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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear child in the moments you

face physical or emotional illnesses

know that I am with you with every

breath with every discomfort you are not

unknown to me and your pain does not go

unnoticed by my compassionate eyes I Am

The God Who deeply understands human

pain for in Jesus I experience the

Frailty of Flesh physical pain is a

daily Journey a road often arduous and

seemingly endless when every movement

becomes a battle when even rest is

invaded by pain I understand your

distress I am here to be your comfort

your safe Refuge as you face the

challenges of the body entrusted to you

do not forget that I am the god who

heals my power goes beyond human and


limitations circumstances may seem Bleak

but my light never goes out there is a

hope that transcends medical analyses

and Earthly

prognosis when you surrender to me you

open the door to my Supernatural

intervention your pain is not in vain in

times of suffering you often question

why I understand your doubts and

inquiries and although I may not always

reveal the reasons I ask you to trust in

my sovereign plan sometimes the purpose

of pain is not to punish but to redeem

restore and teach profound lessons of

spiritual life pain is not a sign of my

absence it is an opportunity for you to

experience my presence in a deeper way

when human strength fails my grace is

magnified I want to be your sustenance

when everything else falters allow me to

be your refuge and strength a very

present help in trouble in your physical

weakness you will find my strength when

you cannot trust your own Health Trust

in my faithfulness I am the god who

walks with you through the valley of the

shadow of pain fear not for I am with

you be not dismayed for I am your God it

is natural to desire immediate relief

but that is not always the path I choose

for you sometimes it is through your

vulnerability that my glory is revealed

as in the case of the Apostle Paul my

grace is sufficient for you for my power

is perfected in your weakness show your

faith and tread upon Satan’s head your

patience is tested in pain and I know it

is not easy however as you wait you

develop a perseverance that strengthens

your character patience is not just the

absence of suffering ing it is the art

of maintaining Faith and Hope even when

days are tough when you are discouraged

remember that you are more than your

body you are an eternal Soul a part of

my eternal plan your identity is not

rooted in physical limitations but in my

image that you carry your spiritual

strength is a beacon in the darkness of

physical pain as you face illness

surround yourself with love and support

fellowship with other others is a gift I

have given you do not hesitate to share

your struggles with those who love you

and above all with me prayer is a bridge

that connects your pain to my grace when

your voice Rises the heavens respond

remember that not every day will be the

same some will be easier others harder

but in all of them I am present even

when Earthly healing seems distant your

hope can remain anchored in the promise

of eternal healing I have for you trust

in my sovereignty I not only understand

your pain I also sustain it every tear

is precious to me and your suffering is

not in vain your wounds are wrapped in

my grace and your pain is part of a

larger picture that I am painting in

your life in the midst of your pain seek

Joy it may seem contradictory but it is

in complete trust in me that true Joy is

found your present pain cannot not

compare to the glory that will be

revealed in you continue to trust wait

and seek my face your journey of pain is

not the end of your story it is a

chapter leading to Redemption and

Eternity with me my dear child I

understand that in many moments of your

life hope may seem like a fragile flame

flickering in the turbulent Winds of

uncertainty and

adversity however I want you to

understand that the hope I offer

transcends Earthly circumstances for it

is rooted in my eternal nature and

unwavering love for you the hope I offer

is not based on the stability of the

world but on the solidity of my promise

it is like an anchor for your soul firm

and secure even in the stormy seas of

life I want you to know that your hope

does not depend on the fleeting changes

around you but on the constancy of my

character on the faithfulness of my

promises replace doubt with

self-confidence and negativity with

positivity affirm to yourself that you

are worthy capable and deserving of all

the good things life has to offer do

this every day as soon as you wake up

amid the challenges that life presents I

encourage you to Anchor yourself firmly

with unwavering hope akin to an anchor

resilient against opposing winds place

your trust in me the god of

impossibilities and express your

wavering Faith by declaring God is with

me this Dynamic hope not only empowers

you to endure trials but also encourages

you to act with faith firmly believing

that in me every circumstance holds the

potential for possibility unshakable

hope finds its roots in the unwavering

confidence that I am inherently good

even in the face of difficult

circumstances it serves as a driving

force propelling you to to begin a new

and face the future with anticipation


expectancy understand that when you

place your trust in my sovereignty the

uncertainties of Tomorrow cannot rob you

of your inner peace in moments when the

struggles seem insurmountable take

solace in the knowledge that I am

already present in your tomorrow declare

your Victory boldly affirming I am not

just a Survivor I am a conqueror entrust

to me those areas where hope falters

knowing that I possess the ability to

transform moments of Despair into

beacons of Hope unshakeable hope is a

precious gift that I generously offer to

all who seek it with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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