God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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world God said my dear son this moment

is not mere

coincidence these words reach you when

you need them most my Holy Spirit

envelopes you strengthening your life I

have sensed the desire in your heart to

communicate with me and I have waited

for the perfect moment to reveal my love

I have prepared you using phrases and

messages from your Bible that resonate

when you open it with a true heart today

you have opened your heart to my voice

renewing the vow to trust in me with

your faith dependence and all your hope

I hear your please and you must trust

that I am attentive to them so that

worry does not consume you causing you

to doubt if my words extend beyond the

ceiling from the moment you first cried

out an angel departed from my heavenly

Throne bringing the key to your

Liberation you are precious and unique a

Celestial battle rages for your soul the

adversary seeks your downfall not

wishing to see you triumphant but my

Legions wage war for your future

combating evil forces in the heavens the

recent turbulence you face is not

accident Dental from today be vigilant

and wise guard your words Keep Your

Secrets close and be Discerning in whom

you trust the enemy seeks to consume you

looking for vulnerabilities in your

spirit to dismantle your faith with lies

and deceit your future is destined to be

filled with wonders and surprises a life

beyond the ordinary awaits you though

you may face difficulties for a time

remember that your struggles are


soon your sorrow will dissipate those

who have harmed you will come seeking

your forgiveness and in your heart you

will find the grace to forgive them if

you are willing show your Readiness by

writing in the comments Lord teach me to

forgive place your faith and trust

solely in me even if others offer you

great promises do not let yourself be

influenced no one can bless and protect

you from evil as I can no one else holds

the truth I offer I am steadfast not

deceitful but if you turn away from me

placing your trust in the false promises

of others you risk losing the blessings

I have for you some of which may never

return now is the time to Anchor your

faith in my eternal and powerful word

which is living effective and

unshakeably true the time to decide is

near choose my love my comfort my Refuge

My Embrace commit to seeking me every

morning to hear and be filled with my

word which illuminates your path and

gives you purpose draw near without

hesitation I long to hear from you

regardless of your state or feelings my

doors are always open my ears always

listening seek Before Dawn this is the

perfect time to present your prayers and

feel my loving Embrace stay with me for

your words reflect your innermost

thoughts and knowing that you keep me in

your thoughts is a sweet fragrance a

tender praise a pure worship share with

me your aspirations your needs your

challenges your

uncertainties trust everything to me for

I am your Confidant the only one who

truly understands and knows you the

Winds of adversity have struck you you

have endured unexpected moments of

anxiety the whip of scorn and cruelty

has broken your soul leaving you

breathless you need peace and my word

will grant it to you I will fill your

heart with strength in the midst of

afflictions you will find Tranquility

when you feel weak you will be

strengthened when you falter fear not

cling to my promise and when the burden

seems unbearable come to me never forget

that I am always with you do not let

doubt rob you of the blessings you will

find on your journey

I bless you because I love you and have

decided to do so I grant you favor and

mercy because you are precious to me so

loved so mine my love for you is

unwavering Eternal today is a special

day a day of Victory you will never

forget I celebrate these promises with

my own blood you will be happy I will

grant you eternal life there will be no

more weeping or pain in my presence this

is your sign

open your eyes the problems you face

will disappear the help you await is

coming and the provisions you need will

be provided if your trust in it is

strong and complete demonstrate your

trust in the comments by writing I trust

in this Lord I love you and today that

is confirmed tell me you love me tell me

you believe I understand your concern

because I know that often it seems that

nothing is going as expected and you you

feel frustrated be at peace I will help

you with everything that matters to you

I will show you my great power in your

life and turn the things that have gone

wrong into something good and meaningful

you are very important and valuable to

me I will never allow you to get

involved in situations that could

endanger your life pay attention to the

signs I send you and do not Venture down

paths I have not directed know that I

see and know many things things you do

not perceive that there are moments when

you cannot fully understand the dangers

around you but know that I discern the

intentions behind people’s actions and

thoughts not everyone who crosses your

path seeks your friendship sincerely do

not distress over false friends who

drift away over insignificant things

know that your prayers are being heard I

am responding to your quest for

protection against dangers wickedness

and treacherous people

I bring tranquility and comfort to your

heart elucidating the essence of things

maintain faith that I am helping you and

preparing you for auspicious

Endeavors understand that everything has

its time often it is necessary to alter

circumstances and remove formidable

obstacles and treacherous dangers From

the Path I have not forsaken my support

for you for I have fulfilled the

promises I made now it is your your turn

have faith place your complete trust in

me and summon your courage if your

patience is wearing thin and you feel

powerless allow me to strengthen you

cease pondering that my love for you is

being withheld for it will never happen

I understand your deep struggles but

know that I continue to love and guide

you you claim to be unable to find a way

out but perhaps you are looking in the

wrong place I am your way your hope your

door Your Truth trust in me and do not

despair for I am here to help you care

for your soul and heal all your wounds

do not give up now for you are about to

reach the place you have long dreamed of

keep walking with firm and steady steps

slowly but wisely thus you will attain

your blessings and prosperity show your

Readiness in the comments by writing I

am ready Lord and always remember you

have never been a failure learn to live

a life of emotional Freedom leaving

behind all feelings of defeat and guilt

you are my channel of blessings to all

You Love Therefore rise above overcome

your self-imposed limitations and accept

that you are my son or daughter the

struggles you have faced in the past

have taught you valuable lessons trust

in me and continue to grow in your faith

with love God hope this message has been

an inspiration to you if you liked it

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