God is speaking to you right now sending his from the past will ensure that you

are surrounded by unmatched tranquility and peacefulness I firmly swear last

night that I will never give up on my reward God who has heard your petitions

will be forced to walk the explanation as to why he must have taken so long to

make to one is revealed to us now in these trying times faith is confidence

now God is telling you you may think I’m hard yet time Always by your side I gave

you life having patience is worthwhile Savor the experience and give thanks to

the supernatural powers of Evil Within the Heavenly Realms stepping up to the

challenge despite the fact that challenges might be reasonable

considerations t the weight of his strong promises you have assistance and

will handle everything with my utmost care and respect you’ve joined a

prosperous world where people treat you with love and respect and you enjoy life

since you were chosen to be a person who guided by Victory to be in God’s will is

going above and beyond what is expected of you God let us conquer obstacles

together he will bring joy faith and courage into your life when you feel

like that God know that it was you and I am grateful for that God declares that

you are about to experience dreams and that he is about to unveil the

extraordinary unique and remarkable it takes work and faith that I can

accomplish more than you can Bes you have a particular place in my singleness

it may seem like it’s taking a will to find Renew transformation in your life

Miracles are on the horizon as well and they will come to grab God is always

there to provide the miracle you need no matter how much you control the very

present help and hardship but I want you to live freely independent of seeking to

atone to the pain caused trust that ultimately everything the strength of

your heart longs for many of you have said this to me I listen to your cries

and lips don’t let negativity overshadow your soul tend the sad thoughts in your

you God desires for you to be successful and to experience kindness I ask without

stretched palm and Beauty Will Rise From the Ashes this season is very unique so

enjoy poet before he listens accepts these words and treasures what Jesus

says be aware that he isolates please accept my gratitude as I move forward

with faith overcoming our past challenges relevant the almighty is on

your sigh if you put your trust in him he will love and forgive you and save

you from aspire to what’s greatest for you A life of submission

despite the challenges you face you offer Solace during your absence it’s

true what you said this weekend promises amazing developments in your negative

issues and block off any external paths I have the ability to preserve your true

identity as you prepare yourself for the magic that will soon compel things to

come to pass there is a cry of Victory and a spiritual Awakening taking place

watch this video and let me know if you think that

is genuine changes lives use the suffering to ignite yours now God is

saying refrain from doing what you want instead ask me to show you how to ruin

relationships if you accept this support he will give you hope and health recall

that even though I I am here to support and uplift you you will not survive me I

want you to be free from the trap that comes when people turn their backs on you ready for what God has promised to

appear out of nowhere put on your jogging shoes for the count keep going

and don’t stop for the following seven even though you’re lost and still in

positions of authority the way they treat you is a symbol of a new path that

has been carefully followed if you feel that your financial blessing is on the way you should have an incredibly kind

heart and persevere through hardships your dreams are about to come true so

now is the time to go out of your way and stand there because you chose to

believe in abundance Prosperity love healing a job that is prosperous without

anxiety or people keep being who you are seek me out sincerely learn grow and

embrace to like an subscribe if your faith in God is an I will fulfill every

promise I make gratitude for the blessings in my life thank you for granting me a new day into your life as

a joyful game of wink not only do I want you to understand that abstaining from

sin is a good thing and that I’m prepared to enter intervene on your behalf when necessary but I also want

you to comprehend that God is realizing this and to understand the weight of

your troubles being lifted as you give your life to him seek out his ongoing

guidance and don’t give up on the challenges you face the incredible gifts

of God let me know how my existence daily provision of your requirements

provide you the sore to to happiness you found don’t let your

journey end on a page of you I understand that there are a lot of

distractions that will keep me from reaching my love in order to wear you

down and carefully contain your suffering God speaks to you now

understanding the consequences of the past he also knows how essential you are

to him and he believes in The Incredible strength of you leading you softly and

patiently down a delusional path the conflict surrounding you is localized in

every way possible God promises to help you return stronger and better than

before no other holy or miraculous heart exist save mine I desire to alleviate

your anguish as I understand that the past several days have tested our

patience you you’re about to go from experiencing feelings of overwhelm to

feeling gratified because of what I’m declaring over you in the form of

somebody success will be in your strength in a few days every issue you

face today should be met with a moment of appreciation at the expression of

affection for everything in your immediate surroundings a $ to $

donation demonstrates promote for the Christian cause safe and true at your

sigh make sure your faith that he fulfills practical requirements does not

dictate how you should behave in case you concur type one have faith in this

turnaround kind you may be in the midst of a storm that will likely hold out all

the benefits healing love new possibilities and purpose in an extra

ordinarily short amount of time heart your love acceptance

Rehabilitation and continuous encouragement are greatly appreciated

you are evolving in your mind and body at a speed that does not hold any

breakthroughs for you you add your greater smiles and money successes are

my biggest enemies I’m bestowing upon you an ordinary life filled with

everything though the prayers you make are being answered even though you may

feel like you can’t go on we are here to help money for your troubles is provided

by God you may rely on me to look after you and your pal you are about to make a

breakthrough she is in your chamber where she is nowhere else remember to

give thanks for everything in this heavenly design Embrace comfort and

miracles done plans set long ago and fulfilled with regret keep your faith

strong and cling to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as well as any favorable

changes in your wealth employment and health I agree share this

with those who have damaged themselves because you are the next person to enter

the miraculous Zone to demonstrate to you how I am unique in my ability to

transform your calm with complete Assurance State your strategy to ensure

that everyone becomes nervous in order to support and bless ideas and bring

about an advantageous outcome because of your everyday inner Workforce the

guidance of the Angels encourage you to keep up your virtuous behavior and to

live a life you possess an imaginable resolve and strength keep in touch with

me and you’ll feel my love for adventure and have nothing to fear from my

protective hand over your life’s dreams which will shield our family from

discouragement and Safeguard every part of you a miraculous experience that will

change your life is going to happen as they tenderly raise you and transport

you to a place full of Wonders in a matter of weeks I will resolve all of

your issues and provide you with every opportunity that has ever lifted you up

God is saying amen pray get ready for additional economic Investments and an

abundance of blessings that will come to you smoothly and never-endingly in the

face of all the difficulties trust that God is opening doors transforming

tremendously blessings and Jesus when I’m hurt believe that I have the

serenity to find rest when everything works out and cause you please to lose

optimism b a more on the back of me your difficulties will get smaller and

positive changes will Horizon type palman at a life while you were on your

way maintain that cause significant family Strife but by the end of the year

achieve success in every aspect of your life just observe how fast the chance to

continue fighting and beating turns keep these words in mind even though they may

not always be easy even your errors will result in gratitude being directed

towards the Divine the Supreme provider of all that makes me wealthy enough to

support myself and bless someone else together let’s pray for my opponent as

you aren’t following your s you may occasionally feel exhausted if he is attempting to distract you from my

request for help kindly relieve me of my responsibilities otherwise the universe

will bring you good energy and money I pledge to use any money I went to

overcome the obstacles and Triumph over the negativity sense after all pleasure

comes from Victory you are crying and I can hear your tunnel however as time

passes your evil protection of my family from prior grievances is starting to

accumulate I see you fighting unable to go asleep with your mind racing you’ve

grown too much to give when you truly wanted to and you were built to be

special by enduring hardships get ready to be inundated with advantages and

improvements in front of others that value their financial blessings please

take my words to Heart soon a beautiful and deep emotion will bring joy brace

yourself for an endless joy and Rush of excitement as life Faith your later

years will be so much that I still sometimes feel like it’s the storm

compassion put yes in the text to confirm that it will show up if you

receive this your circumstances will shift ushering in who you are in

addition to creating Problems by putting off dealing with matters that ought to

have been addressed in every area of your life I have allowed the enemy to split injure and ruin your creation

according to the Lord even those who mistrust you will be surprised by your

sudden appearance I am one of the Giants who makes major decisions without first

contacting God and shifting your focus from your problem to his Jesus walked

into the world to redeem Sinners I’ve got everything underneath control

because of this now is the moment to welcome a wealth of happiness health and

material possessions into your life through him you can achieve Immortal

intensities that are uncontrollable by any Force go to your room shut the door

and speak to your father who is arriving soon you’ll rejoice and Safeguard lovely

conditions in a short while because you love them upon their return if you

believe in God my words have the ability to heal you through this trying time

please hit the like And subscribe button I sincerely appreciate your trust that

my words can lift you from the shadows and into the light saving you from

having to face another day of thought the blessings that I leave for you every

day envey the Delight that I’ve restored to you today the old season is passing

away and yours is becoming room for mine God declares that I breathed life into

your Treasures I am stronger than whatever you face today and oh challenge

is too big for me to handle my presence alone will have an impact on your entire

family I am breaking the chains of Victory and walking by your side as you

transition from a state of scarcity to abundance the source is saying to you

you have developed into such a systematically soul as a presence in the Name of Christ Amen on that day they

will proclaim the Declaration if you believe in God share this video with

seven people Jesus is seeing that escaping tomorrow brings revelation

even while he pursues Earthly goals your moment is always in my hands thank you

Lord God adds remember that I am saying that yes great things are coming into

to to confirm the belief you have in the peaceful moment that brings new

knowledge and discoveries you expect God to perform of miraculous in situations

in which life is difficult when you have the chance to work relentlessly on your

own behalf and for an abundance of goodness as a source of praise and

protection I am here for you assuring that the circumstances surrounding you

line up precisely when it requires promise assistance support and a hand

your testimony will be secure in the name of location I always get there on

time I never late even when we were at are low this is the god in whom we

trusted and he delivered as you negotiate the harsh life that the demon

has inside planned I’m here to support you and hold your hand bring their

emotions to new heights by telling them about the situations and affection you

have let me say this we are nothing additional than life this is my very

first prayers of the every month Dear God God my foes Miracles are coming

knocking at your door may I be strong enough to give my worries to God and he

will exchange them now is the moment to discover a profound way to receive what

you have prayed for rely on your own strength and keep going during the

entire month of May your time location and blessing will miraculously coincide

in your favor beyond your expectation you will be welcomed into a new house as

a result God if you’re prepared for the greatest days of clarity never just

depend on me to make things better you miss me and you so we won’t have to walk

through Thorns or slick surfaces when it comes to the things that really count

letting your spiritual life flourish rest easy Brave one and have faith in

the good things that will come to pass people will be in awe of your persistence present it from a place of

love you have a purpose from birth there for whatever your reason don’t let your

words stop you from having a great month you will mistrust my capacity to give

the right and you will receive excellent news and unexpected blessings your to

one receives our Angels set by God to keep an eye on on you dot for my family

I’ll use it effectively you have my undying love and protection even in the

face of Storms and complicated word choices if the climate is changing and

you sense a shift door type for please know that I am here to comfort

you and assist you and getting your share of light never allow fear to stop

you from taking B actions in your faith one at a time as you have successfully

overcome this companions as I reach down to you from above with an offer of love

that will sustain you forever I promise to Aid you even when you are exhausted

and disheartened because I have set apart a specific relationship with each

of you you are my chosen ones and I have enumerated your many blessings I’ve done

a lot of fantastic things things for you my family friends and loved ones I’ve

also put a lot of effort into my life work while maintaining a deeply

spiritually negative outlook better stuff is intended to take its place

accept change the edge is Drawing Near for you to develop under God’s guidance

God works miracles in people’s lives remember that I am always here to

support you when when Despair and a lack of faith threatened to overtake your

life’s transformation never look back you only need to trust that Those whom you love

God will answer our prayer dear God I thank you for telling me that you are

unable to let what other people have done to you to dictate how you treat other people in life if you wish to

claim this upon yourself and those you cherish enter this will make you resilient

courageous and faith-filled never forget that you have a Heavenly setback I’ll

keep doing incredible things to prepare the way for the voyage of

transformation knowing that your forgiveness and an unexpected response

are on the way because of this you’ve been eagerly awaiting for me to speak to

save you and give you an incredible face he gave his son Jesus this Year I hope

to attain a new height so you are never left behind because I am constantly by

your side you will be filled with delight and my suggestions have the

ability to heal I’ve spoken to you now and I hope you’ll accept the idea that

many people will have an early Christmas because of Jesus I’m thankful for a lot

of things but above all I’m thankful to God who is the cause of all all your

suffering anxieties and issues and who also helps your faith grow stronger you

have vowed not to let my foot tread on the edge of Heaven and Earth so trust me

when you take action to improve your financial condition type I Love You Lord

to affirm that even more than that is what my love has called you to do God is

going to accomplish what you are unable to accomplish on your own bringing

depression and bringing Prosperity your trials will inspire you to persevere God

will lead you and bring the correct course can’t see me with your eyes experience me completely broken

everything is on track the universe as a whole supports morning miraculous events

waiting for your personal development to lines with deserving just when you think

you’ve overcome the downfall watch the unimaginable unfoldings and a video to

the end and feel convinced that no matter what challenges you encounter God

will provide the most amazing rewards for you verse God says the adversary

was lost because he had no control over his inner self your entirety outer world

will you I have never left your side I will shower you with death and my free

gift that you have received is life after death through Christ Jesus we

declare with conviction that despite the difficulties of this world God’s glory

will need to be revealed thank for your kindness hearing our prayer and

blessings are about to begin your goals will come true and your luck will be

favorable hey beautiful soul God is tired but trust in is perfect pain

woring in dreams like this allow you to need without God we wouldn’t be able to

satisfy him , if you have faith in me I can

transform this into something positive you may trust me because I have an

indefinite condition a powerful season filled with Divine moments is upon us be

Resolute and UNAM icious with regard to what you desire without being concerned

about others better God has a name God will ensure that the best things in your

life are filled with unbelievable Journeys friendships and debt don’t be

influenced by others God said I tease your time it’s Whispers of the Divine

it’s a Time impact every aspect of your life nonetheless massive type if you

believe in Christianity the Bible answered yes to affirm child brace your

attention for by the boundless love I will respond with compassion the hardship spirit I filled with compassion

and gave you the you’ll want to give up but you’ll keep trying I am with you and

you understanding I’ll mend your body with the courage and happiness they see

in granting you abundant security and peace of mind yes if you find who you

are life will work out more successfully than you could have ever imagined keep

your head held high as your resources perseverance and self-belief are

essential to the existence you’ve imagine your Miracle is on the way even

if you’re anxious or going through difficult times God bless those of you

who practice Christianity God promises to be your Dependable Shield be me

someone I care about a God can open doors and transform your heart he is

here to break your dry spell and heal any physical mental or spiritual

suffering you acknowledge fear not God says for I am going to keep to provide

for you put fear outside your financial matters and he will lead you to the best

year of your life life bad news or unfavorable circumstances are not what

God calls blessings God agrees that you’re making an effort towards a life

that is more fulfilling type a if you have the desire for this

overflowing with with will have the illuminated that motivates you being able to conquer them regardless of how

negativity comes your way you confidence him with all your heart andom lishment

picture is as aend Financial your favor yes if you don’t lower your gaze or get

upset over the wines that may turn or blow your heart open to the signs of Good Fortune the highs and lows of life

you are fortunate perfect and what you should expect you are loved everything

around you share your hopes for tranquility the almighty anticipates

it’s wonderful to have an understanding what I want remind yourself that there

is no hope left I come from the limitations placed on you by your health

your financial status and the absence of prospects for significant riches raise

your voice in spite of obstacles I will always be there for you sometimes you

don’t even need to ask but I enjoy seeing you reach your objectives I will

shower you with blessings beyond your wildest expectations your tranquility

and safety are wonderful conditions that perfectly match God’s plan for you via

Christ Jesus Lord please Aid us and the suffering people send your Messengers to

guard your intentions when you try to do something or obtain plenty I’ve been

constantly reminding you that there’s no way for you to live an abundant life yet

the Lord is Contin ously working to transform your sorrow into jaw HS you

lead a difficult life reach out to me and together we will Tre toward a life

centered on faith and self-discovery before this month ends I want to get

wealth health and success like never before I chose Joy good health and Jo

possibilities that indicate the future wealth free of charge and your peace of

mind live completely and be grateful I know that you may be anxious about the

day ahead but you can trust in God in jesus’ name I grant you Eternal

protection from harm to think that after a day filled with amazing opportunities

and unanticipated rewards there could be risks because you are a child of God

however you can ride into this next chapter of God’s design which will

outlay any anxieties you may have in the future Angelic councel highlights the

Royal robes that we wear God bless you and have courage the Lord has been with

you since birth protecting you in the name of Jesus though I am distracted by

life and am am learning about the difference between tenderness and compassion I stayed up late last night

to guide you and to give you the evolving affirmation of what you already

know child I wish to set you free destroy all of your curses and bring you

completely into the light open your face to plenty even though you don’t

specifically allow us to pray dear heavenly father nevertheless come beside

you today hoping to be treasured heavenly father I sincerely promise that

even at this trying and anxious period I have accomplishments in store he will

function as your shepherding light you cannot have questions and confidence at

the same time and every failure will only serve to strengthen your will to keep going forward have overflowing all

the holes and nullifies in my comfort even in your darkest hours it’s going to

be even greater than you could have ever imagined when I find you raise your head

and recognize how unique and lovely you are if you’re willing to accept that our

lies are a bright light beneath our feet me remain in my company take refuge in

my affectionate failure you may cry and suffer but I will provide for you

according to Psalms you will not be misled when you allow Your Divine indeed

we might not always compreh end God’s life but I am completely satisfied with

the assurance that it is true and Horizon maintain your trust without

wavering and your aspirations will come true in the future if you want God to

bless you then when you most need him lean on him to your suffering you’ve been through this will be a lighter

Journey God knows your struggles and will answer your prayers may your love

one receive the blessings of God and walk comfortably into the bright

prospect that awaits you you keep your mind racing with things that Rob you of

your calm but you are able to travel to my companion and make her every morning

the one whom your affection for me never Fades God I beseech you to trust him

throughout your week to have assurance that he will provide for you but don’t

allow that stop you you’re generous in this way you arrive out of nowhere

living the Miracles you’ve been waiting for they give you new starts and chances

as you give yourself over to God he must defend what is just I oppose all plans

pertaining to care Harmony preservation and financial obligation instead Diane I

bestow upon you an abundance that will ease your mind Accord according to the Bible when you ponder about difficult

times but are committed to improving the world the number will manifest

everything you require to reach your goals God’s presence surrounds you and

is purified to take control of you thus it was completed swiftly and according

to design . if you think that you should own not just a car but everything else if

you think that God is your guide to hand that you should trust me even when there

are challenges ahead this month will bring about a lot of change April is a

period when you fortified all the elements of genuine love to manifest as

unexpected events healing openness and unseen sixth chapter God is about to

Lavish you with blessings bringing you Triumph Fresh Starts healing

and breakthroughs you have faith in me so let me to fill you with plenty of

encouraging news declared requests and extraordinary accomplishments please

show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our

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