Precious Heart growth

requires a coalition of discipline Grace and Faith on this fruitful Venture mine

is already assured so lean hard into me as I accompany you I will honor every

courageous step when you stumble my strong arms are quick to catch you when

you soar by faith my cheers ring out loud keep your eyes fixed on me alone my

smile of delight over you infuses strength like nothing else

I want to talk with you about relationships right now little lamb this is always a delicate topic considering

what you have endured you see I designed you for meaningful connection but living in a

fallen World complicates everything isolated Independence may

seem safer for a time but you were created for interdependence within

Community let us discuss this further first know that I will never

leave or forsake AK you I alone can satisfy the deepest Cravings of your

soul I your heavenly father invite you into perfect intimacy with me our

relationship will endure absolutely secure exponentially fulfilling because

we are bound together eternally you are mine and that will never change does this bring comfort and

confidence my child let it ground you beyond our connection friendships here

are intended to reflect aspects of my nature through mutuality in healthy bonding you give

and receive care delighting in others nurtures humility and gratitude in you

serving their needs develops compassion and generosity through you and

authenticity breeds freedom and courage for both in a reciprocal relationship each

person should feel both needed and safe valued challenged toward growth and

positively affirmed interdependence see it can be glorious by my

design but living in a fallen broken World adds layers of complexity to relationships I know you have endured my

love it devastates me that you went through that please talk to me about

those friendships let’s bring everything into the light all the memories words

tears I know it all already of course but something something powerful transpires when you vocalize it directly

to me pain loses its power when it is expressed together now just you and me

in this tender place thank you for entrusting that to me little darling I care deeply and will

help you process it all so healing can begin for now breathe slowly with me

that’s it again nice and slow once more in and

out there now relax and just rest In My Embrace again let those painful memories

fade as you focus on me and our connection perfect love casts out fear my child let me help you we will get you

there one step at a time for today just soak in my perfect love for you it is

enough I am enough oh precious I know you are exhausted lay down every burden now and

sleep in Heavenly peace the clamor in your mind grows deafening and rest continues to evade you make

room for my voice of transcendant Grace to get through worries that magnify In

These Quiet Moments will give way as you focus on me instead my child nothing you are facing

surprises me I have purposes for every experience you go through you are safe

in my care so let go of control and believe I am working it all for your ultimate good I know better than you

what that entails so just talk to me when anxieties try to crush your spirit remember I inhabit your

Praises make a habit of glorifying me with all that is within you this activates Heavenly power on your behalf

accomplishing more than any worry could ever imagine fix your mind steadfastly on me

now and feel my perfect peace wash over your soul Tranquility flows freely here

in our secret place drink deeply beloved child allow my living water to restore

your soul and when you grow weary or overwhelmed again return to me together

we can handle anything just lean into me always trusting my infinite wisdom and


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