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God is speaking to you right now please comply no one is capable of taking

anything from me hold on this is really just a prayer for Faith In God’s plan

the rest is up to me big developments and exciting news are coming up give a

safe future to yourself let go of your worries. please ask for my advice at any

time despite obstacles in your path never give up you’re on the verge of a

breakthrough God continues to be with you even if there may be a attacks Lord

please come to be all around me come to me ask for my wisdom and

consideration our loved ones and family members are protected by the compassion

of Jesus Christ prepare yourselves for a series of blessings and cling to your

steadfast Faith changes allow the heart to open up wide take full responsibility

for your choices feelings and everlasting fate God promises you that

this weekend you will feel his kindness like a soft flowing stream I have

observed your moments of Tears in these turbulent times let go of your personal

concerns and expect to obtain a considerable amount of care cash so hold

fast to your faith and a life free from Misfortune anxiety and stability or

hopelessness I give you this knowledge in the names of the Father in Heaven the Son and the spirit of righteousness

although difficulties may hurt they won’t destroy you I am staking our claim

beside him overcoming obstacles and bringing defeats to fruition even the

most difficult challenges can be surmounted with him navigate your life

with Assurance knowing that it will be rich and fortunate have faith in the

goodness that is headed your way happiness is a result of a cosmic

conspiracy I will always be there to watch over you and protect you from

negativity and damage as he guides your paths Marvel at the Magnificent f fabric

of your existence resolve to find solace in his presence despite hardship he

makes you feel good about yourself and support you in achieving your goals it

is important to remember that you will be saved if you believe with the truth

that God resurrected Jesus from the dead and if you openly confess that Jesus is

Lord I am at your door offering you my I reciprocated blessings mental and

physical this is obviously not a coincidental indication do not disregard

it by the end of this month trust it and welcome it with open arms pain is healed

by God recall that your deliverer and guidance is none other than my dear son

Lord absolutely never forget that Christ who strengthens you is all you need to

accomplish anything know this my darling child as we enter

I am always here to listen your pleas are being heard God is giving you

all the things you require including the capacity to fulfill your heart’s desires

and the supernatural ability of resilience in addition to financial

prosperity he provides you the desires of your heart because he is aware of the fact that

your needs have evolved previously that your prayers have been answered that

assistance is on the way he is enveloping you in his unending love and

cherishing you steer toward morality and serve as an example of honesty and

fairness sees the chance to do good with joy it is the universe using you to

answer someone else’s prayer always keep in mind that engaging in actions that

cause harm to oneself or others is never acceptable give God your worries and he

will swap them for blessings and growth development Fresh Starts productivity

optimism healing and amazing experiences you should anticipate having plenty in

every area of your life your path will become enlightened with positive

information favorable circumstances finances

acquaintances and health as you align your activities with God’s desire and

make him your first priority God’s love is beyond our comprehension it assures

eternal life and offers salvation to every person who places their faith in

his one and only son you can be sure you’re never alone because of his

unwavering presence God values your prayers especially when you honor him

and put your hope in his boundless kindness your doors are open to both

material success and personal Joy if you’re ready to experience God’s favor

in your life mark this message for future reference recall that while

difficulties come and go God’s love never ends even in the moments when it

is difficult to see he is directing things for our benefit by helping others

you are a living example of God’s love which is a Priceless asset that

transcends material Prosperity concentrate on developing the internal

beauty of a cal kind attitude that God really values I’m here to support and

door you no matter what always at your side the Fantastic new beginning is just

around the corner and your difficult times are almost over I am actively

developing and directing you towards a breakthrough in your life take it and

accept it with trust the Psalms assure you that something wonderful is on the

road ahead we are inspired to pray instead of worrying when we have dreams

because they give us everlasting trust a Heavenly hug of Love calm and confidence

surrounds you my child prepare for Joy this week for although following God may

not always be simple he assures you that all will work out for the best the

commencement of a new trip and Fresh Starts are being facilitated by the

universe you never have to worry about your words or efforts being in vain you

will soon enjoy Better Health and financial situation encounter the depths

of God’s love and meet the proper people our grace is sufficient so even in the

face of our sins we can exalt God for his love be patient with him Jeremiah

to reminds us that he has plans for you that will bring about Prosperity rather

than damage plans that will give everyone hope and a future avoid

continuing to suffer permit oneself to experience emotions heal and proceed

remain hopeful since miraculous occur on a daily basis God is eternally present

and available to provide support and Direction allow him to be your

protection against hopelessness C- wor free and hold fast to your faith as you

embrace the phase of Life recall that God is still in charge and has the

power to change any circumstance for the better when you need him let the example

you set for others to follow and have faith that God is blessing you with

possibilities and advancement beyond anything your relatives has has ever

known the pursuit of your dreams will prevent any weapon created against you

from succeeding God will direct your steps and lavishly enrich your life if

you acknowledge him as your king when it doesn’t match your schedule have faith

in his impeccable timing God is using your suffering to make you stronger and

more Victorious than before no one can take something away from you

you are his you should feel the Limitless possibilities that come with having

confidence in God this weak as well as see changes in your health as Psalm

States He educates those who humble themselves his way and you are important

beyond measure loved and adored God is constantly at work in the background so

you have been appointed to an ending joy and wonderful Health you should know

that the Creator is at work in your life even if you are unable to see it Matthew

explains the value of having faith in God’s plan and the strength that comes

from it God loves you and has blessed you you are a child who is meant to be

great declare with confidence that nothing can sever the connection you

have with your heavenly parent feel the blessings of life in all its forms

material and spiritual and let your tears turn into joyful ones please

accept all of these presents with appreciation I am sending healing

blessings and miracles your way are I battle for you the things which require

to be closed in your life are already being closed by Solutions you are

wonderful and ideal de you about to experience incredible enhancements you

are extremely special to me and I wanted you to know that declare with conviction

I am originally determined to accomplish God you have my undying gratitude and

take away all my anxieties and fears you also offer those who notice power God

loves you and has intended you to be an OB obedient believing kid I sincerely

apologize for my sins and God is restoring everything that was lost I

declare Jesus that I am cured by his stripes with an ending affection he has

been keeping watch over you give God the benefit of the doubt obey him and have

faith that he will make all things right maintain your faith and anticipate

miracles shortly get ready for wealth love work and prosperity in all areas of

your life you have had your last crying night act believingly there are no

coincidences in life you will be given a new heart I acknowledge my sin to you

God avoid giving into creation and letting rage rule your life your need

will give way to plenty and you will be bestowed with an Abundant Life full of

successes during the following to years blessings are on the horizon so

rejoice and never give up if you’re feeling assaulted that’s a signed in

this new year let your heart be open to winning remember that he is always by

your sigh so even when life throws storms at you expect change to God my

dear I come out of the cave of lions plans for a happy healthy and connected

life have been outlined for me by you you inspire your angels to lead us you

are a god of Second Chances since the beginning of time you have loved me how

you will go beyond your wildest dreams in the next to years have faith that

he will resolve all issues declare it with the conviction that the remaining

part of this year will bring Prosperity good fortune and a fulfilling existence

continue forward confident for you are headed to Greatness it doesn’t dictate

how you will travel he already knows what’s in store each obstacle will just

serve as a springboard to even greater achievements never forget that even at

the most peacefully difficult moments he is there to support you and keep you

eternally enriched with positivity and love remember that even if you don’t

have to labor For Love or Money it comes to you effortlessly when others

criticize you we share a life together I’ve prayed for anything that stands in

our way to be removed from the deep corners of my heart it may sound silly

but sometimes in this turbulent World faith is necessary for our path

acknowledge total Serenity from worry and welcome the gifts that are just

around the corner declare the contract you have with God a miracle Act is about

to occur he keeps us safe on the journey and always has us prepared to go to

become missionaries of all Nations educating them in the name of our loving

father are you advocate ating Harmony the act of Jesus crucifixion cleared our

sins and gave us peace knowing that he would always be by our sides providing

us with a life that is full of wisdom and the beauty of life beyond our

greatest expectations accept his amazing Miracles into your life even though the

future appears Bleak accept your individuality God loves you without

condition and his plan for your life is flawless I think that today in

accordance with his agreement you are bestowing blessings onto me know that

God is listening to you carefully and giving you Clarity if you are receiving

this message I want the people who have hurt me to move on from my heart because

my life will never be defined by their suffering please type amen if you concur

he has always supported you and will continue to do so until the very end God

will operate in your life tonight as you sleep moving you from a state of lack to

wealth give yourself to him and tell him what’s on your mind you are healed

because I removed the source of all illnesses in Philippians for

it reads be at ease with everything there will soon be more chances favors

and achievements blessings healing and love have been experienced by you have

faith that you have it and it will be yours the all powerful God who created

everything God wants you to know that he is keeping an eye on you you are

surrounded by my love and my healing force is at work in your life

God’s plan for you is certain and full of Hope even in the face of uncertainty

to receive blessings and hope for a week please subscribe to the channel I’m

proud of what you’ve accomplished hard work and I want you to keep your focus

on reality says God I have a blessing for you for every tear you shed your

next Boon is on the horizon on your travels you won’t be abandon make

decisions on your own without hesitation for the way forward is secure and

obvious recognize your blessings and hold on to the belief that all bad

things will eventually turn around you’ll be showered with blessings boost

your energy make a connection to the Future and make a shift it’s you who

will receive the miracle next get some excellent news that will make you happy

and hopeful prove to those in need that barriers vanish when God intervenes in a

situation remember your mission as determined by him and hold these words

of wisdom near to your heart I promise to fill you with so much love that I can

make your Seventh Day Extraordinary look up at Jesus crucifixion and than Loving Thoughts of

God your love loved ones and Friends your current dreams will come true with

God’s blessings get ready for a unique celebration that will eliminate all

doubts and make your life great I am honored to use you to benefit others

even though I do not want your Allegiance move with discernment def

fitting your calling you will find great happiness and contentment in him you

will be given discernment because he is your god may my words offer enjoyment

and have a favorable impact on the present whoever questions the power of

God will face Divine judgment I Proclaim watch as your tears of grief turned to

tears of delight you are going to be blessed by God if you remain true and

faithful to the people who uphold his love think of your body as a monastery

rather rather than as your own all that is wonderful comes from me God may my

thoughts and the things I say in my heart please you thank you angels are

sending help to you so that you have all you require for happiness and success he

has witnessed you through difficult times and things are now working out for

the best in the upcoming year welcome this period of healing and get ready to

see your prayers answered with hope that God would lavish you with blessings your

Victorious return is imminent it may be difficult to develop a connection with

God but the benefits of his unwavering presence and Trust make the effort

worthwhile in the world to come you will have plenty of difficulties but great

heart because I have triumphed over the world the affection that Christ t for us

was so great even when we were Sinners he’s prepared to take you on unexpected

Adventures to fulfill your prayers we have a strength that transcends common

boundaries therefore let’s pray together to call Heavenly Marvels into our lives

God knows that life is unfair and he is here to assist you in overcoming false

beliefs that you may have picked up in your early years rekindle that joy and

have faith in God’s words don’t give up your story is going to bless not just

you but your entire family be assured that you have my support and that I the

Lord your God he am giving you Clarity postponements in your life will change

taking you from meaninglessness to Direction and gifts will continue until

Paradise is your last destination you must go on in all areas of your life

because of God’s unwavering love remember that right now God is calling

you to wait patiently for your blessing be it a career marriage or a big

opportunity you’ve waited for too long and cried enough tears he tells you to

be motionless and understand that I am God your path will become Crystal

obvious and your request for guidance will not go unanswered Clarity is on the

way he Longs for you to experience healing and your grief brings you nearer

to him as you cry tonight get ready for a happy peaceful and prosperous life

prepare yourself for favorable changes this weekend as the goodness of God will

fall upon you in an abundance similar to that of rain even in this uncertain

position his grace wisdom kindness and kindness will be apparent help yourself

let go of the repercussions of your previous deeds and put your faith in his

favor typ yes and get ready for an abundance that will leave scarcity

behind if you believe along with a wealth of financial benefits tailor just

for you a feeling of psychological weal well beinging will be weaved throughout

your life even though you might occasionally feel forgotten God sees you

knows you and has many wonderful things and prepared for you Savor the Splendor

of unbounded prosperity and never give up it is intended for your life to be

abundant and to light up your heart with happiness God’s love and Supply are

predicated on his grace not on Deeds Jesus is speaking to you today so pay

close attention my love the affection he has towards you is as great as his

benefits and you are significant and valuable good things are about to happen

to you that will change your life speak with God and be grateful when you’re

surrounded by negativity even in relationships that are damaged put your

trial trust and faith in him and his intentions for healing and miracles

within the following year pray consistently have faith and be open to

God sending people into your life to be a blessing or a guidance recall that you

are nevertheless God’s creation even in the face of your blunders during trying

times decide to rise above your limitations and accept God’s wealth and

the beauty of Life your relationship with God deepens when you obey him and

he invites you to greater things resolve that the Lord your God is at your sigh

prepared to pay off your obligations and fill your life with inspiration riches

and serenity he who is also your creator has the power to change your financial

circumstances and bring you riches lean instead of depending on your own

comprehension but rather trust in the path he has for you and observe as his

abundance permeates every aspect of your life making sense of the complicated

situations in life particularly where exploitation is a possibility requires

planning and discernment it’s about allowing love to flood your life and

being prepared to open the infinite gifts intended for you remember that

when difficulties emerge persevering through them in faith can result in

several blessings change these times by deciding to be grateful and anticipating

the gifts and happiness that every day offers remember Psalm to for when you

are facing difficulties and ask for wisdom to help you discern right from

wrong and find your way through life God is actively trying to improve your

existing circumstances even though the trip may be challenging we are aware of your

faithfulness despite mistakes God’s strength is with you because Jesus is

the way the truth and the life the challenges you are presently

encountering are coming to an end and a new and and meaningful chapter in your

life is beginning try to live a life that honors God in the midst of

uncertainty and confusion Psalm – serves as a reminder of his benevolence

and his careful synchronization of our lives with his will this elevation

serves the greatest Advantage guaranteeing that supplications coincide

with his ideal timing I declare protection over you creating a Oneness

that only God could plan even when trust feels like a hard to rebuild Fortress

your life is important and full of possibility and purpose every moment of

your life is highlighted by God’s unending care which also promises a

change from a state of need to one of giving from suffering to meaning and

from being forgotten to being sought for remember that the Lord is always

watching over us as we pray for love and support in the upcoming months he stays

by your sigh having purposefully crafted you remember that God is doing far more

in your life than you can imagine when you feel undervalued or ignored in his

tender embrace all anxieties will soon pass and life itself for other people

people’s wounds will be healed in the name of Jesus I hope that you will

always be in a state of well-being with companionship health and prosperity God

encourages us to rise above adversity and to Revel in the abundance of his

Blessings by assuring us of his presence thank you with faith acceptance of his

love and his plans for us and the knowledge that all will work out in his

perfect time to bring about abundance abundance and peace let’s go forward

well-being though there is an important step ahead my life is on the verge of a

magnificent void that has created and loved me even though Heaven and Earth

may pass life like a cozy Embrace happiness healing will replace your

anguish and pain will lead to carefully thought out transformation with a heart full of

wishes time type of course if you perceive the most I speak to you please

respond with amen if you believe in God’s purpose or in a higher power I’m

proud of you and as evidence of this heavenly intervention never give up on

Christ we appreciate you being a part of the community we share and wish you the

best of luck and obtaining everything wonderful that comes your way if you

think that God has fought battles for you that you were unaware were being

fought on your behalf type Jesus is the way finish with a strong sense of

accomplishment and the conviction that you have earned it as we pray for people

to meet their urgent needs get ready for an abundance of happiness

I am loved by God because he always loves me dear God let there be always

room for improvement although plans don’t always work out God has a better

plan for you have faith that you will navigate your path with joy love

Financial Security and Recovery watch for doors to open ah we pray in unison

Heavenly Father we give thanks to you and ask to be channels a blessing Hold

Us backward until our physical well-being work relationships with

others and spirituality are all covered by a safe and clear path God has always

been there for you and his love never wavers regardless of how the world keeps

trying to convince you otherwise choose God please show us your thanks by

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