You Have No Time Left My Child | God message today for you | God Saying

God’s blessings await those who heed his

message till the end stay faithful and

watch his grace overflow into your life

my beloved

child in these trying times when the

weight of the world seems to Bear down

upon you it is easy to become

overwhelmed to feel as though you are

striving alone without the guiding hand

of your savior but I say to you my dear

Child open your heart and listen for in

doing so you will find that the Divine

support you so desperately need is

closer than you ever imagined open the

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will unleash God’s abundant favor I

stand ready waiting with baited breath

for you to turn your gaze heavenward to

open your heart and receive the abundant

grace and strength that I long to pour

out upon you for I am not a God who is

distant and aloof unmoved by the trials

and tribulations of my children

nay I am a God who is intimately

acquainted with your every need Who

Weeps with you in your sorrow and

rejoices with you in your

triumphs but alas so many of my children

have grown deaf to my voice preferring

instead to rely on their own limited

understanding and finite

resources they cling to the false hope

of their own abilities thinking that

they can navigate the treacherous Waters

of Life on their own only to find

themselves a drift battered by the

unforgiving waves of

circumstance bask in the radiance of


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illuminate your path and so I say to you

my child heed my ultimatum with the

utmost seriousness

listen or lose the Divine support that

is your Birthright as a child of the

most high God for in choosing to ignore

my guidance in turning a deaf ear to the

promptings of my spirit you risk

forfeiting the very Lifeline that could

carry you through the storms of life

ready to take charge of your life

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message of

transformation when you open your heart

and listen to my voice you will find

that the burdens you once carried become

lighter the obstacles you once faced


surmountable and the doubts and fears

that once plagued you begin to fade away

for it is in aligning your will with

mine in allowing my strength and wisdom

to flow through you that you will

discover the true source of your power

and purpose no longer will you be tossed

to and for by The Winds of circumstance

but rather you will move forward with a

sense of clarity confidence and

unwavering trust in my sovereign plan

for I am not a God who abandons his

children in their time of need but

rather I am a God who is Ever present

ever faithful and ever ready to pour out

my boundless love and grace upon those

who seek me with all their

hearts so my child I implore you do not

turn a deaf ear to my voice for in

heeding my words in opening your heart

to receive the Divine support that I

long to offer you will find that the

path before you is illuminated by the

radiant light of my love and grace you

will walk in the assurance that you are

never alone that I am with you always

guiding you you strengthening you and

leading you ever closer to the

Fulfillment of your god-given

purpose the world may try to convince

you that you are on your own that you

must rely solely on your own limited

resources and abilities but I say unto

you cast aside those lies and instead

trust in the unfailing promises of your

savior for it is in leaning into my

strength in allowing my spirit to

empower and sustain you that you will

find the courage

the resilience and the unwavering hope

to face whatever challenges may come


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encouragement so my beloved child do not

be afraid open your heart and listen for

in doing so you will unlock the

boundless resources of divine assistance

that are yours to claim allow my love to

be your anchor my wisdom to be your

guide and my peace to be your constant

companion even in the midst of life’s

most tumultuous storms for I am not a

God who makes empty promises but

rather I am a God who is faithful and

true whose love for you knows no bounds

trust in me my child and watch as the

seemingly insurmountable obstacles

before you are transformed into

opportunities for growth Triumph and the

deepening of our unbreakable Bond

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