? God says: Your wait is over… ? This is what will happen tomorrow…! God’s advice today ✝️


God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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world God says my dear son in faith in

my loving communication today I address

you with a message full of tenderness it

is with joy that I am opening an

insurmountable door for you every one of

your prayers and tears has has not only

been heard but embraced with profound

affection be prepared to receive not

only blessings but also remarkable

breakthroughs in your life and kindly

dedicate your time until the end of this

video my beloved Son do not lose hope

even if you feel that your supplications

are not echoing this feeling is a clear

sign that it is time to cultivate a

deeper Faith reflect on The Narrative of

Peter who while walking on water succumb

to fear of the Storm at times like him

you may forget my presence when

circumstances do not go your way or when

challenges arise distractions can

obscure your faith but it is imperative

to change that perspective for there is

a Divine Purpose in every situation

there are occasions when I delay in

answering your prayers or allow you to

face trials because I seek to mold and

prepare you for the Abundant blessing

things I have reserved for you I am

indeed forging you for the

accomplishments you ask for according to

my will your prayers are heard your

situations are perceived and trust in me

for I have a unique plan for your life

everything happens in its Due Time

therefore keep the faith in me I God

declare if you desire my blessings

express it with a yes I express my deep

appreciation for your kind words and I

want you to know that I am here to

assist you whenever you need feel free

to share your thoughts or ask questions

for I will do my best to provide the

guidance you seek my beloved Son these

extraordinary blessings are exclusively

dedicated to you so listen attentively

avoid wasting your strength energy and

emotion on feudal arguments frivolous

activities or useless

distractions both you and I are united

in this Noble Battle of faith and the

enemy will do everything to divert you

from this Noble purpose if you expend

your energies on things that lack

meaning you will have little to offer

when the true need to exercise your

faith arises take a thoughtful inventory

of how you direct your time talent and

treasure redirect your energies to what

truly matters in light of Eternity it is

essential to cultivate strength to

believe in me energy to follow me and

emotional space to trust in me do not

waste these precious resources on

Ventures devoid of value the Battle of

faith is not for the undecided it


determination you must decide to focus

and resist influences that will divert

you from your purpose in Christ you have

the inherent ability to overcome

challenges as the Lord declares type

amen if you seek my guidance and

abundance in a loud and clear voice

Proclaim these affirmations for Success

oh beloved Lord assist me in overcoming

any procrastination or laziness that

impedes my progress God lead me to

realize my full potential bringing joy

and peace to perplexities and Sorrows I

implore Lord remove anything not meant

for me purifying my journey from those

who should not be in it keep me on the

right path Lord and Grant me the

resilience to persevere without

faltering I beseech oh Father use my

mind touch my heart and relieve me of

worries amen I express immeasurable

gratitude for all that you have done for

me there are times when I hesitate to

seek your help fearing that you may be

fatigued with my constant prayers

however I acknowledge that these

apprehensions are unfounded trusting in

your infinite understanding and love God

reserves a unique blessing for you whose

Destiny is inseparable from your name

there are no actions you can take to

alter this Destiny As Long as You Follow

The Path outlined by God therefore it is

crucial to avoid excessive rumination on

how events unfold in your life each

circumstance has its own time and

purpose as you internalize faith and

transcend limited Vision you will

realize that your circumstances are

orchestrated for your benefit not

detriment God proclaims type amen if you

recognize my grace oh Lord on this day I

express deep gratitude for your

unwavering kindness and faithfulness

even in the midst of life’s adversities

his kindness remains steadfast I am

grateful for his constant love and

provision in the face of challenges the

blessings and Gifts bestowed go beyond

the transient offerings of this world

placing full trust in this day and all

it contains I Surrender it into his

Loving Hands in the name of Jesus I pray

amen trust that I am the god of new

beginnings and in me you will find the

strength to face everything that awaits

you may each day be an opportunity to

deepen your relationship with me

discover new truths in my word and

experience the fullness of my presence

if you want to be a light in the

darkness my dear listener type yes

nothing can stand against me whatever

you face in life if you simply maintain

peace and remain at rest I promise to

fight your battles to make a way even

when you do not see one trust in my

unfailing love and guidance throughout

your journey we are filled with

gratitude to God for you dear brothers

and sisters loved by the Lord God

reserves great great promises for you

expect breakthroughs in your health

finances profession business marriage

relationships spiritual walk and all

other areas that challenge you open

yourself to the wonderful opportunities

Miracles and favor that will come your

way trust in the journey ahead the Lord

says I just want you to know that I love

you very much nothing can separate you

from me I am always there with you you

can trust me I will never fail you I

will bless you prosper you guide you

always protect you one day we will meet

face to face my dear child receive my

message I am revealing a door that no

one can close for you know that I have

never forgotten you I have heard each of

your prayers and seen every tear you’ve

shed with love God hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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