?God Says, “You Need To Move Immediately Because..?God’s Message Now Today For ME

my child I ask that you listen closely

to my voice resounding within you may my

living words rise up to impart my

presence and power do not be troubled

for I am with you

always open your spirit wide that I may

fill you to

overflowing allow me to soften your soul

that my anointing May saturate every

fiber of your being draw near to me and

I will draw near to you prepare your

inward self to commune with

me I am your faithful provider and my

storehouses overflow with Abundant

Blessings to bestow upon you my beloved

I have not gathered you here by chance

you are in the center of my

will this moment has been ordained since

before time began I am intentional in

all my ways my eyes have been upon you

watching over you with loving care I

know the concerns weighing heavy on your

heart I know the petitions you have laid

before me I am aware of every need every

longing every hidden

desire do not fear my child your cries

have not gone

unheard even now I’m moving on your

behalf the answers you seek are already

on their way I am orchestrating events

and aligning

relationships I am clearing Pathways and

making streams in the Wasteland I am

preparing a table for you in the

presence of your

enemies I am your rock your shelter your

deliverer the victory is already yours

raise your eyes to the hills from whence

comes your help I am the source of all

you require abide in me and drink deeply

from my Wellspring of Life allow me to

refresh and restore your soul my beloved

one I want you to know that you will see

the complete work I have begun in you

brought to perfect

fulfillment I am the Alpha and Omega the

author and finisher of your faith the

seeds I have planted within you will

yield a Bountiful Harvest you will live

to see the goodness I have spoken over

you realized in your life the promises I

have whispered in the secret place will

Bloom into tangible experiences of my

grace and favor do not settle for

fragmented blessings and partial

fulfillment I intend to bless you

abundantly above all you can ask or

imagine do not lose hope that I will

fulfill every promise I have spoken over

you I’m committed to bringing them to

pass in due

season my words are

eternity what I declare I bring to

completion no Declaration of mine

returns void without bearing

fruit therefore lift your head beloved

look up with expectancy anticipate the

fullness of time when and all will come

to maturity the Harvest is ripening

great grace is being released Divine

alignments are

manifesting suddenlies will burst forth

Watch and Pray Stand Fast in the Liberty

with which I have made you free Victory

is assured I am perfecting all that

concerns you I will not rest until my

purpose is realized my work in you made

complete daily I am molding you more and

more into the image of

Christ from glory to glory I am

transforming you by the renewing of your

mind lay aside all vain comparisons and

Earthly standards do not judge yourself

according to worldly

principles instead see yourself as I see

you you are an original and exquisite

composition of glory and grace there is

no one like you in all

creation fear not my beloved continue

looking into the mirror of my word to

discover your true identity as my image

Bearer for as you are transformed

inwardly so will your outward Life begin

to display the excellencies of my divine

nature love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness

self-control as you yield to the

refining fire of my spirit you will

emerge radiant and resplendant shining

with my glory From the Inside

Out the process is

ongoing never doubt that I will finish

what I started I am committed to

perfecting you according to my

purposes my grace is sufficient for you

I will not stop shaping and forming you

until Christ is fully developed in

you so take heart beloved

child do not focus on what is

lacking incomplete or deficient

keep your eyes fixed on the finished


ahead though you cannot perceive it at

present just as an acorn contains the

blueprint of an oak tree I have encoded

your spirit with everything needed for


maturation the seed I have planted in

your heart carries within itself


potentialities the completed you

surpasses your wildest

dreams allow me to finish what I have

started Ed I make all things beautiful

in my time I’m able to bring out depths

of Glory far beyond what you can

presently conceptualize in your finite

mind do not despair over imperfect

Beginnings humble starts have no bearing

on the finished work a few Loaves and

Fishes in my hands fed thousands and

left abundance trust me to multiply and

maximize the anointing upon your life no

matter how small or insignificant you

feel surrender yourself to my

transforming power at work within you my

precious one my heart’s desire is to

Lavish you with blessings that will take

your breath away I find great joy in

surprising you with gifts far above all

you can ask or imagine it Delights me to

pour out abundance exceeding your

wildest dreams your tired soul will be

revived your parched places will drink

in rivers of Living Water you will be

firmly rooted and fruitful a tree of

righteousness displaying my

Splendor the work I am completing in you

is worth the wait at the appointed time

you will understand why I allow delays


detours my timing is flawless I cause

everything to work together for the good

of those who love me what I begin I

finish rest in my capable hands trusting

my ways and surrendering your

timeline the hour of fulfillment will

surely come therefore lift your gaze to

the unseen reality of what I am birthing

in the spirit train your eyes to

recognize my handiwork in all

circumstances and stages of growth

though the labor is intense it will

culminate in breakthrough

Joy the pain will fade Lost In The

Wonder of new

life for now cling to my

promises and let them Infuse you with

hope the best is yet to be allow me to

plant seeds of anticipation deep in your


being my beloved do not lose heart when

the waiting stretches

long I know it is wearing to hope for

what you cannot yet

see but I assure you the Fulfillment of

my promises is drawing nearer day by

day though the journey is arduous you

are constantly progressing toward the

destination I I have prepared for you

with each rising and setting of the sun

you are one step closer to experiencing

the full manifestation of my

purposes my beloved if I did not deem

you worthy and ready for greater

increase I would not take you through

such deep

Waters it is because I see the vast

potential within you that I lead you

along this

path I know the abundance you are

capable of steward in and I desire to

unlock each chamber of fruitfulness

within your inner being do not despair

that the way seems long and difficult my

grace is sufficient to sustain and

uphold you through every

season lean wholly on me during times of

weariness and lack I will renew your

strength and speak Words of Life over

the parched and weary places within you

I will cause rivers of Living Water to

spring up from within restoring and r


you my beloved your story is still

unfolding you have yet to see the

fullness of what I can do through a life

laid down in surrendered

trust as you yield yourself to me in

each moment I will shape you into a

unique instrument through which my glory

can be

displayed your life will become a living

testimony of my faithfulness and

sufficiency continue reaching for my

hand in the Darkness

let me be your stability when all else

is shifting sand speak forth my promises

until they ignite Faith within

you allow my Living Word to penetrate

and soften the weary and worn places of


soul my beloved child I leave you with

this blessing all that I have started in

your life I will complete my grace is

sufficient for you I will perfect all

that concerns you I will never forsake

the work of my hands that which I have

spoken will come to pass rest in my

faithfulness trust in my timing allow me

to finish what I began in you according

to my purpose and pleasure the day of

fulfillment is coming wait patiently for

it you will shine forth in the fullness


Christ be encouraged and strengthened by

my words I love you always explore our

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