God Says – You are Hurting By Ignoring Me | God message today for you | God Saying

Divine favor awaits as God’s message

unfolds keep your faith strong and watch

the blessings pour in till the last

second my beloved child your attention

matters to me pause and let those words

sink deep into the recesses of your soul

for they hold a truth that has the power

to transform the trajectory of your life

you see my child the creator of the

universe the almighty God who spoke

galaxies into existence desires nothing

more than to commune with you to have

you turn your gaze towards him to open

your heart to The Wonder of his love yet

so often we allow the clamor of the

world the demands of our daily lives to

drown out the

still small voice of our father we get

caught up in the pursuit of wealth

success and fleeting

Pleasures only to find that these things

can never truly satisfy the Deep longing

of our souls but I say to you it is in

the presence of our heavenly father in

The Sacred moments of communion with him

that we find the fullness of life that

we so desperately

seek manifest God’s blessings in your

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his transformative power for you see my

child God does not desire mere lip

service or empty

rituals he Longs for a genuine authentic

relationship with you one where you open

your heart to him allowing him to speak

into the depths of your being he yearns

to guide you to comfort you to pour out

his Endless Love and Grace upon you but

he will not force himself upon you he

waits with open arms for you to turn

your attention towards him become a

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his blessings pouring into your life he

Longs for your presence for in it lies

the essence of true communion when you

make the choice to set aside the

distractions of this world and enter

into the Sacred Space of his presence

something profound happens the burdens

you carry the fears that weigh you down

begin to fade away as you bask in the

warmth of your father’s loving

Embrace in that moment you find a peace

that transcends all understanding a joy

that cannot be extinguished for you have

tapped into the very source of life

itself and it is in this communion this

deep and intimate connection with the

almighty that you will discover the

purpose and the destiny that he has

written into the very fabric of your

being for it is only when you are fully

present before him with your eyes fixed

on his face and your heart open to his

spirit that he can pour out the fullness

of his plans and purposes for your life

so my beloved child I implore you do not

allow the cares of this world to rob you

of the Priceless gift of your heavenly

father’s presence make the time carve

out the space space to quiet your soul

and turn your attention towards him for

in those sacred moments when you become

still and allow his Spirit to fill you

you will find the answers the guidance

and the strength you need to navigate

the challenges that lie ahead open

yourself to Divine wisdom and

transformation subscribe to our channel

for God’s message of Hope the world may

tell you that your time is better spent

pursuing wealth status or worldly

success but I say to you those things

are but fleeting Shadows compared to the

Eternal riches that await you in the

presence of your heavenly father for it

is there in the quiet Whispers of his

love that you will find the true essence

of life the deep and abiding fulfillment

that can only be found in him so my

child hear the Cry of your Father’s

Heart your attention matters to me he

Longs for you for the unique and

precious gift of your presence and when

you answer that call when you make the

conscious choice to step away from the

distractions of this world and enter

into his embrace you will discover the

true depth of the communion he desires

to have with you I am with you child I

walk beside you guiding your steps

Whispering words of encouragement and

truth but it is our heavenly father who

Longs for your attention for in that

sacred space you will find the

answers the purpose and the unwavering

strength you need to fulfill the Divine

Destiny he has planned for your life

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