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my child come and listen to my words

about living honestly I see you

struggling at times to know the right

path tempted by little lies or missteps

that seem harmless but understand my

dear one the importance of Truth a small

seed of Deceit can grow unchecked into

strongholds that entangle your spirit I

wish to spare you that harm and set you

free in my grace see how when honesty

lives in your heart it builds a

foundation of integrity that

endures though speaking truth may be

difficult it Waters the soil for

blessings to Blossom in time even when

accusations come Stand Tall knowing that

I see how you strive for

righteousness rest in my understanding

While others are quick to judge for

their vision is clouded unable to

perceive the whole of a person and

situation but I the Lord your God search

the depths of every heart and motive I

have compassion for the complex nature

of humanity

the inner wrestling between selfish

inclinations and Selfless Love so do not

despair if you stumble on the path as

all do at times for am I not merciful

and kind my forgiveness remains a well

that never runs dry for a truly

repentant Soul come to me openly and we

will walk together one step at a time

Illuminating the way ahead the light and

easy yoke you shall bear as you learn

and grow for even the smallest seeds of

goodness will yield a harvest in due

time if tended

patiently consider the farmer who

prepares their field with care removing

rocks and weeds before sewing crops they

understand what is needed for an

abundant yield later on so too must

honest seeds be nurtured in good soil

for their roots to spread though the

Earth May at first seem Barren continue

scattering that which is noble and just

watering it Faithfully in time lust

shoots will emerge even from hard ground

the fruits of righteousness will ripen a

blessing not only for you but for all

who see and taste them for when one

person lives with Integrity it lifts the

spirit of a whole Community it Kindles

Hope For Humanity a light of goodness to

push back the Shadows that ever

threaten so do not underestimate small

acts done in truth and Justice the

impact widens in circles beyond what you

can perceive in the moment

and I see it all and celebrate each

courageous choice for

transparency still know that I share in

your weariness when the cost of Truth


High you may wonder why some who deal

falsely seem to prosper their pockets

and Pride full remember that I see a

bigger picture unfolding and will surely

repay all in due time take heart that as

you walk honestly with me no lasting

harm will overtake you

When Storms arise we will face them

together one day at a time my grace will

prove sufficient as tests and trials

refine you purifying your character

through the

fire for am I not an everpresent help

for the righte I uphold and strengthen

those who take refuge in me fear not if

Earthly benefits seem delayed as reward

for your

integrity for my ways and timing differ

from that of Mortals let steadfastness

and courage Infuse your every word and

deed persevere in truth even when

convenience or pleasure tempt compromise

keep eternity’s perspective before your

eyes Discerning the far-reaching impact

of subtle

deceits for the righteous path often

proves narrow Less Traveled and popular

but walk it with boldness and Care

nonetheless where honesty dwells

Abundant Life follow follows in my

wake that which is sown in Integrity

yields blessings

Untold so come beloved one take my hand

again when you grow weary or doubt the

road ahead finds sure footing when

anchored in me I will teach you and

model truth perfectly transforming you

fear by

fear shame will fade in the light of my

grace as together we walk slowly but

steadily towards the dawn

their Mercy triumphs over judgment and

understanding surpasses

accusation for by love and honesty is

any Gap bridged foundational Stones

supporting a life wellb built though

storms will surely come you will stand

strong on this rock bed of character I

develop within you wind and rain May

assail the walls but you will remain

secure a beacon for other Travelers

seeking Shelter From The Tempest

your light will shine for eternity as

goodness put down ever deepening roots

from small seeds a great harvest this

mystery confounds the world but embodies

the upside down kingdom coming take

heart my

beloved I Never Promised an easy life

but I pledge constantly my presence On

The Road Less

Traveled we walk together towards

Horizons Beyond Earthly

imaginings even when you stumble get

back up in faith my judgment remains

gracious my vision pierced by calvary’s

radical love so fear no failure that

cannot be redeemed no past defeat too

great for resurrection’s power with head

lifted High continue we shall on this

journey forged in truth’s fire Where

Feet May grow tired let us pause to

remind hardened hearts of their first

love for many wander having forgotten

the warmth found in honesty’s hearth the

freedom of Walking In The

Light Stern Innocents Stand Accused

while darkened Souls seem to escape

Justice here Mercy bids us kneel In

Prayer for Wisdom transcending human

courts entrust All Souls to my graceful

guardianship rather than close off in

bitterness hard truths often take time

to come to light but come they will as

Dawn’s Relentless push back against the

night so let patience accompany each

plotting step eager for reconciliation

more than

retaliation leave room for repentance

where law presses for punishment eager

to reclaim rather than

condemn but when boundaries must be firm

for safety’s sake seek first counsel

rather than react for I appoint

authorities as servants for society’s

order and see the Tangled motives in


heart those who twist power for selfish

gain will stand accountable before

Heaven’s uncompromising Court still

remember even saints were once lost

sheep who stumbled in shadowed valleys

so reflect first on the beam in your own

eye before spotlighting another’s Speck

none stand innocent outside my Mercy’s

reach all have reaped unearned Grace but

for the teacher who walked the path

perfectly into death’s jaws and back

again so let his radical light Infuse

you purging the impulse to quickly judge

others complex stories instead model the

patience and compassion he lived out

amidst temptation’s Fierce pull when

walls close in take courage from the one

who faced Agony alone yet emerged to

prepare a feast I understand when

honesty feels too costly truth too

demanding persevere still in Walking

transparently With Me integrity’s Narrow

Path leads finally to Horizons no eye

has yet seen rest in this security

though storms surround on every side the

deepest anchors hold no flood or flame

can dim the indestructible life to come

for all who take refuge in me so lift

your eyes from the shadows and threats

in your path dare to dream of soaring on

Eagle wings Above This Brokenness

already the dawn lights the sky though

night still crouches truth travels most

swiftly on the wings of imagination

envisioning what could be so come walk

with me along Hope’s story line refusing

to let sinicism right the ending reach

out your hand to walk this Kingdom road

with the lonely hurting

marginalized for where two or more

Gather in pursuit of honesty and Justice

I stand among them by my spirit

breathing courage for the

journey lay aside similar heirs that

isolate you my child risk engaging

without filtering truth through

appearances lens offer that same

unpretentious space to others on this

path for such holy cander transforms

more than the eloquence wisdom can

impart find your smile echoed in ones

you least expect Links of understanding

melt Shields of indifference in

disarming kander’s furnace where honesty

flows freely Rivers of Life follow after

to bless parched ground my dream ever

unfolds through those who dare live

transparently amidst murky fiction the

choice remains yours daily will

innocence or Illusion write the

tale how profoundly Souls long for

truth’s Clear ringing not drowned by


Den how few risk its high cost though

many sing its Praises in

platitudes Proclaim rather its reality

with life laid down for others truth

resides not in words aloof but in blood

poured out

serving so walk in vulnerable compassion

and live the Story Once scripted in a

Nazarene scarred feet scatter tracings

of beauty and goodness behind you like

seeds for seeking Souls gather clear

falsities Haze with truths bold colors

and lines reflecting my image in you

ever more

brightly let creativity partner with

Integrity to shape a masterpiece

displaying Hope’s certain

foundations then shall deceptions

barriers crumble like Mist as light

permeates with unre relenting Grace no

soul stranded as orphans but embraced as

my sons and daughters no room for cold

Injustice in such transforming

Revelation come now walk here with me a

while longer through verdant pastures

and Still Waters where we restore our

souls drink deeply of this Wellspring of

Life offered freely to all who thirst

truth need not defend herself but rather

winsomely draws all who seek meaning

rather than

Mirage abide here in the shelter of my

wing until you regain strength for roads

ahead tomorrow awaits with new trials

and Glad Tidings but Grace sufficient

for each one comes gently in the now so

rest here without defense beloved one

soon we will Journey on with the first

light onward towards home

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