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my precious child as you rise on this

beautiful morning I bless you I speak

directly today into the spirit of

someone who is feeling the temptation to

take the easy way out to quit pursuing


dreams you feel like giving up the

dreams and Destiny I’ve placed in your

heart but I urge you do not give in to

defeatism you are so much closer to your

breakthrough than you know have faith

and keep pressing forward into your

calling I see the weariness in your soul

this journey of faith has been long and

difficult for you full of Trials and

opposition there were many times you

wanted to throw in the towel and walk

away but now is not the time to give up

my beloved you have come too far to turn

back now your perseverance and endurance

have brought you to the brink of my

promises coming to pass in your life the

enemy wants you to doubt so near the

finish line that you will ever see my


fulfilled he comes to steal away hope
Overcoming Temptation

and lure you

backwards but remain steadfast and

Vigilant your reward is on its way let

me open your eyes to see spiritually

where you stand at this Crossroads

moment the temptation to slide into

compromise and resignation beckons you

onto the broad downhill

road but by my spirit I point you to the

narrow uphill path though difficult it

leads to Blessings Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams the easier Road leads only to

spiritual stagnation delay and missed

opportunities I know at times you feel

utterly spent my child the trials and

setbacks of recent years have pressed

hard against your endurance LM

limits but you have kept trusting in my

purpose and

plan even when you couldn’t see very far

ahead what the enemy intended to destroy

And Delay you I am using to propel you

forward into your

destiny your persistent faith has

prepared you for this moment when

breakthrough is upon

you for some of you Faithful ones you

have spent countless hours fasting

laying prostrate crying out for me to

come and bring Revival healing

provisions and

Direction now the external pressures
Facing External Pressures

closing in feel like the olive press

squeezing hard within your

spirit the process is painful and

confusing I know but necessary to

produce the fresh anointing I have for

this next chapter of your life and


hold on and stay the course a little

longer my

beloved though you are weary in body and

soul your perseverance and endurance are

setting you up for divine


Miracles and

favor I move in ways that are mysterious

to you with your Earthly

perspective I work in unexpected ways

beyond what you can see now to produce

eternal glory in your

life as you overcome adversity through

childlike trust in my unfailing love you

receive an eternal weight of

Glory what I have prepared for you my

faithful one is so magnificent that your

present trials will seem light and

momentary when you look back compared to

the Joy set before you fix your eyes not

on your negative circumstances and


but on the Unseen Eternal rewards I have

promised you the economic lack sickness

loneliness and despair you now face are

temporary Illusions not your Ultimate

Reality what I am secretly preparing you

for is an everlasting Destiny of

fruitfulness influence prosperity and

purpose you will emerge from this

Wilderness leaner of soul but stronger

of spirit
Belief and Vindication

keep believing your day of Celebration

and Vindication is at

hand do not become preoccupied with or

overwhelmed by what you see right now in

the natural

realm the problems shortages sickness

confusion and

despair it is all

fleeting realize The Light Within You is

greater than any

Darkness the Breakthrough I have

prepared for you is eternal not

temporary it will radically impact and

transform your life and future

Generations you are marked and chosen to

walk in blessing and divine favor I am

establishing you permanently in a new

dimension of influence Prosperity Health

joy and family

Legacy you have built Christlike

tenacity patience and

resilience as you have clung to me

through the storms your roots have grown

deep in my unconditional

love you have learned to trust me as

your good father provider and healer

difficulties have forced you to lean

wholly on me in your weakness this
Preparation for Increase

preparation was vital because the

increase in blessings and responsibility

I am releasing requires a level of

maturity and godly character to Steward


wisely many who wander from me in my

ways when times get challenging cannot

handle the Spiritual Authority and

influence I desire to Grant you my


one the perseverance you have developed

in obscurity is opening doors of

opportunity for you to impact lives for

eternity you are truly

ready my beloved child be greatly


today breakthrough is upon

you the reward for your steadfast faith

and endurance is at hand you have pers

veed through the Wilderness and now

stand at the edge of your Promised

Land a land flowing with more milk and

honey than you can

imagine do not give in to discouragement

now when your moment of Victory and

Vindication is so

near press on with indestructible hope

and expectant Faith together we will

finish this race strongly keep your eyes

on me your loving father I am right by

your side now and forever more let me
Comfort in Trials

wipe away your tears my perfect love

casts out all fear and doubt I Delight

in you my precious

child you are my beloved chosen to

display my

glory Great Adventures lie ahead as you

step into your destiny and

calling my beloved you have journeyed

long and hard to arrive at this pivotal

moment the Wilderness has stretched you

thin your faith has been tested through


trials there were days you struggled to

take even one more step

forward but by my grace you

persevered and now you stand at the edge

of your Promised Land a destiny Beyond

Your Wildest

Dreams this is not the time to shy away

in fear that it is too good to be true

my beloved child in this pivotal moment

you stand on the threshold of a future

crafted by faith not by

fear you’ve journeyed through valleys
Journey Through Life

and climbed mountains each step a

testament to your resilience remember I

am not a distant Observer I am with you

in every breath every challenge in your

moments of Doubt when the world’s noise

drowns out my Whispers of love and

purpose pause and

listen I am there in the quiet

speaking life into your

dreams you’ve asked for signs for

guidance and I have provided them in

ways you might not yet

understand as you forge ahead embrace

the unknown with Courage the path May

Twist and Turn but it is leading you to

a place of profound growth and

joy let go of the need to control every

outcome Trust In My Time timing for it


perfect the blessings I have in store

for you require not just Faith but

patience in moments of weakness when you

feel like you are walking alone remember

the footprints in the sand it is then

that I carry you your burdens are mine

your Sorrows are mine lay them at my
Rest and Surrender

feet and I will give you rest you’re

about to step into a season of abundance

the seeds of Faith you’ve swn in tears

will soon sprout in Joy the dreams you

thought were dead are being resurrected

by my power the Visions you’ve held

close to your heart are about to unfold

in Vivid

color do not be swayed by naysayers or

the storms of

life you are stronger than you realize

more capable than you

know in me you have everything you need


overcome your story is a testament to my

faithfulness a Beacon of Hope to those

still walking through their

valleys As you move forward keep a

spirit of

gratitude thankfulness is the key that

unlocks blessings it shifts your

perspective aligns your heart with mine

and opens your eyes to the Miracles

happening around

you finally know this you are loved

beyond measure cherished Beyond work

words in you I take
Delight in Creation

Delight you are not just my creation you

are my joy my pride my beloved child go

forth in this truth and Let It Be The

Wind Beneath Your Wings as you soar into


destiny as you step into this new

chapter I am with

you together we will walk into a future

filled with hope purpose and


Joy the best Best Is Yet To Come My

Precious Child believe it receive it and

watch as your wildest dreams come to

life in my perfect love and timing my

beloved your journey through the

Wilderness has further refined your

faith and brought you closer to

me our bond is now

unbreakable no matter the adversities

that may still

arise you have cultivated an inner

resilience that will carry you through

the transformation I have brought about

in your character was not just to

prepare you for external increase and

influence more importantly it was to

develop Christlike virtues

within humility Integrity wisdom

compassion these heart qualities far

outweigh any Earthly wealth accolades or

material possessions for you cannot take
Eternal Perspective

those things with you beyond this life

but your relationship with me and the

person you have become in Walking

closely with me last for

eternity as you step courageously

forward do not view this new season

merely as a destination of achieved

dreams finally realized see it rather as

part of a lifelong journey of growth

adventure and Discovery as we travel

together new lessons await around each

turn new Vistas will unfold before you

there will be surprises challenges un

foreseen storylines that I am weaving

not every day will be easy or Joy filled

but in all of it I remain steady at your

side my love envelops you and my

purposes Propel you you may not fully

recognize it yet amid Earthly struggles

and mundane

routines but you are playing a vital

role in My Kingdom plans in ways visible

and invisible recognized and

obscure every positive action every

selfless choice Every Act of compassion

makes an eternal difference small daily

offerings of kindness are like seeds

that grow into Lush Gardens over time

never underestimate the power of One

Life fully submitted to walking in my

ways fully open to being led by my

spirit stay near me my beloved child and

together we will continue to leave

Divine Footprints upon this

Earth we will write an a Eternal story

over the canvas of your days on Earth

the full depth and meaning of our shared

experiences now may remain shrouded in

mystery but glimpses of understanding

will unfold over time especially in

retrospect and then one day when we meet

face to face in my heavenly realm you

will recognize the Exquisite design and

detail I wo through Decades of steadfast

Faith together we will Marvel at the

Masterpiece Our Lives formed in the

fullness of time

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