?God: Do You Need Me? Skip If You Don’t! Make A Choice | DMFY-652

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest child in moments of

uncertainty and challenge fear not for

within you lies the strength to conquer

the hardest of tasks shift your

perspective viewing obstacles not as

burdensome duties but as opportunities

for growth and

development transform I have into our

get to and witness the metamorphosis of

struggle into fulfillment while the work

May remain altering your mindset will

revolutionize your

experience in times of weariness or

despondency remind yourself of the

privilege it is to confront adversity

Express exess gratitude for the

fortitude and capabilities bestowed upon

you gratitude a beacon of clarity

Fosters a deeper connection with me your

Eternal companion remember my spirit

resides within you offering guidance and

illumination amidst


confusion approach challenges with

meticulous care and dedication treating

each Endeavor as if it were a sacred

Duty cultivate intimacy with me

embracing my omnipresence throughout

your daily

Journey attend to my voice with

unwavering Focus acknowledging the

Divine Essence within yourself and those


you extend the same attentive

mindfulness to the individuals crossing

your path recognizing each encounter as

an opportunity for Mutual blessing

prayer accompanied by undivided

attention serves as a conduit for divine

grace enriching both your life and the

lives of

others embrace the unwavering certainty

of my love and the inherent goodness

saturating Your Existence trust in thy

promises even amidst the chaos of life’s

tribulations have faith that I am

orchestrating a grand tapestry of your

life weaving together every experience

both Pleasant and painful to shape you

into the person you are destined to

become you you are royalty In My Kingdom

cherished and adored beyond measure yet

many Overlook the profound significance

of my constant presence whisper my name

Drawing Near to me especially in moments

of distress your trust in my unwavering

companionship fortifies our bond

transcending any

adversity find solace in the sanctuary

of My Embrace knowing that nothing can

sever the boundless love I have for you

rest assured my victory over death

ensures your triumph over every trial

your faith serves as a shield deflecting

the assaults of the enemy as you Journey

towards Eternal


salvation when troubles assail you cry

out to me help me Lord for I trust in

you your dependency on me guarantees my

steadfast support as my omnipotent hand

guides you through life’s labyrinthine

paths surrender to my guidance and I

will lead you to Ultimate

Victory spread this message of Hope and

empowerment to others manifesting the

divine presence in their lives share

these affirmations with Souls

igniting within them the flame of

Faith embrace the daily manifestations

of my love and grace subscribing to the

channel that connects you with my voice

your Eternal source of strength and


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