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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child today I want

you to pause and reflect on the journey

you’ve traveled thus far you’ve

encountered moments of kindness and

times when you’ve faced

rejection amid these

fluctuations one truth remains

unwavering my love and support for you

it’s it’s essential that you fully grasp

and believe in this unchanging reality

when you understand that I am always for

you it becomes a powerful force in your

life it has the ability to diminish fear

to fill you with calmness amidst

adversity and to cultivate a resilience

firmly rooted in Divine

Assurance so as you navigate the ups and

downs of Life remember that my love is

your constant

companion with this assurance you can

face face any challenge with courage and

confidence knowing that you are never

alone Embrace this

truth my beloved

child and let it guide you through each

moment of your journey knowing that I

will never turn my back on you instills

a confidence that enables you to

persevere through the toughest of

times my approval and love for you my

beloved stem not from your achievements

or failures but simply because you are

mine Type A Amen in the comments and

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you it is my

opinion my view of you that stands

Paramount and will continue to do so for

all eternity no person no circumstance

no challenge can ever sever the bond

between us or diminish the magnitude of

my love for you this love is your Shield

your strength and your guide through the

EB and flow of life as you stand on the

threshold of what what lies ahead with

its inherent challenges and

uncertainties let this be your Guiding

Light come to me and find rest in my


presence you are aware that the day will

unfold with its own trials and often you

find yourself lost in thoughts

attempting to navigate these

difficulties ahead of time in doing so

remember that I am with you now and

perpetually when you repeatedly rehearse

your troubles in your mind you endure

them multiple times amplifying your


needlessly this is not what you are

meant to experience instead of being

entangled in the web of anticipated

struggles turn to me come into my

presence and let my peace envelop you in

this Sacred Space of communion with me

your fears are transformed into

confident trust in my presence you will

find not just Solace but also the

strength to face the day I am here to

fortify you to prepare you for what is

to come

let my love and peace wash over you

replacing your anxieties with a

deep-seated Assurance you are not meant

to carry the burden of tomorrow or to

live through your trials before they

arrive my desire for you is to

experience each day as it comes not

burdened by the weight of the future but

uplifted by the certainty of my love and

guidance in my presence there is a

fortitude that readies you for the day’s

challenges transforming fear into Faith

anxiety into assurance Ur and doubt into

determined Trust In the Journey of Faith

an essential truth must be acknowledged

you cannot serve two

masters if I am truly your master your

heart’s deepest desire will be to please

me above all

others the pursuit of pleasing people

can be a treacherous path leading to a

form of enslavement when you give others

this power over you they can become


taskmasters demanding and unyielding if

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channel however when I Am The Sovereign

master of your

life Something Beautiful

unfolds your service to me is not born

out of obligation or fear but deeply

rooted and grounded in my

vast unconditional love for you it is in

The Humbling Act of bowing down before

me that you are lifted into an intimate

relationship with me this relationship

is the source of true Joy a joy that

that far outshines any other pleasure

you may find in this world I desire for

you to live in increasing intimacy with

me reflecting the joyous light of my

presence in your life this intimacy is

not a distant unattainable ideal but a

tangible daily experience that

transforms every aspect of your

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generosity uplifts our mission God bless

you my child as you draw nearer to me

let my love fill you to overflowing

influencing your actions your thoughts

and your

priorities the more you immerse yourself

in my love the less you will seek the

approval of others in this Divine

exchange you find Freedom from the

constraints of people pleasing and

discover the liberating Joy of being

fully mine

serving me becomes an expression of love

a natural outpouring of your

relationship with me it is in this place

of surrender and devotion that you

experience the truest form of joy and

fulfillment as you walk forward on this

path let this be your guiding principle

seek to please me above all and let your

service be a reflection of our intimate

relationship for in this you will find

your heart’s truest joy and your life’s

deepest purpose

remember in the act of serving me you

are not losing yourself but rather

finding your truest self in the Embrace

of my love in the dance of Life

understand this I am the Firm Foundation

on which you can freely dance sing and

wholeheartedly celebrate my presence

this joyful celebration is not merely an

act of worship but also my high and holy

calling for you embrace it as a precious

gift a sacred invitation to experience

joy and fulfillment in its purest form

glorifying and enjoying

me transcending the importance of

maintaining a meticulously structured

and tidy life let go of your Relentless

striving to control every aspect of your

existence a Pursuit that is not only

impossible but also drains your energy

and spirit my guidance for each of my

children is uniquely tailored to their

Journey this is why tuning in to my

voice to my guidance is essential for

your well-being

if you believe in God then like the

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comments allow me to prepare you for the

day ahead to set your path straight and

to guide your steps I am with you

continuously offering constant

companionship and support therefore do

not be daunted by the shadows of fear

though it may lurk close by it cannot

inflict harm as long as you remain

firmly grasped in my hand keep your

focus on me

and in doing so you will experience the

tranquility and peace of my

presence this peace is not a fleeting

moment but a constant reality for those

who take refuge in me it is a peace that

surpasses all understanding a peace that

guards your heart and mind in the midst

of life’s storms and

uncertainties as you journey through

each day remember that your true Refuge

your unshakable foundation lies in

me in my presence

you find the freedom to express your joy

to celebrate your faith and to live in

the Assurance of my unfailing love and

guidance so dance and sing on this firm

foundation and let your life be a

testimony of joy and peace found only in


presence amen if you believe that God

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