?God: I Am Leaving You For Forever If Ignore Me This Time Too!| DMFY-643

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest in the boundless expanse

of my love I your Eternal guy embrace

you with the strength that knows no

bounds and the protection that Shields


all bring forth unto me your flow Lo

your sins for in my divine grace they

shall be Cast Away as swiftly as the sun

sets in the west never to haunt you

again stand before me unabashed for in

your weaknesses lie the vessels awaiting

the infusion of my boundless

power I shall fill them with strength

and yielding and in your gratitude for

realizing your insufficiency

you shall find solace in relying solely


me Rejoice for in my omnipotent embrace

your path is illuminated your worries

assuaged and your burdens lifted let not

the shadows of uncertainty Cloud your

days for in each moment I walk beside

you guiding your steps clearing

obstacles from your


fear not for my presence is steadfast

and wavering a beacon of light amidst

the darkest of

nights yet in moments of Doubt when the

clamor of fear threatens to drown out my

voice pause and allow the warmth of my

love to envelop you in the sanctuary of

My Affection fear shall dissipate

melting away like beneath the gentle

caress of


dawn Express unto me your trust your

love for in surrendering to my Divine

will you Safeguard your Eternal Soul the

most precious of treasures know that in

following me you are shielded from harm

guided towards the Heavenly Realms where

Eternal Bliss

awaits as David once sang in the Psalms

soou shall you find Delight in walking

this path of righteousness with me ever

by your sigh Embrace this journey with

unwavering determination for in living

in communion with me you shall find joy

in even the most mundane of tasks each

action a testament to my

glory release the illusion of control

for in relinquishing your desires to me

you shall find true fulfillment trust in

my promises for they are steadfast and

true leading you towards a life brimming

with abundance purpose and divine

grace and as a token of Your Love share

this message with those dear to you that

they to May bask in the radiance of my

love fine solace in the daily

manifestations of my divine

presence subscribe to the Daily

manifestation for you Channel where my

voice shall continue to resonate guiding

you towards the Fulfillment of your



aspiration within you I am the Divine

force that fortifies your spirit and

cradles you in SA safety embrace your

imperfections and

transgressions and offer them to me for

I will cast them away as far as the

distance between East and

West in my presence let your flaws stand

be for they are but vessels awaiting to

be imbued with my boundless


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