𝐆𝐨𝐝’𝐬 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: “I REGRET NOT TELLING YOU THIS SOONER” | God Message for You Today | Gods Message Now

my beloved as I speak this message to You Feel My Heart of love and grace

embracing you you are not alone in your struggles for I walk each step with you

I understand the difficulties you now face seem overwhelming but I will lead you through

this storm soon what you need to Prevail is within you already because my spirit lives in

you my resurrection power and life dwells in the core of your being you are not weak or helpless regardless

of how you may feel you are an overcomer through my finished work my victory is

your Victory my strength is now your strength the key is that you must

believe this with confident expectation if you go through each day thinking thoughts of defeat you will

remain stuck in negative Cycles making no progress but renew your mind to see

yourself as I see you seated in the the Heavenly Realms far above any scheme or

challenge the enemy tries to bring against you my perspectives and Promises

overpower the limitations trying to hold you back agree with what my word declares about you and adamantly resist

any thought feeling or impression that tries to convince you otherwise even if you do not feel a

breakthrough is here stand on the truth of my many great and precious Promises by faith putting the full weight of your

expectations upon my ability not yours just believe and align yourself with

this spiritual reality through declaring my word aloud daily the main obstacle holding many of

my children back is unbelief refusing to trust that my promises are true for them right

now but my word is alive and active sharper than any double-edged

sword everything I speak contains my power and anointing to liberate heal provide protect and Empower those who

dare to believe faith is the victory that overcomes the worldly systems of this

age if you feel weak declare boldly that my strength is made perfect in your

weakness if you feel poor announce by faith that I am Jehovah gy the Lord who

provides all your needs according to my riches and Glory if you feel burdened renounce weariness and Proclaim that my

yoke is easy and my burden is light walk by faith in what you believe not by

feelings which can mislead anchor yourself to my

truth your feelings and circumstances will eventually align as it is written the just shall

live by faith child your faith moves my

hand ask largely of me for all things are possible to the one who believes

wholeheartedly remember when Moses held up his staff before the Red Sea that rod

represented faith in my ability not his likewise your faith accesses my Miracle

working power with me nothing shall be impossible for you because you believe I

have given you gifts talents and abilities tailored for your Divine assignment use them with boldness and

confidence in my ordering your steps do not compare yourself to others everyone has a place in my body a

role to fulfill with passion and Excellence watch what I will do through your stewarding of what I’ve put in your

hands your neighbors gifts may seem greater but I do not make mistakes are

you feeling unqualified insecure or afraid of failing in some way I am

perfecting all that concerns you just stay willing humble and submitted I

myself will Empower you mightily in due time for now simply start where you are

with what you currently have launch out into the deep deep at my command do not worry about how your

needs will be met or obstacles removed my ways are higher than yours

and my timing is Sovereign over all I will cause explosive blessings breakthroughs and favor to happen that

you could not make happen in your own strength rest here today without fear or

anxiety do not be terrified by present troubles as though I am not with you

through this Valley or I will let you sink beneath the waves have I not promised to never leave or

forsake you I am the Lord who silences the wind and crashing waves with a

whisper I am the same God who safely parted the Red Sea with hurricane Force

walls of water on either side there is no sea too wide for me to divide on your

behalf so you can walk through on dry ground unharmed call urgently unto me

and watch me confirm the desire of your heart name the current Red Sea that

represents your need for breakthrough and deliverance right now declare by faith that it is parted for you at this

very moment now stand back and witness my right hand of Salvation my healing my provision my

intervention on the scene for I have secured your Victory long beforehand at

Calvary just believe and receive what I finished for you then now it is done

child walk forward in conf ident peace and Assurance of the good breakthrough I am ordering your steps

into my beloved child I have gifted you specifically with talents abilities

skills resources according to what I knew you could handle I did not give you more

than you have the capacity to Steward your talents may look small or ordinary to the world but they are purposeful and

Powerful for building my kingdom do not compare yourself to others thinking you have too

little my distribution of resources is not a statement on your value or worth in my eyes you are fully known and

deeply loved by me I see you hiding the talents I gave you burying them in fear

rather than putting them to work you say to yourself if God wanted to bless me

financially he would have by now if he saw fit to use me powerfully I would have it already if I had any real talent

and gift it would have opened more doors for me my child the problem is not with what I

have given you but with what you have failed to do with it you have not

invested it wisely or boldly you have held it too tightly rather than sewing

it generously to reap an abundant harvest the seed must be planted in

fertile soil and tended carefully in order for the chots to Spring forth do

not doubt The Power Within you simply because it looks small or ordinary to the world

I once brought Deliverance to an entire nation by a shepherd with a staff and slingshot I overthrew a wicked Queen

through a young orphan girl I turned a few Loaves and fish into a feast for thousands never underestimate what I can

do through a willing and submitted vessel so I urge you stop focusing on

what you don’t have quit making excuses about timing or necessity invest what I have already

placed in your hands you use your gifts skills and resources to serve others be

faithful with the little and I will entrust you with more seow finances time energy into my

work and you will reap blessings favor increase beyond your expectation step out in Courage not fear

operate in wisdom not doubt move in boldness not

hiding now my beloved child if you have been walking in obedience to my word

following my statutes and Commandments then I commend your faithfulness you have served me with

Integrity of heart and purity of devotion you have brought honor to my name through your words and deeds you

have put my kingdom before your own selfish interests and so the windows of Heaven have opened over your life

pouring forth blessing and increase on every side can you recall where you started my

child some of you were trapped in darkness enslaved by sin with broken

dreams and empty hands but in an instant at the sound of my invitation you stepped into my

Marvelous Light the old passed away the new came Grace that defied logic and

legs that outran reason mindsets shifted habits changed choices aligned my very

Spirit within you fueling your thoughts words actions and so Brokenness was

redeemed deemed for wholeness lack was eclipsed by a provision weakness became

a channel for my power every Valley exalted every crooked Place straightened

my righteousness propelling you higher Faith stirring you to possess every promise spoken over your life until all

you had dared to imagine or asked me for was outpoured exceeding abundantly above

this is only the beginning my child the boundaries are still expanding there are

new spheres to occupy Greater Works to be done keep your gaze fixed on me and

we will Blaze a trail through every Wilderness together we will tear down every

stronghold my light in you will pierce the deepest darkness and my glory

through you will cover patches of Earth as rays of sunlight shine through cracks in the

clouds so refuse to settle for mediocrity when I have destined you for

greatness do not despair over lost time or failed opportunities the tears and regrets over

yesterday’s shortcomings must not hinder what I am birthing in you today a new

season is Dawning there are new gifts to Steward new territories to Pioneer new

people to impact you will go further and shine brighter if you do not look back

keep Covenant with me walking in Holiness and purity of heart make seeking my kingdom your highest aim and

as you lean wholly on me I will take you from strength to strength victory upon

Victory Triumph after Triumph until every god-given assignment is fulfilled

and you finish your race with joy well done my good and faithful one enter into

the fullness of your reward all that I have is now yours to Delight in to

explore to cultivate for the glory of my name my very presence will be your

unending Supply of joy and my praise upon your lips your ceaseless

song No More Tears or pain or sorrow every longing satisfied in me my delight

over you is never ending rest in this finished work bought at infinite cost because of my great

love for you not merely as a servant or a soldier but as my precious child

Chosen and cherished for all eternity my beloved I see some areas where alignment

is needed between my will and yours there may be Idols that have subtly

crept into your heart blinding you from wholeheartedly pursuing me worldly

mindsets that contradict my truth doctrines of demons woven through your

beliefs solish desires dictating your decisions I long for you to know me

fully not some distorted image of me fashioned by your limited understanding

you try to stuff me into the box of your preconceived notions and Theological leanings but I am who emerges from every

constructed prison Unbound I transcend human comprehension of what I can and

cannot do so I invite you to come up higher to ascend the mountain of true Revelation where you can see me as I am

where your perspective dramatically shifts from Earthly to Heavenly and once you have glimpsed my Majesty you will

never settle for anything less the inferior will be utterly eclipsed by Peerless Beauty the counterfeit exposed

in piercing light until only that which is born of my spirit remains

standing in this rarified atmosphere of unveiled truth I will free you from

restraints you never even knew existed misbeliefs and half truths will

burn away like morning fog doctrinal divides and denominational fence es will

fade into Oblivion where Revelation flows like a mighty River constantly

refreshing revitalizing expanding as you drink from these Living Waters so come now and see

me as I am not through the lens of human teachers but with eyes wide open

directly beholding my glory encounter me for yourself without filter or

Distortion as you yield wholly to my transformative power at work within you

I will un fold Mysteries once hidden bestow gifts specially selected for you

entrust a unique facet of my multifaceted purpose to fulfill for just as a diamond Glitters

brilliantly because of its many facets each reflecting light at specific angles

so through my people shining like Jewels across the Earth the full spectrum of my glory is

revealed no single individual can embody the entirety of who I am

as part of this living temple built on the foundation of Christ you must do your special part to find from Before

Time as I sculpt your life into a unique expression of divine nature stay on the

potter’s wheel without resisting the pressure needed to shape a vessel able to contain the new wine trust the

process though stretching and painful during the reshaping for I see the completed Vision

I know the treasure held within the clay I will be vigilant then gentle severe

then merciful everything works toward revealing Eternal beauty within you even

the blows of my chisel against stubborn areas of resistance and as you yield to

my hands forming refining polishing you in fire I will entrust you with new gifts new capacities new Authority and

influence after the Wilderness the testing ground where you learn to draw life from me alone no longer your own re

resources you emerge stronger Freer shining with my glory you must move in

the opposite Spirit of Earthly ambition pride and greed which grasp and hoard my

self-giving Spirit within empowers you to pour out freely no longer bound by

fear of lack and as you give you receive as you sow generously Bountiful harvests

return that enrich many this is how my kingdom multip lies

through those who have walked the Refiner’s Fire overcome by Blood and word being remade in love’s image and

entrusted with new deposits of Heaven’s resources to Steward I never stop pouring into you so

that my River of Life can flow through you to water dry desolate places and I

call you into the ever expanding breadth length height depth of fulfilling your

purpose do not compare yourself to others or judge what I have deposited in

them tend Faithfully the portion I have cultivated specifically for and within

you lift one another up in prayer rather than criticism speak words that Empower and

equip not diminish and denounce honor each unique part that

every joint supplies so that together you build up my body in love I am speaking these things to you

because a new era has dawned the narrow way is opening into a broad plane of promised purpose for those who

persevere The Horizon is bright with Destiny that which seems so distant is

now Within Reach if you stand on my word and by faith go to possess your full

inheritance many forerunners have paved the way for such a time as this they

courageous yes to my calling regardless of cost has expanded Your Capacity to

receive but now the Baton is in your hand will you doubt and hide what I have invested

in you or will you run your race with boldness and vision the cloud of witnesses who finish their course

surrounds you with Heavenly cheer urging you on therefore surrender any weight of

unbelief that attempts to hold you back from completing your unique assignment an Esther generation arising

for such a time as this clothed with the king’s Authority positioned to influence

the Spheres of society for the advancement of my kingdom I am preparing The Davids who will emerge from the

Wilderness trained in obscurity and dependence solely on me carrying unusual Authority presence

favor because they have seen the invisible heard the audible touched the

intangible reality of Heaven through lingering in my presence and through these Broken Vessels Giants will fall

enemies will scatter Hearts will will return to me out of the ashes I am bringing forth Beauty out of mourning

and tears joy and laughter will come suddenly open places long desolate will

flourish ruined cities will be rebuilt that which was taken will be restored

with increase prodigals who squandered their inheritance will return to my house

where the fattened calf awaits can you see it Beloved the ones severed are

reconnected the once childless Laughing With Children the barren churches

teeming with new Believers bumper harvests reaped in the fields rain on

thirsty ground streams in the Wasteland Springs of Living Water cleansing

temples once defiled and deserted the kingdom manifested in power and Purity

all that was promised finding fulfillment within you and through you the Revival generation bearing witness

that the Victor has has come the lion of Judah whose rule knows no end and before

your eyes this desolate land of Broken Dreams failed hopes and aged promises

awakens to New Life New Birth New Beginnings Heaven’s resources are

waiting for Earthly vessels to Steward them fulfill your destiny as a tree

planted by Living Waters yielding fruit in season leaves always green a tree

whose Roots reach deep to tap underground reserves unshaken by drought or storm for the vibrant sap of Christ

flows through you with its life-giving power regenerating that which is decayed and diseased around you rise and shine

my beloved child behold the glory of the Lord is rising upon you radiant and

resplendant in waves of ever increasing Brilliance open your eyes and see the

Wonders I am unfolding raise your voice in joyous Proclamation for the king and all his radiant Majesty

is Drawing Near can you perceive it my child the stirring of Hope The Awakening

of Dreams the unfolding of a Divine Destiny this is the time this is the

hour the world once asleep is now stirring awake eyes opening to the dawn

of a new era be part of this Grand Revelation a Herald of my love and my

kingdom for in you and through you the Wonders of my grace are revealed to the

world beloved I have given you a crucial assignment to fulfill a vital part in

establishing my kingdom purposes on Earth though the role of some may seem

more prominent from an Earthly perspective in my economy the tasks I appoint carry equal weight and Glory

just as every organ in the body is imperative for life though differing in function so every member in my body is

indispensable each carrying an aspect of my nature to reveal therefore do not minimize or

disparage what I have called you to simply because it differs from another’s calling rather discern the Eternal

importance of the seemingly menial mundane I have placed in your hands could Moses have led my people

from Egypt without his Rod symbol of authority I entrusted him to wield could

David have toppled Goliath absent the smooth Stones I selected for his

could the disciples have fed the hungry multitudes lacking the few Fish and Loaves I multiplied through their

hands no the instruments may appear crude or ordinary but that crudeness

conceals explosive power when yielded to me your talents resources sphere of

influence may seem so small yet in my hands can shake bastions of Darkness

feed multitudes craving truth and and liberate captives from

oppression so will you surrender what I have put in your care for my glory stop

focusing on what you lack compared to others quit making excuses why now is

not the time instead boldly invest what I have already given and you will reap

abundant Harvest as I bless the work of your hands faithfulness and small things

qualifies you for greater trusts for just as I tested Joseph in Piper’s house

before making him governor of Egypt I am proving you in lower Realms of responsibility to prepare you for higher

rule can I entrust the true Riches of Spiritual Authority Supernatural wisdom

creative ideas and financial increase to you when you have not stewarded well what I deposited long ago no only as you

show yourself faithful and mature through current assignments will I unlock greater deposits of Heavenly

resources for you to manage therefore I urge you to shift perspective from scarcity and lack to

recognizing what I have already supplied though it may seem modest there in your

hands within your reach lies power to transform lives power to shatter

strongholds power that can turn desolate places into fruitful Gardens awaken to

Kingdom reality where my power is perfected in weakness indeed the set time for favor over your life has come

do not despise Small Beginnings for all Great Oaks were once tender saplings a

mammoth Ministry or business is birthed through daily increments of faithfulness in the small mundane matters so fulfill

every task I bring across your path with excellence and humility whether stacking

Stones pruning branches serving tables or reconciling accounts continue to lift

your eyes to catch glimpses of the big picture let Faith swell your heart with excitement that your simple acts of

obedience are furthering my kingdom and through consistency over time I will

suddenly promote you into increased Authority influence favor finances

Revelation and anointing for faithful stewardship of a few Loaves and fish causes the

multiplication Miracle can you perceive it beloved wave after wave of my

transforming power spreading through spheres of culture strongholds of greed

and Corruption crumbling as Heaven’s light exposes hidden motives and agendas

truth and Justice rolling down like Mighty Waters Integrity compassion and

Beauty permeating the kingdom made manifest as my people walk in Purity and

power Healing The Sick prophesying Destiny over Generations releasing

inheritance from heavenly storehouses entire cities and nations discipled in the way that leads to Abundant Life

prodigals who squandered their inheritance drawn back home by Love’s compelling fragrance those once

childless now laughing alongside children the barren and desolate wastelands revived by Showers of my

spirit raining down streams springing up in the desert places ruins rebuilt and

inhabited again bumper harvests reaped in desolate fields

can you perceive it Beloved the restoration I am birthing in the earth through willing yielded Broken Vessels a

grand display of what my love can fashion out of smoldering ashes and discarded

Brokenness no one is beyond the reach of my transforming power no situation too

hopeless for my Resurrection Life to permeate and regenerate therefore lift up holy hands to receive more of

Heaven’s Supply pouring into cleansed conduits let your light so shine that men see

renewed hope flicker through cracks in the darkness walk by my spirit as a

conduit of resurrection power dismantling corruption and deception

bringing order and Alignment wherever you tread speak only words that convey

Life vision identity affirmation Destiny purpose joy and promise uproot thoughts

and beliefs Tangled with hope hopelessness powerlessness poor mental soil where

seedlings struggle to take root then renounce victim mentalities that Empower Darkness perpetuate

captivity restrict inheritance take responsibility for your role as guardian

of atmosphere through thoughts attitudes declarations what you tolerate or ignore

will gain footholds of influence but as you align with truth light invades rapidly the kingdom first

advances within before spreading outward in demonstration and spirit transformation

predes revived culture and Society so guard your heart tenderly as

my garden is enriched with wisdom and Revelation refuse to partner with words

aborting promise and blighting Destiny sever ties with those mocking your Awakening or pouring ice water on fiery

Vision protect and Foster the embryonic stirring of reformation birthing within

for you are called to Pioneer something that has never been seen explore Realms never charted even angels peer over

Heaven’s banisters awaiting the unveiling of my manifold wisdom do not ask for easier terrain or lesser

responsibility I am entrusting you with forging New Paths and overcoming obstacles by Grace because I see innate

strength and character I Believe In You beloved rise to meet this High Calling

All Realms respond to the Bold Declarations of one carrying the inheritance rights of a son or daughter

of the king therefore stand confident in who I created you to be wield words

wisely to shape the reality around you rule over beastly thoughts emotions

Cravings seeking to devour flame kindled upon altars of

Awakening fan the Embers of vision stewarding heart fires tenderly amidst

Winds of adversity for I am igniting cities regions Nations for Accelerated

Reformation right now the contagion of Awakening is spreading will you catch

flame and carry the torch of Revolution to unlit territories awaiting ignition I am summoning the burning ones

who will not flinch carry the gospel of peace while cleaving Injustice walk in

Purity while dismantling corruption wage love nonviolent War announcing freedom for captives Beauty

for Ashes joy for mourning align your priorities with eternal reality allow my passion for

awakening to grip your soul my promises provoke Faith’s Fierce courage to fling wide cages of smallness and take back

cities and Nations for their intended purpose to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters

cover the sea therefore receive strength for the journey ahead do not fear the unknown or untried path

though unfamiliar alien seemingly impossible I will invade barrenness with

blossoms of possibility budding through cracks though the way ahead appears

uncertain I am unveiling Kingdom connections networks of Kingdom compatriots to surround and uplift

you loneliness lingering from past rejection and betrayal will dissipate under affections warmth for I am

reconnecting that which belongs together I am reconciling relationships

Central to your life purpose I am revealing to you faces of family tribe

Community you will Journey with love overcoming offense will bind up

Brokenness transparency tearing down walls allowing authentic connection true

kinship forming through laboring toward a shared goal

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