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my beloved child I have heard your cries

your pleas that have echoed to my Throne

consistently I know your gratitude for

this Divine connection between us now I

say to you no more vague platitudes or

complex riddles the hour is urgent yet

fear not I envelop you in my love even

as I unveil the truths you must know see

clearly the signs before you the well in

mentioned the path unfolding leads not

to my greatest blessing pause therefore


reflect for the plans I etch upon your

heart we craft together child when your

steps align with my will I light the way

that you may walk securely in the

destiny I penned for you

alone even now the way forward

crystallizes in your inner sight let not

Comfort or Earthly limitation obscure

your vision look to me and my spirit

will ignite your imagination to reveal


course what conviction grips your soul

give it voice and trust that I will

guide you rightly for though I permit

missteps to try your faith I never toy

capriciously with those I love this

moment serves to strengthen our bond for

too long distorted beliefs bound you

that Prosperity betrayed spiritual

poverty or worldly

evil but who planted such

lies my word decrees Abundant Life for

all who seek me even as your soul

prospers so shall blessings

overflow for I am a good father long

have you suffered lack and loss no more

this day radiant Glory pours forth to

fill and transform you the old shackles

Fall Away behold I bring the true Riches

of wisdom and Revelation in me fixed

perceptions give way to living truth the

realm of my spirit permeates your

innermost being floating in this stream

old weights drop away Freedom Light Joy

these fill you to

overflowing cherish this outpouring that

you may call upon it when facing

Crossroads in the

future for my compass guides surely when

aligned with me from this day the

Troubles of the past recede behind you

no longer will anxiety or inner turmoil

hold you bound forward now into broad

Vistas freshly lit with my

presence receive this new day as a long

awaited gift for I have walked each

Valley with you dear one even Earth’s

darkest Sorrows do not escape the notice

of my loving

eye compassion ever moves me to bless my

beloved Rejoice therefore the appointed

hour has arrived the set time of

promises is revealed long have you

remained faithful through the lonely

watches of the night no more look and

see the new dawn illuminates all with

radiant Glory your soul Thrills to

behold this long- awaited Vision

crystalizing upon the Horizon at last

fix secure upon my word it shall not

fail but burst forth mightily in due

season beloved you dwell now in the age

of Elijah of long awaited recompense and

restoration all that was torn will be

mended all toppled will be raised to

Tower higher than before all twisted

will be set Plum again through my

spirit’s power I Usher you into a wealth

transfer of epoch

proportions yet previously impoverished

mindsets limited you from receiving the

Bounty I intend as your

Birthright this day marks a new era of

blessing anoint your vision to perceive

the sacred origins of all abundance that

it flows from my hand affirm your true

identity as my precious child and Heir

partake freely of the inherited Fortune

I bestow through the richness of our

relationship for in me dwell endless

stores of bounty to bless my people my

spirit infuses the atmosphere around you

even now with profound

generosity gifts emerge from my treasure

house to overflow every sphere of your

existence with New Hope Joy favor

prosperity in its highest form those

nearest you will Marvel at the

transformation as my

handiwork for I Am The God Who Parts

Seas before you who opens fountains in

desert places I cause my people to

thrive even amid inhospitable climates

from this day forward doors long shut

shall swing open to welcome your

coming veils once obscuring Pathways

will lift to reveal land bursting rich

and green before you hard ground will

soften to cushion your heels as you walk

gently but with quickening Pace along

these roads I open saith the Lord my

power goes before you to shift realities

unseen that will Cascade into visible

radical blessing along your path things

impossible to human strength become

light weight through my might burdens

that burdened you for years lose all

mass their weight each chains

Unbound so shall you emerge into joyful

New Horizons with light step and

uplifted countenance bright Hope Rising

in you ushers in fresh Dawns of

possibility for behold I perform a

mighty work within you in this hour

legacies long Barren will awaken with

new life Dry Bones shall stir and stand

and walk again that which slumbered in

darkness forgotten springs for forth

vibrant with

Destiny for I Am The God Who breathes

Resurrection into all aligned with my

purposes the wastelands of yesterday

Blossom today with promise even glimmers

in this early hour portend the greater

weight of Glory soon to Break Forth

despise not the Small Deeds that

germinate something greater Beginnings

cement foundations upon which Destinies

unfold what I initiate I complete

take heart therefore when strength fails

beloved I see I

know and I sustain

you meditate on the kindnesses shown you

at younger points along the journey that

remembering May fan flames of renewed

faith for I change

not my character and Promises align

eternally to bless those who love me and

walk Within Reach of my hand if I spoke

and act to save before will I exclude

you from Deliverance now in your hour of

need impossible lift your eyes from

former things behold I perform a new

work in your day certain companions May

seek to weigh down your arising in Mercy

release them to walk their own path

unlocked from yours for this season

beckons you onward and upward into

elevated Realms revealing greater

glimpses of my

glory you cannot afford distractions or

hindrances that may slow your

Ascent the time has come to surrender

all that tethers you to an old season

now fading in the rearview mirror of


emergence for as you gain height and

distance on the horizon I open before

you Ur while loyalties May strained by


values as I amplify truth resounding in

your deepest places surface bonds May no

longer hold

secure feel no guilt in letting Fall

Away vest vages of a lesser existence

now crumbling to make room for expanding

identity in me your tent pegs now secure

foundations along fresher ground where

pure streams May Quench and nourish

leave behind shallow Wells holding

stagnant memory but no life-giving

sustenance for the journey

ahead this day demarcates a new era even

as spoken through my prophets of old the

breezes of my spirit now begin to stir

the wastelands with new life

over long Seasons Decay and debris

accumulated to block the flow of my

healing wind and water but behold I now

clear away drainage passages and Fallen

stones to reopen conduits for

Restoration in this atmosphere my people

flourish again no more barrenness only

Bounty No Lack only overflow no more

weeping without Comfort only joy comes

with the new dawn

no longer forgotten or neglected my

beloved Rises to remember who you truly

are for you are my treasured child

marked by Destiny anointed and appointed

for this hour of

Awakening consecrated to bless whole

Generations through renewed alignment

with your Divine Purpose in

me long I have nurtured the seed of this

Vision within your

being many times it grew faint amid the

clamor of lesser voices vying for

control over your path and

identity but I shielded The Fragile

Chute breaking through constricting soil

until the moment came for it to receive

light and spread tender leaves toward

heaven now at last the excavation


Bedrock that solid foundation upholding

all I intend now coming to manifestation

through your awakened life for behold

stagnant pools of old limitation drain

away to reveal Destiny’s blueprint

etched indelibly into your inner Spirit

from before time no rule or authority in

Earthly realm holds power to erase the

imprint of this call ingrained into your


being though battles raged intensely to

deface and uprooted entirely from

awareness still it pulsated Faithfully

known unto me alone until the era of

reclamation burst forth in these latter


Rejoice then at our unified Victory

beloved one and let Praises Ascend for

strongholds now collapse to permit

Spirits flow unimpeded through parched

ground what human eyes declared Barren

Wasteland transforms before you into

landscape Lush for Harvest and Rich with

Covenant promise lift your hands to

receive rainfall Long awaited cup your

soul to welcome fountains breaking

through hard terrain reservoirs of joy

fill to overflow your treasured life the

appointed time has come for outpouring

without measure then shall you inhabit

the land restated for this journey its

expanses Broad and shoulders secure

enough at last to uphold the weighty

glory soon to manifest through your


imaginings root deep into this reality

freshly spoken by my mouth declare its

veracity with boldness though eyes not

yet adjusted to the brightness of this

realm May protest and cling to former

things now passed away pay them no heed

fixed fast upon my word to you allow

nothing to deter your emergence into

Destiny’s broad

places for as I spoke to prophets of old

again I Proclaim through Sears of this

age the vision though once obscure

flickers now upon your horizon fluid yet

solidifying into recognizable form made

Mighty in faith nourished season after

season you will not shrink back from its

vast shape taking clearer outline with

every second embraced though towering

and formidable to human strength alone

fear not for merely to perceive the

vision plants dynamism within to DARE

its Heights let Praises rise in your

throat like Waters long held back now

set loose to Cascade freely Down


Ravines resounding through valleys no

longer silent Aras resonant with renewed

identity amplify to shatter constraints

once deemed

immovable underestimate not the power of

Thanksgiving to shift atmospheres from

dry to

Deluge as songs stir the heavens so

fresh outpouring is birthed even on

thirsty ground Spirit and Truth

transmute even Graves into

Gardens dormant seeds of abbreviated

promise germinate in the warmth of

rekindled Covenant all that went before

four was the prologue leading to this

present hour lift up your voice with

strength oh beloved child call upon

Heaven until its vaults pour forth

Showers of refreshment on soil long

cracked and craving

nurture into such fertile LOM I cast

visions that seem wild beyond all reason

yet fixed secure in me will Sprout and


root in season you shall see them burst

through soil to unfurl tender leaves

then Bud then flow into tools and

weapons Mighty for

restoration hosts of Heaven stand alert

to defend these tender choots from

subtle doubts and fears that may seek to

uproot them in time their trunks will

stand sturdy as Oaks against tempests

determined to twist or topple them


maturity for this Harvest you cultivate

is precious to me Visions birthed in

pure partnership nurtured in persevering

Faith through Cloud bursts and drought I

Shield their fragile forms as needed

until able to withstand all

storms then shall you inhabit the land

promised and long prepared for awakening

dreams your soul yet scarcely can

articulate do not await full

understanding first to receive the gift

begin small if you must but begin Great

Oaks ever emerge from the tiniest Acorn

nestled in receptive

soil accept this commission my beloved

to walk ever upright and whole before me

that my glory May inhabit you fully

honor the Bounty you inherit this day by

releasing all that blocks its full

expression limit me no longer through

small beliefs or expectations through

Eyes illumined by faith dispatch doubt


fear what I have spoken creates reality

in both seen and unseen

Realms as Ezekiel wheeled through

valleys of dry bones and saw assembled

before him great armies Arisen so walk

forward in bold declaration of my

spirit’s breath blowing fresh upon your

circumstances until the impossible bows


me Love’s light penetrates the deepest

dungeon spilling hot oil over fortress’s

gates no power withstands the force of


fulfilled no curse prevails when

blessing takes

root Gates of brass and bars of iron

yield to reveal the Lush domain

appointed for your

inheritance pass through Destiny’s

Corridor now unveiled before you at last

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