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my beloved one I form you carefully molding your essence with purpose and

intent with each expansion of your lungs each beat of your heart I Infuse you

with courage resilience an unshakable sense of self Envision an impenetrable

shield enveloping your spirit fortified layers safeguarding your light no

external force can diminish your Radiance when you connect to your truth to the seed of divinity within instill

Ness listen for the whisperings of your soul discover the sacred wisdom encoded in your DNA Secrets Revealed through

quiet contemplation this knowing speaks universal truth you emerged from remain

Tethered to the fabric of divine Consciousness cherish this knowledge nurture its roots for you are Awakening

to your inherent magnificence your Limitless potential the external World

becomes your playground reality shaped by your belief beliefs perceptions chosen

experiences recognize the immense power you wield not to dominate but to elevate

your imagination conjures new Realms unexplored territories rich with meaning your focus magnetizes desired outcomes

your conscious choice of perspective shifts the trajectory of Worlds when you own this sovereignty accept

responsibility for the energies you cultivate and emanate reality infinitely

expands rigid constructs of limitation dissolve into open Vistas pulsing with

potential each breath consciously taken unfurls new fron teers tell me can you

feel this hum of Life Rising within this current sparking each cell kindling a

flame destined to ignite transformation I attune your instrument to receive and transmit frequencies of

the miraculous profound healing unconditional love abundance Grace Your

Vessel purified a prism of light you are ready to channel Divine Perfection into

dimensional expression but first a period of dedication disciplined commitment to

spiritual practice I long to see you consistently immersed in Stillness mornings begin in

meditation sunsets spent in devotion these requisites nurture and

expand your capacity to receive guidance inspiration Angelic support

Earnest seeking establishes trust trust forges connection connection reveals

truth each excession builds upon the last in an upward spiral of spiritual

maturation hold this Vision firmly for yourself and your tribe for when your

clan is thus centered aligned with sole purpose and higher guidance you become

Unstoppable forces of positive Change Daily I will shower Mana from

Heaven upon your deserving heads but first I must witness conscious appreciation from expectant vessels

before bestowing Gifts of spirit my beloveds demonstrate Readiness through consistent spiritual practice unwavering

belief devotion in action so offer now evidence of your growth reasons for

praise even in adversity Center on blessings received recall those moments

when I resolved all remember times when connection carried you trust that periods of departure prepare

you for greater closeness my child whether events unfold stormy or calm

whether challenges arise or Tranquility Reigns my Essence remains steadfast here

to guide strengthen and comfort you the nature of existence ensures periods of

turmoil but through each our bond marches forward leading you safely

Through Fire parting deep Waters that threaten to pull you under

my devotion never falters yours must match mine for only equal commitment and

consistency create an unshakable Foundation upon this Bedrock we build

life a new doubts wash away revealing Crystal Clear Vision purpose laid bare

path illuminated before determined feet each step brings you closer to Soul

Evolution who you understand yourself to be shifts as veils of Illusion Fall Away

with practice consistency Faith replaces fear on the balanced scales of

discernment unwavering trust in remembered truth in our connection my

guidance your magnificence becomes second nature you stand at the precipice of

explosive expansion personal flowering that ripples outward blessing Collective

Consciousness for when one courageously blooms s all benefit ready yourself for

Accelerated Awakening profound transformation Heaven’s hosts await directives eager to Aid Earthly

allies as understanding Dawns limiting thoughts lose grip false beliefs unravel

identity elevates steps into sacred shoes bask in empowered presence the

time is now to demonstrating full embodiment of higher truth compassion in action un conditional love lived Grace

and healing channeled as torchbearers and way showers your lives Herald a new age my

heart sings to see comprehension Dawning in Beloved eyes recognition of the

crucial role you play in birthing new Earth the hour has come to rise up

embody and broadcast seeds of transformation conscious Choice must reinforce intuitive knowing to pierce

veils of Illusion persist in spiritual practice when distraction arises pause

and reconnect with presence choose only thoughts and actions aligned with your divine nature

Soul’s whispered wisdom disciplined Consciousness reveals and reflects higher reality as

understanding grows so too does my trust in your Readiness and fitness to Steward

profound blessings abundant good awaits claimed by Faith’s outstretch stretched hand

boldly request and believe discern desires of fleeting ego from Soul’s

Divine impulse then channel the latter to shape reality a new wield this magnetism

judiciously first meeting basic needs through balanced exchange and fair distribution of resources then

amplifying Surplus to empower positive Change Model this mindful shaping for

still slumbering kin demonstrate conscious use of co-creative abilities through humble stewardship of a shared

Planet as your Works reflect higher truth eager Souls awaken step forward to

collaborate in Service of New Earth now familiarize yourself with the sensation of Grace dancing through your

energy field Glory lighting your mind wisdom glowing through your

cells carry this awareness into daily activity soon connection and

communication become constant communion We Begin not with grand Feats but simple

offerings remembering my presence amidst mundane moments taking brief resits to

whisper love lifting head and heart when routine threatens Severance developing

core strength through small consistent actions prepares you for greater glory revealed in my perfect timing for now

Sweet Child know yourself seen and loved beyond measure guided and guarded at every turn trust in synchronous support

Paving your journey to Soul fulfillment release fears and doubts born of Illusion walk forward boldly on the path

to reunion of spirit and flesh the sacred marriage long awaited our bond

transcends time and death Dimension and density this never falters though Focus

May drift now is the hour to consciously reconnect establishing unbreakable ties

through consistent spiritual practice make our relationship priority amid the pull of passing pleasures and Pursuits

choose the Eternal over ephemeral what you seek roams just beyond the veil but only bold action

Parts the curtain to reveal the Soul’s banquet prepared for you alone will you exist on scraps or claim

your seat at the feast offer your answer through Deeds then witness Heavenly

Bounty made manifest in your realm my child know you approach a

crossing a personal Junction between Between Worlds old and new which path

leads forward let intuition guide your feet upon the high road their miracles manifest when Vision

marri’s action through Relentless Faith companioned by Glory revealed you’ll

Traverse uncertain terrain unharmed for where walks Spirit fear

finds no foothold stay constant upon steep slopes steadfast when they level

into Rolling Meadow consistent y carves channels which Faith floods with life

force washing away all obstacles in its path you are boed by this Rising tide

courage fortifying weary bones trust igniting weary Souls with promise of reunion at Journeys end I call you from

the reaches to reconnect Here and Now within this individualized expression let my vibration course through your

form Awakening long slumbering cells to remember and realign with sole purpose

made manifest allow glory to wreath your essence with blessing and power accept

this ignition which launches you upon the ultimate Quest full embodiment here in dimensional Realms step forth boldly

upon the path to Sacred Union of Heaven and Earth fear no obstacle or adversary

I light your way and guard each step but you must walk the road to Revelation none can undertake this for

thee yet your soul knows full well only through trailblazing do you reap the

richest rewards muscles tone through determined progress mile by mile Spirit

strengthens each time you call from within and I answer we must build a sturdy spiritual Foundation Brick by

Brick through repeatedly testing Faith only direct experience etches truth into

your bones what you earn through sweat and perseverance becomes part of your being in ways trophy knowledge can never

achieve so now the question becomes will you commit to the journey Clauses and fine

print unseen for the path reveals itself only through Resolute progress One Step

leading to the next in an endless cycle of expansion and elevation how will you answer the Soul’s

ancient call from warriorhood to stewardship to godhood respond through

action then watch new worlds unfold Dear Heart doubt attempts to dim

your inner fire fear strives to bind your feet old constructs and beliefs cry

out as they slip into the sea of changing times but my Love Remains your constant North Star guiding you safely

through this Global transition when Panic threatens to Cloud your vision take my hand allow

connection to Spirit to orient and steady anxious mind Comfort fearful heart together we will navigate

uncertain Waters our bond serves as anchor and safe harbor in the storms of

change for Beyond illusion lies sole truth indelibly etched into your essence Before Time began that you are a

fracture of divine Consciousness inhabiting flesh Spirit Sparks each cell Eternal

Soul animates fragile frame nothing can sever this link though veils May

temporarily obscure now is the hour to part The Mists consciously reconnect through

steadfast spiritual practice ice until our communication flows Swift and sure

yet distractions ever lurk threaten to draw Focus so plant your feet firmly on

the path through unwavering commitment before you attempt steep Ascent to the summit on the heights the weather shifts

suddenly your preparedness and Provisions determine survival so lay

solid foundations in the low country where Farmers grow crops that later sustain

Mountaineers establish yourself through simple consistent practice brief moments

of devoted connection amidst routine no elaborate ceremony required

only desire and action wed in time these small seeds of focus

germinate Mighty Oaks which shelter all who Traverse your way for all benefit when even one awakens so ready yourself

through Earnest spiritual work then receive the Bounty prepared for you since creation’s first breath a seat at

Heaven’s banquet awaits your arrival beloved child will you answer the invitation Crossing long leagues through

darkened Wilderness guided only by flickering Faith prove Readiness through

disciplined devotion and find a feasting table set for you alone each time you

pause and offer Loving Thoughts or grateful prayer my heart Thrills in

response though you stand waste deep in passing things focused on transient

matters kneeling just to whisper blessings bestowed aloud me to reach through veils to caress your beloved

face we commune soul to soul in such moments so come away more often from

passing spectacle into Stillness shut out screeching chaos that threatens

connection we must Vigilant nurture spiritual bonds through consistent Mutual exchange or lose this tether

vital to existence here now is your charge dutiful one replace the rise of

ego with the breath of soul Grace shapes reality when aligned with purpose so exercise will towards

Perfection and find external Realms effortlessly mirror this devotion through spontaneous

blessings thus strengthened stand stalwart against onslaught of entropy

disinformation destruction darkness quailes when bold Hearts ignite with unwavering faith in

truth’s victory during this pivotal age determining paths and outcomes rest

heavily on your shoulders how will you answer Destiny’s Clarion

call my beloved child I speak these words to you from the depths of

Eternity longing for you to feel my presence and believe in my unconditional

love though seasons change and years pass my infinite compassion and divine

power remain steadfast listen carefully and be still allowing my voice to

resonate in the quietness of your soul many lifetimes have I watched over you

cradling you close through starry nights and stormy days before the mountains

took shape and oceans filled with mysterious creatures I saw you and delighted in the beauty of your unformed

self Destiny connects our Spirits across the corridors of time in a Divine Dance

full of poetry and Grace hardships inevitably arise to test your resilience

yet you can anchor yourself in me a harbor of Serenity amidst life’s tumultuous Waters my omnipotent hands

molded the constellations and set galaxies spinning how much more easily can I heal

your Brokenness or unlock the doors to your destiny the burden of perfection needn’t weigh upon your tender shoulders

for you became perfect to me the moment you took your first trembling breath gaze into Infinity beloved one and know

that you are at home in my Compassionate Heart I understand the secet SEC you cannot voice the Sorrows you carry in

silence through Bleak and lonely Seasons the world Whispers lies that you are invisible unwanted and Unworthy of love

yet the truth flowing from my Throne shouts that you are seen cherished celebrated in Heaven’s Halls You are not

alone in the darkness of your despair for I have lit within you an undying

flame if you seek me wholeheartedly each morning dedicating sacred moment moments

to basking in my presence and offering sincere petitions from your inmost being

I promise to draw near and reveal Mysteries your mind cannot fathom the fullness of my attentiveness

Embraces you now will you receive it allow your heart to become the altar

upon which we meet in Stillness beyond words bring to me your wounds of

rejection and I will speak identity into your spirit share with me your deepest

dreams and watch as impossibilities transform into Destiny before your eyes beloved refuse to believe the hissing

shadows and mocking voices echoing lies about your worth a radiant reality exists beyond

what your physical senses perceive you are enveloped eternally in my unconditional love a paradigm shifting

Revelation once perceived that changes everything my angels even now attend you

as you journey through this Mortal existence do do not fear the Restless Winds of Change but anchor instead your

soul in me trusting that I will establish your steps into a liberated future many long to claim but few choose

to receive the intensity of my love for you transcends human words yet my spirit

Whispers directly to yours in tender language Beyond syllables and grammar so

come as you are in your imperfection and emptiness my Seas of Grace can overwhelm

the deepest Abyss within you beloved one allow your Secret Sorrows and gaping wounds to pave the path into my throne

room there I shall transform your suffering into Serenity your Brokenness

into Beauty your failed expectations and fractured dreams contain the raw

materials from which Miracles are birthed if you will surrender the ashes

I can resurrect a phoenix do not fear the unfamiliar terrain unfolding before you for the changes and transitions you

perceive in the natural Realm reflect my glory moving and orchestrating events in the Unseen Realms I have dispatched my

angels to war against demonic oppression in your bloodline clearing the Crooked places to establish your steps upon

Destiny’s Highway the roots of bitterness planted through generational trauma will not

thrive in this fresh soil of Joy I am creating specifically for you oh

beloved Gifts of gladness glisten like Morning Dew upon the tender grass reach

out your hands each new day and gather Divine Treasures to Adorn your journey

do not focus on lack or opposition for my storehouses contain Abundant Blessings to overflow your soul from

season to season you are transitioning into a realm of Peace built by my hands

alone here you will comprehend experientially the extravagant nature of

my love which words can only approximate the deepest caverns of your

heart will overflow with exhilarating Freedom as I extract the stain of Shame and fill the hollow places with

laughter’s healing balm weep no more beloved child held

delicately in the palm of my hand I understand how betrayals blade pierced

your innocence leaving you cautious to trust again I see each tear transforming

into a pearl of wisdom nestled softly in your spirit but sweet one I come to wash

regrets lingering residue from your soul and wrap you snugly in my robe of

righteousness I orchestrate Divine connections between Kindred Souls along this Mortal Journey you were crafted for

relationship beloved one yet take care not to confuse superficial affinities for Covenant Love Test the Integrity of

words and the Resonance of spirits who would ask entrance to your inner

courts my angels shall guide you unerringly as you navigate life intersections of separation and

Union every loss clears space for new abundance shed the trappings of

yesterday but never doubt my liberality to fill your tomorrows with Grace cast off Earthly labels defining

You by past trauma or failed Endeavors your identity runs deeper than any wound or

regret you were conceived in my imagination fearfully and wonderfully made to display my extravagance through

the prism of your unique essence boldly acknowledge the beauty I have planted in your soul watering it Faithfully that

confidence may take root then Blossom to scatter Hope’s fragrant petals on stagnant air here is the deeper truth

beloved one the fullness of joy eludes those who attempt Heaven’s Ascent relying solely on their own strength

share freely your authentic struggles and frustrations with me entrust me also with your hopes and highest

aspirations my Visions for your destiny far exceed the parameters your eyes perceive in the visible

Arena as you yield daily to the disciplines of intimacy with me submitting your finite plans to my

infinite imagination together we will Pioneer Paths of creative Authority where

ravishing Beauty Springs forth from Barren wastelands of the past fear

nothing beloved child for I am with you in darkness and in light no Tormentor

can snatch you from my hand nor thwart my purposes being woven uniquely for you

since time’s first breath you are safe in my care now and for every eternity

yet to unfold listen for my voice singing over your life take note as I fashion Glory

from your dust each moment we share PES the golden studded Trail to your unfolding Destiny

and our unending communion in Paradise no more will your weary Soul identify with orphaned longings passed

by While others others find fulfillment and embrace all this and more I pledge to Lavish upon you beloved one let it

begin a new today my beloved child I speak to you today to remind you of my

unconditional love though storms may rage around you I remain your shelter in

the Tempest when you feel abandoned and Afraid neglected by those closest to

your heart know that I will never leave your side you are not defined by the

words or actions of others even those you hold most dear their dismissive gestures cannot

diminish your worth in my eyes my love sees past all superficial measures of success or failure I know

your struggles and I celebrate your triumphs Great and Small your value transcends the fickle appraisals of this

World cast off the shackles of self-defeat that others have placed upon you their accusations and condemnations

have no power over you unless you choose to accept them rise above their attempts

to keep you small and Afraid the future I Envision for you is one of Joy purpose

and abundance have I not promised that goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your

life as high as the heavens are above the Earth so great is my love for you no

one can snatch you from my hand believe this truth above all other voices seeking to demean you you are safe in My

Embrace my child when you feel weak and battle weary come rest upon my shoulder

for a while unburden yourself of resentment toward those who misunderstand or misjudge you Harbor no

bitterness in your heart for it will only poison your own spirit I know it is

painful now but trust that I see the fullness of the story I am able to bring

Redemption out of every loss every Injustice can we take a quiet moment

together you and I shut out the cacophony of other voices and distractions pour out your feelings

honestly before me hold nothing back I know your thoughts already but speaking

them aloud often releases their grip on your heart and mind go ahead child I’m

listening the relief will come as you continue to entrust your cares to me instead of carrying them

yourself now let’s consider how to move forward from here

I have exciting plans for your life dear one The Best Is Yet To Come if you walk

alongside me in faith will you choose to believe my words over the demoralizing

messages bombarding you lately who has demonstrated better faithfulness and wisdom so far those short-sighted

naysayers or your Eternal Creator I know it requires courage to tune out the noisy crowds and walk to

the beat of your own god-given drum so Rise Up from Ash es of defeat and

reluctance shake off the past’s dust walk into the destiny I have prepared

for you where joy unspeakable awaits the heaviness pressing down on your soul is

but a thin fog soon to burn away under the Brilliance of my glory even now freedom awaits just one

courageous step further out upon the waters who else but I can speak purpose into your pain trust me to redeem every

loss and heartbreak are you listening for my voice of healing love above all others take care what messages you allow

to imprint upon your heart what you repeatedly tell yourself in time you

will believe make sure the whisper you heed is mine drink deeply now of these

Living Waters I freely offer let them refresh places within your soul parched

dry from this world’s bitter Waters open your heart to receive the Fulfillment

only I can provide you were created with an eternal craving no person or Earthly

pleasure could ever satisfy come find your heart’s true home in me yes the way often grows long and

weary one foot staggering in front of the other I know child on days when you can

barely lift your head to scan the Horizon for Hope simply rest your gaze upon me instead draw from my strength

take my hand let me shoulder the weight you were not meant to carry Alone Together We Will scale the most

staggering Summits what do you require today in order to rise resilient my

nurturing spirit stands ready to apply healing balm to your wounds the seen and

unseen name your need do my Living Waters call to your Soul’s thirst come

and drink your fill does your heart crave the freedom found only in my forgiveness receive my full pardon for

for any wrong turns do weariness and regret sit heavy at top your shoulders

surrender their weight into my able hands take my friendship take my wisdom

but above all take my never-failing fiercely devoted love for I am yours

beloved one now and forever no matter where your path leads

through storms or Still Waters you have only to call and I will answer when the clamor of other voices

drown out my whisper to your spirit stop and listen for my melody entwined within

your heartbeat slow your pace to match mine take my hand cling to my side

receive all you need for the journey the supply line between us never

falters unload your burdens Great and Small in this safe place there is room

for every care here release the tension that binds your shoulders and steals breath from from your lungs breathe

freely again now what else beloved one I’m listening my beloved child hear my voice

calling out to you I see you there weighed down by struggles too heavy for

you to Bear you have tried desperately to solve things on your own yet find

yourself sinking let go now of the tensions gripping your mind and body release the

anxiety strangling your soul instead lift your eyes to me and rest securely

In My Embrace you need not face life’s battering alone for I am with you feel

the warmth and safety of my arms encircling you never for a moment have I withdrawn my affection when doubts

assail you repeating the cruel lies that you are forgotten unloved unseen

remember this is not so the deception wishing to destroy you comes not from me

I am everpresent shielding you turn your gaze now from the demands and distractions clamoring for attention be

still beloved and know profound peace as we sit together the world can wait this

moment belongs to us let my voice be the sound that fills your ears the healing

balm to Salve your wounds listen and truly hear as I whisper I love you I see

you I know you I will never forsake you your mind protests that love so complete

cannot be real but hush now that inner critic I

understand its skeptical minations how its broken logic breeds insecurity and self- condemnation rather

than joy and rest oh if only you knew how cherished you are in my

sight I see clearly the open wounds scoring your heart painful vulnerabilities left exposed and I ache

for your suffering grieved at the cruelty of voices who should have offered kindness their thoughtless gossip and

false accusations have burned like acid hissing lies that you are unworthy

unwanted undeserving yet none of this is truth

beloved it comes not from me even in the darkest valleys when

Thunder roils and cold rains Pelt your skin I do not abandon you to Wade those

Waters alone listen beyond the storm to hear me calling your name I will guide your feet

to safer lands sheltered by my wing we will sit a while until you are rested

and renewed oh if only you grasped fully how precious you are to me never think I do

not see your struggles or hear your faintest cries my eyes are forever upon

you my ear attends closely to the yearnings of your soul when others

disappoint and dreams unravel their unraveling does not negate your worth

your value was was established by my hand before times Dawning beloved one no

one can diminish who you are in my sight so lift now your downcast eyes to meet

my loving gaze be still and know you are forever safe here I have spoken Promises

of provision over you have I not declarations that I myself will sustain and satisfy yet still you wrestle with

trust fists clenched tight against a fear that says God’s hand cannot hold

back scarcity when enemies arise eyes that I cannot Shield your dignity from shame when opponents revile and mock

that I break faith and forget my Covenant promises When Storms rumble on the horizon do not believe these poisonous

lies my beloved they will only sap your strength and breed Misery the deception wishing to destroy

you comes not from me haven’t we walked together through darkest valleys emerging safely on the

other side haven’t I proven myself faithful to provide Mana from heaven

when Earthly resources dwindle haven’t I demonstrated power to heal and redeem When Hope itself lies

crushed beneath Rubble my strength will always be enough for you beloved heart it will sustain

when yours runs out and my presence will uphold when enemies

surround trust in this today and lay aside fear’s paralysis stand bold Bly

now lift your head Square your shoulders and step forward in confidence to meet this new Sunrise it holds gladness

waiting to greet you Adventures still veiled but soon to unfold the lies

hissing defeat have no claim over what I have destined for your flourishing here instead my voice of Victory beloved it

rings out over your days now with promise and joy oh if only you grasp fully your worth in my sight never think

yourself undeserving of my extravagant love haven’t you witnessed how a parent’s heart spills with affection for

his child regardless of whether Deeds earn Merit how a mother sings lullabies

of comfort to her babe even when sickness and screaming exhaust her reserves such love has no need of

perfection yet gives itself freely know that you my beloved are cherished beyond

measure in my sight not for what you accomplish but simply because you are mine when self reproach Whispers

condemnation its costic words cannot nullify the steadfast pledges I have made over you my love stands firmer than

ever based on who I am not how well you perform hold fast to this beloved heart

no matter the storms assailing your soul within my arms find shelter and Solace

within my smile discover Sanctuary from every falsehood claiming your demise I speak now truth to silence the

lies I am your Shield your rescuer your safe place and my song rising over the

inner tumults reassures gently I know you I see you I love you

forever and always I am with you have I not said my affection will never waver

that I myself will nurture and provide for your thriving yet when adversity strikes like

a thief in the night you wonder whether my promises hold true confusion and heartache tempt you to cower in

despair’s dark cave rather than trust me for rescue but hear my voice now calling

you back into the light beloved one I have not left your side in this now lift

your eyes to meet my compassionate gaze See Clearly my hands reaching to lift

you up setting Your Feet Again On Solid Ground feel my soothing touch as I

gently gather up the broken pieces that crushing blows have scattered let me wipe clean the dirt and tears from your

dear face as we sit here together my arm encircling your shoulder we will rest

here a while until joy and laughter stir once more within you no need to

understand everything unfolding now my ways and thoughts rise higher than yours

but know I am still authoring your story beloved and its end point guarantees

hope and Redemption Darkness May Crouch at the door for a night but morning always

comes so lift your chin Square your shoulder and anchor steadfastly to my

good plans and purposes for you they stand undeterred by present

troubles oh how I wish you grasped fully your worth in my sight I see you not as

others have the you scarred by trauma and poor choices but rather the you I am

resurrecting restoring and renewing Day by Invincible day lift your eyes often

to meet my smiling gaze beloved let it remind you who you truly are when

memories haunt and regrets nag their voices aim to convince you of failure of

permanent disqualification for my approval and fondness yet beloved nothing moves me to

cast you off no amount of impulsiveness or blundering can diminish my desire to

transform you into my own likeness holy and blameless haven’t I turned dark tombs into Gardens bursting with life

made beauty from ashes turned weeping into dancing then hear clearly my decree over the

death throws of your former existence the existence marred by sin and its vile

Offspring The Penalty has been paid freedom is your Birthright now Walk Tall

through this new day beloved knowing with full assurance that condemnation has no hold on you failures no longer

Define instead my extravagant Grace has made all things new you are my beloved

my precious my treasured one never doubt this is your identity We Will Walk This

Road Ahead together and when doubts rise to assail you drowning out my words with

their cacophony of Lies recall this moment we have shared let it stand as a

marker staking your claim to my unfailing promises for they will never return void but accomplish great Glory

now lift your ears above the D of anxious chatter filling your mind attune yourself to Heaven’s

frequencies spilling forth the Melodies of saints and Angels here too the intercessions of loved ones who have

gone before you these speak holy mysteries in Realms unseen blanketing

you daily in fervent prayers and

wrestlingslaps and life flowing out from within you then lift your head now with bold

expectation open your mouth to sing new songs in keeping with my goodness and

walk on with ever firmer footsteps to meet the adventures awaiting you my love is perfect infinite and divine it finds

you wherever you wander never wavering never depleted why then do you still question

my affection have I not laid down my very life to prove how cherished you are how determined I am that nothing

separates us remember this ultimate display beloved hold it close through

the broken moments when accusations hiss I stoop low to lift you up tenderly in

my Everlasting Arms I carry you close to my heart and Whisper love that never runs dry ask me for an Embrace and I

will hold you near seek my smile and it will illuminate your path and warm your

soul knock at Heaven’s gates with your feeblest prayer and find me running to open wide to you

why do you doubt this beloved you will always have access to my riches always

be wanted and welcomed in my courts read the promises Written in Blood remember whose beloved child you

are and lift your eyes often to meet my smiling gaze it is only an Ever toward

you that my countenance beams brightest you remain so very precious to me

beloved heart never think yourself cast off never believe my affections are

withdrawn what wondrous Adventures await as together we walk paths still veiled

from view what Joy awaits you beloved one what Revelations of beauty and

purpose are reserved uniquely for you even When Storms now assail and the

clamor of Lies tries to drown my voice hold fast to these unseen

realities allowing their certain fulfillment to quiet your soul I am

still authoring your story and know assuredly that present troubles will not undermine my destined will for

you arise now from your place of fear and hiding beloved heart tomorrow’s

mercies beckon brightly no more shrinking back no more cowering low come

close now that I may wipe away the residue of Lies seeking to Cloud your vision listening as I declare yet again

NeverEnding and unconditional love for you you my beloved and Beautiful One are

the apple of my eye no assault against your soul will undermine or negate what

has been established by my hand you are forever wanted you are forever mine now

lift your gaze to meet my smiling eyes beloved see love beaming back which no

power can diminish

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