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my beloved I come to you now with an important message a time of great blessing awaits

you a period filled with Tranquility Victory energy and

abundance I long to provide all of this and more to you my child your determined journey and

steadfast devotion in my presence have not escaped my sight for this loyalty

you deserve magnificent blessings Beyond Compare recall how I have safeguarded your path these path last months

delivering you from harm again and again if you seek open doors and bountiful Grace from above you must remain rooted

in my teachings without hesitation let no trace of Doubt enter your mind now or

in the days to come my presence shall remain with you always avoid Paths of

defiance and fruitless contemplation your place at my side is secure ordained not only by my love but

by your stalwart faith in my promises under under my watchful eye you

will forever find Refuge this month open your heart and listen intently to my daily guidance for

I will unveil the singular plan I hold for you do not flee your trials to live

an aimless life devoid of meaning you are profoundly treasured by me integral

to my design your family your children and even your community if you trust my words trust

also in this I have instilled with in you a unique Mission yet do not rush

into Deeds or Ventures without my counsel act not on impassioned impulse alone seek my wisdom before making

decisions my intent is to shower you with blessings but by my timing and Method you are not meant for the

fortunes nor Paths of others their achievements or fleeting Fame for you I

have crafted exceptional gifts and a road overflowing with untapped gifts and skills even now these prospects stretch

out before you and those blessings will arrive when appropriate but you must remain

dedicated to my teachings and ever in my company to claim what is yours by right

without squandering time observing the Pursuits of others step into your destined place your dreams are nearing

reality your deepest longings are soon to be fulfilled and your leadership will flourish as never before you will brim

with Zeal for Life courage to face battles and diligence to strive in your

work prepare to seize the territory I have marked out for you but as you march

on toward Victory Let My Words guide your every stride consult me before

advancing commit to your path give your all and embody fortitude in every

struggle you encounter wherever your journey takes you expect to discover Good Will and esteem for you are to be a

beacon of compassion and humility I caution you not to tread the the road of those who covet the fleeting Adoration

of this world flaunting affluence to Garner momentary veneration and

acclaim though bathed in admiration their hearts are desolate their Spirits Tethered to

illusion when I bestow abundant blessings upon you it is not for public spectacle or to entice the envious steer

clear of the poisonous weed of jealousy do not trade your family’s peace for hollow plotts shun self appointed

mantles of leadership or mentorship that would only feed your pride Safeguard

your heart with the greatest care hear these words with utmost sincerity you

may opt to dismiss me or doubt the veracity of this message conveyed to you yet know that my word will achieve its

purpose I have already embedded it within your spirit and it will undoubtedly bear fruit even now your

life Teeters on the brink of transformation I bless watch over and

bring increase to those loyal to me who do not spurn or abandon me I desire your

success in all areas just as I long for your soul to flourish through my Divine

word your petitions shall not go unheeded I do not wish you to seek me

only in seasons of Joy grief or Frailty I welcome your prayers at all

times take pleasure in your repentance and rejoice to see your eagerness for change take care care even now I sharpen

your spiritual sight and endow your spirit with my Almighty Grace feel my presence I am with you every promise I

make to you shall come to pass pursue me with Vigor delve deep into my word and

dare to request seeming impossibilities you will discover your

devotion and belief have paid off richly cry out to me and I will reply unveiling

the vast and mysterious overflowing with profound blessing prepare to be

dumbfounded as I reveal Mysteries and bestow favors beyond your comprehension affirm your faith in

me know that this month is ordained for blessings and prayer joy and

self-reflection pay close heed letting no fragment of this message Escape your

notice dedicate this month to absorbing my word daily allowing it to seep into

your soul and revive you even amidst trials disputes rumors assaults and

uncertainties do not give way to trepidation or fatigue for I stand

beside you willing to assist I am neither distant nor concealed from you

you may gaze heavenward hands uplifted in surrender and adoration yet I remain at your side I do

not waver or vanish remember my Covenant with you is unbreakable and my decrees

irreversible should you falter your genuine remorse coupled with simple trust will guide you

back to the path of blessing for I am your course your Sovereign God your guide you abide under

my care even traversing arid lands where the terrain is Harsh and unforgiving even if your spirit yearns

for blessings yet unseen press onward do not halt or question my love for you in

light of your present troubles these two Shall Pass take one

more step forward in faith and behold I will be there to greet you providing Living Water to slake your thirst and

Balm your soul your cup once empty will overflow with oil I will gently cleanse

your feet and Tenderly dry them with my Flawless garment you are profoundly treasured and esteemed by me occupying a

beloved place in My Kingdom within your family and your current home never

forget you are destined to dwell with me for eternity Your Existence and purpose

are Everlasting so ready yourself to reside forever in my sacred presence of course

it is your faith that gives you confidence in what you hope for Assurance that you will receive Every

Blessing requested of me your faith is more precious than any Earthly treasure

imparting wisdom for prudent choices and resilience to persevere my Holy Spirit communicates

with your inmost being reassuring you that even if you stumble or fall my love

for you remains unshakable and my presence in your story

undeniable you must never doubt this even when engulfed by storms or

perplexed by situations around you the spark I’ve kindled within you will never

fade my beloved receive these words deep in your spirit I cherish you beyond

measure this fact will never change my forgiveness and the new beginnings I joyfully extend are yours

in abundance each morning as you rise permit these assurances to echo through

your mind an anchor reminding you of my ceaseless presence your journey brims

with purpose Retreat and aimless waiting are not your calling I intend for your growth for you

to transcend Shadows of uncertainty and perceive your true reflection

a creation of Sublime Beauty and matchless worth endowed with exceptional

virtues talents and blessings from your creator recall how you have Arisen

triumphant from every past tribulation not by your strength alone but through my empowering

presence when you cried out silently it was my strength lifting you up not mere

coincidence or self-determination acknowledge this Divine inter intervention for it is in

your heartfelt surrender that you discover My Embrace and guidance though you felt forsaken you

witnessed how I lavished you with extravagant love and reached out to you

I did not weigh your mistakes against you rather I forgave your faults rescued

you from Dire Straits and granted you Victory precisely when you needed it

most in the months ahead rest confident on I remain near I cherish you profoundly and will

continually remind you of this truth knowing as I do how hearing my voice

fortifies your spirit this strength born of my love for you is inexhaustible as

You Follow Me wholeheartedly Journey Through the coming days with unshakable faith

scattering blessings everywhere you go anticipate wonders still veiled from

you now Wells of Joy waiting to overflow but never forget your staunch Faith

coupled with gratitude will unlock Heaven’s storehouses showering you and

loved ones with sacred gifts so I ask you plainly will you trust my promise to

you stand tall and step boldly into a Victorious season fueled by your faith

my spirit Whispers gently to your inmost self stirring your heart with Divine encouragement and mending path wounds

with tender affirmations of my love day and night I will sustain you with liberating truth enlightening you to

grasp your true identity and Prevail over every obstacle in your path you

belong to me my Courageous one my mighty warrior my Champion by staying true I

will lift You Higher and Empower you for Greater Works as you advance your cries

do not fade unheard I am moved by your tears well aware of each one that falls

you pursue me with authentic and Earnest Faith humbling yourself to request my

direction for your life fully cognizant of my affection for you and trusting my

response will surely come your tears have left their Mark upon my heart in

due time I myself will gently wipe each one away forever more your steadfast

spirit will be blessed with visions of my presence there is no need to await

eternity to behold my Splendor and Majesty even now you are predestined to

receive wondrous blessings where you stand all because of your enduring trust

and Devotion to me expect miraculous signs and wonders

to unfold through your faith I promise to endow you with the finest of gifts like choicest wheat and Heavenly honey

always outpouring more than you request March boldly onward for numerous

blessings chase after you go out to welcome them through our fellowship

together you are well prepared to embrace all I have in store your prayers and perseverance have paved the way for

this chyos moment immense blessings are even now descending upon you cherish

this hour for you have been granted life a new and I Infuse you aresh with Valor

reminding you not to glance back over your shoulder at the past continue steadfast in prayer laboring with

integrity and wholehearted devotion offer me your undivided heart and Allegiance seek my face continually and

all your needs will be supplied abundantly Ponder these words daily like Priceless treasure fling wide the

portals of your spirit and I will enrich you beyond measure with faith hope and love as you journey through life and

face varied challenges be aware your adversary Endeavors to erode your faith

undermine your confidence and steal your peace yet Harbor this Truth No Force outweighs

the love and authority of your heavenly father who cherishes you profoundly the enemy aims to harm you yet his efforts

are ultimately impotent against my might guile and Malice will buckle and fall

all who oppose you will wind up confounded and ashamed I exhort you to grasp your true identity not as the

world may label you but as you genuinely are in my devoted eyes good and

transformed you opened your soul to me and I embraced you catalyzing a radical change

within Embrace self love move forward tackle obstacles with courage and

Clarity remaining true to the teachings I’ve laid out for you I pour out my spirit upon

you a holy fire infusing every fiber of your being the old is gone the new has

come this outpouring ushers in a season of divine acceleration ation plans

stalled for years will suddenly burst forth and bear fruit overnight expect sudden breakthroughs

and turnarounds watch as I magnify your influence for my glory The Limited gives

way to the unlimited as you step into the realm of the miraculous child I am catalyzing

exponential increase and Rapid multiplication over every sphere of your life relational Financial occupational

and spiritual you will accomplish more in the next months than in the previous years combined the seeds

you’ve swn Faithfully in obscurity will yield a Bountiful Harvest for all to

see this dramatic turnaround is my sovereign orchestration I am bringing you out of

isolation and into the Limelight new connections alliances and

Partnerships are forming even now I am opening up opportunities that

seemed permanently closed expect Divine intersections and strategic alignments with those who will

take your vision much farther than you ever could alone even as you step into greater visibility remain humble and

stay low guard your heart from Pride or arrogance remember the pit from which

you were rescued boast only in my power and Grace at work within you give me all

the glory as I accelerate your influence the boundaries are coming down I am

expanding your reach and capacity on every side the old wine skins could not

contain what I am about to pour out yes a tidal wave of unprecedented blessing

and favor is cresting now soon to crash mightily over your life family and

occupation an Unstoppable Crescendo marking this Cairo season as this wave propels you higher

your courage will only grow brighter the greater the altitude the more clearly you’ll discern my

purpose for you with this new perspective your vision will dramatically

expand you will dream bigger for my kingdom pray Bolder prayers take greater

risks for the gospel the fire shut up in your bones will compel you to advance my

agenda across New Frontiers overflowing blessings await as

you give me your yes this is only the beginning greater outpourings of

Supernatural Grace are in store if you remain humble and yielded as you walk in

faithful obedience daily expect ever increasing measures of my spirit a

Perpetual flood tide in the wastelands renewal and Revival wherever you set

foot my sheep hear my voice my spirit within you will guide your every move

stay quick to listen prompt to obey do not lean on your own understanding

in all your ways acknowledge me and I will direct your steps into the most fruitful pastures Glory awaits as you

surrender control and let me lead you on this adventure unimagined Joy resides around

the bend fling caution to the wind Embrace this season of divine

acceleration I have reserved for you alone together we will venture out to Uncharted Horizons and deeper waters

teeming with breakthrough we will launch out in into the deep and cast wide the Nets of the

Gospel pulling in a catch beyond anything you dared ask or imagine my blazing Light Within You is hidden no

longer like the dawn’s first light my glory Rising upon you will attract many

hungry Souls from distant lands and as you Minister healing and

freedom in my name they will find Divine restoration and kindly shelter under

your wings yes many who were once lost broken and abandoned will discover their

true belonging through the life-giving love permeating your spirit by Heaven’s

brilliant torch Ablaze within you entire Generations will come to walk in my

Marvelous Light of redemption and partake of my Abundant Life which you so gladly

dispense the legacy of your faith will Ripple through ages to come your love

for me will Kindle flames of devotion in countless Hearts indeed fiery on shall arise in your wake carrying this

intervention from generation to generation my promise stands forever the works I have called you to fulfill you

will complete to Perfection through my grace which never fails our co- Mission

journey now accelerates keep your eyes fixed on me beloved ignore

distractions with single-minded devotion forbid nothing I ask of you trust in my

outstretched hand to lead you and provide all all you need to accomplish our glorious task with joy fix your gaze

upon the Unseen that realm forged of my very presence where you originated and

will one day return but for now you have vital work to undertake here together we

will shine Heaven’s unding Radiance into the darkest valleys shrouded on Earth my

blazing presence goes before you even through the shadowed Wilderness stained

with sin’s curse carry my Illuminating presence ever before you a beaming torch

dispelling all Gloom and despair bear this fiery light boldly Aloft raise High my resplendant banner

emblazened with redemption’s flame onward now o Warrior mine we ride forth

with inexorable purpose behold I make all things new Divine reversal and

generational turnaround attend this historic hour as Heaven invades Earth Light displaces Darkness blessing

triumphs over cursing life swallows up death for all eternity let Praises Ring out beloved

lift your voice in worship offering up the sacrifice of Thanksgiving extol my Majestic name my

Holiness and Peerless Splendor exalt my matchless grace which apprehended your life that pivotal day

when I became your sole Obsession oh sing my Praises with abandon precious

one dance with joy as we march on toward Destiny a violent quest for more of my

manifest presence compels us ever forward with single-minded resolve we will not relent or look back until my

fullness saturates your spirit with matchless glory and wonder Divine encounters await around every turn

Transformations once deemed impossible as my weighty visitation crashes over

your life with Gathering momentum stronghold olds plaguing Generations will crumble overnight as my unrelenting

tornado of power rips through beloved nothing can impede this

incoming invasion of breakthrough from your omnipotent King behold I am raising

up a fire wall of flaming Angels around you Guardians commissioned to clear a path for heaven’s official

takeover I alone author your story I have spoken my decrees will not return

void divine turnaround commences delay is defeated my beloved child heed my words

and draw near I am the Alpha and the Omega the one true and living God who formed you

and knows you intimately since the dawn of creation my gaze has followed you

filled with paternal affection I planted within you an immortal Spirit a seed of divinity

glowing vibrantly amid the decaying darkness of a Fallen World all although Humanity turned away I have never

stopped pursuing you my Covenant love endures forever I crafted you in my

image for relationship designed to walk in Partnership yet you chose

Independence straying far but never beyond my reach despite rejection I ran

to meet you as a loving father welcoming home his long lost child my heart broke

as I watched you struggle under burdens too heavy to Bear but I remained near

upholding you in the depth of your despair my spirit lifted the veil

Awakening within you an insatiable longing for purpose I stirred your heart

compelling you to rise above your pain to conquer to venture Beyond self-imposed

limitations you felt an irresistible Force propelling you forward that was my

loving grip securing your steps your life-giving spirit set you

apart revealing your true identity as my precious treasure I have never lost sight of your

inherent worth and potential for good though storms may assail you the seeds

of greatness I planted May lie dormant for a time but given the right conditions will burst forth with

startling resiliency I know your secret dreams beloved for I imparted them extravagant

Visions awaiting fulfillment the spark of holy imagination still ignites your weary

heart as you recall those youthful aspirations ations but disillusionment dimmed your countenance as external

voices conspired to suppress my truth accusations took root declaring

you were too small too weak undeserving pain compelled compromise

and you retreated from pursuing your purpose yet one dream refused to

die sheltered in your heart of hearts an ember of Hope persisted in the Midnight Hour my spirit

breathed on that fragile flame and it blazed brightly once more I fanned into fullness your vision

of a flourishing life and unlock the reservoirs of resilience

within hear me now my brave-hearted child as I speak identity and Destiny

over you the hosts of Heaven stand at attention ready to back every promise

with power and presence what I have ordained cannot be thwarted reversed or

revoked take this word and let it take root you were made for victory not

defeat my intentional design conceived you for conquest and

Transcendence refuse to believe the Sinister Whispers echoing past

pain you bear my image within and nothing can separate you from my extravagant

love dismiss fear and step forward in Courage envisioning yourself already

triumphant already free allow each word to minister healing

to Hidden places of Shame and inadequacy receive this as a fresh unveiling of your Eternal identity you

are destined to shine bright with Ingenuity to innovate and create While others languish you will

Thrive overcoming every obstacle through Reliance on my spirit blessing and increase will chase

you down until you are overtaken you will pass them on like a conduit of my

goodness as you commit to selfless generosity fear of lack loses its grip

Embrace this prophetic picture you are positioned to be profoundly

used now is not the time to play small or resist stretching there will always

be challenges along the upward Ascent but true success requires counting the cost and pushing Beyond Comfort to claim

new territory stay near the voice that calls you higher and you will scale New

Heights allow me to fasten Vision like a lamp Illuminating each step revealing

potential where others only perceive limitation together we will do the impossible through tenacious audacious

faith in a world filled with aimless distraction my gaze singles you out

while Skeptics mock the Unseen your unwavering trust moves my hand doubt the

doubters there is profound power in our partnership continue cultivating

sensitivity to my promptings step out and watch Miracle

Provisions manifest that could only be attributed to me our relationship is the Catalyst that

will thrust open doors once sealed shut you need only remain steadfast in faith

refusing worries paralysis together we will unlock every in accessible

stronghold do not fear the turbulence of transient trials or be troubled by those

contending for your loyalty I am bringing Clarity in the midst of

confusion cast off regret over past mistakes and reflect my gaze of delight

over you I redeem life’s interruptions when you yield them to me transforming

obstacles into opportunities beloved Beauty awaits Discovery amidst perceived Brokenness

when examined through eyes of Eternity here I stand arms open wide to embrace

your story will you welcome me into your unraveling immerse yourself aresh in my

living word and be reminded of my heart toward you allow these resounding

promises to cleanse your perception until seeing yourself as I see you becomes reflex receive every word as an

embracing invitation to deeper intimacy with me sit here in my presence until my

peace blankets every anxiety and insecurity remember my heart is moved by

Humble sincerity more than lofty words or outward displays my spirit testifies to your

spirit that you are completely forgiven fully accepted and fondly delighted

in I know your deepest desires are for connection and contribution over temporal trinkets set your focus on

fostering spiritual vitality and watch every dimension of life blossom as a result I am honoring your hunger and

lining up opportunities for Meaningful influence say yes to the adventure I

have prepared the status quo will not satisfy that Restless stirring within

only my Wild untamable Spirit can Captivate your full devotion abandon yourself to Holy

obedience it will always lead to blessing as your faith strengthens stand

back in awe at what I am accomplishing through your smallness Marvel that the master would

display his craftsmanship through common clay like you Sanctified surrender provides

healthy soil for miracles to take root and ripen self-reliance gives way to God

Reliance and everywhere you turn provision awaits Discovery with my promise preserved all sufficiency in all

things you will lack nothing good as you chase my priorities trials need not threaten your

sense of safety in me allow pressure to perfect your character and clarify your

calling stay steady through seasons of hardship and anticipation the ripening Harvest of

answered prayer will come to full term precisely as I ordained until then hold tightly to my

promises and hold Loosely Earthly perceptions of delay just because you cannot yet see

all I am developing in unseen Realms does not negate my progress and purpose

endurance will reap reward far exceeding present discomfort do not forfeit that which I

am birthing in you in this pregnant pause my timing is Flawless both wait

and work with equal Vigor and vigilance I deposit within you daily Supernatural

strength equal to the tasks appointed you refuse to accommodate mounting weariness or make concessions to

exhaustion that lead nowhere there is Grace sufficient for each step of this sacred

Journey combat stress with my presence exchange worry for worship at

my feet allow my love to dismantle destructive thought patterns and where you feel inadequate I

am more than enough to compensate offer me your muddled efforts and through my spirit I will bring order

and alignment learn submission before those in Authority for this refines you for

greater influence lay down impatience harshness and

Rebellion put on new garments of humility honor and wholehearted service

the high call of Heaven necessitates equally High character to Steward it but I am pleased with perseverance

that grows responsibility developing maturity takes time so fret not when you stumble my

discipline develops staying power and skill your empathetic leadership will attract those hungering for truth who

see my Winsome ways modeled in you I am investing now and building capacity for

a mighty Harvest and reward later as souls are drawn to me through your

sincerity this work of inner transformation serves an eternal weight of Glory so come now my beloved cease

striving to secure your significance through ceaseless productivity though I desire you to Steward time and talents

well your worth rests solely in my full acceptance not fluctuating performance

your essential belovedness to me cannot be earned or forfeited disentangle your identity from

careers accolades or audiences and anchor solely in me I am inviting you

into deeper dimensions of fruitful rest in my presence silence anxiety’s nagging Pace

setting and attune to my gentle heartbeat learning Reliance a new here at my feet sip satisfaction

from The Well of Living Waters I provide allow me to realign priorities and

instill peace in your purposeful Pursuit we will walk this adventure steadily

together my beloved child I come to you today to offer comfort and direction to

your weary Soul the burdens of this world weigh heavily and at times the path seems

obscured by Shadows but take heart I have not abandoned you to walk alone let my light

guide your steps as I renew your spirit with hope and joy do not be ashamed to

seek me for I desire that we would share the most intimate of friendships I

understand the doubts and fears that rattle your faith that is why I extend my hand in invitation beckoning you to

walk with me once more along path now overgrown but still familiar together we will clear the

debris blocking our way no barrier can keep us apart no matter how high it’s

built if you take my hand in trust what wondrous Secrets I long to whisper as we talk in depths of night

for you alone are privy to my thoughts and ways to you I disclose my plans for

blessings yet undram but heed well my wisdom using it

for good and not vain ambition let your first Duty be blessing your family whom

I also love neglect not those closest by reaching far beyond your grasp for A

House Divided cannot stand tall but will topple under its own weight take always

the humble seat averting Envy’s glance Mercy shown not greed unlocks

prosperity’s door wealth loosely held can growth sustain while tight fists

starve the soul life’s true Treasures are not gold or gems Prime rather value most your Hearth

and Home nurture relationships above pursuing Fame then you will know great

gain and walk in uprightness with me each New Dawn seek my face in

Stillness my book holds wisdom embibe deep drafts so kindness freely wherever

your path leads this is my Noble work to lift the Fallen heal the sick spread

Mercy’s balm in this you become my hands and heart extended in a hurting world

and as you give so it will be given back full measure for Bounty flows from Open

Hands Where go you there I am also whether you feel my presence or no I see

I know your frame and all your ways not one Sparrow Falls unknown to me so how

much more do I see you your fears know your thoughts come unload your heavy

burdens and find in me sweet rest my plan for you brims with goodness and

hope trust me today and walk in confidence down roads once uncertain but

now bright with my light shining sure the past with its regrets and what might have been shall fade as the new dawn

breaks its Radiance reveals Destiny’s Road meant for you alone I have bestowed

rare gifts to equip your journey but neglect them not what profit buried

treasure use well these tools I provide to bless and lift Hearts bowed down for

this you were made walk gently in humility down roads others travel judge

no one hastily but seek instead to understand before casting blame hatred only breeds more while

Mercy nourishes the soul pursue peace with those near by both friend and

seeming foe thus Harmony will Mark your days when adversity assails fix eyes on

me I will show the wise response the word aptly spoken to diffuse contention

and Foster Community where once lodged Thorns I am Arisen The Dark Night of weeping yields

to Joy’s bright Dawning the storm yet rages but will pass my presence brings

wholeness and healing bomb I break oppressions yoke and fling wide prison doors long Shut by rust and

indifference breathe Freedom’s Sweet Air once more no power of hell can stand

against the triumphant Church advancing in my name Satan rages but has lost the

war his end is ruined therefore Lift High your banner of Praise even amid

Sorrows Proclaim my victory to downcast souls shout that the tomb is Bare The

Sting of death nullified tell all who will hear salvation’s good news healing and hope

belong to all who believe a new era Dawns now watch and pray as wonders unfold Miracles confirm

my word aresh with signs and power but guard your heart from pride in these

last days many claim my name but lack my spirit’s seal flee selfish ambition that

corrodes unity’s Bond seek to lift others up not gain a claim for yourself

place no faith in princes nor sons of men in whom no salvation lies I alone

redeem and heal all self-seeking roads dead end in futility Wasteland pour

yourself out for others counting your life as not if only my kingdom advances

then you will walk in true Authority and everlasting Victory with your king my child how

my heart yearns for You When Storms assail or the path ahead seems endlessly Bleak the darkest night glows bright to

me I need no Second Son to show the way where human sight fails my eye pierces

every shadow when your strength Fades mine remains full

undimmed have I not said I will never leave you stranded or alone my presence

shall cheer your heart when all other Comforts flee I will uplift your head

and put new songs on your lips your weeping shall yield to laughter bright and full sorrow endures but a season

while Joy Wells up eternally you need only call my name when adversity strikes

I will answer swiftly my grace will absolve your deepest wound when you but ask no matter

the offense my love covers all none lives beyond the reach of my

Mercy when contrition blossoms let not the scornful convince you otherwise their hearts judge by

outward show only but I sound the chambers of every heart and weigh motives unseen to Mortal eyes please

listen not to those who deny my Readiness to forgive fully no matter how Grievous one’s

trespass the cross has blazed an irrevocable Trail to my heart where healings abound that sacred tree has

nullified Satan’s every accusation against against you unworthy though you are but do not wallow needlessly in

guilt for wrongs long past my blood speaks Grace and louder my passion has

ransomed your soul and opened wide the gates of Mercy beckoning you to enter

Joy’s Halls lingering in regret gains nothing but robs you of strength meant for

today’s tasks the enemy desires you Shackled to yesterday’s griefs thus

blind to tomorrow’s bright hope I intend for you leave lifeless tombs to their

silence and ghosts to haunt their Shadows you have living work that requires your hands and feet today

redeem this moment in faithful obedience and tomorrow will unfold sweeter promise

still much I would yet show you wonders obscured from dull Eyes by rot

Traditions Veil my book holds such Mysteries unseal its pages and drink

deep of wisdom old yet ever new for within those leaves

lie secreted maps to Life’s true treasure Adventure awaits the way stands

open for those daring to follow will you will you walk the Glory Road with

your lord I have flung wide the door once hidden and sealed fast none now can

close what heaven’s King has opened no handbar is the path to intimacy once

lost When sin forged bars Unbreakable by human means halt no longer at the outer courts

the curtain is torn giving all who believe entrance to the holy Place unseen since Eden’s Bowers were

lost forbidden fruits now hang free for the taking no cherubim guarding access

eat and be filled drink and no life eternal for I have purchased this

banquet it cost me dearly but consider it my gift gift to you proof of my

extravagant love always remember this lavish sacrifice that tore the veil

granting you renewed access to the sacred place in my very heart each Pang of hunger reveals your

need for me the bread come down from heaven to feed the famished

soul I await your coming at Love’s table spread my book

foretold the ancient path where blamed feet once trod in daily communion with

their God but brambles and chokes of indifference covered that narrow way

only ghosts walked there then love commanded clear the way for journeying

feet once more now signs confirm prophetic paths long neglected open

aresh who so will may come to Living Waters still sweet still free why linger

then by Broken sists that hold no cheer only bitterness breeds in stagnant

pools my beloved your worth exceeds any treasure this world can afford no Vault

overflows with such Priceless abundance as I bestow upon my people you are

royalty ransomed and restored your Noble descent assures Eternal rewards Earth

has not seen nor dared dream therefore Lift High your head unashamed even in

poverty’s rags or sorrows the kingdoms of this age totter toward inevitable

ruin while my kingdom stands forever oh the mystery of Amazing Grace

that love himself would robe flesh and come to you you who spurned his call and

chased fleeting Shadows for you the Untouchable did not refuse the cross but rather embraced the

shame and Scorn why such extravagant compassion for Rebels born under wrath’s curse

solely because extravagance defines my nature whose being is love I yearn

jealously over each Soul purchased by such dear cost my passion Knows No Limits when

pursuing lost sheep therefore come boldly when desperation wrecks fragile

hopes unload fear’s bitter burden at my feet and exchange it for enduring peace

the world cannot steal or diminish your weakness now is an occasion for my

strength’s demonstration boast gladly in your lacks that my sufficiency May

shine I will exchange your life for my resurrection power unlimited and ever

renewing as the dawn Futures frightful unknowns hold no Terror for my people

fully trusting their guide your security rests not on stockpiles of goods or

Ingenuity best schemes unsupported by my might Faith Builds on purposeful sway

over unseen outcomes assured in love’s Promises Kept so walk the high road with

head uplifted though storms ass sail light still glimmers through the Gloom

showing the upward path scars of former trials now testify hope unashamed to

Hearts plunged in present Darkness the morning yet nears when night bows once

again to radiant Day Spring yielding to Love’s Conquest the cross Stands Tall though

Satan rages and multitudes love night more than light choose rather joy and

cease the vain Chase of mirages Airy Vain and Hollow their promises wrie ever

Out Of Reach In The Wind but I give substance securing with cords of loving

kindness all who seek my face abide in the shadow my grace provides then then

you will walk paths once uncertain and threatening with boldness and cheer for

my presence brings unending supply to the Hungry Heart now the adventure truly begins my

beloved child I speak these words to you directly from my Divine

realm open your heart and listen closely for I wish to impart my boundless love

and eternal wisdom upon your soul you have endured much hardship in

your life Journey thus far heartbreak betrayal loss such visceral pains cut

sharply like a knife to flesh yet you must not close yourself to love or Retreat within out of fear and

distrust I tell you truly the Transformations happening around you though difficult are being Guided by my

hand to clear your path of hindrances and those who would do you harm pause

amidst the chaos and refrain from isolation continue praying and in Earnest and giving thanks even as events

unfold that you do not yet understand meet each person with compassion not

fear or judgment I am always near my child orchestrating intricate blessings beyond

what you can imagine have faith in my Divine timing and take comfort In My

Embrace I know you feel abandoned when relationships falter and opportunities

fade please do not despair when others fail to Value the love you give so

freely such is the nature of human bonds fragile impermanent and subject to The

Winds of Change if certain Souls must exit Your Life release them without bitterness

wish them well and let any pain transform to wisdom over time you will never walk alone dear one for I am ever

by your side the realm of Earthly attachments is one of endless coming and going of Bittersweet Hells and

goodbyes this does not diminish your worth you are cherished beyond measure in My Kingdom crafted purposefully to

fulfill a unique Destiny have courage and proceed boldly down the path I illuminate before you the past May tug

at your spirit but you must not turn back now your true home awaits amidst the Stars a place of radiant light where

Kindred Souls reside in peace I shall guide your steps if but

ask you may question why I permit Injustice and Misfortune to befall good-hearted people why life’s journey

can be so trying know that hardship and evil originate not from me but from Mortal

imperfections in the gift of Free Will yet my Divine love redeems all suffering

for a higher purpose see Life as a classroom and challenges as opportunities to cultivate wisdom

resilience and compassion gradually the veil shall lift and all will be made

clear until then cling to Faith pray often to renew your internal

light when Shadows threaten to overtake you even the darkest night passes to

Dawn revealing breathtaking Beauty you are far stronger than you know my child trust in this

always I understand you feel inadequate receiving my blessings given past

mistakes haunting your spirit Please Release this heavy self- judgment My

Sacrifice cleansed you of sin stain accept this gift of Grace freely

given and with joy Focus not on what is lacking but on your inherent wholeness

in my sight flaws and failures teach deeper humility cultivating the soil for

Redemption seeds to sprout you are perfectly loved as you are my dear heart

never forget this truth now is time to honor your authentic self and follow

where your Soul’s wisdom leads many tribes talents and callings weave an interconnected tapestry

reflecting Divine intent yours is but one luminous thread

yet integral to the whole have the courage to Shine Your Inner Light without apology or

hesitation no need to conform to ex internal expectations draining your spirit energy flows where attention goes

manifest through intention what you wish to experience in this world begin by blessing those closest to

you with loving words and actions even small kindnesses can heal

relationships strained by lifelong Grievances and misunderstandings pride and ego often

obstruct the path to reconciliation yet if two Souls entangled in Conflict humble themselves

before the other peace May gently emerge what power words of apology

forgiveness and compassion can have in dissolving anger and hurt I will help guide such exchanges if

you sincerely desire restoration Dear Heart your life’s purpose is to walk the path of divine

love leaving Footprints of Grace while inhabiting a mortal frame

you will always experience to some degree a sense of isolation and longing for True

belonging I created you with inherent Duality mortal yet Eternal human yet

Divine tension exists by Design between ego and spirit flesh and

soul yet over time one’s Earthly identity gives way to enlightened

understanding of life’s deeper meaning you will come to see all of creation the light and the dark the righteous and

unrighteous alike shares common Divine Source you will realize every conscious

being contains a seed of the Sacred within though often shrouded forgotten

and inactive and you will recognize your own Holiness not as something to construct

or earn but acknowledge is already present remember Only Love is Real

anything not of Love Fades to nothingness when viewed from Heaven’s Shore cling not to passing Shadows

wealth Acclaim worldly attachments instead nurture the Eternal

kindling flame within all there lies fulfillment beyond your deepest

imaginings the realm of material manifestation is finite and fleeting for

all turns eventually to Ash and stardust in times Crucible yet the energy animating

existence persists forever and cannot be destroyed you are a vessel through which

this Divine Force flows CL in each moment your purpose is to channel loving kindness into whatever mundane or

extraordinary tasks each day presents there will always be those who wish to extinguish the light in Darker

Souls who have not yet awakened hold compassion for The Lost Ones whose words

and deeds breed more sorrow and should any seek to harm or constrain your radiant spirit in word or

deed take pity on them bless and release them to my care none can diminish your

inherent worth without your consent my child you are a magnificent being of

light courage and moral conviction never doubt this eternal truth through

steadfast devotion and surrendering self-will to Divine will your destiny

shall be fulfilled Beyond Your Wildest imaginings wondrous synchronicities shall unfold to assist you on your path

as strands of life’s tapestry weave together have patience Trust trust in my

infinite wisdom and show gratitude for lessons learned during difficult times

adversity Bears the seeds of Awakening and spiritual expansion your family

bonds shall heal and strengthen overall through open honest communication from the heart coupled with mutual

understanding Pride often prevents such transparent sharing yet humility and

vulnerability cultivate fertile soil for relationships to deepen authentically speak plainly

but with kindness Your Truth Listen attentively and withhold judgment when others do the

same in this manner through gradual Revelation and reconciling differences

Family Ties can transform from fractured to Unbreakable but change flows one small

step at a time fear nothing in pursuing your divinely ordained Destiny my child

the universe unravels exactly as it should have faith in this even when events seem

against you any doors now closing simply indicate your soul has outgrown certain

paths and is prepared for nobler ones to open nothing can impede the light’s

Advance no earthly power restrain loves spread cling not to outworn forms

beliefs or relationships that no longer nourish your growth the old must sometimes dissolve

or transform for the new to emerge in splendor be an instrument through which

this sacred Alchemy flows freely my Angelic helpers shall guide

your transition to Greater wholeness you are the channel through which Divine love and wisdom May shine into the

darkness that ignorance breeds Let My Words resonate in your spirit I am the open door whom none can

shut the light in the shadows the voice for the mute from Realms Beyond time and

space I come to touch each soul with Redeeming Grace go now in peace my beloved and

remember always that you are eternally safe In My Embrace I shall never forsake

you we shall never be separated for I reside within you closer than breath and

nearer than heartbeat whenever you need comfort or counsel Retreat within

through prayer or Stillness and I am there on life’s journey there will be trials and heartbreak Injustice and

futility mortal existence Demands a price yet also yields celebration and

Beauty if you remain aware regardless what unfolds stand calmly rooted in the

eye of the storm for I am that unshakable Center that absurd shifting circumstance cannot disturb I Am Your

Divine Source Eternal refuge and ultimate home we are one Consciousness

expressed in infinite form know this Above All Else and be free my peace

abides with you now and always in this life and the next may your soul awaken to remember who you truly are one

radiant strand in the great tapestry I have woven go in my light beloved child

and know that you are forever loved my beloved child hearken unto my

voice I am the Alpha and the Omega the one who formed Med you and knows you

better than you know yourself since before time began I ordained you for blessing and purpose those storms may

rage around you take heart you are secure in my hands I see your struggles

and I have not abandoned you pray to me continually fixing your eyes not on the

Tempest but on my promises your faith and trust do not go unnoticed in

Heaven’s courts in due time you will see my might displayed as I reverse Every

curse expect Divine reversals prepare for blessings to permeate every sphere

as I dispel the powers of darkness and fold your household in intercession guard and keep them as the

apple of my eye set aside a daily hour to seek my face

together though trials will come my compassions fail not I will never leave

you beware lest the deceiver steal my blessings and lead you to spurn the

loving God who redeemed you daily remind your loved ones of their origin in me as

you give yourself to prayer I will preserve you no plague will infect your dwelling sickness and lack will flee at

my name Angelic Sentinels encamp around you no sorceries will touch you I

created each one in your family with meticulous care all have a Divine assignment none can be snatched from my

hand did I not promise to be your daily hedge of protection as I open the

windows of Heaven I ask only for your enduring loyalty and love in return my

Living Word stands forever as a testament to my Covenant promises if you will but believe

outstanding Miracles will confirm my word seek me with a mustard seed of faith and I will move Heaven and Earth

to uphold my pledge I am alerting you to prepare for other worldly wonders for I Has Not Seen

Nor Ear heard what I will do in homes that welcome me the impossible bows to humility and

gratitude I do not waver my commitment to you is unbreakable I have endowed you with my

spirit and gifts that I will continually replenish your welfare is my greatest

Delight I look with pleasure on your motives and attitudes it also gladdens my heart when you intercede for those

entrusted to your care in my presence you find all sufficiency draw near to me for Faith power wisdom

and patience drink deeply from The Well of my love and acceptance a long awaited

Miracle even now races toward its birthing hour let Hope and joy permeate

you for this God ordained turnaround shall surely transpire remember my

deliverances in former times will I not also liberate you now I have not

appointed you to wrath but to obtain salvation you are an overcomer wherever

you go streams in the desert will open before you go and announce my kingdom in

all the Earth Darkness evaporates at the brightness of my coming no weapon formed

against you will ultimately succeed my blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel you have my name

as a strong tower the righteous run into it and are safe I am ES escalating your

understanding concerning the might of my spirit when I reach out to touch you it is not merely for feelings but to ignite

Holy Fire for victory My Touch imparts disciplines to stand even amid

opposition you will clear the field of adversaries by my spirit nullifying

their devices no circumstance will intimidate you because greater is he who is in you

your tenacity amazes even Heaven’s principalities but never forget the source of your

Valor it is my life in you where there was once sorrow now there is joy

unspeakable for lack of Direction now Clarity and divine

strategy my resurrection power has raised you from obscurity into a

Pneumatic wonder even old acquaintances Marvel at the supernatural

polish this is a complete work guaranteeing that the latter will surpass the former everywhere you walk

favor surrounds like a shield manifestations of my spirit will always

outpace human toil cease your striving and know me as God though

well-intentioned anxiety profits nothing overwork leads wandering sheep astray

leaving them unfulfilled but my yoke brings true productivity and

rest now is time to surrender expectations become still in my presence and heed my

directives I see every detail of your plight the heaviness opposition Faith

challenges and I will not allow you to be weighted down indefinitely permit me to speak peace

and healing to Body Mind and Spirit it is no mere metaphor when my

word says hosts in Camp around the righteous have I not proved myself a

very present help in past distresses why should this crisis Eclipse my power

and love call upon me I invite you to entrust your cares draw encouragement

from my Wellspring of Joy Let me refresh your spirit and revive faded dreams I

understand the necessity of self-reliance you have cultivated great internal reserves but also admit your

limitations bring your bundled burdens to my feet in my Redemption you will

ReDiscover radical Freedom there is no shame in embracing my

support was there not a time you sought me ardently I remember the passion and

thrill of our early friendship Perpetual busyness has slowly numbed your spiritual

senses I am jealous for us to recapture that fervency pause from

productivity create space for intimacy with me my Living Word will restore and

align your will weary heart you absolutely must spend this dedicated time with me now if outstanding matters

have damaged our connection fear not I stand ready as Redeemer to

reconcile will you take my hand as I guide you into liberating truth my

tender Embrace awaits there find joy and peace Everlasting I know that distraction or

apathy has caused some brethren to be oblivious to your plight but many intercede upholding you in daily prayer

they love you deeply but find difficulty expressing it rebuff isolation you were

created for Community let Thanksgiving flow freely for every provision large or

small cultivate a supernatural optimism grounded in my goodness this posture of

Praise is your strength let my spirit amplify your smile into medicine that

heals relationships and atmosphere as you choose to walk in love EST stranged ones will see our life in

you and come home Destiny connections await as you Faithfully honor those

currently in your path I have Sanctified you as my holy

habitation the Divine exchange is permanent my righteousness for your

sin Grace has established you securely in blessing as I unfold your future strong

purpose will fuel you with energy and motivation exceeding your highest dreams my blueprints contain intricately

ordained encounters to further Advance my kingdom but first comes preeminence within your household and inner circle

for their welfare I have set you apart the high call upon you is to love and

nourish those nearest you indeed your sphere of Supernatural influence will

rapidly expand from this epicenter to touch multitudes across oceans and lands

but never forget charity begins where you are planted when adversity howls

recognize it as the precursor to promotion lean wholly on my strength

together we will scale Summits unseen by human eyes I am closer than breath our

dialogue nourishes my soul confide your dreams to me where you lead I will

follow what you permit I Will Bless as a loving father I Delight to

pour upon you bounous rain all of gifts prepared before time I bless you because

I choose to bless you you possess all Covenant rights to sunship by grace

alone you have rights to the Tree of Life to all Heaven’s

resources my darling you have no lack only abundance now as I Crown the year

with goodness surely even Earthly storehouses will overflow but know that my best provision

is intimacy the joy of no knowing me as I know you all else must radiate from

this holy exchange therein lies the key to every long-held dream

fulfilled I call you into deeper waters to understand my jealousy over you this

compelling love that leaves me Restless for our time together there is no human

love to compare no earthly passion that Rivals what burns in me for

you tragically few grasp this reality of my heart so they spurn our trist to

chase vain Shadows how this Grieves my spirit for every child carries their

words and deeds before my searching eyes let Integrity guide you I reward those

who pursue our romance with cander of speech that builds others up but

hypocrisy repulses me those who profess love with lips then Savage with tongues

I will judge a rotten heart contaminates its owner goodness only Springs from a well

nourished by my presence allow me to cultivate Purity and passion for service

within you humility is the soil where seeds of Destiny grow tall I have

endowed you with authority to subdue threats and Triumph over strongholds confederated demons cannot

impede you the battle is fixed decisively in your favor wield the weapons of warfare fair skillfully in

certain Victory but never forget the Battle Belongs to Me I gain glory in

displaying my strength on your behalf you will overcome because I have overcome I Blaze the trail before you it

is finished my darling the striving ceases when you enter my completed work by faith as you abide in me I prune and

purify until my character radiates from your life without obstruction I gently cleanse past

regrets and sins exchanging your history for a future constructed by my hands my

heartbeat of forgiveness makes all things new I will perfect everything that concerns you no more night but joy

comes in the morning a new day Dawns behold I consecrate you to Bear lasting

fruit out of your innermost being will flow endless streams of Living Water to

refresh multitudes those nearest to you will be the first to see and take

even familiar– faac loved ones and friends will stand in awe at the visible workings of unseen power for my Holy

Spirit has rested upon you transforming even the mundane until my glory drips in

your wake but it remains your daily discipline to tend this holy flame to nourish intimacy with me through time

alone in my word and prayer in the secret place Visions are disclosed and dreams imparted what I unveil to you in

seasons of secet speaking is for careful stewardship not casual

disclosure treat Revelation as a golden vial pour it forth judiciously upon

desperate Souls use discernment to distinguish vessels worthy of such

costly perfume do not mistake flattery for Faith nor presume depth in the

crowd’s pursuing signs many will press upon you with selfish appetites but true

Brethren hunger for my bread alone leadership is revealed in servanthood not posturing my yoke of authority rests

easy on the neck of humility if I Elevate you remain lowly in function esteem others higher than

yourself lavish honor where it may lift downcast eyes your tongue wields creative capacity to edify or destroy

unsheath it only to pronounce blessings refuse corrosive speech it will eat away

the very blessings I intend become a fountain of life-giving encouragement uphold those called

alongside you rejoice when streams in their deserts gush

forth as iron sharpens iron together you will gleam

Sevenfold in times of misunderstanding absorb offense without

retaliation appeal your case to heaven and watch me write every wrong I permit Injustice to prove and

mature you the fruit of long suffering is sweet patient endurance earns the Crown

of Life reserved for Overcomers soon my glory will shine upon you in Vindication before critics but

until then return curses with intercession bitter Waters nourish no soul only the Tree of Life Bears healing

leaves Proclaim Liberty and send forth my healing word set captives free from

prisons of pain and lack restore sight to Blinded Souls St stumbling in confusion and fear along precarious

paths take up my torch of Truth it will Blaze Trails through Darkness as you

declare and demonstrate my kingdom employ words to build and bless

not batter and Destroy manifest my works of power in service humility and

love my beloved you have walked through the valley of adversity and harvested

peace for this I rejoice our covenant guarantees blessings

without sorrow added Days of Heaven on Earth without Nightfall of

Trials the cycle ceases This Moment by my blood and your testimony Angels carry you even now into

broad Pleasant places a land flowing indeed with milk and honey no lean years

will return No Lack stalks you no forboding awaits your seed

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