⭕”You’re going to Be punished If You Ignore”⚠️❌| God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now dot at times trust the almighty and allow him

to direct you towards the path you are about to pursue are headed in that

direction and although you began with your enemies God will Elevate you better

and Lead You Through loss prayer for today please God give me strength it’s

your turn now to enjoy my favoritism don’t give up keep going forward though

it was only a lesson to your past is not as dazzling as your future the

Breakthrough is quickly approaching and the tide is Shifting thank you who said

you wouldn’t find love the start of a fresh day or a new beginning is heralded

by the crack of dawn the creator of all things has something really unique in

store for you this this is not by accident that you found this even though

you may have encountered obstacles doors will soon swing open allowing you to go

toward an impending breakthrough and the clarifications you seek from me your

past experiences won’t Define you rather they will support people’s perceptions

of you there will soon be a miracle that will open up new doors and bestow

blessings make all yours you will receive twice as many blessings in

return for your money I will bind and guard those who are wounded so that no

condition can discourage you to those who say the Lord is the Christ and put

their trust in God for those of you who have experienced defeat you will soon

share a story of Triumph proving that there are plenty of chances gifts and

favors from God your assistance in word is within my heart never disregard that

do the almighty is an authority over your entire life including your

relationships career and health hold fast to your faith and miracles and

never forget unless I had been convinced that I would see the goodness of the

Lord in the land of the living Lord is arranging Fortune lock miraculous events and Grace which

is why I have remained steadfast and joyful despite the storm giving thanks

in the midst of suffering is not only a choice but also a means of achieving

better things and steadfast virtue we think that you and your loved ones are

going to have brighter days soon kindly like this uplifting message to

demonstrate your agreement keep your focus on the tasks at hand you are not

going to end up where you are right now let the never ending scream of let

Christ be acknowledged come from everyone who loves your salvation the

glory of God’s plann for you will be revealed in due time if you both have

the courage to go on this unknown journey and claim your favor in the name

of Jesus serve as a Beacon of Faith in the lives you lead and do not be afraid

to forward this word of Hope to five individuals in need imagine a better

future now this is your year of breakthrough Envision all the blessings

that your life will soon possess know that the clarifications you’ve been

looking for are on the way and that God is watching over your well-being with

steadfast support right now let every one of those who seek you celebrate and

be glad in him let everyone who love the Saving Grace of you say continuously the

Lord be praised Proclaim your loyalty and his support in the face of

disappointment your life is about to take on an incredible experience as God

promises Humanity my promise remains as your life changes and becomes an actual

full representation of his grace and love cling to this confidence you will

crush cobras and the Cub Li Aur Witnesses have risen against me my

enemies but you will soon know why every door was shut in difficult times

especially when morning is breaking the Lord your God Is by your sight you are

about to embark on a season of aspiration and and answers Where Your

Big Break is almost here reaffirm this you are called to put your faith in the

Lord’s message before worrying as the next phase filled with possibilities is

about to begin Psalm – which reminds us of God’s

protection and guidance indicates that every day of your life is marked with

meaning fuel by your supplication and prayers the miracle of your heart is

on its way to not give up or wallow in hopelessness God has given you the

resources to pay your debts and bless your children under the rule of Jesus

guaranteeing a bright and happy future we Proclaim that despite life’s

adversities your flourishing life shall Triumph God will provide for you and

make things better for you so you won’t lack anything except who you really are

and get ready for a transformative Journey blessings are approaching and

the battle is about to come to a conclusion the almighty says I have

helped you before and I will do so again I have noticed your faithfulness don’t

be afraid I’m here to help expect Heavenly intervention within the

following hours a sign that benefits and prosperity are on the way have trust

that God can quickly and dramatically change your life and start each day with

that knowledge doors will swing wide open allowing you to succeed and no

weapon instructed against you will flourish you have not stumbled upon this

video or message by accident the Lord has great things planned for you and you

are about to hear amazing news God is calling you to let go of your worries

and put all of your trust in him tonight and he’s even guaranteeing that the

trust you have in him will be repaid Beyond Your Wildest expectations put

your entire faith in me and my glory will reflect through your life turning

seemingly unchangeable situations into a new chapter full of benefits and

progress in every area of your life when you go from just scraping by to

receiving more than enough for a lifechanging trip your guardian angels

are ready to pour their gifts upon you the true you is now blatantly visible

and nothing and no one and stop it express your appreciation to a higher

Force for this message putting our trust in him to fulfill what his word has

promised God sees you as a friend as well as a Believer and he calls you to

transform your heart mind and behavior you are with me therefore I don’t need

to fear anything bad because of your rod and staff which reassure me and keep

evil at a distance even though you may have fac difficulties

and maintained a contrite attitude God is preparing you for bigger things

recall that in order to secure your Redemption and eternal life he offered

his own son Jesus Christ out of pure love if you’re feeling lost pause to

really process this your plans are protected by him and your trials are

turning into testimonies his angels are keeping an eye on your family and house

to ensure their safety have trust that God will provide for you as you go

here’s an encouragement God orchestrates events at just the perfect moment turning your

sorrow into Serenity and your tears into happiness regardless of whether it seems

like nothing will ever change in addition to being your supporter he is

also a work creating a masterpiece out of your life by using your obstacles as

conduits for his boundless benefits bring your faith back to life continue

to declare his presence in it Embrace Holiness and

righteousness and let go of the past God is ready to surprise you in New and

unexpected ways and present you with an opportunity unlike anything you have

ever seen this is a particular message from God to you today soon a new chapter

in your story will emerge bearing witness to God’s NeverEnding love and

the realization of his promises set your sights on an accomplishment that will

bring back everything that has been removed from you as you claim it with

trust Our Shepherd is the Lord of all and we will never lack anything thing

this Voyage is under his protective grasp let him Lead the Way You Are

Always under the watchful eye of my angels your guardian angels also

reassure you that you can overcome any challenge to show your faith in this

heavenly Shield type it’s almost time to meet the hero you’ve looked up

to since you were a child be receptive to establishing new connections change

is coming sicknesses will mend and depression will fade Heaven’s riches are

behind you giving you assistance throughout your life I am aware of the

difficulties you are going through right now but I also know that obstacles are

being lifted from your way put your trust in him as angels are keeping

watching over you and in the most surprising ways all of your prayers and

hopes are coming true it’s almost time for victory you can be confident that

God is engaged in your Wars God is saying that the long awaited

breakthroughs are going to happen today you are receiving the opening of doors

that no one can close you’ll overcome the obstacles you’ve encountered on your

way back I will bring success and blessings to all that you do despite all

of the attacks remain faithful there’s going to be something big I haven’t

changed since yesterday nor will I ever have faith in my Supply particularly in

terms of money we pray in the name of Jesus recall that with God everything is

possible the Devil is a cunning manipulator who strikes without warning

but be aware that I am round providing a light the fact that dings about life you

don’t have to be afraid your role is to believe in my time not to control and or

the manner in which my plans come to pass we firmly believe that God has

received your prayers his omnipotence was demonstrated by the Red Sea dividing

and the plagues that struck Egypt I promise that no plot made against you

will succeed in stealing the name of Jesus God promises that your circumstance will change and become

wonderful and highly appealing when your breakthrough occurs through the

application of God’s message he bestows blessings upon people who act as his

agents through the tears virtue and the Hope of Victory are present imagine what

you could do in just days if the Earth could be created God strength is always

sufficient because he is constantly striving to break down any hurdles and

curses that stand in the way of your achievement so that Miracles might

happen let us offer this prayer as a group Lord please save us from evil and

protect us accept that you are capable of winning God invites you to talk fewer

times and listen more suggest that you are only a few steps away from winning

his favor and seeing his plans come to pass plans that will rekindle hope and

transform the seemingly unattainable feasible we affirm in jesus’ name that

you will soon receive the clarifications you’ve been looking for and that you

will be protected by God under the Lord’s watchful eye and with his angels

on duty your life can shift in an instant maintaining your faith through

difficult times gives you strength and happiness we feel the presence of your

angels there confirming that they are among us they draw others to your light

with their unwavering Faith which is demonstrated by their patience you are

about to witness a Monumental Discovery God will always be by your side

providing wisdom and amazing plans that are specially made for you no matter

what difficulties you encounter you’re going to experience Financial

breakthrough next week so look forward to abundance give thanks to everyone in

your vicinity letting your assurance and confidence motivate good adjustments in

all facets of your existence you’ve been asking for information and it’s about to

come come to pass bringing about the seemingly impossible miracle that you

have been praying for God is enhancing your mental spiritual and physical

well-being and blessing you with prosperity and serenity you stand firm

because of his unwavering presence in spite of the obstacles as well as those

who rise opposed you this is proof of genuine love and prosperity

that will materialize in all spheres of your life bestowing good fortune and

favors in profound and incomparable ways God has seen and acknowledged every bit

of the hardships and pain you have experienced on your journey he is

setting you up for greater success and favor than you have ever known your

unshakable optimism inspires others around you to hold onto their faith in

the face of adversity acting as an embodiment of Hope even in situations

where you have been betrayed or have been used by others God’s promise is

unwavering he has a bright future plan for you both that will show off your

inner fortitude and resiliency as well as draw you to closer to him a bond of affection

with the true you that endur is the worst of times and the fiercest storms

characterizes your cooperation on this trip God renews your power and spirit

while he works and experiment in your life bringing healing and restoration to

every area of your body give yourself over to God today and let him guide you

opening doors and providing light as you navigate every obstacle place your faith

in his might and presence knowing that he will always be there for you to

provide for your needs a new day has begun one that is full of hope hope to

not just survive but to keep going until you fulfill Your Divine Purpose God is

clearing the air of old Illusions and making clear his actual purposes for

your life as possibilities present themselves and a future full of

blessings believe in the gifts he is bestowing upon you and give thanks to

him for his constant presence and strength in your life your unwavering

confidence and Reliance on his promises will lead you through each season and

ultimately towards the life he has designed for you one that is full of all

of your heart’s desires you are getting ready for something that will change

your life in a way that will be beyond anything you could have imagined

including benefits that will pay more than you cly make chapter which

affirms faith and protection contains a promise that this is a period of

significant change and healing God is sending you this moment to reassure you

with the knowledge that he is in charge and arranging a change for the better it

is expected of you to hold fast to your beliefs your aspiration and your role in

this endeavor for as long as possible Jesus makes it very plain what he wants

from you an eternal friendship and an invitation to share in his holy work you

don’t ever feel alone when you go through life and Amaze everyone

surrounding you through your fortitude and faith and into ation of the new

things happening in your life is the Angel’s continual guardianship over you

the obstacles you confront today including the enemy’s strategies are

being converted into chances for development and gifts this is the time

to declare that God’s steadfast support overshadows people’s shortcomings and

life’s faults and that this is your moment of elevation and breakthrough

with Divine Direction at your sight you are about to go on a healing Adventure

that will see your faith bring you to Salvation and your health take off

release the preconceptions and fears from the past as you welcome this new chapter the

future is full of opportunities for wealth good health and spiritual

experiences that will make people rethink how they see you give all to God

putting your faith in his timing and plan don’t be alarmed he is working

non-stop in the background to make certain your safety and lead you to a

prosperous and hopeful future the individual in issue has experienced life

as well and may these angels convey to you that some people are Beyond blessed

and that those who wish to end my life should come forward declare that you will never again lose be in debt or

experience defeat help the proper people to the opportunities that lie ahead the

fowers snare and I am from the root God begs you to put your trust in him

because he will guard you from the evil one and do wonders in your life you are

the source of my power and I need your blessings in order to continue dot

additionally God will bless all the work that is being done for you even at

midnight Lord says that the war you have fought for your mental emotional and

physical healing is one the suffering is temporary and what Jesus said I am an

offering of blessings remember you are never alone financially will be

fulfilled in the greatest assembly in honor of a city of the Creator which is

your recuperate we raise a banner the recovery process will require time a

more accepting attitude toward family finances emotions and physical

well-being and the understanding that every day brings something fresh and

eternal I am the god of time Miracles and you are my comprehension of pure

and metamorphosis get yourself ready clear your thoughts for breakthroughs

prosperity and healing to pour into healed I am very much of a night person

the necessity words provide us with Solace you who are reading this should

not give up on better things in life trust me he will provide a way that

meets your needs and all your financial matters your prosperity is like

something precious position in the middle of a room and setbacks are being

turned into promised successes I will make what appears to be unattainable

destined to manifest it goes quiet you are entering a new chapter in your life

today take a minute to let go of your concerns and accept Redemption keep

saying let the lord’s name be strengthened prior to making judgment ments give everything and everyone a

fair shot with the goal of achieving success for you and the people you love

I have been by your side through good times and bad nothing can undermine our

resolve or our life’s Foundation remain faithful despite the

changes that come with life remember that I am here for you at every turn

supporting your development even if you’re you’re feeling worn out and fatigued to help you fulfill your

divinely appointed purpose Heaven is assembling all the components for you it

is unimaginable what he may have in store for you by means of the Lord Jesus

Christ individuals can be purified prepared for new beginnings and fresh

begins and able to let go of any regrets and snap decisions through the suffering

of the righteous you have steadfastly endured even though the devil has made

several attempts to break you God assures those who are reading this

message that chances for healing and victory are on the horizon your

righteousness has not been forgotten if you’re ready take the leap all of your

Sorrows will be forgotten the demons will be quieted and you will be given

the strength to face any obstacle I appreciate all the support you have

shown throughout these trying times this challenging circumstance will become an

increasingly abundant victory for me this evening God is reaching out to you

mending Old Wounds and fostering new friendships a revelation states that the

blessings point to a triumphant and peaceful outcome where where your

reappearance will surpass all of your hardships he can put an end to disputes

and heal the wounded to those who want to make amends for the suffering they brought about acknowledge that

Prosperity is coming the bad times are just temporary say this to the Almighty

I affectionately cherish you don’t worry if you’re looking for

opportunities everything is falling into place for you we discover fortitude in

the force of divine timing and synchronicity even in the home of people

who would hurt or undermine us it reminds us that our prayers and

sufferings have been heard it is comparable to the river of water described in sacred texts which is ever

flowing and ever nourishing in addition to teaching us how to accept the truth

of God’s grace God promises to make good on what was lost you may be confident

that everything is happening as it should my child wonderful many thanks

for the notification accept the path life has chosen for you and have faith that the

opportunities and blessings of a life abundant with love and generosity or

just around the corner we must focus on the road of justice for our our physical

well-being and souls keep our hearts pure and refrain from speaking ill

especially in these modern times you can be assured that your problems are almost

over if you have faith in this reality telling everybody that the people in

charge of what we are doing want us to succeed is crucial thank you I declare

that the curse has been lifted and that we are close to achieving true peace I

hope that the impending fresh beginning brings Comfort to your heart God is

about to bring in a time of amazing development and opportunity letting us

shine drawing in a ton of blessings and chasing away the nasty things that have

been said about us I hereby extend an invitation to you today to place your

faith in God many will notice what has happened in you and be struck with O and

Dread placing their faith in his Almighty power both the injustices you

have experienced and the gift you have been seeking are coming to pass taking

on the most amazing shapes today hear him speak and know that God is watching

over everything the number represents his awareness of the

wrongs you have experienced and his preparation of a way for you to move

forward in justification bearing trials with dignity and growing stronger Spirit

ascended to heaven we are called to offer healing and amazing blessings to

those who are unable to pray for themselves as we firmly follow the root

he has laid out for us encircled by his Heavenly love and protection let us

visualize a future full of unending happiness and calm inspiring father of

Heaven I ask for your fortitude to help me and my family deal with the cycles

that impact us all you remain steadfast in the face of adversity inspiring us to

follow in your footsteps knowing the incredible results that await those who

put their trust in you Lord I ask for the strength to Bear the burden of Life

today I feel my chains of restraint being released as the Lord sustains this

cycle confusion will give way to Clarity and the appropriate moment comes and I

will recognize your perfect timing we are grateful for the blessings he have

received from you father as well as for the work you are finishing within us set

the stage for much bigger things to come as we expand on the gift you have

already showered upon us we ask for your guidance in the name of Jesus Christ for

our Enterprises believing that they are being released by your merciful hand I

hope that plenty comes into our life and that this week we experience something

that totally shifts our Viewpoint we now have proof from you Lord that you are in

complete control of everything that happens in our life setting everything

in place to bring us from the dark into your light I hope these words strike a

chord in our souls igniting optimism and inviting possibilities to present

themselves quickly we cling to the promise found in Jeremiah

– as we see the beauty of Our Lives becoming revealed you recognize what

strategies you have for us meaning they are good and not bad intending to give

us hope and a future as you substitute adverse responses with your grace and

guide us through both our professional and personal problems even though others

may have previously had a different impression of us those Impressions will

change Lord Lord despite our previous mistakes may your presence fill our

homes providing safety and serenity as a result of our hard work in both your

personal and professional efforts something amazing is about to happen

with gratitude for your favors we beg for Financial Security and success in

all spheres of Our Lives Lord you have my whole confidence

and I am eager to see the amazing Transformations you have promised Amen

in the name of Jesus thank you with God’s blessing may your path be

illuminated and possibilities that were lost be turned into doors leading to

somewhere far better and larger as healing and release from life’s

challenges occur tonight declare that you are protected under his grace there

will be Victory proving that Supernatural strength can overcome any

obstacle be assured that your past transgressions have served as stepping

stones to compassion Grace and charity for those who are lost or struggling

with doubts what appeared to be an irreversible loss May soon turn out to

be a blessing and angels are watching out for your family a blessing on the way will completely

transform your situation and make the past less visible God is ready to reveal

something amazing inside your home according to the number

acknowledge Him as the all powerful origin of astonishment causing

unforeseen Transformations ask him for wisdom and fortitude to endure when God

confirms his belief in your fortitude those who have wronged you must face their actions you won’t be

taken lightly anymore because of his omnipotence and your moral character

significantly good changes are made possible by the unpredictable nature of

Life allow yourself to be receptive to new connections and difficulties since

they may contain the seeds of amazing chances have f faith in the Lords of the

pl is to and know that after this difficult time better things are ahead

we know that God will hear our prayers so we stand strong against any forces

that against our houses the events that lie ahead of you will be historic and

will bring you more possibilities and improved Health any miscommunication or

Gap is only an opportunity to establish a stronger Bond we are abundant and

strong because we know that God is watching out for us and our Good Fortune

never give up hope and keep progressing in life especially in the face of

setbacks call in the blessings of health wealth joy and happiness and feel God’s

protective arms around you even at those moments when life’s program seems to be

going as planned the root God has already blessed for you will lead you to

happiness and purpose those who trust in you who understand your hardships and

ask God to Pardon you should be your circle of support all of your hardships

have only strengthened and resilient you recall that a brief absence of

understanding is simply a phase of your journey and does not indicate that you

are lost as the Lord raises us up from beneath the Earth and places our feet on

a rock to make our steps solid Psalm

to tells us that you have a special place in this world these are the times

in your life when things start to come together that you have been destined for

accept the chances you are given because God is working in your life directing

circumstances and happenings that are only possible via his intervention have

faith in his schedule greater things than you can fathom are coming your way

speak about your beliefs and know that wonderful days are ahead protected from

harm and sustained by an unwavering relationship with God despite the

seeming length of your journey he is a your side the entire while giving you

courage and delivering you from hopelessness a big shift full of financial relief

tranquility and benefits that will revolutionize your life is about to

happen be ready for God’s surprises have faith that God’s favor will continue to

pour down on your best days ahead it won’t be long before you tell tales of

triumphing over hardship all because of the one who has consistently been there

waiting patiently for you you are becoming precisely who you were meant to

be so have faith in him and his purpose for your life and in yourself everything

exactly how it would be when abandoned we declare abandon me oh the creator of

my intent which means that whatever we do right now matters

expectations include a financial Miracle but you will never fully receive the

unexpected it’ll be clear when you experience it if you have faith in God

your concerns are now behind you God has a miracle related message for you today

I speak breakthroughs over your life if you feel that something extraordinary is

happening that you cannot fathom let’s welcome them and give your blessings

some purpose my reputation won’t be a source of anxiety for me forever never

bonder on past failures and potential outcomes for both of you and your family

better times are coming I affirm that you will continue to receive the favors

and benefits that are intended for you I pray in the name of Jesus that you will

receive help that beyond your expectations be encouraged if you found

yourself lying in rest feeling hopeless because God sees you as righteous and is

trying to show you that recovery and success are possible for you he has

countless blessings in store for you I’m excited to gain insight into you so I

can give you advice and give you the courage to overcome any obstacles you

may encounter you you have a great deal of opportunity for economic success and

favorable outcomes in the future when you take solace and confidence in the

Creator we stress the value of time and the certainty the blessings are on the

way transforming your life in amazing unanticipated and good ways never give

up hope there will be help soon God wants you to know that you will be

blessed and receive assistance beyond your imagination today recognize that I

have excellent things in store for you for those who trust in him are truly

blessed if you speak it aloud and have faith in your heart you’ll be showered

with Benefits tonight please do not surrender me to the oppressive will adire adversaries you are about to get

promoted and flourish something extraordinary is being sculpted by God

within you anticipate some positive news this weekend in spite of the

difficulties God is going to give you unquestionable success and wealth in all

areas of your life good things are coming so have faith and stay inspired

God’s timing is perfect they witness the goodness with which you handle your loved ones remind the nine people you

see this film with that Those whom fear nothing will be lacking enjoy the day to

the fullest and achieve your goals you are never alone so don’t worry you

deserve to succeed in life and despite any obstacles know that help and

Recovery are on the way it’s going to be your moment to shine Daniel to tells

us that no no matter what hardships we face whether they be for our own bodily

well-being or the well-being of our loved ones it is crucial that we remain

faithful you are about to accomplish a noteworthy accomplishment I am leading

you towards a life full of blessings meaning and love as we embark on this

amazing journey together take great pride in your steadfast Faith ultimately

it will come to you as an endless supply of incredible gifts and wine and put

your trust in me I’ll be by your side throughout every phase of the journey

abounding blessings are on the horizon and I am getting ready to shower you

with more than you can ever ask or conceive reject nothing that God tells

you concerning your future anticipate to see an unceasing stream of wealth and

and Pleasures Beyond Your Wildest Dreams doors are open all around for you to

take advantage of this opportunity to recover I swear never to abandon you and

I will defend you it’s time to rise above the limitations of previous

generations and enter a holy new realm on the mental and philosophical levels

you can be confident my love that God is going to bless you and help you achieve

your objectives forget about all the schemes made against you and trust that

God Is Lifting you up and removing all the obstacles in your way you are

blessed and anointed in front of your adversaries if you accept God’s promise

and feel his presence in your life typ man God knows what you are currently

going through and is here to support and shield you from all harm together let us

pray that the Lord would send his angels to assist you and guide you toward a

life full of Vitality VI your faith recall that God tells you today that he

continues to be with you despite our flaws and past mistakes know that he is

drking your steps making sure you are safe and that that you will succeed in

all that you do as you navigate difficult Waters I will make everything

whole again in this season we say Amen confident that you understand us and

will deliver us your thoughts and prayers are working today enabling the

impossibly possible just a few steps away from now your trip will begin in a

wonderful way you will Triumph in all facets of your life prepared to release

spiritual bonds and introduce Vitality development love and contentment it’s

the right time to gain the clarity rroo your course and seize the chances for

accomplishments you’ve been longing for this is only a small part of what is

ahead for you at this point in time you are our refuge therefore we place our

confidence in you God your love keeps us safe and your light leads us the respect

and gratitude you receive from people around you are a reflection of your own

positive transformation get ready to enter a wealthy new age that will bring

blessings opportunities and a positive Lucky Life finally let us offer a

sincere prayer for development and the capacity to see the blessings that come

into our life Father in Heaven grant me the courage to make the required

adjustments in your presence I will give up Delight in order to overcome

constraints and embrace an abundant existence when difficulties appear never

give up recall that God has beg preparing you for a time of great

blessings you are most valuable when you are assistant and have a strong faith in

Jesus dear ones if you count yourself among those who have faith in his plan

type don’t overstress yourself and become ready to be astounded by what God

is able to accomplish in your life if you’re looking for a supportive upbeat

society as a whole subscribe to our Channel recall that your tale is not yet

finished the message that God has for you is mostly one of forgiveness and Fresh

Starts so don’t worry your smile should be more radiant than ever at this time

since you are getting ready for a season of good changes remain tenacious and

receptive to the benefits that are still to come hold on to your faith appointed

enemies for the day is coming when blessings will confirm that the devil

attempts at depriving you of happiness and undermine your dreams of a sixf

figure salary are ineffective you’ll see why this had to be the time of his you

will overcome every obstacle and get well with God’s help moments like as

serve as a reminder that you have the power to encourage and uplift

individuals around you through your life journey and way of living pray with

conviction have faith in the Healer and realize that a significant financial

blessing has the power to change your life this day holds significance not by

happen stance that rather as a component of a Divine Purpose accept the knowledge

you have gained it will help you succeed God is on your side and he will follow

any plan the enemy has for you keep your eyes focused on the future the creator

has in store for you not your present circumstances you are under the

protection of his hand and darkness cannot hold you let God manage the

issues and nourish yourselves with his word with confidence act and speak

knowing that good things are coming your way recall that God is molding you to

accomplish his will making sure sure that nothing not debt illness or enemies

of any kind will stand in your way remain joyful and at ease as you ascend

from the lowest points to the heights believing that God is leading you in all

areas of your life there is a need for Fresh Starts and open doors in every

home remember that patience is crucial throughout this Preparatory phase your

trust God Is providing a way for you across the desert shouldn’t be

overshadowed by the need for immediate results your sincere requests are being

heard bringing you closer to the plan God has for you Isaiah to one serves

as a reminder of the Lord’s presence and promise that I am among you this is an

exhortation to believe in God’s timing Trust that he is guiding you from a

place of Despair to Hope and setting you up for the opportunities and rewards

that are still to come please show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting

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