⭕If you ignore this, you will suffer consequences.| God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now go for

it both in happy and difficult moments I

am during your assistance I know you are

in charge no matter what I have to deal

with may I face every battle with sorrow

loneliness and a sense of thankfulness

for the wonderful gift of life that this

day has given me hearing my voice will

bring about whole well-being from head

to toe as well as healing and Hope

Holiness into your life a lovely

relationship is blossoming as you’ve

connected with someone incredible open

your arms and welcome it trust that you

are entering a period of time when

circumstances will line up in accordance

with the purposes of God not your own

even when it seems impossible for you to

continue the way things work out will

Astound you with great generosity I hope

that everyone who comes across me finds

life and blessings stay receptive make

affirmations serve the God who hears

prayers and keep praying until he hears

you as you go throughout your day

forgive them in order for your heavenly

father to Pardon your sins not just

during happy moments but also during

difficult ones I rule over all of

creation transcending all others in

dominance and power and I promise that

all will work out though we remain but

infants spiritually keep in mind that I

am in charge your generosity which never

leaves me has my sincerest gratitude

fear out not to hinder you from

following your journey in Christ there’s

no need to uncertainty I will support he

assures you while he is with you a world

full with opportunity is going to reveal

itself you are going to reap a lot of

advantages from the seeds of Faith you

have sowed over the next several hours

blessings will fill you with great

happiness to claim what will be coming

your way type

while some people put their faith in

horses and chariots we place our faith

in the very name of the Lord God we have

one God as the focal point of our

Thursday morning prayers and way of

living it is an affirmation and a

yearning for your guidance and if it is

meant to be then it will be you’re being

prepared for amazing things to come

right now whether they are trials you’ve

never faced or blessings you genuinely

deserve you’ll reach your goals at a

whole new level the word soothe me oh

Lord and I am going to be healed found

in Jeremiah

encourage us to put our faith and

trust in God’s timing he transforms my

feet like the Solace of a stag he

empowers me to move around on the

heights you’ll go from becoming used to

everything as soon as you’re identified

to accepting the enchantment that exists

in the unknown there is plenty here

despite to many turns life takes put

your trust in me and I’ll take you to

incredible places love can only bloom

with renewed Vitality had an enhanced

Spirit through my power which may also

help you manage those difficult emotions

and fulfill your mission within yourself

collectively God even if the road may

have mistakes and setbacks grant me

excellent health of fulfilling career

and secure Financial standing remain

positive and prepared for all that life

has in store including hardships

, represents your Ambitions that are

about to come true don’t worry and have

faith in yourself shift from accepting

the known to appreciating the unknown

take care of yourself then go for your

goal when your heart’s aspiration are in

line with his perfect will the Lord

rejoices to give them put your faith in

the procedure the cosmos is there by

your sigh waiting for an invitation at

the door of your heart I am gentle so do

not be afraid God says do not be afraid

I shall continue making arrangements for

you put yourself ready to receive all

the blessings that’s currently on their

approach to you and have faith in his

timing a great celebration and your

actual Destiny are waiting for you

Opportunity Knocks hold firm because I

am with you in the face of disruption

hindrance or destruction God please

Mercy On Us in the messiah’s name I say

even though life will not always be easy

there won’t be any suffering or disease

in your house the cosmos is rooting for

you and I want to see how you hard

accept its Destiny accept the path and

let your character shine through

protection no matter what happens God is

going to provide you with resources and

healing this week so expect nothing

short of

extraordinary this message is a result

of divine intervention I will make a way

for you step away away from the evil

continue to pray and proceed I

appreciate everything you’ve done for me

and for being the brightest light in my

life thank you for making it Shine so

brightly your mission is unique and holy

show me your faith for the most

Exquisite gift you can give is

thankfulness go forward for these are

your finest days yet I will take you out

like I am have done previously you will

find your real calling if you find

comfort in me allow everything to find

its place on its own don’t stress too

much about obligations you’re being led

into rooms that no one believed you were

fit for you may be confident that if you

are comprehending this the universe is

telling you to trust it something is

about to change you’ll witness more

miracles in life if you acknowledge the

ones you already have there’s about to

be a big change in your life love is

waiting to revitalize you by giving you

a new lease on life and hope as you go

the way will become evident and God has

the power to transform your life in an

instant because the spirit of God has

sealed you for the day of redemption


in order to receive his Blessing

ings have faith that everything is

harmoniously coming together both your

miracle and the chance to start over or

on their way as you proceed on your path

ask for wisdom and direction as John for

States the Creator is motivation and

those who rever him need to Worship in

the power of the Holy Spirit and in

truth continue to pray in a calm and Ed

manner real security can only be found

in God’s love which is unconditional and

healing when you surrender all of your

typical sources of support I will always

be by your side through good times and

bad unchanging and an ending give your

anxieties and doubts to God and have

faith that he will work in your life to

bring about something wonderful you

underestimate the extent of the

universe’s support declare your strength

and say this with optimism such as God

you have my undying affection I promise

the goal of your journey is to transform

the world not just get where you’re

going your prayers may seem unanswered

but God is still at work in your life

recall that faith without works is dead

just as faith without works is dead I

want you please to to know that despite

everything you’ve been through I still

love you as I repair the wounds others

have inflicted on you I’m demonstrating

it recall that the Holy One is always

available to you throughout these

moments of addiction Melancholy and

despair you have to believe in the

therapeutic effects of God’s healing

anointing and trust that he is your

Shepherd because he sees you the sign

that you have experienced in the past

bear witness to his existence in your

life he is your constant companion in

the here and now as well as the future

in jesus’ name I pray that God will

bring about a breakthrough in both your

life and your finances be receptive to

receiving the benefits of the Lord and

approach him with a pure heart say yes

to the question of whether you’re

prepared to enter a new season full of

of gifts and Marvels type to show

that you’re ready to accept what’s

naturally meant for you this message

speaks to you you have been blessed with

Miracles let this inspire you and direct

Your Inner Path put your worries aside

and have faith that God has a plan and

that everything will work out and do

course type for if you think there’s

Hope for Change at and that you can lift

the weight of the Earth when you’re

feeling tired and

overwhelmed remember that you’re never

alone I’m thankful for another day spent

with my beloved family and for all the

support and direction that God has given

me April and May will be important

months stay receptive to the wisdom and

good news that lie ahead recall that The

Sovereign Lord represents your strength

giving you the ability to face obstacles

head on with bravery and Grace indicate

your belief in the constructive change

that is on the Horizon by responding yes

you need to reach out to certain people

because you have a purpose they have a

joy hearing what you have to say which

is why I am sending you as it draws you

nearer to God let your angel lead and

guard you and those who are dear to you

remember that everything is possible

when you have faith so keep your

expectations up and don’t give up let

comprehension flood your heart and trust

in me regardless of whether it doesn’t

make explanation in case you agree enter

yes remember that I love you and I am

here to safeguard you in times of

weakness or illness because they see

your potential your opponents might try

to stand in your way but have patience I

have good fortune grace and mercy

awaiting you and my love for you is


comprehension if something feels strange

it’s probably because currently is a day

of change follow your gut one moment you

can find it difficult to pay your bills

and the next you might discover plent

as long as you trust me you should be

prepared for what’s ahead and not

worrying about improvable fears Proclaim

I’m healthy in gratitude for the

boundless Grace and steadfast love that

permeate Your Existence even when doubts

have begun to creep in do not allow

worries and anxieties consume your mind

you are destined for big things if you

are willing to let go of self-doubt and

accept your heart’s desires then trust

me to give you

God knows how you’re feeling and is

getting ready to shower you with

blessings be open to blessings and don’t

let the difficulties you face today

Financial or health rated depress you

recall that kindness reflects the love

of God so practice Mercy don’t be

alarmed I’m currently working in your

favored that turn hardships into gifts

Proverbs emphasizes the need of wisdom

and trust and your trip is evidence of

God’s Exquisite plan for you to

experience God’s love you don’t have to

be Flawless he reaches you regardless of

who you hold a position and his might is

revealed in your weakness even under the

most trying circumstances rejoice and

find serenity because God is in complete

control of your life show others love

and rejoice in God’s creation by

speaking kindness into their lives as

you wait for his promises to come to

pass have patience and confidence God is

fighting on your behalf and all will

work out in his time keep your composure

under all conditions because God is

always trustworthy dear Jesus amen God

promises to be aware of your

difficulties and to extend his Divine

kindness to you God has heard your

prayers and seen your tears so cast

aside your fear and embrace your faith

his love gift has been awaiting for you

give your concerns to God if you’re

feeling overburdened since he is the one

who knows how to transform adversity

into strength say yes when you’re you’re

prepared to accept this trip and have

faith in the beauty that exists both

inside and around you today is a start

of fresh blessings educational

possibilities and The Bravery to take a

risk your life and faith serve as a

testament to you an encouragement and a

source of Honor in Just hours watch

for indicators of God’s promise you’re

Guardian Angel is bringing a message of

optimism and impending blessings ask God

to fulfill these promises quickly so

that you can start praying for the

things you need tomorrow advancements

are on the horizon and the universe is

advocating patience and presence

according to John

God’s word he is ready and willing

to Grant your desires Ador your life as

a field ready for breakthroughs and

miracles and commit your Deeds to

reflecting the glory of God open your

heart to the sovereignty of God and

embrace power and peace that are Beyond

Comprehension recall that you are

fighting spiritual conflicts in addition

to physical ones let rid of the sins and

bad feelings that are impeding your

progress seek comfort in cont

contemplation and prayer during times of

Doubt or rage affirm this and open your

heart to God he cherishes your trust and

your dedication and belief are going to

pay off give all your worries and

uncertainties to God and he will change

them into Prosperity Serenity and good

health God is ready to bless you and has

significant messages for you if you

align your behaviors and intentions with

his desire Embrace his love all around

you for he is the source of everything

you require it’s how you respond to

adversity that defines who you are in


situations give thanks to God because he

has already granted you the ability to

overcome hardships with the protection

of faith and the strength of his love

welcome adverse ities as chances for

personal development affirm to to

welcome abundance of benefits The

Rebirth of dreams that have been lost

and the accomplishment of your deepest

aspirations in the near future gratitude

becomes your base truth becomes your way

T Worship in spirit have faith laugh and

smile the best is still to come God

promises to meet all of your needs needs

and more than you could ever imagine and

his timing is perfect your success is a

testimony is goodness and love as much

as it is for you therefore shine a Light

Of Hope and affection for him your

happiness will last a lifetime and your

money will double I hope and pray that

that passage spreads love compassion and

alertness to everyone in your vicinity

please encourage us when we are weak

pray for us when we are unable to do the

responsibilities at hand and pay

attention to what I am asking in my name

of protection give me courage to face

any challenges this new month brings but

know that I have conquered the world I

am grateful to Jesus for his selfless

gift of a new and Abundant Life hold

fast to the hope that adversity will

give way to plenty of blessings as you

travel through life press of course to

declare that you are no longer ashamed

or embarrassed and that you will now

live in your Homeland which is a

peaceful and prosperous area know that I

have performed amazing deeds and

fulfilled long-established plans just as

I open the Heavens to bless your

possessions and the labor of your hands

it’s time for a shift in your life say

goodbye to the old and welcome something

amazing strong and otherworldly this is

a straightforward reality declare it

aloud and find Salvation dear child I

possess an amazing strategy for your

life that will provide all the things

you have prayed for including Prosperity

Healthy Living love and inner peace I

don’t consider anything to be to great

or small for me remember Sweet Child to

sleep with your burdens placed at my

feet and to enjoy life’s small Pleasures

I will keep an eye on you turning

suffering into plenty of gifts please

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