? God says Your blessing has arrived! An Important Message for You ✝️Message from God for you today

get ready because if you stop this video

you will lose exactly what God has given

me he has instructed me to deliver this

message to you and so I have Dawn now

cheer up I grant you a new Week doors

will open for those who have faced

seemingly endless challenges you will

resolve disputes that you thought would

last forever this November you will see

the end of what seemed Eternal you will

not go through November without

experiencing victory in your life there

is a Divine message addressed to you

ready to knock on your door in Matthew

we see Peter and the other disciples

facing a storm as Jesus Walks On The

Water toward them he visualizes this

scene with me it is night the ship is

buffeted by the fury of the sea the

disciples are distressed and suddenly a

figure appears walking on the waters

although some think he is a ghost Jesus

is not just a teacher who does the

impossible it is at this point that the

story takes a surprising turn for Pedro

Jesus challenges him to walk on water

toward him Peter upon taking the step of

Faith begins to sink when he feels the

strong wind you can imagine the scene

there are those who identify with Peter

who took a step of Faith but faced

challenges that caused them to doubt

the beautiful thing is that when Peter

cries out save me Lord Jesus Jesus

immediately stretches out his hand to

rescue him life will bring us storms and

challenges but the master calls us on a

supernatural journey to a level of faith

we never imagin possible the question is

not whether we will face storms but how

we will react when we are in the midst

of them will we remain Paralyzed by fear

and doubt out or will we respond to

jesus’ call to come I feel the spirit of

God moving powerfully here as I share

the Revelation that he is speaking to my

heart and will reveal specific steps you

must follow in your own Journey of Faith

I believe that you also feel the

presence of the almighty where you are

because he is willing to do the

impossible in your life God says that

your Journey of Faith Like Peter’s will

have ups and downs there will be times

when you will feel like you’re sinking

before the storm but he will always be

with you ready to reach out and rescue

you God brought you to this point to

remind you that he is greater than any

storm Hallelujah maybe you faed

challenges that made you consider

quitting maybe you were a victim of

Injustice or lost something or someone

valuable that you trusted if you’re

hearing my voice today God is about to

do something Supernatural in your life

hold on to that because a Tipping Point

is approaching so powerful it will make

all storms seem like gentle breezes it’s

time for a change in your life God is

about to take you out of the bottom of

the Waters of the well and put you on

dry land he will take you from a place

of fear and doubt to a place of faith I

feel that God confirms it he’s

transforming your tribulation into

Triumph your trials into test

testimonies your obstacles into

opportunities not only will you walk in

the amazing but you will also walk on

the waves of adversity in your life and

the people will come and glorify

almighty God I thank you for witnessing

the spiritual forces that attempted to

Bar your path are now being defeated in

the name of Jesus it has been prophesy

in your life that you will experience

double honor instead of Shame success

instead of fail failure Health instead

of illness Prosperity instead of poverty

God is moving mountains to make a

specific path for you if you feel this

message in your heart he raises a hand

and declares with me I receive this

message in the name of

Jesus right now God is using my voice to

tell you that even though you feel

exhausted keep your head up because he

has a special banquet prepared for you

this banquet will take place discreetly

but will be witnessed by those who

doubted you as I pray I believe that God

will transform your desert into fertile

land achieving the miracle you were

looking for when I close my eyes I

visualize Angels descending and

ascending working on your behalf please

come down to receive the blessings they

bring and come up to take your request

to God you may have faced adversity

perhaps you have been subjected to

manipul ulation but don’t worry a change

of course is occurring Our God has the

power to take you from anonymity to be

noticed from the rear to the Forefront I

want you to understand the importance of

who is guiding you right now God is

speaking to my heart about your entry

into this new season it is a period of

Transformations changes that you could

not make on your own Believe Me Only God

is about to overcome the blocks of the


removing limitations in your career a

transformation is about to occur that

son who walked away is returning in the

depression that tormented heus about to

be dissipated this is a new day the

forces that held you captive are being

dismantled at this very moment I believe

and affirm that everything absolutely

everything that you have lost will be

restored in health and financial life

and even in

relationships for those who have

suffered humiliation and injustice God

has the power to reward the people who

were obstacles in your life will be

removed from your path do you believe

that as a demonstration of your faith

copy the link of this prayer now and

send it to seven people on WhatsApp with

the attached message it is time to

change in the name of

Jesus who is ready to receive this

Divine change in in your life who is

willing to step into the Waters of faith

and enter into a season of Victory so

wherever you are raise your hand in

faith and declare glory to God

Hallelujah the time has come for my

return in the name of

Jesus I prophesy the time of God’s

change in my life that prayer that God

asked me to share with you invites us to

pray together Psalm is a Psalm of

Open Door war and change of scenery and

then Psalm let’s reflect on Psalm

which teaches us to maintain an

expression of trust and hope in God

especially in difficult times we

experience difficult and dangerous

moments like David when he fled from

Saul and sought refuge in a cave

confidently he pleaded with God for

protection and deliverance in the midst

of persecution and AD adversity from the

beginning David requested God’s mercy

recognizing the seriousness of the

situation in which he found himself

those who trust in Divine protection

know that they can count on God’s mercy

and Truth which will deliver them from

dangers and enemies we seek Divine

protection and thank God for his

faithfulness trusting that he will never

abandon us even in the most challenging

circumstances thus we we place our trust

exclusively in the almighty God finding

complete Security and refuge in him as

we meditate on Psalm we realize that

it is like a love letter from God a

profound expression of his protective

love for those who seek his presence God

surrounds us like a safe harbor

providing a feeling of warm embrace in

times of danger as we read this Psalm it

is as if God invites us to a place where

we find peace and security not only

against visible dangers but also against

daily spiritual challenges imagine

feeling the comforting Touch of a father

taking in his scared child during a

storm this represents the love of God as

described in Psalm offering

unwavering protection to those who

sincerely seek Him the psalmist by

mentioning dangers reminds us of our


highlighting that God is greater than

any adversity it seems that God assures

us that no matter what we face he is

present to protect us care for us and

guide us God is like a warm welcome hug

a bomb for the hard in times of

uncertainty these gestures are reminders

that regardless of the size of the

challenge there is refuge in the

presence of God Psalm emphasizes the

need to place trust in God recognizing

him as our safe haven where we can find

relief from worries and strength to face

daily challenges he never abandons us

Brothers I cry to the Lord for there are

sharp traps in my path and a pit that

caused me to fall still my heart remains

firm in God I ask him to awaken my soul

to praise Him incessantly because his

love is immense and his faithfulness

reaches the heaven

Rising above all the Earth Glory belongs

to him who dwells in the secret place of

the most high under the shadow of the

Almighty I declare that I will rest in

the Lord for he is my God my refuge and

my strength I trust in him to free me

from the Hunter and the evil pestilence

he will cover me with his feathers

providing safety under his wings his

truth will be my shield and protection I

will not fear the terror By Night the

Arrow by day the hidden pestilence or

the destruction at noon even if a

thousand fall at my side and , at

my right I will not be hard with my own

eyes I will see the reward of the wicked

for the Lord is my refuge the most high

is my dwelling place no evil will

overtake me no plague will come near

because he will command his angels to

guard me in all the ways they they will

guide me so that I do not stumble I will

Tread On The Lion and the Viper the lion

cub and the serpent that will happen

because he loves me intensely he will

deliver me he will exalt me because he

knows my name when I call upon him he

will respond he will be with me in

difficult times freeing me and

glorifying me he will grant me longevity

and show his salvation Almighty father

today I come before you to intercede for

that I know they hear my

voice I feel your presence Lord acting

through your Holy Spirit I intercede for

every man woman and young person who has

stopped to receive your word you know

the struggles the sleepless nights the

tears shed the worries and desires of

each person we recognize that you are

the god of the impossible and of divine


in the name of Jesus I prophesy that

opportunities will open up in the lives

of every person present now doors that

will lead to health to prosperity to New

Beginnings May these doors be revealed

at exactly this specific moment may the

breath of your spirit remove all

obstacles barriers that prevent growth

and prosperity May sadness be

transformed into joy and humiliation

into exaltation

where there is scarcity Let There Be

abundance my Lord I affirm that the

season of hardship is coming to an end

and that the season of harvest is

manifesting in the lives of these people

you are my God who resurrects the Dead

the one who makes the abandoned flower

bloom the one who turns tears into dance

make that transformation in the lives of

those who listen to me be it in marriage

and finances and health in dreams and

projects and family and Business and

Professional career let these people see

the Nullification of opposing forces let

every enemy action fall to the ground in

the name of Jesus he raises his hand and

declares with faith I believe I receive

I take possession now we will conclude

with a final prayer my dear brothers of

Faith may peace and Grace be with you

all always amen I pray that you are

surrounded by light providing health and

well-being both physical and emotional

May every step you take be guided by

Divine protection conferring balance and

strength to face the challenges of daily

life may love and peace fill your hearts

bringing the serenity necessary to face

all challenges it is important to

remember that Financial blessings and

prosperity are are the fruit of honest

and dedicated work allowing them to reap

the results and become instruments of

help for those in need Guided by Divine

wisdom what has been entrusted to you

should generate abundance and generosity

for family and loved ones may you always

be surrounded by love and harmony

strengthening Family Ties as foundations

of support joy and mutual understanding

every shared smile should be celebrated

and every hug represents love and

complicity May the presence of God

illuminate and bless all environments

whether at work or in your career

inspiring each step towards fulfillment

and satisfaction in daily activities

face challenges with courage and faith

and celebrate each achievement with

gratitude be examples of dedication

integrity and Excellence leaving a

positive Mark wherever you go

maintain positive thoughts and

unwavering Faith guiding you towards a

path of light and spiritual growth feel

the presence of Heavenly Father as your

best friend always at your side

strengthening supporting and radiating

hope in every moment may you be

enveloped by infinite love Guided by

Divine wisdom and protection today and

always if this message has moved you we

thank you for your support support

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inspiring content share this message as

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may God bless you until the next prayer

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