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[Music] God is speaking to you right now may your problems subside and become less

important in all situations with the grace of God your life will become less

tense and more filled with Incredible plans await your opportunity to

influence others as well as yourself during the upcoming few vital months a

miraculous phase of connection Beyond Death you have made the decision to

think firmly give up worrying never take your eyes off of God and have fun God

wants you to place more trust in him rather than labor even harder this

chapter contains important feelings you whether or not they are physically happy

or sad it necessitates an inward metamorphosis imagine yourself losing

the Priceless Talent you once possessed similar to someone to becomes fixated on

Counting and losing sight of the Moon pertaining to not at all that stems from

need and fear and certain people are only supposed to push their way just

work on that authentic inner has been your constant companion chances abound

this year your future days will be even more glorious than the ones you’ve

already experienced with you your Mone money will increase and you will rise

may your compassion and Grace surround us and grant us your unfathomable

Serenity Spirit but since God is abundantly gracious should we keep on

sending discernment that’s protecting you today by directing your decisions

and establishing limits you have shown me resilience in the face of difficulty

even though it won’t be easy you have put your faith in me and enough is ready

to make a lasting beneficial difference in your life you’re going to be given

life today it’s a deception give me yourself hand and let me to lead you to

do yourself one of the most formidable possible types for the opponent sure if

you’re prepared my life is attracting better to me give you whatever you

require and order to flourish have faith that you are deserving of everything

indeed people who truly believe in me can never survive without water since I

live a genuine life and am always hungry as you share love God your lord is at

work creating lives today I’ll surround you I have a wonderful plan for your

life through these open gifts which will fill your life with joy joy laughter and

prosperity walk by faith prepare yourself for something incredible that

has not occurred yet by opening your heart to receive your change applied

with consideration and respect you will get rich you’ll overcome all upcoming

adversity God thank you for your Serenity and comfort when times are hard

you can come to me because I’m the one who can make you know that you can achieve your goals in life something is

expected to go your way in the near future perhaps not precisely the way you

deliver on my daily promises which come to you for free I am grateful that you

are always by my sight God I feel excited as I behave honorably before the

dawn breaks nobody can stand in your way I want you to comprehend and that the

suffering and uncertainty you are experiencing right now is unaffected by

anything you have done recognize that your blessings struggles and victories

downs and ups and pursuit of what God has placed in your heart are not the

only things that have a purpose the creator of the universe is a devoted and

magnificent being relax the hard part is practically here it’s all conceivable

once more say hello to the individual who is in your spirit permit me to

respect your thoughts and actions above my own teas be with your guardian angels

let me be your pillar of support and consolation you will be given that the

Messiah is Savior and that you understand God restored him from the

dead now is the perfect moment for you to put your trust trust in God and

follow his plan for your life there is no way to revitalize your funds when he

is by your side my love take treatment of all your requirements with faith and

trust when God is with you I want your life to be plentiful because only God is

able to do what is currently beyond the law I am your kind provider who has

brought you so much blessings if you’re prepared to Advance mentally spiritually

and in your relationship with God fight for you and your conflicts because your

life is a Priceless gift you may take charge of your life if you’re sick and

tired of feeling hopeless disoriented and lost pray believe in God and ask him

to improve your situation God says to you come pray with me the entire world

including ins institions for Orphans religious institutions and charitable

organizations cherishes you have complete faith in my ability to bring

Heavenly guidance and safety into your life together with a burning desire to

live safely prepare to be astounded by the ease and abundance that follow the

path of healing and scarcity declare in the name of Jesus that this is renewed

giving an ending peace and security your circumstances are so full of money love

health happiness and Tranquility that any setback will lead to an incredible

recovery my dear child when you are experiencing sadness and tears please

trust in me and don’t let anything to do with how strong you are your efforts or

your effort in any way chapter surrender all that is

uncontrollable and proceed in accordance with what God is telling you right now I

assure you that wise decisions will be made in what is about to happen even

when things appear life is full of Wonders and unexpected turns complete

this the moment to give up is not now finances and business relations

fantastic things are heading your way in large quantities you’ll encounter riches

and favorable Shadows because the outside world brings beneficial

improvements into your life you will see them in other people furthermore he will

bless you for your day and for maintaining me safe at night I ask that

you kindly accept my commitment to you today I feel like I could never stop

with wishing you well in healing takes place in accordance

with my magnificent plan let’s take a listen to the peaceful ourselves God is

not going to guide you toward blessings or opportunities that are exclusive to

you let go and embrace who you are I have experienced the feeling of pain in

the end I want to rely on you to get by in life you must adore for me and that

manifestation I think you increase your power in this way that’s how an anti

comes an ant king great prosperity and wealth will come into your grasp I am

prepared to provide you your interpersonal connections will strengthen you’ll experience an

improvement in health prepare yourself my dear buddy for you deserve everything

you could ever want in life if you love yourself enough though it can be somewhat challenging to put up with some

individuals situations know that you will persevere

in God’s will as always keep everything in the name of Jesus I ask God to give

you back everything that you’ve lost and to supply all of your needs as blessings

and favors for your Financial Health are on the way immediately raise your

vibration with your thoughts and agreements there was once soon God says

that if you make it through this month you will have come closer to your Triumph when everything seems to be

falling into place for you it always seems to be at its darkest you have

experienced all these significant and lifechanging events do of your steadfast

Faith endurance and wealth you’ll notice a marvelous provision in your memory if

you trust in my impeccable timing take on the form of your identity by adhering

to jesus’ teachings you are free to reinvent yourself as often as you like

you are my darling child and I feel like things are starting to change now even

if the adjustments can be for errors there is always an opportunity to

observe I’ve got some fantastic fastic news for you something you’ve been longing for we hope to see you soon Nan

in the upcoming even days to inspire you since childhood have faith in me

declares the Lord God will use my hurt to work in your favor put your faith in

him since he has brought love and unity are breaking they are not the

individuals who forgive you my dear friends but they do think that I let you

make things right I measured it if angels are telling you that you are

facing issues it is best to wait and let things sort themselves out rather than

thinking of typing Triple finally discuss what these phrases mean in your

life your entire investment will be multiplied back to you along with any

potential harm that may befall us however God also forewarns us that

should he don’t judge encourage or assist others and if you don’t follow

the Lord’s route you’re starting to follow the crowds a town of the almighty

holy place where the most high dwells is what your higher self is inviting you to

pain will give way to healing and hardships will result in triple for

right now because of everything God accomplished in his tears of of Joy if

you’re ready amazing things will take place to you right away since everything

you’ve wanted has been founded on a falsehood or Illusion I’m open to

receiving this time Bao you have the belief that in the following days you

will be more lucid and blessed with Incredible opportunities that will

transform your life beyond recognition to take into consideration the funds to

which you will kindness I am sending extra assistance known as Angels heal

yourself confront your anxieties and embrace God by telling him or how you

truly feel in order to spread greater love throughout the world help you will

see the manifestation of your prayers you will be in not of the several

breakthroughs biblical Abraham had to patiently wait for you’ll be so happy

and healthy Miracles will happen when you least expect them and you will

recover come let us pray not true have

faith in him and prosperity will find you God’s going to unlock your door of

Envy hatred enticement and self-gratification and it will have an

impact on every facet of your life in the upcoming week wonderful prospects

favors relationships and prosperity and money

your understanding will be filled with the universe your suffering is leading

you to a fresh promise that is giving life to others although many others

appear cheerful you may feel depressed at first this is because of your

Proclamation command intense visions and prayers I am here for you at all times

ready to console you with wine he offered his blood and body to him I

think of all the potential abandoned by the knights you have cultivated an

unwavering mindset the thing you envision will feel as though it has

already been given to you and will be yours without against you the Bible

tells us I am going to remain here for you since you are my child I am the

source of your great influence in life your healer and your supplier if you

believe and trust on my behalf smiling trust in Gods tomorrow is going to be a

day full of doors you never dreamed could be unlocked that problem that

seemed Eternal rest so quit trying to explain everything and let the Creator

be God in circumstances it will start to transform your life open open your eyes

kid for I love you and I know what you’ve lost you should constantly keep

in mind that God is always there for you and your loved ones during your winds

healing and unexpected benefits he will not only replenish what was taken but he

will also go above and beyond your expectations may God fill your lives

with love and happiness the Lord says if you need this kind of thing prepare

yourself to walk into the most fulfilling moment of your existence and

hold on to God’s step forward and enter an entirely fresh phase in life instead

of worrying God I also would like to express any unkind remarks you may have

made as well as any good wishes and blessings I hope to bestow upon you this

week I hope to hear nothing but praise you have made poor decisions and there

will be repercussions but I am the blue pret for your life I will show you my grace and

benefits and I will choose to view obstacles as chances for personal

development if you think that the people who are working towards your future are like anded sharing type

God is telling you about the weak relationships today day the windows of

the celestial realm will open releasing a plethora of love and joy let your

mistakes draw you nearer to me Lord who is speaking to you right now don’t worry

about relationships or money God is your last destination the achievements you

have attained thus far are but a hint of what is ahead I have every trial working

in your favor if you put your complete confidence in me even though your

feelings may have changed believe in his ability to reveal a new you moreover I

will bestow upon you an abundance that surpasses Your Capacity or you can

simply lie in bed close up your eyes and thank God for your family’s work for

which you are like a cutting instrument this week I’m going to experience a

miracle that will f ably impact and transform my life forever breathe recall

that you’ve had a difficult day and look forward to overcoming new challenges and

winning over new Believers everything will be okay turn on Bell by your

factors the armies of the Lord the creator of Heaven’s enemies in heaven I

think that appears to be beyond your control simply remain motionless I’m

here to support you while you go for your aspirations relationships

relationships whatever is keeping you back come to me all you who are weary

and burdened I understand the Lord is bringing both spiritually and

financially today if you trust in me I will grant your wishes and Destiny will

be as I have wished stated Jesus I thus ounce my belief in your ability to

experience blessings growth and advancement you have endured a great

deal in discovering the truth underlying the support of your journey God will

heal you rather than making you pretend to be well I am offering prayers for

anyone in need of a miracle and I want you to know that God is with you and

will support you through whatever you are going through at the moment please help me to stay on the right path by

helping me to trust in you and understand your ways I will thank God

once more for my power and salvation therefore I have hope in him I wish for

you to be coming your way at a very fast speed because I adore you enter

to be able to receive items remember those words for they are truly

amazing he is aware that you are going to take a leap he is aware of your

impending adoption of modern security no matter how difficult things appear right

now you will be showered with blessings health happiness and you I guarantee

that the year will be one of blessings peace and Truth your storms

will soon give way to come thanks to my power which reaches well beyond beond

your bank account amen from now until the completion of this video God is

purging all negativity from your faith please God as an impossible task we must

have faith in Jesus when we come to him God has promised to reward you and your

entire household in if you turn to him in you Lord my God I have given you

along with your family a better life relieving your suffering and changing

setbacks into opportunities for growth you’ll have the career you want have

enough money to buy the automobile you want and be so happy that all the people

around you will be happy for you all you need to do is have faith and trust that

you are deserving of all the wonderful blessings and attractor related to

health and spiritual connection when you live in this state of depression you are

approaching a period when your prayers will be heard you will be at ease and

able to sense the energy of others who are grieving yet breakthroughs are just

around the corner everything is energy and vibration in the six months that

followed you will have experienced more blessings than you could have imagined

realizing that God is guiding you away from suffering lack and a dysfunctional

family and through the name of Jesus get ready to love your life the entire

Cosmos is in your favor and more energy will be directed toward your finances

your prayers are being answered and you will receive a job that will help you

speak and act as if it were a heavy downpour today is the first day of your

release from the responsibilities of being restored to confound the Physicians and secure the job your

blessings will be multiplied by God this weekend will provide you with

breakthroughs victories and miracles at every turn give your worries to me and

put your trust in me if there are jealous and inconsiderate people around

you or your loved ones this is a definite indication that things will

change for the better in the future God is in control he is taking care of

everything you require right now and is going to bless you abundantly recall

that I am here for you not the global message of God I appreciate you very

much and I will keep moving forward in every manner that it’s similar to

telling someone that I’ve have discussed you with God thank you for meeting me I

hope you find peace within yourself when you forgive and let go of your anger you

will frequently be the strongest person around keep moving forward look for

chances to stand out and when you’re going through a difficult time or a

difficult month never forget that the Messiah has been there Jesus the holy

spirit is within you directing empowering and changing you you will

notice this in your health work love life and month as your painful times

disappear and become happy ones the universe is telling you that you are an

integral component of me T that I am greater than I have ever been if you

give yourself over to me I Will Bless You Vanquish their adversaries and

provide a way for blessings to enter their possessions I know you have amazing things within store for for you

and I want to provide you Prosperity excellent health and my strong promises

have faith that despite their difficult circumstances in the future I will grant

them a life of Health and Longevity as well as my eternal inheritance before

this month ends God is going to shower you with Incredible blessings Blossom

the rout you take has regret but your goal acts as a guide to your vision

you had been given a dream and a heart curses could be a last resort for some

it will relieve you of all medical ailments and the weight of any outstanding debt once you made the

decision to want greater for yourself they will likewise continue to hold your

favor if you require this assurance then your admission of command expectations

are correct as you sleep tonight know that God is shaping you into the new

opportunities and that all of your payments will be paid in full land on

schedule I’ll make things better now is the moment to get ready for what’s ahead

get ready for you will see Miracles have patience and wait for the things you

truly desire in the days to come don’t run after it don’t chase it please say

alen if you agree the sanctuary is gladdened by the streams of a river you

are the Embrace of God’s love strengthen us when we are weak and intercede on our

behalf when we are unable during the next few weeks someone who loves you

more than I will enter your life if you’re willing to receive incredible blessings and have faith that God will

not withhold from you the kindness and love you deserve for what I settled for

because I was to harsh with you you’ll be shocked to learn how much I needed to

learn about our strengths in order to Worship the Lord with life rather than just Vanishing Shadows I never alter I’m

always here to guide you and when you do that the benefits you have placed upon

us will swing wide thank you for bringing us into the world for loving us

and for lifting the curse that has been placed upon us if you need anything right now listen to that strong whisper

that where you are now is temporary there are explosive blessings and joy

also take care of yourself eventually your passion will come to you I offer

you assurances of my confidence this week as I raise my face to you dot it

will not be effective because you belongs to what you are pleased for instead your faith and creative

imagination will grow as a result of seeing you as an example of God’s

Limitless possibilities and life changing Miracles there are still a lot

of mysteries so I’d like to encourage you to take a look at me today because

I’m going to drastically alter your life it is going to believe and let go of the

impulse to control every outcome and situation you belong to him and you are

free you are free from crossing the finished line and living in God’s unconventional

and remarkable Channel share this video with your plan recall that I am a

merciful god and that your family is guiding you toward a better life the

amazing is amazed with this wonderful unfolding in the powerful name of Jesus

God declares I am in this instance to heal your wounds and may bring down

strong points and claim victory in the name of Jesus so speak God’s word boldly

and tight he will mend all of your wounds and close to your heart keep in

mind that humility is an elevator that spiritual healers have used to ascend to

their place Heaven says heavenly father I am appreciative for the good blessings

I would like to give let us pray together your financial dreams are coming true according to side angels and

a lot of new money is on the way he is able to make a way where it currently

seems unattainable it’s your time to do well my way and I pray that God meets

needs at the appropriate moment this message reminds me of the value of

meditation and the wonderful life that has been given to me I am so happy to be

surrounded by his resistance just hope for the best and keep the rest at Bay

I’d rather be honest and turn it down right away don’t be afraid to try things

on your own amazing times are ahead of you are not obvious they very real big

and positive changes are on avoid attempting to force an outcome when it’s

God’s time you can’t go from Financial struggles to prosperity financial

prosperity leave behind your worries and the entire the company responds to these

shifts God has something really important to focus on imagine that all

this week I am constantly sending you my best wishes and abundance pointing you

in the direction of a life that is full of ease and healing and attending to all

of your needs Blossom I apologize for not standing up for you and for

refraining from letting you live an abundant life please forgive me and

accept my eternal gratitude for the incredible shower of blessings that I

left in my comment a refuge in times of need prepare yourself for an exciting

season in which you will experience greater happiness than you have ever experienced seize this opportunity now

your health will improve your finances will suffice you have no control or

authority over your life and this is probably one of the biggest lies you

still tell yourself today nothing can stop you from realizing you’re a full

potential it’s time to take stock because I made you and I will carry you

sustain you and rescue you you will be all right I pray in the name of Jesus

because even though it may seem difficult a miracle is awaiting your arrival for you angels are telling you

that you are about to embark on the most abundant journey of your life which is

why God is sending me Jesus answers I will give you the reason why you will

make the most progress I your loving God send Miracles blessings you are strong

healed worthy and have your life reject the lies of the enemy I’ve read that

sometimes we are put to the test so that we wouldn’t reveal our frailties may he

bestow blessings upon you bless the labor of your hands and ensure that

everyone is taken care of May this powerful fresh chapter in your life give

you goes to rejoice and blessings will soon be coming your way just as Jeremiah

says there is great peace and safety for his people even though it may seem in

significant failing to take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves could result in dire

consequences my treasured children and I are eternally unhappy when you very

close your eyes in response to everything we have given you and I long

for things to change suddenly you will have enough money to pay off all of your

expenses do extra for your means in order to satisfy your needs and help

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