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God is speaking to you right now God of

my love I have become alone without you

and though the road ahead may be Rocky

it must be traveled bravely a

relationship of significance becomes a

hurdle in life if one does not have

blessings they embraced the uncertainty

and welcome the blessing of Faith even

after an entire day without catching

something leaders ship is being able to

inspire others type

to demonstrate it is an example of

what leadership is good news we have

been blessed by God over and over again

through his goodness until then of

course we have to take good care of our

Spirits exercise them and allow him to

utilize us wherever we are in our

journey as your faithful friend I am

here to stay I promise you that the

first option will shower you with

Tranquility today what gives you reason

to doubt you will discover God’s

character through his initial

demonstration of Grace for Humanity

entrance in the midst of adversity and a

deep dive into Bible stories click a men

if you concur that it ends up destroying

healthy relationships far too often when

you remember that few people will

remember you or what you did remember

that your legacy of kindness empathy and

freedom can help others resurrect and go

to the celestial realm making the

blessings you have receed ReSound like

those of Christ open your emotions to

the praying to of understanding

comprehending the distinctive

characteristics of every human being

being and completion is the goal in

sight recall not to reject God or

disobey him as you get them sin is the

failure to follow God’s message as much

as it is the Deeds allow his word to be

of assistance to you it both defines and

directs you until they obeyed his order

the disciples had been fishing all night

without success whether you are reading

it in print or not put your trust in his

word communicate this video with

somebody who need to be reminded of this

message of encouragement especially if

you discover that the prayers you make

aren’t heard or if doubt and confusion

are troubling you seek to comply and

heed his commands follow his

instructions and have trust that he

loves me allow your behavior savior to

demonstrate the faith you claim never

forget that I have bestowed upon you

certain abilities and Gifts throughout

your life let your connections reflect

his love by making appropriate use of

them taking care of you his Temple is

crucial for a purpose you are the

beneficiary of God’s grace who has given

you his presence your hearts will be so

full of delight if you you are aware of

his affection or the gifts he provided

for you type amen being jealous can make

it difficult for us to notice the good

things in our lives recognize that you

are constantly in the loving arms of

your savior and strive to obtain the

clarity necessary to navigate through

life circumstances May weaken you even

as you cast off the spiritual garbage

these times my darling kids don’t always

glorify God you can live a righteous

Life by continually taking in God’s word

recall that if you disobey his commands

you remain a slave and continue to sin

remember that you are the temple he

resides and when this life ends God will

abundantly Supply your Necessities

through his grace accept your path with

appreciation and remember that

contentment can come from things other

than money it might also be discovered

in the Delight of glorifying God sin

obscures our vision and keeps us from

realizing how blessed we are in addition

to breaking his rules further more

damaging to our relationships with God

and other people is jealousy as we live

in the light of his grace let us make an

effort to be joyful and envy free Grace

is blessing as your physical Necessities

decrease and this existence comes to an

end may you find peace Under Pressure

there is wisdom in forgiving serving and

putting others before yourself every

Boon originates in his mind are His

blessings recognized by you what is

involved in identifying them solve the

issues or Draw lessons from them to

address the difficulties as you grow

older and become more aware of his

requirements you are learning more about

him do you realize that sending his son

was the height of his love make

decisions that will shape your future

since you have been showered with

blessings beyond measure and are being

prepared for eternity Millions more

reasons to celebrate including the way

that sin overcame the old you and

brought about your Redemption every

single moment is a privilege that should

be cherished when you accept the grace

that Jesus has provided your road is

precious and I am walking it with you so

fill your thoughts with confidence keep

in mind the blessings in front of you

this is a resilient plan reappear with

more strength than previous please know

that your family will soon experience

Victory as well as that I am always

available to listen you can benefit from

victory since it clarifies who he is

understand that having material stuff is

not the only indicator of true riches

although you believed yourself to be

free sin was your master to gain

understanding study his word recall that

the human form is the temple of God and

that a road of self assurance and

success is ahead of you dot As you move

forward with him type amen for

validation because the existence type

yes was offered and could only be found

by trusting God he says that the Holy

Spirit who lives in you will make you

believe in the Supernatural and put your

trust in God God es plan and that these

blessings are the unlocking keys to a

life that is yours stay tuned until the

very end while you may be grieving for

the individuals you’ve lost or perhaps

feeling lost your thoughts as numerous

individuals do never forget that you

weren’t truly alone recalling how much

you are valued you are invited to accept

these blessings David Avid expressed his

thankfulness and love for God by his

Praises this life is significant because

it is yours recognize the abundance of

benefits bestowed upon you please know

that you are a child of God by grace and

I am by your side always you’ve Joy his

family now where love has no boundaries

have faith in him knowing that he is

constantly looking out for your best

interests and that he will reward your

loyalty if you neglect it to put things

into perspective think about what the

quickening limit of life is do in the

name of Jesus Amen don’t particularly

worry about tomorrow says God life is a

complicated tapestry and I give you

streams of benefits you could never have

imagined as well as revenue streams that

run like Rivers adopt a faith that is as

pure as his love for you please type

thanks if you approve along with the

Good Fortune of life you have been

bestowed with the opportunity to bestow

benefits onto others beyond your

greatest expectations recall that you

are also blessed by me in order to

glorify God even though sin disobeys his

instructions I will always be at your


guiding you and making sure you are

never alone in his grace God invites you

to rejoice and to share the blessings he

has bestowed upon you recognize you have

been entrusted with the wonderful gift

of life regardless of what you use it

for your time money good health whatever

your mission to bring love and light

into the world the flow of God’s

blessings is hamper if you persist in

regaining control over him to build an

association with Heaven rather than

create a barrier forgiving others serve

them and put their needs out of your own

positive life-altering results could

result from your

activities however if you don’t use what

you know about the speed limit in life

it is meaningless with your generosity

discernment and compassion express your

love and thanks you can be sure that

your freedom in Christ is well protected

trust me thank God that he has conquered

death and that he shares this Victory

with you guiding you everlastingly

toward a wonderful afterlife call upon

him in times of uncertainty and

perplexity your life will be drastically

altered by the way he says you should

live if anything you’ve heard speaks to

you like this video which promises a

Tranquility that is beyond comprehension

in order to declare your belief in the

divine plan that is being revealed to

you type

do you think he’ll keep you safe

never forget that living a life of faith

is built on your trust in him you are

strong and now because I made you

stronger than you were before

additionally keep in mind that obstacles

are chances for personal development it

is puzzling that some decent individuals

do not believe in God but you should

never waver in your faith I wish you

well on all of your Pursuits as you make

plans for this next week remember that

your body is a temple take care of

yourself face your difficulties head on

and learn from them so that God might

use you to help others as a constant

reminder that we are worthy of Love

Christ’s atoning sacrifice on the cross

for the transgressions of others is the

greatest example of Love watch what you

eat if you only eat junk food your

thinking will become foggy remember that

this movie attempts to Elevate you to

your fullest potential even if you

battle with uncertainty but believe in

God remember the experiences of those

who were physically and spiritually

emancipated From Slavery when you are

feeling doubtful or confused through

faith they realize their full potential

and you can too thank you for being a

part of this journey your

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allow us to continue sharing the

powerful and impactful messages of Jesus

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