🔴 TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY MY CHILD । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

beloved this day Heralds an epic of unparalleled transformation within your

lineage as you absorb these sacred words embibe the fortitude and love I bestow

upon you guiding you on a journey of metamorphosis you stand at the Forefront

of this Evolution your words actions gaze Essence and very existence serving

as conduits of this significant shift your value in my eyes is colossal

my affection for you Perpetual I urge you to extend this love

to your loved ones those who draw strength from your faith today allocate

moments to manifest your love for them exhibit your understanding Lay Your

Hands softly upon their crowns impart blessings and intercede for them Focus

Your Love time and resources on those closest to you particularly your

household reflect on your forebears and even those estranged by historical Discord forgive and hold them in deep

reverence exhibit benevolence towards all and witness your family flourish in

harmony nourished by your prayers and efforts act as their protector

displaying forbearance create a Haven where they may find Solace and unconditional love in times of trial

there will be occasions for rectifying their mistakes guiding them correctly

should they value your love they will heed your advice otherwise entrust them

to your prayers I work within their hearts and in time they will recognize their

missteps and I will direct them a right in familial disputes seek me through

prayer avoiding wrath and vexation leave such negative sentiments

to those oblivious of my presence every challenge has a solution every query and answer turn to me to

relieve your apprehensions seek my strength when tempted to react in Fury

lest you grieve my Holy Spirit within you seek refuge in me when the load becomes unbearable call upon me in Dire

Straits and I shall answer believe that I am ever beside you

ready to Aid in any situation I will lead you gently ensuring a feeling of safety you’re

Abode shall be a sanctuary of Peace joy and prosperity for with me all is

achievable have faith in my constant presence embrace the peace I offer and let it permeate your being wherever you

are there I Am with You Feel My tender Embrace within your soul I grant you the

privilege of a life distinct from worldly Norms to cherish this inner calm this sentiment is precious to me me

and I hope it brings you equal joy we shall partake in this communion

daily at dawn or dusk I eagerly anticipate our fellowship our brief

dialogues if you fathom the significance of these moments holding my hand kneeling before my Throne you would

grasp the importance of today I affirm your cherished status in my heart

proclaiming to all of creation that you are mine your perspect persective will transform as you grasp the depth of my

words and the enormity of my love for you you are blessed in extraordinary ways and will possess the confidence to

accomplish great Deeds who can stand against you you are my child indomitable

with my backing my love is the most formidable force in existence do not liken me to Earthly

Guardians who may falter I am far more today you discern this difference as you

internalize this deep understanding of my love spend moments in my presence

words are not necessary simply cherish our time together and cast aside all

anxieties when you venture forth you will emanate my peace and serenity will

radiate from you the negative emotions of others will not impact you I am here

for you each day ready to envelop you in love as the day commences my love for you knows no bound

and I eagerly await our daily meetings consider my perspective how

could I not adore and bless Someone Like You My Utmost wish is to bestow upon you

Eternal salvation to live fearlessly feeling profoundly loved and protected

and to confidently navigate this world and shrouded in my love I sacrificed

myself on the cross so you might know Victory not defeat my resurrection was

to empower you to live a life beyond ordinary Pursuits while feelings of loneliness rejection and pain are common

you are extraordinary should you ever feel weak exhausted or overwhelmed Stand Tall lift

your arms as a symbol of Triumph proclaiming to All That You Are My progeny strong and Valiant victorious in

numerous battles distinguished among Heroes you are invincible none can

subdue you you are never alone reject the clutches of Despair and darkness

turn to me for I call out to you your destined place is in my presence as you

kneel before me my angels with swords gleaming will appear they will cleave

the skies Vanquish evil and as your spiritual foes behold the power and

Majesty that envelop you they will retreat in fear they may Menace from a

distance but they lack the courage and might to harm you I speak to the Valiant

at heart and you are among them Embrace this message let it fortify your spirit

keep these words in your thoughts let them resonate as a melody in your heart my beloved child for too long have

the Shadows obscured your sight but fear not the season of Darkness draws swiftly

to its close and brilliant light awaits just beyond this final

Veil take heart my dear one for your emergence into Joy draws nigh the

drought shall end and Bounty shall overflow the land I have prepared for you

alone many days have you wandered this arid Wilderness LED astray by false

guides who promis satisfaction but delivered only deeper thirst yet not one footfall was lost to

me I kept watch at every Twist and Turn guarding your passage with Fierce and

tender love the way ahead may have seemed Bleak but you followed in faith

and soon your perseverance shall bear wondrous fruit for even now the first shoots spring vibrant from the fertile

soil the Harvest you have awaited so long at last commences the key turns in

the lock the gate groans open all that I have spoken all that your soul has hoped

for even the deepest Cry of your heart every promise now blossoms before you in

radiant reality at long last this blessing is no poultry gift but a bounty

to overflow the storehouses of your life abandon hesitation and throw wide the

doors discard doubt for the appointed time has come the banquet table is

spread and awaits your presence come and partake freely of the Abundant Feast I

have poured out before you rich fair and sweet wine shall nourish body and spirit

alike with the extravagance of my favor you my cherished one shall lack nothing

anymore no more meager rations eak out drop by stingy drop no more hunger and

want and desolation fullness and plenty are your portion now the true Treasures

meant for you alone can no longer be denied this I have decreed and so shall

it be yet take care not all Delight in your good fortune

bitter voices may arise seeking to question my authority to bless and provide in such Bountiful manner close

swiftly every portal to murmurs of resentment and entitlement bar every window to

accusations of unfair Advantage discontent has no power here except what ground you permit it to occupy mute

envious tongues pay no heed to grasping hands this Feast is for you and you

alone I have spoken it let none convince you otherwise the gifts I grant answer to

Grace not grievance so come to the table of Joy I have set for you and dine

secure in my extravagant favor my dear one even this present

Bounty comprises but the first fruits of a far greater Harvest yet to come all

that has passed before all you have survived and endured has served to prepare fertile soil for dreams

undreamed of to take root in even even now vital seeds stir in the rich LOM

beneath your feet but more light and warmth is needed before they erupt in glorious maturity

Skyward nourish well these nent longings nurture tender shoots through gentle

rains and golden rays of my spirit’s warmth guard jealously this Garden I

have given you and air long you shall walk wuck through an orchard Laden with

purpose and meaning Beyond Your Wildest imaginings have I not shown my myself

faithful in all things thus far trust then that I shall continue to sustain

you with all needed for extravagant fruitfulness of spirit my commitment to

you cannot waver for my promises are affirmed by Covenant sealed in redeeming blood you are Graven on the palms of my

hands cherished protected absolutely ured of my unfailing presence and

provision therefore Lift High your head in bold confidence this day

cast off the Ragged garments of desolation’s past season they serve you

no longer instead Dawn the mantle I provide Rich luxurious Robes of vibrant

hope shimmering with brilliant expectancy of good for the king himself

comes to escort you into a radiant domain where dreams Blossom where broken

things are restored Sevenfold where stale lifelessness resurrects in rushing

joy and laugh laughter hearken my beloved abandon hesitation and run to greet this new

day though lingering Shadows yet creep across the land already glorious Dawn

begins to flood the Eastern Sky night’s bitter chill yields reluctantly to newborn warmth as the sun makes its

steady Ascent so too must you rise up now in Faith’s confidence shake off the

grave clothes of your former estate I have called you forth to life

abundant go meet it with arms flung high in joyful praise your season of

wilderness wandering has served its purpose and now gives way to promise long deferred my word and Covenant stand

firm you step now from desolation into Destiny from lack into more than enough

from Barren bleakness into lands Lush with milk and honey no famine stalks you

here anymore you shall dine on Heaven’s Bounty henceforth the drought has ended

the Harvest awaits so go in confidence to receive all I have reserved for you alone yet take care at this critical

hour my beloved not every voice celebrates your Liberation indeed bitter accusers

surround on every side eager to sabotage and question my decrees they murmur in darken Corners

Whispering anxious lies pay such serpents no heed my precious child their fangs would inject

only paralyzing Venom to hinder you constrained by jealous smallness of

perspective they perceive not the vast reservoirs of Grace capacity I have

meticulously nurtured deep within your being where they see limitation I

Proclaim vast abundance empty again your cup shall never be all their doubting

and accusation cannot revoke my gifts and callings once bestowed gaze not backward anymore then

but press onward into broad vistas of purpose prepared uniquely for you my Champion my warrior in whom I Delight

for I declare once more over you this day the drought shall plague you never

more drained reserves now replenish in gushing abundance gather then the rich

yields spread bounous before you and fear No Lack anymore Feast secure upon

provision pressed down overflowing with measure shaken together no one can rest

this blessing from your hands All That Remains is simply to walk forward boldly as Heirs of the promise fully possessing

at last your rightful Legacy bequeathed by Covenant design no more meager scraps

doled out grudgingly but copious storehouses laid open for your use alone no more handt mouth uncertainty

but assured Supply meeting need as surely as Dawn follows night no more

aimless wandering without guard or guide but my spirit leading sure and steady

ever forward into a spacious land of purpose and Destiny fulfilling beloved I open wide before

you now a door through which none may follow save you alone Beyond it answer

awaits breathless immediate electric to every Earnest seeking cry that has

escaped your lips through long night watches in the wilderness indeed your souls every sigh of holy

longing Echoes now back in h hundredfold resonance drawing you onward hesitate no

more then at this threshold but commit your heart fully as I have given mine without Reserve cross over trusting with

boldness to possess every promise kissed acre of the realm now revealed Yours by

Blood and Covenant fear No Lack anymore nor doubt further the extent of my

abundant capacity and Delight to bless merely answer the passionate Cry of your spirit more Lord still more of your

manifest presence more of your fragrant anointing Breeze more of your sweet

companionship more of your completeness in me let this be the anthem flowing

through your veins as you Traverse lands once strange but now intimately known as

home more of your quickening more of your refining fire more of your loving

kindness more of your Gra found sufficient for every need more than enough always more than enough thus have

I designed thus have I purposed thus have I sworn by Bond more enduring than

mountains rooted firm below so come enter in and dine at the table of

Celebration prepared uniquely for you partake freely and without fear of anything this realm affords all Heavens

stand ready to nourish and strengthen you for the critical undertaking still ahead

chosen vessel precious inheritance Royal crown for you alone this banquet has

been appointed by highest kingly Authority none may contest your right to

feast in fullness upon such Bounty anymore the Shadows recede the cruel

season ends rejoicing commences beyond all telling where chilly Twilight once

rained with Iron Fist brilliant day spring now bust forth in showers of radiant color painting vivid Hues of

Promise across your sky at last oh child once lost but found again how I Rejoice

to welcome you out from the thorny brambles into ease and rest within the shelter of my strength inhale the

fragrance of Freedom outpoured especially for you this long awaited moment let holy laughter again erupt

unhindered from Once Silent Lips Joy comes indeed at the dawning to greet

you with outstretched arms so run now run leaping into a welcoming Embrace at

the Journey’s End peace profound awaits Discovery here in my presence thus I speak once more

deep reassurance into your spirit this precious hour I am here I am with you I

go ever before you into lands flowing indeed with milk and honey I pour out

blessings abundant according to promise until every gaping lack wound scars are

over until every Valley flooded by past tears lifts up in Fresh Harvest hope

until on mountain peaks long dimmed by doubt my light again blazes Trail before you I link Shield to shield around your

heart steadfast and true securing you in my love until you stand complete and

whole so now Lift High your head again beloved one the drought and famine haunt

you no more their bitter scourge yields instead to pure delight and laughter’s

sweet return oh taste and see again that I am good to those who seek refuge in my

wings Sheltering Shadow not one word of all my promises shall fall void to empty ground

anymore but Sprout full harvest in due season nourishing your soul with

wholesome bread and honeydew from Heaven’s Storehouse jars the Shadows flee away the Exile ends your healing

Dawns in radiant Hue where once malevolent dark held court now banners

of triumphant light snaps glorious in the Gathering Breeze the King has come

the king is coming for you no more to foreign lands shall you stray no more

will you languish bereft of family Comforts everm more shall you dwell secure wrapped in the warmth of the

Hearth fires glow so come and weary Wanderer come enter your father’s house

again warm yourself here by the Hearth find nourishment and healing at this welcoming table no more will you hunger

no more will Shadows distressed pursue your steps tonight you are finally home to stay for I have decreed it so not

ever again shall your foot stray Beyond secure borders of this land no more

famine or lack or thieving enemies shall you know at long last peace profound wraps

you in its comfort Joy effulgent bids you welcome forever

more so now Lift High your head again beloved one set your face toward Sunrise

Glory once more the long night has passed the Shadows flee away brilliant

day spring summons you onward now the drought is finished the time of harvest

Dawns take down your harp from night’s dark tree then draw again it it

sweetness over your Soul’s tune strings the song Buried long beneath Winter’s silent shroud now blooms

renewed in vibrant refrain at Destiny’s long- awaited knock arise then awake and

run boldly to throw wide your heart’s long barred door your two hands overflow

at last with gift and blessing held secure within Heaven’s Storehouse till this appointed day no more shall you

want no more shall you lack no more will ragged garments shamefully clothe my

child for I robe you now in honor and favor in glory and dignity you are

crowned at last this my solemn vow My Blood Oath

pledge as king of angels and Lord of all living things the drought is over the

famine is finished my beloved child your arduous Journey has come to an end the lengthy

trials you have endured have taken their toll leaving you weary and spent but you

persevered with resilience and Faith even when besieged at every side and the

way forward seemed impossible you trusted in my provision and care and now

the time of weeping and wandering in the wilderness has ceased your period of isolation and spiritual barrenness is

over I am calling you out of the dry and desolate places into abundance and joy once more the win of the Soul has passed

away behold I usher in your Spring New Life is already bursting forth within

you and around you can you perceive it the subtle quickening of your spirit the

glimmers of Hope and light against the Horizon they are small fragile things

yet but I am nurturing them growing them before long they will bloom in radiant

Splender for all to see and stand in awe for I have heard your prayers my

child every anguished cry in the lonely night every Whisper of faith when

Shadows pressed in and though you thought me silent and distant at times I tell you truly I was

always near holding you up when weariness overcame you catching each

tear you shed precious and beloved infusing your innermost heart with

strength from my spirit when you had none of your own you wondered if I had abandoned you

if my promises had failed but chains were broken barriers removed unseen Provisions set in place

for the barren landscape ahead my wisdom is not your wisdom my ways higher than

your ways I wept with you in your grief yet rejoiced over you with singing looking

ahead to this radiant Dawn oh my beloved can you not sense it quickening even now

the light spilling Over the Horizon in dazzling colors the darkness receding back into

Shadow above the heavy clouds the brilliant sun emerges triumphal scattering the Gloom and with it comes

hope renewed lift up your eyes and see your day of redemption draws nigh

the time has come for you to rise up and walk forth into your destiny to take your place amidst my bounty no more

shall you dwell as a beggar rummaging for scraps at the back door for did I not promise you an inheritance

of blessings beyond measure even now I prepare my table before you in the presence of your enemies inviting you to

Feast on Rich Fair new wine and bread and honey from the comb the choice

fruits of the land shall be yours no good thing will I withhold from you any

longer throw back those shutter doors and breathe deeply now of the Fresh Air

perfumed with blossoms lay claim to the the Revival springing up within you for

though Seasons Change My Love And Promises stand forever firm take hold of

the new life I have kindled on your behalf and fan it to full flame with bold faith for I have seen your

Brokenness I have known your tears through the long night and still I call

you beloved I take your face between my hands marred wearied but oh so precious

so beloved by me and say rise up my fair one Rise Up singing and

claim the dawn have I not told you that you are the apple of my eye the jewel in my

crown that I chose you for Glory before the foundations of the earth were

laid do you yet doubt my delight over you and my longing to Lavish you in

blessings without number oh my child if you could but Glimpse how I see you and know the plans

I have prepared for you such wondrous plans for your flourishing my

beloved plans not to harm or destroy you but plans brimming with hope and

goodness so that all may see my power displayed through you this day I restore to you double

recompense for all that was lost and broken in the wilderness I Lift You Up From the Ashes and seat you once more in

the Heavenly Realms at my right hand no more will this world bring you under its foot for I shine upon on you with

healing in my wings I Crown you with loving favor as with a radiant Garland

and behold I declare over you this day grace upon grace mercy Without End

blessings poured out until you overflow the oil of Joy instead of

mourning praise instead of Despair Beauty for Ashes strength for

your weariness health for disease freedom from all that tormented and

bound you you I clothe you in garments of Salvation and plant you by streams of

Living Water that will never run dry you will be called the one I Delight in

Child of my promise beloved my blessings Cascade over you like honey lift up your

hands to receive it come and partake freely of the feast I have prepared for

the winter has passed the time of singing the time of fruitfulness has come Rejoice my beloved throw off the

poor garments of the exiled the oppressed dance on Hope’s Highway with

garlands of joy adorning you and let your lips overflow with laughter and songs of praise to me for I see you my

precious one I see the burdens you carry the Dreams Deferred the silence when you

hoped for encouragement the loneliness when you wished for companionship I see the criticisms that

have rained down diminishing your light the parts of yourself you have muted for

fear of rejection and I say to you now you are

seen you are loved beyond measure the fullness of your spirit is a Wonder to

behold your voice deserves to be heard your dreams deserve their day lay down

those weights that have burdened your shoulders for too long my child those weights were never meant for you I

desire for your spirit to rise up unencumbered and free for though the terrain you Traverse May at times be

steep I will lift you up granting you wings like eagles you were made to

soar believe that where you walk you carry my blessing do not seek after the

Praises of people over the approval of your maker for my opinion of you cannot be swayed by critics my view of you is

unchanging I see you as my beloved child in whom I am well pleased I know every

hair on your head every hidden talent with within I know the greatness you still doubt that resides in your soul

but the time is coming soon when that greatness Will Spring forth where you felt small you will expand where you

were silent your voice will ring out clear your influence will be a Sheltering tree under which many find

Refuge but for now your role is simply this rest in my love absorb it deeply

into your innermost being until you are filled to overflowing allow it to heal every

broken place within and renew your weary mind be still each day in my presence

listening for The Whispers of my spirit for even when I am silent I am still speaking and know this my beloved when

others withdraw causing your heart to grieve I remain constant unchanging in

my affection unwavering in my faithfulness how quickly human hearts grow cold how flimsy human

loyalty but never doubt for a moment the stalwart constancy of your God for I

will never leave or abandon you even in your darkest Valley my rod and staff

will guide and comfort you all the long night through and when at last the new day Dawns bathed in radiant light you

will understand that everything yes everything you have walked through has

been carefully filtered through my hands of love not one tear shed in vain not one

dream destroyed without purpose not one silent hidden musings of your heart unseen by me can you trust this my

little one that though your path May Wind Through danger you are kept though

you stumble you will not fall headlong for I am ever watching over you orchestrating each circumstance of your

life into a Beautiful Redemption story and the deeper you trust me now in life’s small details the greater you

trust will become keep walking Dear Heart the view is

about to get glorious up ahead for blessings are descending even now Miracles gather on

your behalf gifts specifically selected for you since before time can you

believe it since before time my heart has been crafting beautiful surprises to

Delight your soul stay near me now in these critical days ahead for

Accelerated growth will require deep spiritual stamina but I will provide in

overflow all that you need to flourish I will continually Infuse you with Supernatural strength and

joy every lingering sadness that attempts to overshadow your heart will immediately scatter in my presence for

the light that emanates from me is so brilliant no Darkness can withstand it

meditate often on what awaits you the Fulfillment of long-held Dreams finally bursting into full bloom Waters in dry

desert places streams on parched land healing for broken hearts and Minds

Redemption for all that was lost or stolen beauty from ashes gladness for

sorrow praise in place of Despair this is no pipe dream or fantasy this shall

surely come to pass as you align your steps with mine yielding to my instruction and timing

nothing can stand in the way of my ordained plan for your life no power in

Hell or scheme of man can thwart what I have decreed for you since before time

began know that you have been delivered from the domain of darkness and transferred into my kingdom of light and

in this Kingdom my word is final my will stands Supreme every assignment

Unleashed against you by the forces of evil I hereby repeal and anull this

instant banishing all curses to the feet of my son son where they are rendered

powerless and void fix your eyes not on the size of the waves but on the

greatness of your God who Stills the wind and waves with a word offer up Thanksgiving for blessings

already on rout rather than pleading anxiously for blessings you have yet to

see for the high praises of God’s people evoke the sword of Heaven’s hosts to

come battle on your behalf and one day soon you will gaze upon the field of former threats and be astonished at how

Mighty weapons of warfare overcame them on your behalf while you simply waited in

faith remember you are not a victim or casualty of others comments or

criticisms you are a Victor and Overcomer so lift your head higher child

of God Victory is already yours now is the time for bold Faith

filled with joy and expectation for breakthrough has arrived

Rejoice let Praises well up from deep within your soul let every downcast

corner of your heart turn upward in gladness at these words heaven now speaks the past is behind you

forgiveness has erased its Sorrows I make all things new now gaze ahead in

hopeful expectation of the vast wide open expanse before you such Joy awaits

you there Adventure purpose holy fulfillment Waters in dry desert

places streams on parched land oh if you could but see a glimpse of your

unfolding future as I see it if only you could Glimpse how wondrously everything

will converge into a testimony of my glory and grace it leaves the Angels breathless in

awe gazing endlessly upon my intricate crafting of your days you will gaze back too from a

distant Shore one day and declare in breathless wonder how could I have ever doubted for a moment

the faithfulness of my God for you will understand with tears

of joy how I took the hard things the ugly things the unjust things and mysteriously redeemed them through

oceans of Grace so come now Precious Child allow

your vision to expand Beyond today’s difficulties into vast Horizons of Hope

allow my spirit to awaken your dreaming again to engage your imagination in things yet

unseen you were born for this time and hour intricately fashioned and prepared

for such a day as this lift your head Square your shoulders and reinvent your mindset

realign your thoughts and words with the Positive declarations that proceed forth from my Throne saying only what I say

about you for death and life are in the power of the tongue words set traj

rectories in motion release words of death no longer I speak over you blessing

increase and favor I declare you are filled with wisdom creativity and

insight I cancel every demonic assignment attempting to thwart your progress I announce Liberty joy and

Lasting peace in your borders I call you Overcomer World changer history maker I

say you will leave an inheritance of blessing to Future fut Generations your heirs will not struggle

with the issues that have plagued you for those cycles of hardship and now by my redeeming hand rise up now beloved

child align your thoughts words and actions with my loving vision for your life drink deeply of my spirit and be

continually renewed abide in me and allow me to abide in you stay near my Beating Heart

which fills the Realms of Earth and Heaven with glorious life rest in my tender Embrace trusting me in both cloud

and sunshine listen for my voice which Echoes through all eternity shaping the

Destinies of all who will hear listen and believe child are these words not

washing over your weary Soul like a healing balm does not my loving Commendation lift your countenance then

come outside the camp to dwell with me a while lay a aside lesser voices seeking

Your Allegiance Silence the Critics and cynics within your own thoughts come now

to the quiet place where you can hear the beautiful future I am calling you into it begins as a seed deep within

your spirit nurture that seed with consistent attentiveness through prayer and Trust until it bursts forth in

manifestation for all to see the labor has been long and intense but rebirth is

now at hand my righteous right hand now lift lifts you up my grace upholds you

an honor guard of angels has been assigned to your preservation you are highly valued greatly loved and Tenderly

protected now is the time for bold Faith filled with joy and expectation for

breakthrough has arrived Rejoice let Praises well up from deep

within your soul let every downcast corner of your heart turn upward in gladness at these words heaven now

speaks the past is behind you forgiveness has erased its

Sorrows I make all things new now gaze ahead in hopeful expectation at the vast

wide open expanse set before you just waiting for you to explore its

richness such Joy awaits you there Adventure

purpose holy fulfillment though storms will come and adversity return to test your resolve

never again will you face them alone for I now walk beside you as your dearest

companion and guide with every step I steady your feet with every deep breath I impart renewed

strength in silence I restore your soul at the sound of your voice I come

running to envelop you in my arms of unconditional love you now reside under the shadow of

my wing the place of deepest intimacy with me cherish this place beloved

allowing me to wash away the residue of past pain that attempts to cling instead

allow my healing love to seep into every crevice of your mind will and emotions

until you are whole and complete in me and from that place of wholeness nurture

the dreams I am Awakening within write them in Vivid color and detail within your sacred imagination

releasing them with expectancy in into my garden of Miracles then watch with joy as Miracles

unfold one after another all around you testifying of my glory in your

life this blessed existence of living connected to me through an open Heaven over your life is now your new normal

child expect it receive it with thanks and now that these words have

renewed your inner Vision I leave you with an impartation of blessing i bless you with peace and

perfect order in your days ahead May Tranquility reain in your thoughts and

home may my spirit Harmony permeate all your relationships May Clarity of mind and

vision be continually restored to you I bless you with joy that overflows

nostalgia’s sorrows and breaks anxiety’s grip I bless you with laughter that

overtakes Melancholy and puts hopelessness to flight I bless you with gladness Rising continually in your

heart regardless of what swirls around your feet I bless you with rainbows

after storms Sunshine melting icy desolation water on Desert Sands verdant

life from dormant seeds I bless you with the Delight of acceleration after long deadlock of open

highways after endless dizzying rounds of Mazes of soaring without constraint

above recycled bouts of heaviness yes weightless Wing Ascent now lifts you ever higher

into journeys of the untethered heart I bless you with shelter from life’s cruel

storms with Shades and cool water against scorching heat with nourishment

and rest along difficult climes I bless you with all Comforts and Provisions you

require to finish victoriously the purposes instilled in you since before

time and I bless you to overflow with the pure knowledge you are fully seen and known by me truly and completely

loved by me intricately crafted by me to be just as you are intentionally planted

by me for my glorious Garden you my oneof a-kind treasure are never alone go

now in peace with joy wrapped securely in my blessing today and forever more

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