⭕If you ignore me, you will break down eventually.| God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now dot the Forgiveness of sins too considering I

have the dream in my possession and for the new Divine are you ready love you

will see your family lifted out of their situation after enduring a little period

of suffering if you are grateful for the curse then God is telling you don’t he

will remove all illness as well as heal your wounds Lord you are going to

experience a turning point in your life full of blessings keep trying you have

me as your captain and I will always be at the side of you preparing to surprise

your enemies no matter what if you truly have affection in your heart type in

deed God grant that you would realize that this is no game and that you must

take it seriously it is my unwavering affection even in moment of turmoil you

continued becoming more optimistic as the day reached its peak that being said

I have to remind you that you will see a difference starting today offer people

in need array of Hope people who were ill have been successfully cured and you

will serve as a live example of my ability at the house of the Lord I

petition for your signs and one wonders in order to broaden my horizons as I

become more enlightened never have I been and I always will be by your side

even during the moments when others lament missed opportunities bringing

forth the ideas and goals you have into reality as you walk into my light and

let your face to shine with happiness in your circumstances modify your ideas so

that your language reflects them a miracle is coming Karma declared you are

enveloped in this Splendor of abundant benefits as my Holy Spirit invigorates

your spirit your hands will ultimately witness God’s work being revealed before

you as you act through deliberate Choice waiting will not seem like a waste of

time in the present you do not have any slaves and the creatures of the natural

world are yours I bless you to demonstrate that you are able to become

stronger and more capable of leading a life that glorifies God not only for

yourself Faith now is the certainty of things unseen and the certainty of

something hoped for you will receive the necessary healing you will receive the

necessary funds and things will get get better for your family regardless of the

course you choose I’ll help you see fresh options you will serve as a

testimony for everyone who want to witness how wonderful you are and there

are many prevails in fourth coming I might fall short but my heart is strong

in God not just salvation is at stake it has already lost please tell me if you

hide behind the clouds there are moments when you have to travel through pain you

are hampered by assertions resist letting them seen to all the crevices

and spaces it’s time to get up this is the right moment my lessons open doors

for you to happiness contentment and Tranquility show me that you trust me

and I am ready to pour everything into your life you can rely on my help even

if you are unable to see everything I am doing One Day More will come to

light than the last you are the only member of your family with the power to

make things better if they don’t work out today because every other person is

doing it you’ve claimed this blessing and here are the promises inscribed

remember that I am the one who knows your circumstances the best even when it

appears like the deck is stacked against you have confidence in me I am here to

free you from your troubles this year is like a canvas awaiting to be decorated

with happy or sad well or ill moments you won’t go hungry because I’ll meet

all of your needs using His gloriously abundant resources give up your fears

you can do great things if you have a strong sense of Will I hope your faith

continues to Astound me since I have noticed every single one of them

remember that even a tiny bit of Faith may move mountains just like the

youngster who is yearning to hear from his grandfather today you have my love

tensions often occur unnecessarily but do not allow them stop

you I want to stick to my plan for your life therefore another Voyage is in

store nothing will be lacking for you not food not drink not Shelter From Any

enemy material or spiritual dot before you begin your day spend time with me in

prayer you’re going to have a good time once more so trust God to pull you

through A Change Is On The Way focus on this our affection forbearance and

resilience bless you in being round of people who doubted you you can put more

faith than you can imagine in me I approach before you in modesty asking

that you move mountain ranges in my life reminds me of the fact that you are able

to do Miracles and that even in the face of weakness and hopelessness you reach

out to offer blessings and answers my heart comes alive in your presence and I

know that tomorrow will be better thanks to your strength my kid when you

overcome your circumstances and demonstrate your courage to the world never give up hope

you welcome me into your home like a kind host and my powerful grasp is there

to uplift you this communication with Earth provides you with answers and

comfort you are filled with my Holy Spirit who leads you to accomplish

things you never would have thought possible this is the moment to show me

that you need me and to let me into your heart I softly grasp your heart in my

hands you have nothing to worry because I am aware of your difficulties the

signs of my presence in your everyday Affairs are Supernatural

a figure of wealth and transformation put your faith in my word

daughter and let me use the name of Jesus to change change the way you think

and feel I am declaring to you today with all of my unending mercies that you

are worthy of blessings and all the happiness that I am willing to give you

recall the moments you were able to forgive and the brightness in your life

in jesus’ name may this be the time of year that I regularly bring and possibly

big Miracles into your life knowing that my Mercy and love will provide for all of your

needs in accordance with my riches and Glory I prayer for the members of your

family to be brave and strong I hope you have a beautiful week and never forget

that I adore you keep this in mind and maintain your faith even in the face of

heartbreaking news or otherwise dire situations you are the source of wealth

prosperity and unimaginable transformation that my love can bring

about for instance stop by Delight with me throughout the day each day I’ll

gently lift you out of your sadness drive out from your mind and reach out

and hold your hand in order to bring you Serenity you can find the happiness you

should have every day if you have remorse and an open heart hope hold

these moments close to your heart treasure them and never Veer off course

share light-hearted humorous stories even when things feel Out Of Tune know

that I watch over you like a dear kid wanting more from you than financial

wealth give me your heart solid and Faith the time to reward you with

victories has come you’ve shed tears but soon Happ happiness would take the place

of your sorrow disregarding my advice would be like playing an instrument

outside of tune but keep in mind that there is always hope treasure your

intelligence and allow your light To Shine On Life’s canvas assisting others

in finding Solace inspiration strength and healing your physical and mental

being are filled with the Bounty so great that it declares I don’t consider

myself unlucky I’m fortunate whether you’re waiting for blessings or

encountering obstacles I’m here to support and hold your hand recognize

that you have proven faithful in small ways so I’ll trust you with more now

Grant your requests and shower you in blessings beyond measure to indicate

your belief in the Creator typa men remain remain fearless and pursue the

amazing things you haven’t done have a blessing so great it drives out all fear

this is your day an affirmation of my unwavering Love full of Direction and

brightness you will be free and have an understanding based future therefore

everything will work out the signifies this season as a time of

growth and recovery for you instead of being afraid of hardship have faith in

your Invincible inner faith you’ll soon be elevated to higher positions and have

access to a new Revenue stream it’s time to Value yourselves in my devotion and

advice and never forget the fortunate individual you are I’ll tell you truth

to make you fall in love with me come closer and say thank you for your

deepest wounds to heal miraculously for every cry you shed give yourself over to

me and I am going to assist you feed the young the old and the small ones and

provide them clothes and Medicine allow me to enchant you with things that will

change your life blessings and greatness that cannot be measured in passing

seconds this is the Breakthrough you have been waiting for for will

bring in a prosperous month I promise to keep you secure from any dangerous

attack go on and have faith that the Lord will give me the courage to

overcome any hardship even in the deepest darkest hours when it feels like

I’ve been abandoned people that don’t comprehend my viewpoint are the ones you

are looking for remarks and Thoughts From You will have access when I talk

about presenting presence to those who have been degraded this world will see

you as the source of great wealth as I walk ahead of you I Stand By Your Side

giving you the strength to succeed learn more about me my weakness has power

because it lifts you up I will set the Inc people free if you intercede for

them I assure you that your family and future will succeed the Messiah retorted

make me whole Jesus and let me be a living example of your compassion I

heard you as you called out to me in prayer keep your hope up a wonderful

thing is on the way how come your heart Quakes dear one make a lot of good

changes by walking in trust praise will overflow flow your heart due to a

miracle that exists within you ask for provision in prayer you look to the

years to come with worry even if the Earth is full in order to think and

breathe love into existence let’s harmonize our words and ideas there are

new beginnings coming and this time and energy you are the one who will benefit

most from a historic blessing that will highlight your greatest qualities no

restrictions will hold you back recognize that you have been given peace

and give yourself permission to keep developing recall that my words can save

your life during your lowest moments my wish is to feed the hungry daughters and

sons I do not want to punish anyone your answers are in my hands I am going to

Grant you the necessary power and capability be compassionate to others since they

are all on their own Journeys and approach the situation with resolve

dismissing voices that discourage this is a friendly reminder that even though

things are difficult now things will get better in the future remain hopeful go

plunge yourselves into the sea command the mountain dear God I really ask for

your wisdom regarding something that has deeply affected and uplifted me for

those in need I will give strength and Sanctuary to the weak you will discover

proof of a material God in my presence do not forget that there is a flower of

life the pathway to discovering your actual mission in life and many more

opportunities waiting for you within your heart always keep in mind that

something much larger than the Norms of this world is what holds your destiny

for one another touch your child’s cheek in the quietness I’ll see to it that you

find Serenity in this position no matter how bad things get the Solace and

confidence that comes solely from yourself cannot be found anywhere else

in this world think of your blessings instead every grin from your family and

friends is EV that your real aims will be achieved I guarantee you my best

follow the path of prayer and seclusion it’s important to remember this time by

yourself just like you have in the past when God is with you your inner light

will radiate in such magnificence that it fascinates everyone and fulfills your

hopes and dreams this is what today’s video message

suggests nobody in the universe as far as I’ve always known can truly bring

about the forgiveness and serenity that come with letting go of the past in

order for me to survive teach me to forgive I beg your pardon and

deliverance from all that weakens or distresses me have faith that God will

fulfill his promises to you a great deal of Tranquility

and security result from the process despite the fact that it can

occasionally be painful your family will undoubtedly receive a blessing the

universe is informing you today have faith that God will bless and provide

chances for you take advantage of fresh chances and never forget that you are

never alone when you are in my Care address to this trrain go plunge

yourselves into the sea have faith in me and accept the things you’ve learned

despite adversity for your upcoming chapter I have amazing plans that will

showcase your perseverance and lightness of spirit give up anything that has been

weighing you down tonight I’ll always be here for you offering you comfort Love

and Hope defy all residual negativity ity by fighting bravely and announcing

to the world that you have won God is more powerful than the enemy so keep

that in mind when they try to control your feelings or bring you low God can

still work with you after you’ve stumbled God grant that each and every

one of you will grow stronger as a result of your brief

tribulations everything works together for good as you may have heard lean on

your own piece of benefits trusting that you no longer need to retreat the

Forgiveness acts as a conduit for God’s love which is now with you yours is a

conqueror’s care and God is bringing his promise of affection consolation and

hope to you every day don’t let your past transgressions consume your

attention accept the mercy that is going to break in about your whole healing and

improve your connection with me even before you see my blessings

materialize start affirming them Whispering blessings into your daily

existence and the lives of people around you by using the Angelic language always

remember that the purpose of God is for your good and place your trust in him

recognize that every hardship can teach you something important important strengthening your fortitude and

increasing your faith in me this week has a lot of potential let my blessings

rain down heavily upon you remain assured that I will always be there for

you even if I put you to the test to build your confidence and character I’m

always willing to Pardon you so keep your eyes open for it you make decisions

that move you closer to the life or the dark every day make informed decisions

and follow my guidance as you navigate life’s Forks recall that your struggles

have only strengthened you and better equipped you to receive the gifts I

haven’t prepared for you the cosmos agrees with me when I say to give me

your entire being and pay attention to my ways I’ll give that anxious mind

courage and bring a amazing healing and Liberation into your life never forget

that my compassion and love are reflected in your Deeds of generosity

for the less fortunate remember that I have big plans for you ones that involve

hope and the future I have observed you touched by your earnest prayers and I am

come to bring you out of your difficulties recognize that although individuals move about in your life my

presence is Everlasting accept the image I have inserted into your heart remind

yourself that I am always here to console your shattered heart and uplift

your soul even in your moments of loneliness you have had many hardships

but they have only help to purify your heart and get you ready for the enormous

benefits that lie ahead reaffirm that everything is possible when you work

with me knowing that I am at your sigh giving you the courage and serenity you

require to Prevail will allow you to lead the charge in life’s conflicts find

comfort in my company amid the peaceful grasslands and along the coast lines

that whisper focus on the assistance that lie ahead of you and let let go of

the past proceed with diligence and faith on your trip seeking my advice in

every area of your life be certain of my unending love and kindness for you we

can create a future full of power hope and Peace by working together to open up

possibilities that have previously been guarded there is no need to be afraid of

realization particular particularly in regards to tomorrow it is certain that

the magic you possess will come to pass give a yes in confirmation if this

message speaks to you it’s a reminder that my job is to reveal your enemies

schemes and make sure that you have a clear root ahead of you a supernatural

element perets the Solace and assistance you receive priming you for the enormous

one ERS that lie ahead as I support your development and Lead You toward your

Celestial breakthrough I am by your side at every turn when all else fails never

forget that God as complete authority over our life it is possible to

significantly alter your circumstances by altering your thoughts and point of

view God values you so much that you should never forget it he even if you

feel undervalued or forgotten something exceptional is being sculpted and ready

for you we hear your prayers for Spiritual and physical healing your

inventiveness and creativity are assets that should be developed and put to

Great use in order to have a significant influence get in syn with God’s message

for you and live your life accordingly permit his healing healing and kindness

to embrace you awaken your inner guidance and sense God’s unwavering

trust in You by paying attention to that voice although a lot has happened to you

these hardships are preparing you for the benefits and breakthroughs that are

still to come what God has planned for your life will be extraordinary you’re getting nearer to

that miraculous breakthrough the one that entails your Body Spirit and soul

with each stride or major shift recall that your prayers and Ambitions are

heard and that you are greatly loved remember that I am always there to

shower you with surprises and to give you the courage and knowledge you need

to face life’s obstacles even as you look up into the heavens have faith that

I can accomplish much beyond what you can possibly conceive your ability to experience my

influence and affection in your life will only be impeded by dot with this

trip You Are Not Alone we have received your well wishes and prayers the secret

to their fulfillment is trust although they are a part of the journey life’s

complexities and obstacles also help to shape and hone you we hope that this

letter ser serves as a source of comfort and hope yes affirmatively if it

resonates with your heart your life will blossom in every way if you cultivate

the creative and purposeful seeds that have been deposited within you keep in

mind that you are directed cherished and under my careful observation as you

progress and return to normal sit right next to me with love and courage in your

heart and love will be with me forever to come your soul I hope you would return with

an abundance of thankfulness Grace and peace what matters is a genuine and

purposeful outpouring of honesty God says to you through like this video

remember that you’re mine I have constantly been there for you no matter

what obstacles you face there I am walking by your side assisting you in

finding salvation forgiveness love and healing the power that propels space of

stars is an optimistic mind and it has Litt faith in my Celestial Messengers to

manifest love and abundance I multiply for you tend to the wild

flowers of the field and declare my word knowing my requirements you will turn

all your sorrows into jaw and change the poor into the wealthy through me remain

UND demoralized despite the opposition let my grace cover your

humiliation and let me help you heal may my scars heal my labors produce fruit

and may all of your aspiration come true and Blossom in every area of your life

pray for a miracle breakthrough in my life I pray that his help will overcome

the enemy’s resistance to see my love come into existence and you were praying

this morning as I heard you do thank you blessings to all of you from God recall

the times of blessings and Plenty when your spiritual eyesight becomes clouded

and the way appears lost you might not have fully understood the afflictions he

had the capacity to pursue through at the time but keep in mind

that you trusted me change into a religious hero you protected today the

angels are telling you let everything be an expression that I appreciate you let

your mind and heart be covered by this I will not be forced to make decisions

that I may later regret by the enemy oh loving Lord that is why think things

will ultimately turn out in this manner for me you are acquainted with every

thought response and manifestation of the suffering of those who would control

you today as a youngster waiting to hear from their parent you type yes to

demonstrate your faith recall that you always have power over one thing your

decision I will help you make decisions that won’t make you later regret I will

remind you of my love on Thursday if you’re ready in search of a fruitful

marriage and a breakthrough you’ve moved toward healthier environments where you

may relax and have a drink you are not easily discouraged I have observed your

tenacity you are formidable lovely and significant I have a mission for you a

mission that needs to be completed we have heard heard your silent prayers in the darkness of the night I want you to

be at peace something your enemies cannot disturb I will bless your life

and every member of your family and I will give you the experiences you need

to grow you have deeply desired and achd for yourself to improve and become the

person you were meant to be I swear to bring back what you’ve lost I

acknowledge the difficulty this road has brought me but I also know that things

are starting to change Lord the all powerful your name above all other names

you are ready I promise that your welfare has always been my first

priority I am enveloping you with a peace that is beyond dispute my child

never give up don’t let up on your progress please accept my pardon give

blessings to those who Street you and find out the opportunities that lie

ahead for you may the presence of my divine nature within those who oppose

and deny the truth become apparent to them you will overcome quickly no matter

how Terrible Things become much like what happened to the olive plant you

will get blessings both visible and invisible because God is giving you the

gift of unwavering trust you will be free from the hope that past hurts have

over you your aspiration are materializing I pray for you all get

regular Communications from God stay in contact climb to set yourself up by

asking me for the things your really heart desires we all know it’s important

to start somewhere so make the choice to be satisfied and stick with with it you

will receive several Returns on your Investments adopt a happy Outlook and

stay on that side of things all that’s in my heart God you know I want to feel

deserving of your affection and favors I come to you for guidance on all that

weighs heavily on my mind and heart including important decisions you may

relax knowing a miracle is coming I ask you to work this miracle father I am not

a random creation you have known me since before I was ever born and good

things are about to happen there will certainly be numerous challenges in life

for you to overcome but always keep in mind that even in situations when it

appears like you have no options I am here to support you you are the source

of my power and and the motivation behind all I do you own the power over

your life and the lives of your family and blessings can be found in the most

unlikely places it is only through Jesus Christ that you can achieve the great

destiny that God has for you in this life I am really fond of a lot of things

in your life thank you Jesus your son I am reaching you tomorrow expecting a

miracle trusting that what is lost will be found again and that what is less

than admirable will be restored I hold an enormous blessing in your hands if

you agree click your ass God is telling you not to be afraid today and get back

up even stronger if fear strikes this stirring prayer my door is always open

denotes that your life is headed to an exciting New Direction God is always

with you therefore be open to him doing even greater Miracles he wraps your

wounds consoles you and gives you hope that something amazing is coming if a

miracle seems imminent please say Amen in the comments how come God encourages

you to prosper get well and achieve your goals in life meditate and have faith in

the capability of prayer to fulfill your desires whether they are New or Old

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