? Embracing Heavenly Joy: A Message of Hope and Gratitude ?



Jesus my beloved child have a great time

and feel very happy you have every

reason to be happy because you are on

the way to Heavenly Glory it was my

honor to take on your sins and cover you

with my own righteousness this is the

very heart of Hope for you and everyone

else who knows me as their savior let’s

pause for a moment and offer a prayer

together heavenly father in the midst of

life’s challenges we humbly come before

you seeking strength and Solace grant us

the grace to remain steadfast in our

faith knowing that you are always by our

side guiding and protecting us help us

to cultivate a spirit of gratitude and

praise that we may find peace in your

presence amidst the chaos of this world

may our hearts be filled with unwavering

trust in your love and may our prayers

be a Beacon of Hope in times of trial we

offer this prayer in the name of Jesus

Jesus our savior and Redeemer

amen your faith in me has not changed

even though your life is going through

rough times right now you will always be

safe in my loving arms nothing can take

you away do not put out the fire of

prayer especially when you’re going

through hard times when things are hard

your connection with me is more

important than ever I know that stress

and tiredness can make it hard to

concentrate so draw on my spirit the

amazing source of strength that is

inside you ask the Holy Spirit to help

you think and pray your words don’t have

to be perfect or eloquent just let them

come from your heart and the way things

are right now I will help you stay

strong and patient when you are going

through pain as long as you keep talking

to me draw close to me and rest while

I’m here I’m closer to you than you can

imagine like the air you breathe trust

me with Every Breath You Take because

you need me as much as you need oxygen

do not forget the discipline of staying

in my presence I know your mind wanders

a lot so make the changes you need to

come back to me with joy and Trust in my

love that never

changes to get back in touch with me say

my name

Jesus say it quietly loudly or in a

choir but remember what it means the

Lord saves trust and love the words you

say in my name let your heart be filled

with thanks as you think about how much

I love you and what I have done for you

these habits will bring you closer to me

and help you relax in my presence if

someone is proud they should be proud of

how well they understand and know me the

world is getting more complicated and

confusing and there is a lot of

information and demands coming from

everyone including Society the church

other people and even

yourself it’s easy to get lost and

confused in all of this

noise you must put your relation a ship

with me above all else if you want to

find peace in the midst of the chaos

spend some time getting to know and

loving me as I really am this means that

you need to spend time with me and talk

to me throughout the day the Bible is

the best and clearest way to understand

who I am and the beauty of nature shows

How Great I Am by making me your top

priority you can think more clearly and

make sure that all of your other

priorities are in line my child know

this I am infinitely good and my love


forever know how very important it is

for your health that I am good you would

be in great danger if even the slightest

hint of evil got into me because I am

always good I will always do what is

best for you believe this to be true

because you live in a world that is


broken so you must not walk by sight but

by faith while you’re traveling through

the Wilderness of this life one of the

best ways to keep yourself strong is to

be thankful and praise God by telling me

how grateful and adored you am you can

shift your attention from your problems

and worries to the wonderful treasure

you have in me being thankful brings you

closer to me your Creator and savior

praise brings you closer to me because I

live in the Praises of my people the

more you praise me the closer will get

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