message is meant for you

my precious child if you find yourself

immersed in these words know that this

message is meant for you

alone push aside any doubts Whispering

that this is intended for another in

this very moment I have captured your


entirely listen closely to what I am

about to say so that you may Prosper so

that the weight you carry will be

manageable so that the responsibilities

I give you will be well within your

capabilities Dot if you trust in God

then watch till the end and subscribe to

inspire through Grace right now to

always connect with God the work I give

you is not

burdensome so pay attention as I reveal

my heart as I expand the borders of your

life your relationships family vocation

and areas of

influence this is what you must do be

the embodiment of the blessing I created

you to be have I not made it clear in my

words if someone is hungry feed them if

they thirst offer a drink please like

this video and type Amen in the comment

box for God

blessings somewhere along the way you

have lost sight of this simple

truth I am a god of connection the

father Son and Holy Spirit are one

eternally existing in a perfect loving

community so do not overthink this meet

people’s needs if a person requires food

stop whatever you’re doing and provide a

meal remember the parable of the Good

Samaritan many like the priest walked

right past the wounded man too

preoccupied with their own agendas and

schedules but one the least likely saw

the need and took action if you will

simply meet the needs of those I place

in your path I will make the road before

you smooth and St great I will unleash

my abundance over your life whatever you

do for the least of these you do for me

I am pleased with you because you have

engaged with my beloved ones in genuine

love and care but understand that the

adversity you face the hardships that

confront you are ultimately designed to

cultivate deep compassion within you so

that you can say with absolute

conviction to a hurting Soul I’ve been

where you are are I know how this feels

let me come alongside you this is what

moved my heart with compassion as I

gazed upon the hungry crowds as I

reached out to the sick and broken it’s

time to return to the

basic stop allowing yourself to be

caught up in the incessant busyness of

Life refuse to be molded by the patterns

of This World by the distorted messages

masquerading as truth they claim to know

me but they operate in their own

strength they do not walk by my spirit

or cultivate the qualities he

produces today I am unleashing a

downpour of my true power over you

saturating every part of your life but

remember my words treat others as you

long to be

treated this is the foundation of

everything a truth that has been

forgotten amidst the Clutter and Noise

if you will devote yourself to serving

my people I will refresh your soul I

will open Heaven’s floodgates and lavish

you with blessings Beyond Your Capacity

to contain for I am the god of all

things your very existence is founded in

me ponder that truth what does it mean

for you type in the comment box I

believe in you my Lord I am demolishing

the barriers that have held you back I

am tearing down strongholds in your mind

and breaking through limitations in your

finances I have gone ahead of you to

prepare a place and a future you are

stepping into your calling your

god-given assignment fully equipped with

every gift and skill you need but as you

move forward do not neglect those who

come to you with urgent needs for

shelter food Transportation anything do

not brush them off with a hollow I’ll

pray for you my church has strayed from

my heart in this my desire has always

been for people to help one another in


ways this is the essence of who I am

Love In Action meet the needs that are

right in front of you do what the

present moment

requires don’t get caught up wondering

if they deserve your help let me ask you

do you deserve all I have given you when

you help one of the least of these when

you embrace my messengers and welcome

the words I give them you will receive

the same reward they do this is a time

when I am activating and stirring up my

spirit within you I am sharpening your

spiritual eyesight and attuning your

ears to my voice I am sensitizing your

heart to my

leadings you don’t have to strive for

this simply focus on me and Obey knowing

that your obedience unlocks my

blessings I am handing you the Keys of

the Kingdom In This Very hour doors that

were rusted shut will burst open

relationships that were dead will

pulsate with new life that long awaited

promotion is on its way healing will

manifest in your body do not shrink back

in silence now give voice to the message

I have placed within you shape your life

according to my

blueprint I am holding you

securely I have fully equipped you you

are ready for this next chapter for the

very things I brought you into being to

accomplish pay attention to your sense


purpose what ignites passion within you

what comes naturally to you what do you

find yourself doing that others take

notice of lean into that I am speaking

to you as my cherished child now I am

unlocking Mysteries that have been

obscured simply because you took the

time to seek me to search for me

wholeheartedly you have been faithful to

bless my people but I tell you expand

your vision if you’ve been giving in

small increments give

extravagantly if you’ve been loving in

limited doses throw open the

floodgates for the degree to which you

extend generos ity and compassion is the

degree to which you will experience my


abundance fix your eyes on me tune your

ears to my still Small Voice respond to

the gentle nudges of my spirit type

in the comment box for God

cares I am setting you up to be a

conduit of my grace an instrument of my

Restoration in a world that is parched

and desperate for Hope at every

Crossroads look for opportunities to be

my hands and feet when the enemy

Whispers that you don’t have what it

takes remind him of whose you are my

spirit is alive and electric within you

my unlimited resources are at your

disposal when anxiety threatens to

overwhelm you and you feel IL equipped

for the journey ahead quiet your soul in


presence remember that I am not finished

with you I am continuously at work

molding you strengthening you and

directing your

steps I have never called you to walk

this path alone even now I am drawing

you into a deeper place of intimacy with

me I am removing the distractions that

have clouded your vision I am breaking

the chains that have kept you from

running your race with

abandon I am peeling back the layers to

expose the beauty and Brilliance I W

into your spirit before the dawn of time

you my child do not let the enemy steal

your song do not let past wounds Define

your future I am breathing new life into

your dry bones Awakening gifts and

callings that have Lain dormant within

you as you pour yourself out for others

I will replenish your

reserves as you step out in faith and

obedience I will part the seas before

you as you trust me in the Unseen I will

make my faithfulness evident in the

visible realm I am not a distant

detached deity I am passionately

committed to your

flourishing I have not brought you this

far to abandon you I am your everpresent

help your strength in times of Sorrow

your peace in the midst of

chaos when you don’t have the words to

pray my spirit

intercedes when you stumble and fall my

grace is there to catch you and set you

back on your feet when the voices of

condemnation shout their accusation tune

them out and listen for my Whispers of

unconditional love and

acceptance you are mine and I am yours

nothing can separate you from my love no

power of hell can snatch you from my

mighty hand I have sealed you with my

spirit and branded you with my mark of


so bring me your Mustard Seed of Faith

place your small offering in my hands

and watch as I multiply it Beyond Your


Dreams today is a new day pregnant with

possibility and ripe with

potential seize it with both hands run

boldly into the plans I have prepared

for you dear child I am the Lord your

God and I want you to know that my

blessings are abundantly available to

you when you give to others even if it’s

just one meal I will multiply it

tenfold you cannot outgive me for I am


Almighty I am increasing your favor and

it will surround you like a protective

shield it goes before you behind you and

on every side you cannot Escape my

goodness and mercy for they hold you and

carry you through life you have shown

kindness love patience and perseverance

and I will reward you for these

qualities I am replacing your ashes with

beauty and your dryness with the oil of

joy you will shine brightly because I

have made you the head and not the tail

above and not beneath you are blessed

wherever you go in the city in the field

in your family and in your work type

Amen in the comment box everything you

put your hands to will prosper because

you are walking in my spirit and leaving

behind the ways of the world you have

longed for Simplicity and to commune

with me as Adam and Eve did in the

Garden of Eden you hear my voice and

will not follow anyone else because you

are my sheep I have prepared the way for

you and have set your destiny calling

purpose and gifts before you step into


confidently be like David when he went

to battle don’t try to wear wear someone

else’s armor if it doesn’t fit you find

what works for you because I have made

you for a specific purpose in this world

I chose the perfect time for you to be

born and I know every detail about you

there is meaning behind everything you

have suffered and I will turn it all

around for your good because you love me

and are called according to my

purpose I have called you out of

Darkness into my Marvelous Light so that

you can declare my praises and glory for

you to effectively declare my Praises I

will do great things for you I will

surprise you and shower you with

blessings for every good gift comes from

me you are in right standing with me

linked to me abiding in me your heart

beats in sync with mine regardless of

your changing feelings my goodness and

love are constant and my Mercy reaches

to the ends of of the earth I went to

Great Lengths to save you so there is

nothing I won’t do for you instead of

asking me to bless something new look

for what I have already blessed in your

life and grab hold of it I am guiding

you through the small details as you

move from glory to glory Faith to Faith

and one level of anointing to the next I

have given you a fresh mantle today and

increased your

giftings your calling is be coming

clearer to you so watch for the signs

wonders and miracles that I will perform

in your midst share your testimony like

the woman at the well who met the

Messiah my beloved child as you continue

to walk with me trust that I am always

by your side even when you face

challenges and obstacles know that they

are opportunities for growth and for me

to demonstrate my power in your life I

am using every circumstance to shape you

into the person I created you to be

remember you are not defined by your

past mistakes or

failures I have forgiven you and have

given you a new beginning each day is a

chance to start fresh and to live in the

freedom and victory that Jesus purchased

for you on the cross I have given you

unique talents and abilities and I want

you to use them for my glory type one

trust you my Lord don’t compare yourself

to others or feel inadequate for I have

equipped you with everything you need to

fulfill your

purpose step out in faith and watch as I

open doors and provide opportunities for

you to make a difference in this world

as you serve me and others don’t grow

weary in doing good your labor of love

does not go unnoticed and I will reward

you in due time keep your eyes fixed on

me me and draw strength from my presence

when you feel tired or

discouraged I have called you to be a

light in this dark world to share my

love and truth with those around you

don’t be afraid to speak boldly about

your faith for I will give you the words

to say and the courage to stand firm

your testimony has power and as you

share what I have done in your life

others will be drawn to me remember that

your identity is found in me not in your

accomplishments possessions or

relationships you are my beloved child

and nothing can separate you from my

love when you feel unworthy or

inadequate remind yourself of who you

are in Christ chosen redeemed and

destined for

greatness I have given you the Holy

Spirit as your helper and guide listen

for his prompting and follow his leading

for he will direct you in the path I

have sent before you when you don’t know

what to do or which way to turn ask for

wisdom and I will generously provide it

as you grow in your relationship with me

your desires will align with mine you

will find joy and fulfillment in living

for me and advancing my kingdom don’t

settle for a mediocre or comfortable

life but dare to dream big and trust me

to do exceedingly abundantly above all

you can ask or imagine I am your

provider and your source so don’t worry

about your

needs I will supply all that you require

according to my riches in glory give

generously and trust me to multiply your

resources so that you can be a blessing

to others when You Face trials and

tribulations remember that I am with you

in the midst of them I will never leave

you nor forsake you and I will use even

the most difficult situations for your

good and my glory keep your faith

Anchored In Me and watch as I turn your

mourning into dancing and your sorrow

into Joy I have called you to live a

life of Holiness and Purity set apart

for my

purposes resist the Temptations of this

world and flee from anything that would

hinder your relationship with me I will

give you the strength to overcome and

the grace to walk in obedience

type love you my savior Lord in the

comment box as you surrender your life

to me I will direct your steps and Lead

You In the way

Everlasting trust in my timing and my

plans for they are always good and

perfect I am working behind the scenes

on your behalf orchestrating every

detail of your life for my glory and

your benefit remember that your ultimate

goal is to know me more deeply and

intimately spend time in my presence

reading my word and communing with me in

prayer as you seek me first all other

things will be added unto you I have

amazing plans for your life my child

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope and a future

embrace the journey I have set before

you knowing that I am with you every

step of the way keep your eyes on the

Eternal not just the temporary and live

day with purpose and passion amen if you

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