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my precious one a wondrous blessing awaits you I know your spirit yearns for

it deeply keep faith strong this gift is nearing it shall fill your days with joy

and strength be still and watch for it no force can halt its arrival to you

hear now soothing words to calm your soul I speak straight to your heart making promises to heal and give you

peace know that I fill your life with calm sometimes I say and small blessings

to remind you I am your God who loves you yet there are times when your spirit needs deeper care then I reach out

tenderly stroking your hair and holding you in real love to your heart I speak

words that Comfort I know you always need me because I hear your prayers and

feel the ache of your longing I understand all you go through you are my

beloved child I know every mistake and have have forgiven them

all but one mistake you make too often is trusting people too

completely all people fail at times some live pretending there are perfect humans

who never let you down or change this is fantasy be wise about this loving

trusting these are good but don’t put all faith in humans alone don’t give

your life and future into their hands for none has done for you what I have

none died and revived for you so don’t give your whole self to those sure to

fail you who will hurt you remember my first command love God

with all your mind heart soul and strength here is your sign if you need Clarity ask me give me your life your

future your time I will make them fruitful filling your days with blessings and success fear and sorrow

will vanish you needn’t worry for tomorrow I will answer your prayers with Miracles

Beyond Comprehension the peace that comes from wholly yielding yourself to me with unwavering

loyalty for I am your holy and almighty God I who guard you each night as you

sleep I am always alert to protect you and Supply your needs great blessings

are stored up for you and your family do not lose heart sometimes lasting good

comes slower than we hope every everything unfolds in its time first a

season of prayer then waiting then celebration the day is coming when

Sunshine fills your world a new the start of the miracle you’ve awaited

Rejoice be glad be brave your adventure is not done Many Wonders still await you

you will achieve greatly Triumph building on Triumph Rising higher than you can imagine let no past defeats or

fears or shame hold you back now they just prepare you for victories for you

are my child I have given you power to speak life and catalyze change use my

gifts to encourage heal and stir hope in the Lost stand confident and brave for I

yearn to bless you act wisely walking humbly my children are not arrogant they

avoid useless arguments with those who don’t understand never belittling others

but looking on all all with compassion this shows my glory in true

devoted Hearts so shall it be with you I will do wonders within your family among

distant relatives and friends but I ask you to commit use all

the blessings prosperity and spiritual power I give to help uplift and meet

needs physical and spiritual discern do you want my blessings will

you walk where I lead I lead to success and plenty but long for you to commit to

daily prayer to seek me with your whole heart tell me plainly God I’m ready to

embrace your blessings this triumphant season is here take my hand you deserve

Joy I will surround you with courage and honor lifting you high above

doubters I’ll open Heaven’s floodgates to enrich you in this new chapter hear this let it revive your soul

my Holy Spirit infuses your heart with life my strength breaking Every Chain when You Face trouble and weariness

shelter in my care no human love is as faithful and pure as mine I’m not

impressed by money seeking neither wealth nor lavish gestures from you I

simply cherish you because I love you and will always guard you I am ever watchful of all that touches your life I

long for you also to grow strong able to assist others to protect the

vulnerable provide for those in need take the leap towards the spiritual realm where miracles happen May you heal

the sick through my power this is my desire may you find good ways to support

yourself without debt or money fears that added burden helps no one when you

encounter need help boldly use my words to free captive Hearts pray for their

release for when you Aid the less fortunate I increase your gift help

others freely you may be helping Angels unawares testing your character to

expand your blessings a new chapter Dawns filled with Divine

interventions get ready you have power to face anything pray always come boldly

before me seeking the wisdom you require dive into scripture Proverbs Psalms

immers ing yourself etch my words on your heart by speaking them aloud I want

you to Feast on my word daily gaining fresh Revelation be inspired by the

lives of my faithful followers watch for the signs of the times but avoid useless arguments over

interpretations to flaunt knowledge show Faith by trusting me

reach out to help others in need with sincere kindness and compassion so I invite you listen L to

me daily know I have forgiven all your mistakes and set you free don’t be fooled no curse or

addiction binds you I pronounce sacred Freedom over you divine wisdom and

insight yes there are times you’ll feel alone and burdened but remember I am

with you always my presence brings Liberty calm and blessings you’ve not

known before allow me to transform your life a new renewing it so your loyalty

and Faith grow daily trust my love Surrender Your Heart fix your eyes on my

ways listen for my voice Whispering tenderly within I don’t want to be silent when

you lack desire to pray or speak with me I persist knocking on your heart’s door

offering peace to your soul surrounding you with blessed calm my angels keep

watch in your home you live no longer under any shadow of fear whatever good

plans you make in my name you will achieve I speak not of selfish gain or

material success but greater Miracles still having given my heavenly approval

do not fear success nor be ashamed to Triumph your time has come you deserve

blessing you have proven your loyalty through hard testing now enter my courts

to receive the the Bounty soon to fill your hands declare boldly that you truly

believe in me your gift is coming it will arrive soon from this day expect

unlimited outpouring of Grace on your home Endless Love for no one loves as I

love or plans as powerfully as I do for you I give purpose I bring peace I turn

challenges into triumphs and lead from desolation to abundance welcome my blessings with

delight Faith humility do not dismiss or belittle them should they come in simple

wrappings unnoticed by those dazzled only by the Splashy and

spectacular for it’s the meek and humble ones I lift up to Greatness transforming

those modest Souls into pillars of faith stay alert and watchful marvelous events now

unfold embrace my teachings to recognize blessings as they come

my gaze searches for the unassuming Soul given to generosity love and

forgiveness you are chosen so believe without doubt or wavering your purpose

was inscribed for this hour I have directed your path now grasp the Wonders

destined for you come daily to my presence to receive all I have for you

my beloved Child come closer and hear my voice for too long you have suffered in

silence believing yourself alone and forsaken but I have never left your side

even in your darkest moments my light surrounded you you need only open your

eyes to see it you blamed yourself for every setback and disappointment

carrying the heavy burden of guilt upon your shoulders but the truth is many forces

beyond your control were at play you judged yourself far more harshly than I

ever would my forgiveness comes freely to all who seek it with a sincere heart yours has

always been true for this reason I now call you out of the Shadows into my Divine Light the time has come for you

to know your own Worth to understand you are cherished beyond measure my plans

for you are good and blessed your future is one of Hope and purpose the past can no longer chain you

when I decree your freedom this very hour you have questioned if I hear your

prayers if I truly see the secret longings of your heart let all

uncertainty vanish right now I know you more deeply than you know

yourself before you took your first breath I named you as my own not one

detail of Your Life Escapes my notice your Joys and Sorrows alike are etched

into my hands perhaps you wonder how a God so great could care so personally

for you such perfect love is beyond human understanding but my ways are higher

than yours I am Unlimited in power and presence I am able to tend each fragile

flower while still upholding the cosmos itself you my dear one are far more

precious to me than the stars in the sky never believe the enemy’s lies telling

you otherwise his sole purpose is to kill steal and destroy but I have come

to give you life abund Joy made complete the thief wishes only

to plague your thoughts with doubt in my goodness shut every Whisper of fear out from your spirit instead receive this

truth into your inmost being you are my beloved chosen to carry my

glory Heaven itself longs to welcome you home even now Angels prepare a royal

inheritance for you imperishable Treasures I will bestow on that glor glorious day we finally meet face to

face for I am coming quickly to write every wrong to wipe away every tear I

bring Justice for the oppressed and freedom for the captive I come bearing the keys to death

itself to unlock the gates and Lead my people out my return is imminent do not

lose hope in these Final hours keep your eyes fixed on me the author and finisher

of your faith I I know waiting has not been easy my child the journey has held much

heartache you never deserved if I could have spared you these pains I would have but the fires

of adversity serve a purpose in refining your character purifying your

devotion through them I prepare you for an eternal weight of glory and even in

the furnace you were never alone did I not walk with Shadrach Meshach and

Abednego I stood right beside you too up upholder of all who trust in

me when you emerged unscorched was that not the smell of smoke rising from your

clothes you have come through the testing to display my awesome Deliverance therefore I say to you now

Arise My Champion take your place Among The Bold and Valiant there are Mighty

victories yet ahead the borders of my kingdom will advance mightily through

you I have commissioned you as an Ambassador between Realms Heaven’s

resources will flow freely into your hands as you declare my promises into being fear and doubt must Bow Low before

your bold decrees spoken in my name you will lay hands on the sick and see their

restoration the desperate will stream to you for wisdom and Direction my anointing will break strongholds of

Oppression everywhere your feet tread does this calling seem Beyond you

of course it does in your natural mind and ability alone

you could never fulfill it but I do not send you out under your own

power my very spirit and presence will accompany you living inside your Earthly

Temple every Miracle will be my Works through you simply make yourself

available to me each day set aside regular time to meet with me in Stillness and

silence as any relationship thrives through intimacy so too our bond deepens

the more you pursue me here in this secret place I will speak to your innermost being my sheep know my voice

learn it well the messages you receive are for you alone my Holy Spirit May

Inspire one follower to Deeds of justice and mercy for another creativity and

Beauty may be their calling never compare your walk to anothers or seek to judge their personal encounters with

me each receives different gifts but all are from the same Source there are yet

many mysteries about my ways you cannot hope to grasp in your finite mind but

this you can know for certain my plans for you brim with goodness and Delight

my ways lead to wholeness and Abundant Life only believe in my loving purpose

even when circumstances tempt you to doubt here is where many stumble they

entrust their weight to their own faulty Vision instead of mine they follow the senses of their body over the promptings

of their Spirit within but Earthly eyes deceive they perceive only a fraction of

the full picture so you must walk by faith in what Eternal eyes reveal over fleeting

Shadows fix your vision on things invisible the realities of my kingdom

transcending this terrestrial realm the seen world is is passing

away but the truths of my spirit endure forever begin now to view your life

through this heavenly perspective start to align your thoughts words and actions based on my

priorities transformation will come one small step after another as you offer up your body in

service to me the lens of your soul comes into greater Focus what Vistas will open before you

then what Glory light will stream through in time you will perceive all of

creation as I do bursting with expectation alive with my presence the

true nature of everything is spiritual my Luminosity resides in the core of everyone and everything but only some

Have Eyes Open to recognize it to you I grant this sight as a gift you will see

Saints and strangers Angels Among ordinary men the mundane will become

marked by magnificence Marvels will multiply through eyes aware of my presence permeating all things

creation is my great Cathedral and you my poet will capture its wonders in

verse and song I am the author of this Grand Story written across the

cosmos how intimately I know the hopes fears and failings of Every Soul who

passes through these Pages not one escapes my attention nor

my affection there are no extras in this drama all have a vital role in The

Narrative I spin Through the Ages I weep with those who weep I laugh with those

who laugh every detail of the plot serves my purpose even the villain has

his place I do not Delight in death and darkness but the story must play out

exactly as I have ordained in the end my light will Triumph no power can restrain what I

have destined to be between now and then I author your life too according to my perfect

wisdom I know the proper timing of events to shape your character for Glory

trust that all proceeds just as it should though the unfolding mystery May confuse you at times walk in confidence

that I hold the resolution in Stillness return always to me let us meet Heart to Heart in the

place no person or distraction can intrude the holy of holies where my

spirit makes its home in you as high priest of your soul I beckon

you into sacred communion with me here you will find strength for each day here

is where wounds close and refreshment flows through do not neglect this Lifeline

beloved just as food and water sustain your body you absolutely need this

spiritual nourishment too your inner being thirsts for my presence exactly as

I yearn for yours we share this Mutual Delight in Fellowship together even when

the Tempest rages without Within These Chambers you have a Haven of Peace my

perfect love casts out all tormenting fears I am your Shield against the

arrows the enemy aims toward you his schemes will utterly fail so long as you

remain at my side listen for the song my spirit sings over you let it quiet any harsh voices

echoing through your mind even your own thoughts accuse you at times but I

declare you Innocent by my blood my grace alone has saved and redeemed you

now my song rejoices over you how beautiful are your feet carrying

the good news fresh lies stream behind your steps your smile awakens the dawn

arise beloved Come Away With Me My Soul yearns for you too my fair

one see how I rush to meet you never again will loneliness trace your face

with sorrow we walk on as one now I am wholly

yours you are truly mine our hearts flame together as though

two candles merged into one brighter light if you knew how I Rejoice over you

dear child all Heaven celebrates with us rare and splendid was the hour I

fashioned you how could I help but adore my Flawless creation for I crafted you

in my very image Lovely One my own eyes smile back at me in yours my compassion

and kindness shaped The Contours of your heart so quick to forgive I meant only goodness toward you

each detail of your being reflects my divine nature you are my own beloved mirror

in years past that reflection dimmed under dust and grime accumulating through pain lies marred your perception

of our likeness you viewed yourself as rejected unwanted and Unholy but my

spirit has come like a Refiner’s Fire to cleanse and restore you to show you as I

see you radiant Beauty know again who you are I have named you HEPA my soul

Delights in you I take joy and pride in you for you have triumphed by my grace

no more will memories of past sins weigh as chains to bind you indeed they have

become Stepping Stones now elevating you higher in Hope’s understanding of my Mercy the tests and trials you have

endured were always intended to deepen your wisdom and empathy for who can better Comfort the suffering than one

schooled in such Sorrows herself the healing I pour through you will be all the more profound and

Powerful because once you sat asking alms with the hurting and destitute but no

longer this day I am raising you up to new heights of influence I Crown you foremost among my

ambassadors of Hope for I am sending you out to testify of my Redemption and

instruct many in my ways what was meant to destroy you will become the very platform to display my glory your mind

once so oppressed will teach many the path to True Liberty even weaknesses

will lend wait to your witness of my strength your story will stir hungry

Hearts everywhere you travel I will cause doors to open before you even to

Halls of leadership strategies from my throne room will pour through your willing mind to shape laws and policies

enacting Justice for multitudes laws that free captives laws that Comfort

mourners laws reflecting the very Heart Of Heaven and everywhere your feet tread

each word you release carries immense power power in Consequence the sound of my spirit

through you will drive back demons and disease blind eyes will open under the creative force of your

prayer food will multiply storms will cease at your command prison doors will

unbolt as you declare my freedom to all held captive whether by bars of iron or

shackles of addiction and despair intimate knowledge of their suffering makes you a Beacon of Hope to

lead them home home stay near always to the Wells of my living water

beloved remain ever at that fertile stream nourishing your soul drink deeply

be filled and refreshed again and again for soon I will send you out from this quiet respite into the darkest of

valleys there you must shine all the brighter as torchbearer declaring through the Blackest Night That Dawn

will surely come my day star Rises within you bright and glorious I Herald

lift up your voice without fear the time for silence and withdrawal has ended my

glory awaits manifestation through you a watching World grows desperate for

Hope many have given themselves over to decadence and despair but the light still calls to

them from within the abyss they yearn to behold the city on the hill if only

someone would shine a light to reveal the path back home you my child hold

that torch aoft for all to see I have filled you with my blazing truth and

righteousness now go and illuminate the kingdom realm being established on the earth in these last days let my flame

within you set Nations Ablaze with Revival fire and radical Reformation my

power will pulse through the passion of your prayers and the persuasion of your speech you will convince many of my

truth simply through the love and conviction pouring through your voice for you have my very heart and who can

resist such glorious love I have stored up all this amazing potential inside you

my bold lionhearted one but for a time your true identity was shrouded from

even your own eyes the caterpillar could never have dreamed what the Cocoon held

yet Wonder Beyond imagining took shape in the dark quiet this night soon ends

behold already I come for you with the dawn the time has arriv RVE for your unveiling rare and courageous one shake

off shadowy remnants of the past I have named you new now believe and walk firm

in the vision I grant you of your emerging self Majestic Wings yearn to emerge feel

them quiver within the confines of that once familiar skin now grown too small

heed their signal Break Free of limiting beliefs and habits fly unfettered upon

the fresh Breeze of the spirit set to lift you higher Ascend ever nearer the

Glorious light of my gaze adoring you yes you may yet doubt your

Readiness but I say you were born for such a time as this did I not choose

simple fishermen and zealous taxmen to carry the gospel to the ancient world did I not select young Shepherd boys and

elderly widows to rule whole nations in my name empty vessels become filled vess

through my power at work within them humility and yielded this is all I

require come to me daily to empty yourself before my Waters fill you for each

task pride has no place in my holy temples but there is no limit to what

selfless devotion May achieve through my spirit just ask my Saints who have gone

before you their lives too seemed modest and mundane before my touch transformed

War them now the whole Cosmos reverberates with their Renown so too

will your name be shouted with joy through every sphere one day for my dear child nothing is

impossible for Willing Hearts empowered by my presence within Rejoice then at the great plans I

have prepared for you do not consider any ambition too

bold no vision is beyond reach when I unfold the Heavens to make straight your

paths just walk ever at my side with simple trust allowing me to guide your

steps together we will venture farther than your wildest imaginings could have hoped or

dreamed keep your eyes fixed always on me my little one I know the way ahead even when the

road May confuse you for a Time much strangeness lies in store for this age

unfolding much that once seemed seemed solid will melt like Wax before the heat of my refining

fire but you my steadfast one must not waver amidst the tumult in the fickle

tides of popular opinion remain anchored to my changeless truth stormy Winds of

Doctrine will assail but you have built your life upon my rock solid

foundation come what may stand firm and pay no heed to Ravenous wolves who may

Sur around you for a season they would devour your calling to appease their own Egos and agendas but they do not

determine your destiny or dictate your identity I alone Reserve that privilege

Who Dares measure my anointed who can know the workings of almighty God therefore go boldly forward in the

assignment ordained for you from of old pay no mind to jealous voices they

serve no Eternal purpose keep your eyes fixed only on me as I cheer your

progress for beloved you Delight this Father’s Heart the thought of you ushers

Joy through my being even amidst the cacophony of creation and competing cries for attention I ever listen for

your voice raised in loving conversation with me yours is the sweetest Melody resounding through Realms Celestial hush

now and hear Heaven’s host hailing your brilliant music see the cloud of witnesses rallying around you these

Noble Saints who finished their races surround us even now once they trod the path stretching before you now they cry

out with a roar onward brave soul march on in the Master’s

Victory we are all of us United you see the triumphant throngs above and my

church still struggling below Bound By An unbreakable Chain of Love we cheer

each other toward our mutual home soon you shall join their exalted

ranks with hard one medals gleaming bright but first there is Kingdom Business for you yet to accomplish on

the earth many desperate captives languish still in dark dungeons unaware of my Liberation at hand I am

commissioning you to carry keys of Revelation to unlock their chains as I open up my word to you you will unlock

its Treasures to set multitudes free even long sealed Mysteries of the

Kingdom with will yield to your seeking for you have gained my favor

beloved wisdom and Revelation flow freely to you as I open your eyes to

perceive Heavenly Secrets Mysteries long hidden come to light under your gaze Realms and

dimensions once veiled stand suddenly revealed this Insight is not merely for

your amusement but for the blessing of All My Children wandering lost trapped

in deception maze take now these Heavenly keys I place in your stewardship go and unlock

prisons both material and spiritual fling Wide Doors to Salvation and

healing and hope therefore prepare yourself for I am sending you out as

sheep among wolves take nothing with you but my authority and my love this alone

will be your weapon and defense against the forces of Darkness dead set to destroy all I send to redeem Humanity

tread softly but boldly into territories of Despair the church neglected for too

long the cries of the suffering summoned you who else will heed their plea if my

ambassadors lack compassion’s courage go now to the Forgotten

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