⭕Ignoring me is going to lead you to disappoint me |God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now the reason for this is not the moment to

give up you will experience the love and kindness of God in life and your dreams

will come true he will obtain the blessings I have planned if he follows

his example the Angels ask you to maintain your faith even though it may

not always feel like it your efforts are paying off they are arranging something

really significant for you you fantastic New Opportunities will replace

disappointments but never forget that your God is the Lord for it is he who

gives you the courage to face obstacles head on you remain strong and nothing

has broken you it’s your turn now I say we occasionally receive crucial

reminders that make us acutely aware of the abundance of benefits in our life by

drawing attention to our deficiencies may he deliver enough and reunite you

with old friends the Creator is concerning me at the time you may soon

see a peak of the breakthroughs that is right around the corner in your career

relationships and overall health you can move forward with confidence recognizing

that you’re a love beyond measure and that I will always be there for you God

will take retribution leave it to his Vengeance unexpected benefits and turns

could arrive in the upcoming month your genuine love is shown in this way my

beloved child I appreciate you unconditionally according to Kings

God sees your tears and hears your petitions and he will heal you remaining

thankful and making the right decision even if it doesn’t seem like the

simplest one or crucial in an abundant life God tells you today that everything

that is gone will soon be repaired or replaced prepared to welcome every

aspect of your Fresh Start it’s a period of transition the old is making way for

fresh associations and exciting prospects hard labor is rewarded type

to confirm your faith and put your trust in the way ahead God says you need

not be concerned I am aware of your struggles and have heard your petitions

God promises that your faith in his name will not be in vain regardless of the

course you decide to take work never forget to be grateful never understand

that you are never alone darling kid even in the face of resistance refrain

from griping or whining about things since one choice has the power to alter

the entire situation life will work out far better than you could have imagined

money and love will find you you can access a world of Limitless

opportunities by following God’s instructions travel loved ones picture a

Shepherd leading the way to revitalize your life and the lives of your family

make a plan and concentrate on taking little everyday steps out of Decay let

your money be that river that never stops flowing representing the goodness

of his unwavering love your life is about to undergo a remarkable

metamorphosis this month that is intended to ease your frustrations and bring you Serenity may

he take up your load indeed love the Lord with all of your heart and put your

complete trust in him rest assured that even in times of weakness God is still

delighted with you it’s liberating to let go of things that no longer serve

you it makes room for more joy and riches treasure the small things in life

since they contain the foundations of your development and will lead to better

mental emotional and physical outcomes your your personal development increases

with the amount of time and energy you devote to yourself reaffirm that your

God will come to save you and Vanquish your adversaries if you have faith in

God type for long awaited love will eventually make its means of reaching

you in a way that is genuinely amazing make a deliberate choice to be happy de

idea of love me and I am going to appear in your existence God says in the domain

of Love blessings and kindness are approaching much like a river thrives

along its course all an unchanged pool Fosters rot saying the son of man as

Jesus affirms your faith and you should tell someone in need of this recall that

I am a god of freedom and I have the the power to set you free from those bonds

your family will all get better you’re about to witness something very

remarkable that you’ve been anticipating for accept it with open arms and may He

pour forth his grace on you overflowing your cup there is a chance to overcome

illness deprivation and poverty every instant tears of sadness will become

tears of joy if you feel that these words resonate with you know that you can achieve

seemingly unachievable goals that will bring you happiness prosperity and

healing you can boldly declare God is making a way to heal my body and will

never fail ultimately God wants you to know that you are having an impact with

your efforts Miracles and happiness are close at hand reminding us of his love

even in trying circumstances you will flourish because of the love he radiates

through your words and acts recall that the worth of riches is determined by how

you use it not by the stuff itself never question my motives because I am

releasing the bonds that have bound you and will always be by your side to

support console and shield you never forget that greatness is within your

reach acknowledge and map out your path if you think that I swear to guide and

assist you even if it might not always be an easy Journey May the abundance

that lies ahead of you enrich your life as it is a fulfillment of the Divine put

your faith in God remember you should never take anything for granted allow

yourself to be receptive to the blessings I will bestow upon you in the the days ahead keep in mind that life is

more than just a journey it is a beautifully designed Journey filled with

unique qualities and gifts that the world needs you’ve made the decision to

accept and think positively about your life enter type to accept this

novel stage I am your Mentor here to help you progress I invite you to let me

in on your happiness keep in mind that I am a god of surprises and that I enjoy

working Marvels with these these are the times when you will see God open doors

to the Bountiful Harvest he has planned for you boosting your trust and widening

your perspective to the Limitless prospects that lie ahead I will influence every aspect of your mind

heart and body from myai acting as a shield and a lighthouse never forget that we

are all products of our decisions neither fate nor Destiny dictates how

our life will turn out having wealth can help you become a better version of yourselves and open up a world of

opportunities rather than only being for selfish benefit letting rid of things

that no longer serve you allows you to reach Greater Heights in your potential

and man manifest your kind and compassionate Essence to the universe

even a minor adjustment to your routine in the morning can lead to the

availability of divine encouragement throughout your life when we give him

our anxieties and failures my affections and prayers are always ready to be

showered on to you I am here for you the universe helps people who are receptive

to growth Adventure and New Opportunities he is holding your

family in his healing and guarding arms find me my darling child put your trust

in me and let me soothe you this may come as a surprise to you if you accept

the challenge to a life enhanced by spirituality taipi insist it when we are

unsure about the direction to take we are not deterred by Financial difficult

ulties or life’s adversities ask for my advice and to light your path and create

new Pathways to a prosperous and hopeful future God already has the future taken

care of so you don’t need to worry about it stay truthful to the molecular

reactions your mind May create it matters most that you know how much I

value you you will simply be sorry that you did not go with me bringing you

happiness and seeing incredible changes I wish you Joy in this new life which is

full of Joys and wonders rest assured the odds are in your favor you will

prevail I am at your side the entire time appreciating your inherent value in

the midst of everything there’s no doubt about it God isn’t looking down from

above and saying hey think about your Pursuit recognize that at its foundation

money is an energy form miracles happen when there is love and prayer accept

these realities my little child you will take strategic steps forward and those

steps flow from you in ways that are advantageous to all as you give you will

receive and return so prepare yourself for numerous Rewards wordss prepare to

accept I’ll be happy to let it pass if it isn’t from God type I am learning to

reaffirm your spirituality you will Triumph God is informing you now to

accept these gifts in your life inp put if not write be grateful the

almighty for all that you have ever wanted nothing should scare you if it aims to undermine your Financial

Security while you wait I pray that you will always be grateful and smiling

knowing that God will bring you peace of mind acknowledge that God has placed

goals and aspirations in your heart for those who have faith in Jesus Christ he

is prepared to help you and to heal your wounds continue to be closed by

attentive organized and full of happiness contentment and serenity prepare for the

blessings wonderful things are about to happen with an open heart accept these

words when our Spirits connect life is brought forth recall that the ultimate

Miracle is not just the absence of strife but also the energy and peace

that exists a metamorphosis that envelops you will result from cultivating your inner existence

the universe will do more for you if you show gratitude for what you already have

abundantly providing for both your needs and your desires recall that you are not

the tail you are the head your root will be obvious if you pay attention to God’s

guidance give your money permission to float through you and into the lives of

others even if things don’t happen as swiftly as you had intended we shall

acknowledge the potential goodness and hope that have been bestowed upon us

continue to communicate input yes to confirm your willingness to accept God’s

boundless blessings and your faith a messenger from above informs you that

your ideas create your reality even in the midst of everyday ups and downs

despite outward appearances love inspires you to live with confidence

from God keep hope alive as these realities continue to resonate in your

life your breakthrough is right around the corner even though the process seems

burdensome you are the one I have chosen to receive my blessings money will find

its way to you however have comfort in the knowledge that I am your Tranquility

Jesus gives God God’s guarantee that you will be promoted even if you may be

curious about how this will happen buture spiritual well-being first Above

All Else during trying times please help me to truly realize that you are in

control today and to put an end to my struggling put your worries in God’s

hands if you firmly believe in his time he hears your petitions and fulfills

your wishes is you will develop progress and acquire strength through hardships

for your ultimate good to Express gratitude for God’s unending love type

and my heavenly father is going to supply all your needs accordance to the

resources of his glorious name in Christ Jesus Philippians for God is bringing

us more closely to the life we have always dreamed of since he sees the wider picture we must acknowledge that I

hope this message fills you with courage Serenity and excitement for the Bright

Health plenty Clarity and Fresh Starts that are soon to arrive he gives you

love tolerance and the courage to face any challenge headon making it possible

for your life to double in quality every month everything will come to pass at

the appropriate time to be replaced with wonderful new benefits that are meant

only for you when faced with obstacles keep in mind the tale of David and

Goliath Express gratitude to God and humility for everything that he has done

for you and keep your mind open to learning insight and love the message of

God for you at present is to never lose hope and to always speak speak

positively to everyone you encounter a brand new amazing chapter starting one

that is especially for you to promote kindness help the homeless educate kids

and keep God’s word close to your heart please encourage others to share this

message let’s Revitalize tired spirits and Inspire transformation in each

individual we come into contct act with memories they initiate positive changes

and Signal a shift in Direction make a good impact with your money your

everyday positive acts are rewarded and the words you speak create the reality

in which you live you have the power to draw Prosperity into your life see I

have been doing a new creature now it Springs up do you not sense it Isa of

– remember that you are a god of healing if you’re laying in bed at this

moment feeling hopeless exhausted and Ure dream big get fired up and get ready

for astounding breakthrough after astounding breakthrough have faith in the Heavenly law that controls your

existence God is in control of whatever weight you bear put in a lot of of

effort have faith in the road that has been set for you and trust it there will

be chances for development and patching up broken relationships you are endowed with

discernment and wisdom follow the soft prods of your enhanced intuition that

will lead you to Prosperity recall the words of Psalms and rely entirely on God

because everything seems feasible when you of Faith the universe is actively

bringing about the advancements you are hoping for on your behalf all you need

to do to ensure an endless flow of prosperity in your life is to have faith

get ready for an amazing journey that lies ahead we come to understand that

our imperfections are Trent when we cease letting the bad experiences in our

life Define and prevent us from moving forward we beg for someone to love us in

spite of our imperfections yet that love has already been extended to us remind

yourself that you are right where you should be to reinforce your faith and

recognize the blessings that are on the way type believe in myself be aware that

I am the creator of prosperity and that I have many gifts in store for you my

child as you go about your day keep in mind to show love and kindness to

everyone around you Express gratitude for everything and give thanks to God

for all that he has given you this is your heavenly calling you are not here

by accident there are lives you need to effect you have the ability to spread

prayer and love because of your strength pray sincerely believing that God hears

you you call your aspirations to come true God is constantly with you guiding

you toward a prosperous joyful and fulfilled life therefore kindly watch

this message and remember it on this Voyage you’re not by alone if you see

Angel Number it indicates that angels are around

you and that everything will change with a great BL passing when the devil tries to bring you low rise up bravely in

Christ Jesus let go of the things that have happen and focus on the riches I

have planned for you God blesses your efforts and they produce amazing results

May you persistently pursue his fortitude discernment and involvement in

your life God is talking to you today get ready I am going to take you by

surprise with my influence impact to hand benefits with a sincere prayer say

dear the Divine guide me type yes which was to indicate that you’re prepared for

what’s coming recall that everything in the universe including the sun stars and

mountains is under the control of the Creator he guards and guides you at all

times staying at your sigh say a loud yes to his f bel’s hand express your

gratitude for everything you and God danced through life together and it’s a

ballet of steadfastness in this beautiful Union give your heart over to the guidance of the Divine God’s

tenderness and provision for healing will be given to you along with the removal of any fear tension and anguish

have faith that everything will transpire for the best God will take

care of you as promised in the Psalms when you give him your problems your enemies will be defeated have faith that

that breakthrough is coming even though God’s methods are invisible to us in

order to welcome a wave of affluence and clarity about Fresh Starts type to

you can draw even more blessings into your life by being nice and loving

to others you may have have a whole different existence with just one choice

the time will come for the answer to emerge express your optimism if you’re

feeling hopeful about your journey if having money was the only way to be

happy then wealthy people would be out on the Dance Floor happiness however

frequently originates inly before manifesting itself outside of us the

supernatural Assurance of God is never far away and he watchfully guides your

course prepared to unveil the Marvels he has in store for you God has chosen to

grant us wisdom May for be viewed as a blank canvas that can be filled

with the endless possibilities of what can be accomplished when we have faith

in God’s capacity to surpass our most ambitious expectations miracle are

intended to occur and in decy that the Universe intends to perform a remarkable

deed in your life the way things fall into place is not random you are

incredibly powerful something that anyone who has experienced God’s grace

knows well I am fortunate to have you as my God I’m only getting started with the

benefits I am holding in store for you I implore you to show forgiveness

kindness and compassion as you go allow your life to serve as an example of love

one that is joyful hand full of all the things you have always wanted with the

knowledge that a strong internal transformation and result in significant

changes in your life concentrate on thoughts and Concepts that represent the

abundance that is waiting for you some famous people would be the Pinnacle of

Happiness the best relationships were determined only by outside variables but

the things that really make our lives richer are the spiritual journey and the

discovery of new avenues the moment is coming when the doors in your life that

need to open will do so and the doors that need to close will close allowing

blessings to envelop you fully relax and let go of your concerns God has already

predicted your Triumph believe in miracles and set out on a self-discovery

quest Faith as the ability to move mountains change is coming you are being

prepared for bigger things like the upcoming promotion and raise in income

by your very existence and the difficulties you encounter but remember

that the little moments of thankfulness and Joy are also an important part of

the Excursion always keep in mind to give as a result to the Lord because he

is good as you go through life Psalm I am always by your side leading

you to incredible things so you are never alone understanding that your

aspirations have the ability to influence your future approach god with

Assurance you can be con confident that the Lord is giving your life meaning and

joy even though the way ahead can sometimes be less apparent accept your

thankfulness as it can change your life there will be festivities soon and your

financial status will get better consider how far you’ve come from the

person you were a moment ago there will be an abundance of blessings in the days

ahead be ready for what lies ahead allow new blessings to enter your life by

letting go of old burdens and maintaining a strong faith huge rewards

for your diligence and hard work are on the horizon getting up and moving

forward remembering that this situation will additionally successfully complete

God did not lead you to this point in order to abandon you as you embark on

this exciting new chapter in your life remember that you have the amazing

ability within you to triumph over any obstacle keep a positive outlook and

attitude May to bring you the understanding you require to advance

your Spiritual Development and comprehension of God’s will you can

access additional enlightening andent that seeks to help you better connect

with God’s message for Your Life by subscribing to our Channel I want to

encourage you today to pay attention to the little things that go right in front

of you they are blessings and signs of the joy that will soon fill your heart

and start a new cycle of blessings and joy you’ll discover that your capacity

for love and generosity grows as you encounter an anticipated acts of

kindness bestowing upon my children blessings beyond measure see these Deeds

multiplying in your life bringing hope and transformation to circumstances that

seemed doomed to fail reaffirm your resolve to let go of the burdens from

the past and have faith in the path that has been set for you prepare for

incredible changes in your career and health this coming week which will

indicate a clear path forward where love will be your most consoling hug when you

are unsure of how to proceed put your trust in God because he will take care

of the rest I promise now is the moment for Spiritual Development and maturity

please leave a comment if you accept these promises and believe that

blessings will materialize remind yourself of your past

successes and Express gratitude for them as a new chapter in your life is about

to begin one that will bring Good Fortune Psalms shows that when you choose to have

a good life everything in the universe works to make your dreams come true

changes happen just when you need them too the Lord offers protection and a

relationship with Humanity through Christ on all of his loving and trustworthy paths pray for knowledge and

understanding to help you navigate through financial struggles even though they may seem overwhelming May for

be a year of joy and tranquility and may everyone affirm their conviction with a

loud yes accept the honor of knowing the Creator and being known by him for there

is no gift like anything that comes from his hand create a life that is in sick

with the frequency of steadfast Faith despite all obstacles

recall that Psalm – states God is within her she will

not fall accept the new and consider the number

is show that you understand and agree with this message seek comfort and

safety in God’s presence during chaotic times God is Planning something special

for your life your requests for help have not gone an answered

recall that you are not by yourself when it comes to properly managing your

monetary blessings God is constantly on guard working nonstop to Grant you the

serenity that will chase away all fears and anxieties you may always count on

his light shining in your life even during your darkest days his love never

wavers in spite of changing ideals a powerful force that can overcome any

obstacle is prayer as a Christian you should freely declare your faith and

follow God’s Direction in all areas of your life trusting that everything

happens for a reason he swears to bless your family ease your suffering and make

your life a blessed love fill Paradise God desires to be a constant presence in

your life directing each action accept the abundance vibration synchronize your

goals and keep an optimistic attitude as his child unified with the father never

forget that your perception of reality is shaped by your thoughts and emotions

you are a special friend that God has made into an amazing individual accept

this reality and take a confident stride ahead please show us your thanks by

leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our channel do the

affection that you conve in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a

part of this journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would

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