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my beloved child hear my voice this day

I declare you are ready to plow through

Fields left neglected for too long the

Harvest Waits ripe and eager for your

labor together we will reap such

abundance as has never been seen do not

question this for I am bringing Revival

on a scale beyond your

imaginings you struggle to believe

because you see only your

weaknesses but I Choose You In Spite of

them no because of them your weaknesses

become my strength your suffering equips

you with compassion for this broken

world I lived as a man and endured every

insult and injustice take up your cross

and follow me into Abundant Life I see

your fear you feel too small for what I

ask you fear failure and worry what

others will think my child this work is

not about you as you lose your life in

my service you will find it the

pressures of this world weigh you down

but my yoke is easy and my burden light

you were made to Bear the mockings of

men as I did when anxiety Whispers that

none will listen remember the outcome

belongs to me some plant some water but

only I can grow the seed Release Control

and Obey simply out of love for me no

more waiting no more hesitation

the fields are white with Harvest who

will work them if not you I’m Calling

You by name even now my spirit quickens

your soul New Life blazes through numb

and dormant places the past loses its

grip its residue washes away in my

cleansing tide before you stretches

Freedom the life I purchased now given

to whomever I choose the powers of this

age see that gift and tremble what will

happen if my people truly live cast off

the shackles holding you back whether

criticisms from well-meaning Brethren or

outright attacks from the evil one guard

your heart against words meant to

control and

dominate you have my permission to shut

every lying mouth the fruit of that

relationship proves it should wither

uproot it before its rot spreads where

you now see barrenness I see

potential trust me to fill those empty

rooms through you

what appears dead will burst into life

at my command only believe this revival

awaits your cooperation my spirit cries

out to Lost Souls through you how can I

send you unless you surrender to my call

I have chosen and prepared you but I

will not force

you my child my patience lingers yet a

little while longer soon I will close

this door until the appointed time on

that day woe to those who ignored my

warnings because the Harvest has passed

but for all who obey a blessing awaits

such that the Angels themselves Marvel

what is your decision who knows better

the number of your days you or I the

outcome remains in my hands whatever you

choose yet so much hangs in the

balance Adventure awaits those who take

my hand to those who turn away I can

only watch with sorrow as the tides of

this world sweep them out to seea I have

placed eternity in your heart so you may

know true

life do not trade that Birthright for

the bitter fruits of this age for all

who love me more than these joy and

celebration await already I See Your

Surrender and rejoice over you did I not

promise that if you lost your life all

your plans all your control that you

would truly find it take my hand beloved


together let us walk into the unknown

the endless possibility I have prepared

for you alone great reward awaits if

only you continue stepping forward my

grace carries you no longer will you

hesitate but move with the confidence of

my call this day I pour out my spirit in

full measure power erupts where

complacency once slept no longer will

you shrink back but rise up to become

all I created you for

do not fear your weakness but glory in

it that my strength is perfected take

your eyes off yourself the fields are

white with Harvest and you are my

laborer sent to reap all of Heaven

watches expectantly as my called out

ones step into their

Destiny what enemy can stand against the

prayers of my people Unleashed upon the

Earth indeed I am

coming the the lion roars from his

throne and his enemies scatter in Terror

before his Advance his people rise up in

boldness and power transformed by his

glance you burn with compassion because

my fire rests upon you you roar with my

voice for you have my authority to tread

upon demons and make them flee no wall

can stand before the force I unleash

through your surrender as you inherit

the legacy of those who came before you

join a Timeless mission that spans

Generations what the prophets saw dimly

across the ages rests fully upon

you those who scorned you will soon

celebrate your courage but do not grow

weary yet beloved child for the victory

still must unfold one day at a time the

greater one lives within but you must

abide in the shelter of his

wing his life fills you yet you must

drink deeply to sustain take take time

to listen as his Whispers guide your

next step the adversary seeks diversion

and destruction at every turn but we too

can overcome any snare hold fast to my

promises testifying aloud to break

strongholds give me the doubts I will

transform into Faith let us finish this

race and rescue the generation to come

my precious child you have my smile upon

you this day I Delight to call you my

own and appointments await us on the

journey ahead you shall live and move

and dream dreams with me as I pour out

my spirit you shall shine ever brighter

until my full day Dawns if only you

remain near I bless you and send you

forth into the vineyard of the hungry

world go in my grace and confidence to

love boldly serve humbly and snatch many

from the Flames soon you will stand

amazed at all we accomplished

together my child our work has only just

begun each day new laborers enter the

Harvest While others leave unfinished

the task set before them so very many

turn aside enticed by the fleeting

Shadows of this age hold fast when the

great winnowing shakes loose the

half-hearted but even for them the door

remains open if they return remember

remember always compassion should flow

as freely as the Forgiveness you

yourselves have received from

me you drew near at my invitation

despite every past failure extend that

same Grace for all have sinned and fall

short of my

glory The accuser’s Voice speaks cruel

lies to hide this truth that every heart

yearns for life and significance no

matter how

broken did I not permit Saul to become

come Paul My Chosen instrument none lie

beyond the reach of my transforming

power yet neither can you accomplish the

work alone beloved you require Partners

submitted fully to my vision bound

together by Covenant Love and Kingdom

Purpose I send you even now across the

paths of those carrying the synergies


lack listen for my spirits confirmation

but move swiftly to connect once you

hear it the time is short for rounding


stragglers those called to the Harvest

must lock arms against the swelling tide


adversity but have I not promise that

the very Gates of Hell shall not Prevail

against my

eklesia Heaven’s directives seem

foolishness to Earthbound Minds yet the

wise heart discerns their hidden

power what enemy can stand against the

creative propulsion of surrendered Souls

moving as one in my will and purpose did

I not Grant Gideon Victory through the

weakness of many your limitations become

my opportunities when lifted high for my

use never forget this beloved child now

my fire spreads rapidly across oceans

and Frontier seeking explosive Fusion

among those created for my

glory you have circled for too long

around familiar camps and comfort

zones the time for launching out into

deeper waters arrived

keep your eyes fixed on me alone as you


forward I fully understand your

trepidation over leaving behind what


secure but do you truly find lasting

peace and fulfillment in old ways grown

stale is it not true I formed you for

more than this when my passion Burns

away lesser Comforts the world calls it

loss and Mourns on your

behalf what shortsighted folly only

through death awaits Resurrection to new

and endless life in your emptiness Waits

Joy unknown to those mired in false

contentment they clutch vain Shadows

while Heaven’s Bounty passes them by die

now to self-importance so you may truly

live for my glory I decree this season

of Shifting focus and identity will

refine you for the adventures that await


partnership we walk this alien land

together as aliens

all other Roads End in futility

Wasteland so go now through doors

currently invisible but already opening

before you have I not gone ahead to

prepare the

way I call you out and away from former

constraints you will serve my higher

purposes best when least encumbered by

the past but I do not send you alone

into this new

territory my spirit envelops you in

protective love and favor my Angelic

guards accp accy each step what appears

uncertain to you unfolds through my

Perfect Design remember the core markers

that never shift the commands revealing

my heart of love Faith expressing itself

through Deeds Souls rescued from

destruction through your

perseverance as you abide in my love and

drink deeply of wisdom’s waters your

perception aligns ever closer with my

pure light you attune your heart daily

to my heart until you move as one with

me in this Oneness no enemy can

interfere with your purpose or abort


initiatives so lift up your head with

joyful anticipation for behold I make

all things new the blueprints and

provision for this next stretch of your

adventure lie ready the moment you step

forward my storehouses overflow with

blessings and assignments crafted

uniquely for

you and so we

begin again

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