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my beloved child I come to you today with an Urgent Message a revelation I wish to impart

that will unlock breakthroughs and blessings in your life lean in and listen for the words I

speak are spirit and life for some time now your heart has

been heavy I have seen the silent tears and heard the size as you’ve wrestled with

difficulties that seem unrelenting perhaps you have even begun to question if I notice or care you feel

unseen and unheard but I want you to know my precious one that your struggles have

not gone unnoticed I am the god who sees before a tear Falls from your eye or a

sorrowful thought crosses your mind I am already there with compassion and love to catch you in my

arms not for one second have I ever left your side even when the path grows dark

and you cannot sense my presence pres I remain I will never forsake you the

challenges you face so Faithfully Grieve Your Father’s Heart for what concerns you concerns

me I care because you are mine I formed you in your mother’s womb fearfully and

wonderfully made in my image my child will you believe my words over the lies of the enemy who seeks

only to steal kill and destroy he is the father of Lies who

plant seeds of hopelessness so that you question my goodness and give up on the plans and purposes I have for you but

his schemes will not Prosper open your ears this day to hear my voice set your mind on things above

not on Earthly troubles I know the deepest desires of your heart and I long to Grant you

divine revelation that brings Clarity Direction and sets into motion

breakthrough the enemy would love nothing more than for you to lose hope and turn away from me in anger but take

heart for I have overcome the world in all its tribulations place your trust in me allow me to renew your spirit and

refresh your soul you may ask what is divine

revelation it is Insight from my very Throne Room a glimpse into Eternal

Mysteries once hidden but now revealed by my spirit divine revelation peers behind

the veil of what is seen with human eyes to what is unfolding in the Supernatural

invisible realm it is like looking at a tapestry from underneath with chaotic

threads and Knots but from above a beautiful story emerges when I grant divine revelation

you begin seeing reality from Heaven’s perspective rather than Earthly

limitations situations are illumined in blazing light Revelation brings Clarity

vision and understanding that empowers you to pray powerfully aligned prayers I tell you that you have not

because you ask not how tragic that my children neglect to access Kingdom

blessings already purchased for them but Revelation fuels bold specific petitions

prayed from a posture of faith it strengthens Your Capacity to believe I am who scripture says I am a good father

eager to pour out spiritual gifts if if only you will ask divine revelation also

exposes Roots strongholds generational patterns and blockages the enemy has

used to restrict breakthrough in your life I wish to set you free my child

therefore I will reveal where the enemy has gained footholds planted seeds of deception and built walls between us my

Revelation brings freedom and breakthrough it shines light on paths long shrouded in darkness so you can

walk in confidence no longer stumbling with Revelation comes responsibility do not take lightly my

glimpses behind the veil when I grant divine revelation I am inviting you deeper into my heart and purposes I am

entrusting you with keys to Invisible Realms Insight or information if you will not all have eyes to see and ears

to hear what I share with you therefore guard these Revelations as the most

precious of gifts more value valuble than any Earthly treasure ask my spirit to illuminate

scriptures with fresh understanding be still before me and listen for my whisper write down the visions and

dreams I pour out over you when I reveal my will then boldly pray forth my

kingdom come my will be done on Earth as in heaven based on these

Revelations for truly I tell you when I pull back the veil and reveal what was

once hidden nothing can hinder what I show show you from coming to

pass divine revelation holds three distinct markers three promises you can

stand upon with confident expectation first when I reveal

something to you it means I have already set its manifestation in Motion in the spirit

realm just as I spoke this world into being so too have I spoken and decreed

the Revelation shown to you my words do not return void but accomplish what I

purpose and achieve the desired result therefore when I grant divine

revelation what once seemed delayed or held up is suddenly released with momentum carrying it swiftly toward

fruition barriers crumble chains break Red Seas part before you recall when I

revealed to my faithful servant Daniel events that would transpire over the course of future centuries in the third

year of Cyrus king of Persia’s reign Daniel entered into a season of fasting

and intense seeking of my face his heart broke with longing for Spiritual renewal in Israel he grieved

their captivity and cried out for freedom from oppression for weeks Daniel persevered

in prayer until my dispatch angel came in response saying do not be afraid Daniel I have been sent because of your

prayers a mighty Heavenly Host fought back demonic oppression enacting delay after Daniel’s Revelation came what was

once held up Israel’s deliverance from captivity suddenly burst forth after

this dedicated Saint received divine revelation and set his heart to

pray the second result of divine revelation is this plans of the enemy

against you are overturned like Daniel revelation will prompt you to fervent prayer as you set

your face like Flint in faith believing my my plans over the enemy’s threats

where Revelation stirs up opposition it also empowers you with foresight to

thwart schemes you will watch in awe as I cause adversaries to fall on their own

swords words spoken against you to Boomerang back void of power and

assignments of Hell targeting your breakthrough to self-destruct what the enemy threatened

will be neutralized because now you have capacity to see veiled motives and bless

what opposes you rather than engage or retaliate my Revelation dismantles traps

before you stumble into them the enemy knows if you grasp what I am unveiling

his plans against you crumble therefore be vigilant wise as serpents yet gentle

as doves aware of his hatred toward awakened Souls who walk in Kingdom

Purpose though Darkness attempts to smother the light and truth I reveal Dawn will break through night what what

I have spoken the Revelation now illuminating your path cannot be

hindered finally the third result of divine revelation is this as you ask me

for what I have shown you as you pray forth my words aligned to my will what

once seemed impossible is pulled down from Heavenly Realms into your reality despite doubts obstacles or

enemies faith unlocked through Revelation has a tenacity that refuses to relent or back down until what exists

in unseen Realms manifests visibly for all to see such prayers echo through eternity

long after you breathe your last the bowls of Heaven tip the

courtrooms of Heaven overrule deadly verdicts with Declarations of life and freedom Divine reversals shift your

circumstances in an instant the moment you set your heart to pray what I have revealed so ask largely my child dream

big with me refuse to limit me based on Earthly assumptions of best case scenarios have

I not said no I has seen no ear has heard the Wonders I will unleash in

response to hunger and responsive Hearts do not fear you are asking too much

Heaven’s reserves cannot dry up one drop from my storehouses could fund a million

lifetimes even if I showed you all that is yours in Christ you do not have

capacity to Steward the abundance I wish to pour into your life therefore come

boldly access these riches ask me for healing ask me for miracles ask me

wealth to fund Kingdom building I wish to unload blessing after eye popping

blessing until all gaps are overflowing with Surplus prayer is the vessel that

carries breakthrough from unseen into seen Realms through prayer and decree

Supernatural natural shifts unlock Destiny revive dreams and transform

reality lift your head up beloved child Rejoice for this day you have heard the

heart of the Lord your God who Delights in you with singing I have revealed

myself to you that you may know my thoughts and walk aligned to my ways now

you understand Heaven responds to Hungry daring hearts with stunning displays of

extravagant generosity take hold of this Revelation let bold Faith rise then watch as I

shake everything that can be shaken until only an unshakable Kingdom

remains do you recall a dream I showed you the Glimpse Beyond the Veil of all that could be hold it carefully in your

mind for it was no accident or flight of fancy by my design and intent I drew

back that Veil even but for a moment that you might see and set your heart heart to

understand what you glimpsed in that dream was merely a fraction a small

reflection of all the plans I have to prosper you plans not simply to give you a hope

or a future but to give you an inheritance of riches and Glory beyond your wildest

dreams I have made you heir to it all destined before the foundation of the

world to receive the fullness of my blessings but the enemy has erected roadblocks seeking to hinder and prevent

what I have already set in motion he has opposed my plans from the

very throne room of heaven so it should be no surprise he attempts the same here

on Earth yet just as he was cast down there so shall he be routed and defeated

here through the authority I have given you the Battle Belongs to Me and My Angel armies stand ready according to my

command use the authority I have invested within you my child

the enemy’s efforts are but a confirmation that your moment of breakthrough draws

near this opposition indicates how close you stand to the edge of the Fulfillment

of all I have revealed and promised the enemy rages because he knows his time is short so let your

faith arise in the face of his futile attempts to block what heaven itself has

ordained the vision I showed you the revelation of my heart can contained but

a glimpse of my greater intentions as you have set your heart to

understand humbling yourself before me in prayer know that your words have already unlocked the release of blessing

and breakthrough in the heavens that release even now Cascades toward you though unseen for the moment take heart

and stand firm what I have spoken I will bring to pass without delay can you not

perceive it even now arising on the horizon of your future the dawn’s first

light peaking through as Darkness recedes it shall rapidly increase in substance and Glory manifesting the

fullness of my promises faster than you dreamed for this inheritance I am pouring out is no mere trinket but the

essence of my glory intended to overwhelm you with joy unspeakable and full of Glory it shall testify of my goodness

and unlimited abundance silencing every lying voice that ever questioned my willingness to bless my children

as you walk into greater measures of my glory and blessing be ever mindful that these gifts originate in my heart alone

I add no trouble to them only joy and life in abundance they come to lift you

higher to increase your capacity for more of my spirit and to deepen your revelation of my love they are but a

reflection of my desire for you to know me in deeper and more profound ways

worship me for who I am not just for for what I give yet receive these gifts expectantly

and with thanks for they are the first fruits of all I have destined for you

they are but a foretaste intended to strengthen your faith for even greater manifestations of my goodness this day I

call you to lift your gaze higher to broaden your perspective and expand your capacity to receive from my hand limit

me no longer by the smallness of your expectations or thinking I have worlds to show you

glories to reveal Realms of possibility to pull back the veil on that have thus

far been hidden from Mortal eyes come up higher beloved and begin even now to

walk in the revelation of all that is to come the past is but a faded memory

compared to the brightness of the Future Path I unveil before you today with rejoicing and praise upon

your lips enter joyfully into the abundance of the destiny I have prepared for you the best and brightest of days

stand stretched out ahead my child take my hand and let me lead you into the

greater glory my beloved child do not limit what I can do in your life by the

constraints of your own understanding and Imagination there is so much more that I

have prepared for you than you could think or dream up on your own when I bless my children it is no meager thing

my blessings are rich Beyond description they exceed anything this world has to offer for the wealth and the glory of

this world will pass away but my promises stand forever my blessings

bring with them abundant joy and fulfillment never sorrow or

emptiness for I Delight to pour out blessings on my faithful ones you may see those in the world

accumulating much wealth and possessions but do not envy them or conclude that I have favored them

for the enemy also gives gifts but his grants always come with hooks embedded

deep those who gain the world from his hand have traded peace for anxiety

contentment for Endless striving in their riches is found no rest no lasting

satisfaction the enemy still foolishly believes he has anything worthwhile to offer when all he can provide is stolen

and counterfeit compared to the inheritance I have prepared for you my child so do not be deceived when the

faithless appear blessed their end will prove their poverty but for you who walk with me I

have laid up Treasures Beyond imagination riches that will never fade and Pleasures that will not grow

stale even now I am preparing marvelous Revelations for you visions of my

purpose that will set your heart Ablaze come to me daily with open and seeking heart ready to rece receive all

I have for you allow me to unlock my word to you line after line lifting you

ever higher opening your eyes wider to the wonders of my ways come dwell with me on the holy

Heights and gaze upon the Heritage I have marked out for you from Before Time

began as you seek my face I will pour out visions and dreams to guide your

steps into the destiny I have prepared uniquely for you I will send forth my messengers to clear the path before you

and bring to fulfillment all I have spoken over you for I watch closely over

my word to perform it without delay it will not return to me void but

will succeed fully in accomplishing my plans for you have you not read how my

servant Moses met with me on the Mountaintop how I drew near to reveal my

glory the pattern has not changed my child still today I bid you come up here

here and behold the Wonders your God has ready to unveil do not doubt because the

Fulfillment terries for soon you will behold with unveiled face the Majesty of all I have

set in place for you the enemy for all his bravado remains an interloper and a

pretender one who has already been conquered and evicted therefore suffer no anxiety

because of his harassment or opposition to my purpose is in you his efforts are

impotent I have stripped him of all authority in the lives of my children

indeed the devil has already been forcibly shown his proper place beneath your

feet keep this always in your remembrance my child for you share in my

authority and the certain Triumph I have secured you need only take your stand on

my unchanging word to see the adversary flee from before you therefore for lift

your head and Stand Tall beloved one you have been raised with Christ and are

even now seated with him in the heavenlies all things have been put under your feet from your position of

Victory laugh to Scorn the futile assaults of your defeated foe remind

that Serpent of old that he has no choice but to serve and worship me his

rightful master and do my bidding take hold of the authority that

is yours in me for you are my Heir and the enemy must yield before you so fear

nothing he brings against you for his weapons are powerless to block my marvelous intentions toward you instead

keep your eyes fixed on me and the Glorious future I am preparing I will show you who you truly

are in me your identity rooted in my unchanging nature and my extravagant

love for you I will open the eyes of your heart until you see yourself as I

see you as my precious child in whom I am well pleased for this is truth that no one

and nothing can take from you I paid the ultimate price to secure this inheritance for you so doubt not its

certainty as you yield more fully to my spirit moving upon your life past

limitations and obstacles will vanish before the force of my will and purpose being revealed in you doors once barred

shut will swing open at my command chains that have bound you will slip

effortlessly away powerless to hold back the tital wave of my destiny fulfilling

in your life take the hand I extend to you this day my beloved child and let me

lead you into the broad place of freedom and abundance I have been preparing for you the old restrictions and

confinements will be forgotten drowned out by your joyful laughter together we

will venture into the vast Horizons of my purpose traveling Paths of Adventure

beyond your boldest dreams I have so much life and joy to impart to

you as I open my hand toward you this day receive from me garments of praise

to replace your spirit of heaviness be enveloped in the Robes of righteousness

I provide exchanging ashes for beauty and despair for celebration of life

from this day forward you will be called Oaks of righteousness my planting to

display my Splendor no more will you be termed forsaken no longer will you summon grief

as your closest companion for I am taking your hardship and loss and redeeming it for double recompense and

everlasting Joy I will turn your mourning into dancing again therefore

lift your head in expectation to welcome the Bright Morning Star arising in your your heart Glimpse the first Rays

painting The Horizon and know your Liberation is imminent where Darkness once gloomed Radiance shall now gleam I

will lavish my grace upon you in ways you have not known I am lifting you up

raising you high to abide with me in the secret place I will show you things to

come Revelations of my purposes that have awaited the proper hour as you dwell in My Sanctuary will

hear my voice clearer and gain understanding that unlocks new Realms of faith and Authority for

you yes my child even Greater Works shall you do because I go now to prepare

a place for you a place where we will commune and you will learn deeper mysteries of my person and my

ways I will cause you to ride upon the heights of the earth through thick and thin through sun and rain I go before

you to make the rough places plain I will turn Darkness to light wherever you

tread for I am the Lord your God who leads you the Holy One of Israel who has

saved you for my glory you are my particular treasure my special

possession I will be your God throughout your days guiding your steps and

charting your course my eye is fixed upon you for good you are shown favor

and honor in my sight for nothing can thwart my intentions or block my

purposes toward you beloved child I have Marvels in store you have not

fathomed such glorious Revelations await you as we walk this journey hand in hand

together we will venture into Realms of possibility outside your wildest imaginings as your soul Thrills to the

Wonders I disclose you will gain insight into my great heart of love for you and

the power that is yours because you are mine limiting mindsets that once constrained you will vanish in the light

as my spirit unveils to you wondrous glimpses of the vast Destiny I have prepared as you gain understanding of my

love for you your limitations will be shattered your perspective expanded and

vision transformed yes my child I have a vast inheritance reserved for you since

before time began do not despise your humble beginnings for they are the fertile soil

from which will Spring Revelation and Authority that the entire host of Heaven has

awaited the fullness of time has come for the seeds I have planted in your life to Break Forth Revelations of your

Noble identity in me will bear abundant harvests of Destiny as you embrace your true worth in my

sight what I speak over you now is what I have prepared for you beloved one the

glimmerings you have now glimpsed will pale in compar comparison to the full Brilliance soon to Break Forth what I

have spoken through my spirit until now has been but a whisper soon shall

ReSound the shout of the king in your midst and as your yearnings intensify

for deeper Realms in me I will draw you further up to behold Vistas unexplored I

will awaken desires you have not known to venture with me into New Frontiers of faith and demonstrate my power on your

behalf Miracles will burst forth that exceed any you have yet

witnessed as my glory intensifies around you my presence will overshadow you in

increasing depth and weightiness birthing Revelation that imparts radical

transformation Divine potentials will awaken within you elevations of

Spiritual Authority will be granted you as our Oneness deepens and your hunger

sharpens for I am bringing you into deeper Realms of partnership to to further

establish my kingdom purposes across many lands my light and Glory seen upon

you will signal the Lost Homeward for I will cause you to shine ever brighter

into the darkness piercing night’s Gloom with my brilliant day star arising in

and through you for the hour of shaking has come yet in quietness and confidence

will be your strength as your light increases steadily I will cause your mouth to be a fountain from which pours

refreshing and renewal to Hearts grown weary and faint and as age progresses

toward culmination escalating Darkness will only cause my light within you to

intensify more for night’s hour brings no dread to you rather

anticipation you will welcome it as the setting for my Glory’s Awakening upon you Radiance will exude in increasing

voltage capturing many in its beams my arising in you will bring Clarity to

confused Souls stumbling in benumbed Gloom yes arise and shine with Vigor my

burning torch energized by my spirit Ablaze within you no Darkness will pose

threat my fire will inflame you with boldness to declare my word that sets captives free I will heal blind eyes and

release prisoners from cells even those Bound by chains of religions dead doctrines and rituals for I have

anointed and mantled you to pour fresh wine into old wine skins nearly burst with Dead traditions draining life and

yes I affirm you as a lion Warrior Lift High my banner with steadfast hand raise

the battlecry of the victorious resplendant in my righteousness alone lead the procession

into new Realms of identity and Authority reserved for such a time as this let your unbroken communion with me

Forge Covenant bonds between between us that cannot be shaken by raging chaos

our Oneness grants you access to my heart’s plans and possessions all of which I release to prepare and equip you

to shine ever brighter into the deepening night fear nothing the darkness stirs but continue your

confident Advance into regions once unknown for No Limits remain on how high

and far I will Propel you we will Traverse Realms never before seen by

mortal eye I have Marvels to disclose that will thrill your soul a new with

each unfolding I will cause you to ride upon the Heights and feed you even now with

the Heritage I have reserved for this generation I have purposes that have

been hidden from ages past now ready for release through yielded hearts are you willing child will you let me take you

higher than you’ve ever ascended further and faster into new unprecedented places

in my spirit no way is close to you for the Conquering King goes before you

where I am you shall also be as we Blaze these new trails together truly I tell

you beloved greater wonders than you’ve ever witnessed lie just ahead as I bring forth Revelations awaited by all heaven

with eager longing these surpass what you currently see or

know but stay near to me as we go further up together and you will behold

Marvels no tongue can articulate things once impossible will seem commonplace as my promised Revival

unfolds through willing and prepared hearts the long foretold great outpouring is now nearer than when you

first believed Divine visitation nears as Heaven itself leans over the parapets to

peer down in breathless awe the climactic hour of history is upon you

rejoice your Redemption draws nigh the long night of sin and sadness recedes

before the advancing Dawn Day Spring arises with healing and Joy the

knowledge of my glory will fill the Earth as Waters over the sea from east to west north to south No Limits remain

on this era of divine visitation the planet awaits this great outpouring history will culminate just

as I ordained from old the hour has come now Ascend and take your place

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