🔴 I’M HESITANT TO SAY THIS BUT… । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved one come closer and lend me your ears what I’m about to tell you is no

mere message but a whisper of divine truth into your soul open the gates of your heart and do

not let this moment Fade Away unused for I am speaking directly into the depths of your weary Spirit take

these words as an act of eternal love not just fleeting sounds do not trouble

yourself with the storms that currently rage around you for they are but single threads in the grand tapestry I am

weaving according to my perfect plan watch as each element falls into place

crafted by my sovereign hand the vision I hold for you is one of utmost

magnificence like the prodigal son who though he strayed and was lost was

welcomed back into his father’s Embrace with joyful celebration and Selfless Love in the same way I wrap you in my

Everlasting Arms surrounding you with my ceaseless love my ways may seem unclear or even

invisible and you may feel as though you walk blindly through the Valley’s Shadows unable to see my hand guiding

your course yet trust that I am always active composing the Symphony of your

life aligning each note and rest to fit my Divine Melody believe my promise to

you and your heart will overflow with joy as you understand each tear you

cried was given purpose according to my great design listen closely to my words for

they will illuminate the path set before you even now I grant you strength to

withstand every trial you currently face hold fast to my guidance take a deep

breath and rise up when waves of Sorrow threaten to overwhelm you push forward

in the knowledge you are not alone my Angelic Guardians encircle you sent to

guide and protect do not fear the Shadows or those who make Sinister plots against you for my

secure Embrace Shields you and your loved ones no weapon formed against you

shall breach the sanctuary of your home remember who walks beside you I am the

king above all Kings the Lord above all rulers your heavenly father keeping watch care from my Throne my presence

gives you power to advance Victorious and unafraid I am your Shepherd your

guide your strength the source of your success when adversity stands to block

your way do not yield to fear in your most darkened hour cling to my words

they will lead you through the valleys black as shadows and instill within you courage to

Prevail lay down your worries for this day brings the answers you have pleaded

for in prayer do you doubt that I hear your voice

I know the intimate depths of your thoughts hopes and heart’s deepest yearnings nothing is hidden from me for

your prayers to be accomplished action must follow prayer therefore I grant you

wisdom and equip you for the task proceed with care as you walk out my

plan avoid Reckless haste or Ambitions that exceed proper bounds be thoughtful

and judicious in executing my will diligence yields Prosperity while

imprudence plunges into hardship not all has been predestined for I give you

power to shift the tides in your favor you have tried to navigate without my guidance and experience itself testifies

to my wisdom yet there is still time to correct your course you have heard my

counsel and my timing is Flawless never early or late but exactly when needed

take heart for favorable time tides and momentous opportunities approach though challenges may come alongside blessings

but with unshakable trust in me you have nothing to fear always remember that behind every

trial lies profound blessing in disguise allow me to transform your perspective and Empower you as an

instrument of my love my ambassador of peace and Reconciliation to the world

even those counted among your enemies will behold my power as I cause their evil plans against you to crumble I

possess supreme authority to affect change my beloved doubt not that I am

with you do not dwell on past regrets for I Will Never Let You squander that

which I have reserved for your future fix your eyes on the good promises ahead and stay your course with

steady Pace your blessings await you for I have already brought you into newness

of Life and Full transformation do not Retreat to former ways For That season

lies behind you now you have been cleansed and set free no longer to walk

alone in isolation never again return to that solitary place for your

companionship is now with me close your eyes and feel my spirit beside you

friend and comforter this I declare with unwavering certainty you shall Prevail

over adversity through courage I Supply you shall gain Mastery over Reckless impulses and anxiety of the

Soul abide in my peace even When Storms toss the sea and never relinquish your

faith in me go forth and loudly Proclaim my Deliverance to the whole world

declare to All Peoples that I am your God rehearsing the mighty Deeds I have performed on your behalf thus all those

around you may know me as a god of infinite loving patience slow to anger and rich in Covenant

loyalty I forgive my repentant children children and do not permanently forsake

them despite trials I remain ever faithful as demonstrated time and again

in your own journey of experiences my affection for you expands exponentially with every moment that

passes perhaps beyond your human comprehension even now it grows vaster

than you can grasp in this instant I pour out waves of comfort to soothe your

wearied soul I perceive the lingering hesitancy within you to Engage The

conflicts and responsibilities that weigh heavy upon your shoulders the burdens of this age are indeed great and

this Fallen World often chokes out spiritual life therefore I extend to you a

sanctuary for your spirit step into my arms where you will find loving Refuge release everything

that disrupts your peace trusting me to lift those cares away as I reinvigorate

your exhausted strength be confident in my presence and

doubt not my promises yield yourself fully to my will and plan allowing me to

resolve all your anxieties completely I the master Craftsman take

you as my clay vessel Desiring to shape you into a creation that exceeds your wildest

dreams allow my hands full rain to mold you according to my design when you

surrender without restraint I transform trials into triumphs troubles into Joy

sorrow into gladness the smiles I evoke will outshine your tears my delight will

banish your grief and Gloom always remember I am your comfort your faithful

companion through life’s journey upholding you with my righteous right hand my beloved one continue listening

for my voice allow my words to penetrate deep within where I implant Living Truth

to germinate wisdom and righteousness like seed into fertile soil I will illuminate your path clearly

so you can progress with steady stride never staggering in blindness or fear

therefore have utmost confidence in me for as you fully trust my Almighty hand

moves powerfully on your behalf opening doors silencing enemies showing you

favor that overcomes every lack prepare your heart soil to receive

my word constantly keeping your ear inclined toward heaven to hear my Whispers even when only faint traces

reach you I hear your faintest cries knowing the full depths of your inner being every hidden motive longing and

need your soul is laid bare before me when you call out I answer without fail

disclosing Mysteries and Revelations you have yet to discover ask boldly

believing without doubt that what you request in faith will be granted I remind you once more I am always with

with you closer than you know no Peril can shut me out or loose my hedge of

protection surrounding you I will deliver you from every scheme and Ploy

the enemy fabricates to harm you come now unburden yourself completely unto me

allow my cleansing healing presence to enter as I banish anxieties anger pride

and crippling fears find shelter in my arms where you discover aresh my power

trans transforming lives stand back in awe and watch what I The Majestic King

will perform on your behalf surrender the Throne of your heart fully into my hands throughout life’s sojourn I will

impart wisdom and Revelation to you my words will serve as a lamp illuminating

your path so you can proceed forward with confidence and discernment your life will never be the same draw near me

my precious one unload your heavy burdens before my feet and leave them there release the dead weights of worry

frustration and despair allowing me to handle all your disarray I will resolve

every conflict heal every wound abundantly provide for your needs for

you and your family I will open Heaven’s storehouses pouring out blessing until it

overflows but you must stand unwavering in the face of external storms do not

lose heart or retreat in fear uphold inner resolve remembering I am always by

your side I will walk with you wherever life may lead steadfast in loving

kindness I am your shelter strength and comfort I am present help in trouble

when all else fails so plant your life firmly in me I will never disappoint or

abandon you for I Reign Over All as almighty God omnipresent Spirit abiding

friend who sticks closer than any brother just as I accompanied Moses before Egypt’s Throne so too I stand

with you granting power to fulfill your calling my empowering presence rests

upon you nothing can revoke my Covenant our bond of loyalty is forever sealed

binding us together for eternity Beyond this fading world Listen beloved one beloved child

in this moment I am closer than you fathom I never leave or forsake take you

We Walk This Road Together your hand nestled securely in mine from here forward I lead

confidently down every Twist and Turn eliminating fear from your journey my

love for you my precious treasure Chosen and exalted transcends the limits of

human tongue too Majestic in scope for words alone but overflowing with Mercy’s

boundless stores richer than any vaults of gold on on this day receive my peace

freely given from Heaven’s Throne Liberation for your soul has arrived from here you will know only

goodness and loyal love pursuing you all the long days of your life afterwards and in my home Eternal Joy

perfected awaits to welcome you continue reaching out to me through prayer’s

humble speech for I am already leaning toward you before the words leave your mouth attentive to disclose hidden

wisdom wisdom my intentions toward you brim with hope and promise better than you dare

imagine dearly loved one this day I am Overjoyed to reveal the abundance

reserved for you since before creation’s Dawn you are the ultimate expression of

my creative Joy the very handiwork I Delight to bless everything in this

world has been set to nourish and provide for your well-being therefore rest fully assured

every God breathed dream pled Ed in your heart will Blossom to fruition in due

season no barrier or challenge can halt my best for you my activity holds intent

and purpose what I am ordaining for this stage will prove this true that I

cherish you with affection that never fails from here Sorrows will fade and

suffering give way to laughter’s Merry heart this marks a new era where I honor

every promise made fulfilling your desires that light me too I will

establish you firmly anchored in success with influence and prosperity flowing from my Throne do not take these

blessings lightly assuming they came by mere chance no they are the fruits your

faithfulness has reaped by walking in sync with me I realize the path has not

always appeared straight or clear before you sometimes shadowed valleys caused

you to feel lost and alone veering away from my protective shepherding but surely as morning’s

Radiance scatters night’s Gloom my glory soon shall rise upon you Dawn’s golden

Rays sparkling across the tears in yesterday’s ashes your joy will abound never to

diminish but increasing exponentially forever every selfless act of kindness

shown to others in need visits to the sick relief for the poor Hospitality to

strangers all all are precious to me none forgotten but delivered safely home

you shall Triumph completely in everything set before you every ambition

aspiration and dream conceived deep in your heart will succeed despite opposing

forces no obstacle will ultimately impede you for I have commissioned Legions of angels to Herald your arrival

into Destiny profound purpose all of Heaven’s Royal backing stands to serve

you my my child my beloved one now is the moment to rise higher shine brighter

manifesting my light through your life my beloved child I know the burdens

you carry feel heavy the enemy surrounding seek to weigh you down with

doubt and shame but their words hold no truth

their judgment cannot Define your worth you my dear one are cherished you are

seen you are known and I wish to renew your spirit this day to restore all that has been

stolen and to Rouse you to seiz the gifts I long to bestow the blessings are

waiting to unfold rise now my child and come to me first amid the new dawn

before you rush into the duties of the day steal away to Stillness with me

allow my presence to infuse your soul with faith and counsel you in the way forward then face what comes

not alone but with me as your everpresent guide I will make your path straight As you take each step in trust

even when the way seems yet unclear or obstacles arise to hinder you be not

afraid my hand shall lift you over my light shall illuminate the way press on

with courage for I am able to bring to pass all I have spoken doubt and fear

May shout that you are lost but hear my voice resounding louder within you are found you are known and I will never

leave your side have I not said in ages past through words inscribed that my

blessings would chase you down overtaking you when you least expect that in surrendering fully to me you

would discover joy and life a new my promises stand forever true receive them

now in faith for behold even in this moment I am renewing the desires of your

heart now awakened from Slumber the dreams you had relinquished in weariness

are now being infused with hopeful breath once more the inner pulse of purpose

renewed for I am not done with you yet my dear one your story is still

unfolding its brightest chapters yet to be written and all that seek to stop up

your path cannot thwart my plan the words resounding in this world’s noisy chaos do not override my

constant call within your soul my child you must choose which voices

you listen to which truths you align your heart with one brings life and

wholeness the other destruction from my intended path so come and let us walk

together into the unknown do not dread the obscurity ahead or descending Darkness I see through it

all and I know the Wonders I wish to reveal to you if only you would take my hand in childlike

trust this time of uncertainty can become a catalyst for growth if you allow

it the adversities intended to destroy you transformed into rungs on the ladder

towards your destiny considerate Joy When Trials arise for through them I am refining you

shaping you into the Bold embodiment of my image you were always meant to be but you must press through the

ambiguity you must engage the process heart first without shrinking back you

will never step into New Horizons by clinging to The Familiar or refusing to move Beyond past Comforts it is time to

lift your gaze to expand Vision to begin seeing yourself as I see you to take

hold of my dreams for you bold and daring though they may be and even

should you stumble do not despair my Mercy ever awaits the Fallen one allow my strong arms to lift you

back again to set you steady there is no condemnation here only gentleness and compassion until you

regain footing once more you were made for so much more than aimless wandering

without purpose so much more than cowering and fear of failure shake off

false perceptions of yourself and step forward the boundaries before you now can shift and broaden allowing Stark new

Vistas to come into view the boundaries around how I may use you

how I long to bless others through you how I yearn to pour vision and creativity and courage through your

unique voice do you not see beloved one I have

gifted you a sacred call unlike any other of my children there are riches waiting to emerge from within you Wells

of wisdom and discernment yet untapped streams of Living Water ready to flow

with refreshing and nourishing power but it begins as all things do

with a simple Letting Go a surrendering of self-sufficiency an embracing of mystery

in the unknown and a choice to take me at my word believing my yes resounding

over you is louder and truer than every know echoing from this world take this

step in trusting me and watch what I will begin to unlock within you and oh how I yearn to bless you abundantly to

pour out increase until it overflows cupt in Desperate hands all because your

heart has turned toward me seeking first my kingdoms Rule and Reign this posture

opens up the floodgates of Heaven you see it allows my blessings to Cascade

upon receptive and believing Souls ask me for much dream big and

vision wide and then watch in awe as I move to bring to fruition all you could

ask or imagine in your wildest of dreams for nothing nothing is beyond my

ability just as I spoke worlds into being so also can I speak Destiny and

purpose and provision into yours mountains crumble at my voice Seas

part when I decree it do you still doubt that I can make a way where you see none

that I can open doors you perceive as locked and lost forever oh my doubt one be doubting no more only believe and you

will truly see wonders and this Avalanche of blessings I prepare will overtake you suddenly when least

expected they will assault and overwhelm demanding a response as you stand in awe

at my extravagant generosity my lavish display of kindness

simply because I choose to Delight in you the trials preceding will heighten

the sweetness of the release but oh what Joy awaits just on the

horizon the darkest night gives way to Brightest Dawn filled with promise the

travail of the journey makes arrival in intended destiny that much sweeter you

will lack nothing mountains of provision await you Seas of potential oceans of

opportunity Now set before you harvests of Dreams long dormant ready for reaping

just beyond reach a banqueting table prepared by your father’s own hand come

eat and drink deeply of Covenant promise now bestowed upon you my beloved one be

filled be made whole allow my love to redeem each broken place and bind every

wound for you have walked a gauntlet of fire and by my grace emerged as gold

refined restored established as oak unshaken by The Winds of Change or

passing storm stand now on my promises which cannot fail stand now robed in righteousness

which Shields from accusation no demonic Dart can Pierce such armor if you choose

to walk clothed in its protection and see how I make your enemies to serve you now how I silence

the mockery at last those who reveled at your faltering and found Twisted joy in

your pain will shortly look upon you in awe for my glory revealed in you will

demand a response Darkness must flee when pelted with persistent truth and unrelenting

light you will become a testimony of my Redeeming Grace evidence of my

transformation proof that I can rewrite even the most hopeless Tales into stories of Triumph your scars shall

become symbols of how I can heal and restore any willing heart turned fully toward

me yours shall be a Ministry to the crushed in spirit to lead them gently into their

own encounter with the Healer himself the only one able to restore true

identity yes you may perceive the present Wilderness to be Bleak and daunting but do not lose hope or

surrender to doubt Within These wastelands I am developing stamina for the next leg of

your journey I am preparing Stone by Stone a firm foundation upon which your

destiny shall stand secure in the desert places I speak I whisper tenderly to Hearts drawn

out into vulnerability with me I woo gently and uplift when strength fails

and fears arise that I shall not fulfill my promises when the Sun beats heavily and

the dry ground cracks Beneath Your Feet Remember You Are Not Alone others have

walked this lonely terrain before you and found me faithful at Journeys end

both to rescue and resource to guide and provide to liberate and unleash powerful

purpose I was the pillar of fire Illuminating the Israelites Steps By

Night and the cloud shielding overshadow when rest was needed I shall be no less

for you provision and protection shall never lack for those who walk in tandem

with me did I not care for my dear Hagar and Ishmael Outcast and alone did I not

minister to and sustain my beloved Elijah even as he ran for fear of death into formidable

wastelands I sustained both through their emptiness I strengthened and upheld them sheltered and ultimately

ushered them into security and Community once more do not lose hope that I can and

will do the same for you you are seen and known by me not one

detail of Your Life Escapes my concern and care even in the darkest of nights

even in the most oppressive heat when you are too weary to take another step too famished to breathe

further when it feels you cannot Creek slowly along this journey one more hour

it is then I will lift and carry you nourish and hydrate and speak tender

words of life until you are restored sufficiently to walk freely in joyful surrender once more because it is then

in your weakness my strength reveals itself most radiant power made Flawless

in Frailty so come allow your weariness to meet my

Vigor I will exchange your Brokenness for wholeness once more do not believe

the hissing lies that you walk alone you have never been forsaken or abandoned though at times it may seem I

am silent and distant I am closer than breath itself I dwell not only around you but

now within you very Spirit communing with Spirit soon you shall witness the

magnitude of my ability when I bring to completion my promises over you hold fast to this

hope the tempestuous midnight storm precedes Dawn’s calm Awakening but it

shall come light shall break through again meanwhile fortify your heart with

my words spoken long ago and passed on Through the Ages as enlisted Souls

captured Truth for generations to come write them on tablets within that

their hope and resonance May strengthen and guide when times seem darkest for even then my words

endure my voice continues beckoning you onward through the gray my love ever wooing you back into

trusting Embrace when you wander indeed has it not been life

itself to your soul have not my words illuminated your path when it seemed Lost In Shadows have they

not called you back from foolish demise upheld and corrected when needed

inspired and ignited passion within molded and cultivated wisdom and

discernment slowly through time and trial oh preserve them within you my

child let their ancient but Timeless wisdom ground you now shelter and shade

you like Gathering storm clouds as trouble bruise on the horizon be washed by their gentle rain of refreshing hope

falling through parched places within let their truth and resonance heal and restore your embattled spirit for though

the trials still rage and the testing continues I declare prophetic blessing

into your devastated land the time is coming yes it will surely come when the

Harvest of righteousness shall spring forth from dry and cracked places long thought devoid of life when blessing

himself shall tear open the heavens and rain down upon your Wilderness flooding parched ground with

more than enough oh prepare and make way clear the land for planting tend the

soil in Readiness loosen the hardened spaces kept fallow for too long die to

Pride and control that have kept your heart bound cast off grave clothes of past identity dead hopes dreams turned

to Ash and dust shake off disappointment shroud now for these things shall surely

live again call forth what you cannot see declare and believe the Unseen for

faithful is he who promised Speak Life and anticipate life to

answer the time of barrenness draws to a close Harvest will surely come can you

not now hear the distant Thunder Drawing Near The Low rumbles of blessing and increase just over the ridge I am

preparing to tear open Pentecostal Heavens once again to unleash wave after

wave of my spirit’s breath blowing through your wearied heart Winds of Change and renewal the hovering promise

of my manifest presence returning as Glory tangible once again upon my people

made ready you will be baptized aresh and anointed for this new stretch of Journey I prepare you for it will be

marked with bold Authority accompanied by signs and wonders evidence of my

endorsement resting tangibly upon you you will walk as one surrendered fully

to my flame of refining and poised fully under my guiding hand and with purity of

motive and Hunger for More of me you will become a conduit of miraculous outpouring into desperate lives for do

you not perceive the ripening Fields stretched before you the desperate masses wandering without guidance like

sheep without a Shepherd prayed upon by enemies bent on destru destuction and deceit the hunger pangs in this world’s

Soul grow louder as disorder and Chaos Advance my people cry out beneath

increasing oppression and I long to meet those cries with rushing Heaven’s response but first I must call and

prepare my messengers I must ignite and unleash those who will run with feet of Blaze Into The Fray declaring freedom

for captives binding up the Brokenhearted comforting those who mourn oil and wine of healing forgate

ing wounds water in parched mouths bread and meat for the famished streams in

deserts Oaks of righteousness rising from hardened ground I long for Union and communion

once more with those I cherish an Awakening of awe and wonder relationship

grounded in absolute trust this unhindered intimacy shall then Propel a movement of whole Spirit

transformation not seen upon this Earth since days of old oh may it come to pass in glorious

Awakening but you my precious Ambassador must now receive and align your heart

aresh with all I long to pour into you stay near abide in closeness with me a

branch receiving loving sap from thriving Vine draw deeply from nourishing Roots anchoring us together

determinedly sink them deeper still resistant to opposing winds allow my

loving grafting and gentle pruning back to areas deprived of light trust my

faithful care for your flourishing growth there is yet more I long to awaken within you my child gifts and

talents undisclosed Vistas unseen altitudes unscaled for with me as guide

no Summit remains unfathomable for brave souls alied to my leading the boundaries

of what is possible stretch ever outward only take my hand

I know the depths Humanity rages within you the battlefield raging for Dominion

of your thoughts choices identity but with me Darkness shall not overcome the

light I am sparking alive within you we walk from Glory into greater glory still

from strength built on strength when I urge you on take heart and answer my

summons when I call you to rise up and walk trust me to lift you up on Eagle wings and when in Delight I declare you

more than conqueror inviting you higher still fling wide any last vestiges of

restraint soar with the confidence that in me my beloved you truly are victorious and always will be stand then

on my word and Promises allow them to support your steps into fullness of identity and purpose for divine exchange

has taken place all your shame for Honor all Brokenness for wholeness all lack

and lostness for abundance discovered within your true name yes reckon these

truths as reality manifest Not Mere concept allow them to take root and

shape every thought moving forward until my perspective becomes your perspective

my yes ringing so loudly within no other voices can compete or Lead You astray

from blessing prepared then will you walk with nurtured confidence into the high calling I have for you unhindered

by man’s limiting perceptions Unbound from past restraints of identity do not fear my beloved the

desert’s heat will lift soon your pattern of wilderness then Harvest

Seasons Cycles ever onward you are wiser now understanding comes clearer my ways

though higher grow less strange to you our journey together continues but you

walk with seasoned strength with nurtured Roots anchoring you in my steadfast Grace drinking daily deeply

from my provision confident I will re Mercy down upon your drought I will finish the work

I begun and am ever perfecting within you until your days overflow with gladness and the years with Bountiful

fruit until drenched Harvest Fields stretch on before you far as the eye can


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