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my child I speak to you today to bring

Clarity and purpose to your life for too

long you have dwelt in darkness and

confusion not understanding my plans for

you but no more the season of obscurity

is ending and Enlightenment is Dawning I

am birthing fresh faith and belief

within you no more will you depend on

yourself or others you will rely on me

alone for I impart to you today a holy

boldness boldness to ask great things of

me expectant Faith to receive all that


request yes you have clung to

self-sufficiency for far too long but as

a loving father I

understand my children often believe

they must provide and fend for

themselves that crying out to me seems


imposition what a tragic

deception for my greatest Delight is

granting the heartfelt petitions of my

children beloved because I adore you

with an everlasting love it gives me

inexpressible joy to give you good

gifts my power riches and wisdom are

infinite so ask largely ask confidently


persistently no need is beyond my

ability to meet I am honored when my

children bring their heart’s desires to

me boldly and

believingly at last you realize this

truth and it ushers you into a realm of

Joy beyond anything you’ve known the

days of scarcity have ended abundance

and provision have

come yes I have brought you to this

pivotal moment my child all you have

endured all I have Stripped Away has led

to right

now I crafted this season intricately

just for you custom designed to bring

you into miraculous

increase for I am about to entrust great

responsibility and blessing upon your

life the former things pass away I

declare over you a new day of powerful

purpose many years I have longed to

promote you and launch you into your

true calling but you were not ready

Shackled by the comfortable yet

confining feeds of

familiarity now the final chains Fall

Away nothing holds you back from Total

surrender to my upward call the time has

arrived as I expand your capacity for

Greater Works than you imagine

what I birth in you now surpasses all

you have seen and known this day marks

the dawning of new Realms of authority

influence and fruitfulness in my

kingdom yes a Monumental shift

transpires right before you out of my

great Mercy I now draw near with my Holy

Fire I come to ignite a burning passion

in you for exalted Ministry until now

your perception of serving me has been

Earthbound and small but I declare the

old wineskins burst for I have prepared

you for exponentially increased

reach indeed the old Paradigm shatters

and I Usher you into New Dimensions of

Supernatural impact give no place to his

lies giant Slayers

arise for this commission this anointing

Belongs to You indeed nothing is too

extraordinary for my spirit to

accomplish through a yielded vessel he

who is in you is infinitely greater than

than any

opposition yes my fire is upon you my

holy Flames Roar within your soul you

shall be that light shining forth

brilliantly from the hilltop that City

on a stand luminous and

unmistakable for decades my spirit has

been stirring brooding preparing to

raise up shocking displays of Kingdom

Authority that rock the powers of

hell I have carried in great Mercy hold

holding back judgment granting space for

my chosen to emerge on the scene arise

in Zeal and

fearlessness the hour is

urgent indeed I set before you an Open

Door impossible to

shut through years of meticulous

training I have fashioned you

specifically for this High Calling I

have Stripped Away all excess untangling

you from lesser Endeavors I have refined

you in my holy fire burning away

impurities Awakening you to higher

Realms in my spirit than you have ever

known yes I have prepared you and

brought you to this pivotal moment of

divine Destiny

Rejoice for it is your birthing

hour on the cusp of exponential increase

you will testify of my goodness as never

before the labor has been intense but

joy overflows at the arrival

limitations fall away as I open Your

Capacity to contain more blessing than

your mind can

comprehend take hold of all I have

destined for you yes my fire and passion

and vision fill you now until you

overflow rivers of divine strategy and

Innovation Cascade from your innermost

being arise and shine brightly beloved

child your moment has come no more shall

you shrink back out of fear or

inadequacy allowing my Harvest to rot to

languish in

apathy yes the assignments I release to

you now cannot be accomplished

alone this next season of exponential

increase necessitates god- forged

Partnerships Kingdom collaborations

built by my spirit in this pivotal hour

I will dynamically knit together with

you men and women of Kindred vision and

value who fully embrace my

blueprints no no more draining

relationships that sabotage my purposes

for your life no more journeying solo

when I have destined you for Effective

teams no more will the enemy squat on

property legally yours the breadth of my

call upon your life fills you with

awe I permit it I have prepared

you now rise to meet that high

calling no more will you shrink back

timidly feeling unfit my power infused

uses your inner self with inexhaustible

Zeal you will go forth in ever renewing

Supernatural strength achieving all I

ordain all you have endured The Waiting


misunderstanding finds purpose now as I

thrust you into Destiny’s long awaited

hour you emerge well tested as gold

refined by fire your painful Journey now

makes sense Destiny convergence has come

Divine timing locks into into place take

hold of this Transcendent moment of

alignment my beloved from this pivotal

launch Point soar with me ever higher

into your glorious

future my child your journey now enters

a new phase for too long you focused

inward analyzing your own

shortcomings but now your perspective

shifts outward to The Ripe Harvest

Fields yet I remind you the seemingly

small Mustard Seed births a great tree

under Heaven’s care

do not dismiss the power of Small

Beginnings tended Faithfully for

momentum builds gradually at first then

accelerates exponentially in due season

so plant the seeds I give you water them

with wisdom nourish them with love then

watch in awe as I bring accelerated

increase in my timing for rapid growth

requires Deep Roots and you now anchor

firmly in me alone not yourself not

others opinions you yes fixed in me as

the sole reference point you gain

perspective to discern my leading amid

clamoring voices I quiet your soul

before me the way forward now unveils

step by step I direct your path

progressively not all at once for your

task is not to see the whole staircase

just take the next step my heaven sent

strategies come wrapped as Daily Bread

Revelations that nourish you for the


ahead I unveil my blueprints line by

line verse by verse custom tailored to


soul while ultimately the Grand Vision

is global in scope practically you must

Steward Faithfully today’s allotment

excellence in small things qualifies you

for greater

responsibility so shake off the needless

heaviness the tendency to magnify

Mysteries I author the details I ordain

each Divine connection wait peacefully

in my presence as puzzle pieces fall

into play place for forced agendas and

anxious striving serve only to muddy the

waters I am clarifying cease your

flailing that we may walk in Cadence as

I direct your

steps understand the seasons anticipate

my next move let not restlessness derail

you into counterfeit busyness for I

value most this very posture Stillness

before me awaiting my

directives in quietness is your strength

here clarity

emerges yes we now walk hand in hand

into deeper Realms of authority and

influence but you remain ever The Humble

servant gospel gripped enthralled with

my goodness not your own greatness

esteem others Beyond yourself choose

Anonymous humility whenever

possible allow me alone to lift you up

for others benefit your Ascent to this

new Summit is not without its challenges

yet it is enveloped in my unshakable


as you stand at this Crossroad of

Destiny understand that each step

forward is a testament to my

faithfulness the road has been long the


arduous but every moment has been under

my watchful eye every lesson

meticulously woven into the fabric of


being in this new chapter I call you to

a higher level of trust and dependence

on me the way ahead may seem daunting

with mountains yet to climb and rivers

to cross cross but remember I am the god

who makes a way where there is no way my

Provisions are not limited by Earthly

constraints I am the creator of all and

my resources are

boundless As you move forward let faith

not fear be your guide let the knowledge

of my infinite power and love for you

dispel all

doubt Embrace every opportunity to serve

for in doing so you reflect my heart to

the world World let your life be marked

by generosity kindness and a willingness

to elevate others above

yourself finally my child know that your

labor in my Vineyard is not in vain the

seeds you plant today though they may

seem insignificant will grow into mighty

Oaks of righteousness for my

glory do not despise the days of Small

Beginnings for they are the foundation

of great G things to come stay faithful

in the little and I will entrust you

with much arise my child with courage

and Faith as you go forth let your light

shine brightly a city on a hill that

cannot be hidden this is your moment

your time to rise your destiny unfolding

walk in my love my power and my grace

for I am with you now and always

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