God Says, You Will Receive$900,000,000….. ✝️ God’s Message

my cherished child amidst the Whispering

Winds and rustling leaves I extend my

voice to you calling you onto a Journey

of Faith and Triumph from the very

Genesis of your path my hand has been

clasped in yours steadfastly guiding you

through the darkest valleys and shadowy

Realms even when conflict ripples around

you and storms CL your vision remember I

am the unwavering Beacon of Hope in your

life this year unfolds with a Divine

promise Laden with blessings prosperity

and the sweet fruits of recognition and

respect but this path demands more than

mere footsteps it requires your heart’s

unwavering faith in my Eternal Word do

not be ens snared by feelings of

unworthiness or Shadows of Doubt for my

love transcends all

condemnation you are chosen a Beacon of

Hope and a vessel of blessings for your

family cast aside the chains of

defeatism for I am your ally in all

Endeavors draw strength from me daily

cleansing your thoughts of Despair and

embracing bravery in your faith

nourish your soul with my teachings let

them be the sword and shield in life’s

battles Adorn yourself with virtues of

humility and patience and watch as The

Garden of Your Life blooms with wondrous

blessings embrace your triumphs with

Simplicity cloaked in humility and

wisdom remember your victories success

enthus enthusiasm and Visions were

forged through sacrifice on that

Hallowed Ground where your future was

written and your forgiveness

sealed Embrace now the Grandeur of Glory

born from the power of my

resurrection I vow to be by your side in

moments both prosperous and challenging

as your watchful Guardian unwavering

provider and Safe

Haven do not Harbor thoughts of solitude

or Abandonment for you are never alone

in my presence in times of defeat do not

succumb to despair let not negative

emotions Eclipse your

blessings my words are not idle they are

promises made and

kept in me defeat has no Dominion your

heart is a sanctuary of my

assurances reject reject The Whispers of

Doubt lack or inability for I am the

embodiment of capability abundance and

existence face your adversaries with

courage for I am your constant companion

your unwavering

provider love is your steadfast Refuge a

beacon guiding you through the darkest

storms whenever challenges attempt to

erode your strength know that I stand

ready to fortify you multiplying your

resilience a

thousandfold if ever you stumble fear

not for I shall lift you high igniting

your heart with the courage and Faith of

a triumphant

Warrior embrace the certainty that

despite the most arduous battles you

emerge Victorious scaling the heights of

blessings with your banner unfilled my

presence enshrined within your heart

with tender love i gaze upon you

declaring to the world this is my

cherished child dearly

loved let your voice echo your love for

me raising your head with confidence

drawing strength from our unwavering

Bond as you draw near to me seeking

provision healing and Liberation for

your loved ones rest assured that I am

here to Grant

abundantly trust in my boundless love

and power for my grace and mercy are


given each day as you approach with

unwavering Faith you celebrate the

victory bestowed upon you courageously

Embrace Life releasing the fears that

cloud your mind knowing you are never

forsaken open your heart fully to

embrace this truth the past no longer

defines you for my love has transformed

you into a rejuvenated

Soul no longer shall your days be marred

by sorrow or anger for my hand guides

you away from past

conflicts with wisdom and patience you

strive on a New Journey no longer

accompanied by fear you shall not

retreat in the face of adversity for my

remarkable power infuses your life with

strength and joy your very presence

exudes happiness a testament to the

transformative power of my love seize

the opportunity to testify to the world

how my love has reshaped and renewed you

with each step fear shall diminish and

Temptation shall lose its grip no

obstacle shall hinder your path for I

have granted you spiritual Wings to

ascend and reach the heavens with your

prayers in times of trouble I am your

refuge and shield extending my mighty

hand to protect and guide you trust in

my promises for my timing is perfect and

my word is

Everlasting through your faith I perform

Miracles enabling you to receive the

abundance I bestow upon

you do not revert to disbelief for your

faith no matter how small is Monumental

in my eyes witness the transformation

around you as your prayers find answers

and your heart grows stronger hold out

your hand to me and together we shall

embark on the journey toward

Triumph with

tenderness like a guardian Saint I unold

You In My Embrace shielding you from

harm I see your struggles your

Relentless efforts and your moments of

Despair and I stand ready to Aid and


you your trust in me is your greatest

achievement and I am committed to your

Eternal well-being and

happiness though

disheartened know that you are never

alone Embrace moments of quietude to

commune with me and remember that your

dreams are within reach trust in my

promises for I am attentively overseeing

every detail of your life walk with

faith for Triumph is certain and my love

for you surpasses all

imaginings as Dawn breaks feel my

presence in you and know that I will

never turn away from you my faithfulness

is unwavering crafted for you to believe

in and feel deeply kneel and love me for

our bond is eternal and

unbreakable love me with all your

strength for in this Comm commitment

Miracles come

alive today if you confess with a True

Heart your belief in me wonders and

Marvels will unfold in your life my love

for you spans eternity guiding you down

Paths of

righteousness I do not wish for you to

wander in darkness rather I desire for

you to feel enveloped in love and


your faith Delights me for it is an act

of worship at my throne in worshiping me

peace and strength flow into your

soul even in moments of weakness when

your faith wavers I Am with You guiding


forward you have expressed your love for

me dedicated your time to me and in

return I show my love for

you I am am unchanging a constant

presence in your trials do not be

daunted by the challenges you face for

nothing is beyond my

capability marvelous Miracles are

destined to unfold in your life listen

attentively to my voice seeking me and I

will guide you

onward these times may be tough but I

will support

you in moments of distance or doubt I

will still be with you guiding you with

care your faith moves me and I will lead

you to stability joy and

contentment if you’ve been feeling

disheartened let today be the day you

find Comfort know that you are enveloped

in my love and eternal

protection turn away from your

sufferings close your eyes and sense my

spirit surrounding

you as you move forward know that

challenges will arise but you are

wrapped in my love ready to face them

have faith and trust in me for I promise

to Stand By Your Side supporting you

until the very

end I am deeply concerned with all that

you feel and hold your aspirations in

the highest

regard you possess quality that Inspire

others leading them towards the

wonderful plans I have for their

lives today I respond to your needs with

love and Solace for the pain in your

heart know that nothing in this world

escapes my notice and I am aware of all

that is happening in your life and the

lives of your

family today I respond to your needs

with love and Solace for the pain in

your heart

know that nothing in this world escapes

my notice and I am aware of all that is

happening in your life and the lives of


family stand firm in your faith pray

faithfully and I will fill your soul

with peace and wisdom trust in my

presence for I defend you in every

challenge you face know that a new dawn

beckons filled with blessings and

opportunities beyond your

imagination arise with strength for I am

your Shepherd provider and

healer I cover you with my love

bestowing healing and protection upon

you trust in my promises for I am God

and I do not speak

falsehoods walk with confidence for I am

with you through every season and

Circumstance trust in my love and know

that miracles unfold in the moments you

least expect them rejoice in the

blessings that await you for you are

deeply cherished by


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