⭕Heaven says, If you ignore this, you will be…⚠️| God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now

clearing every barrier out of your way

so you may Return To Me angels of War

supernaturally stand watch prepared to

defend you when you believe there was

nothing remember that the universe is

within of you life expresses thanks by

listening and being willing to fulfill

your greatest wishes have faith that

those who put their faith in Jesus will

experience events as they should there’s

no reason to worrying an endless supply

of money is coming your way with these

there are growing signs telling you to

think outside the box don’t wait so the

seeds that will lead to the Fulfillment

of your aspirations I your obedient

Creator am am preparing a plitude of

benefits for you it is crucial to take

action but also to strike the right

equal ibrium between carrying out and

being he’ll bring enough into your life

to take their place it is not necessary

to first love someone else in order to

feel plentiful according to one

Chronicles you don’t understand the

significance of relying on him until he

pulls you up by the bootstraps to free

you from destructive habits K keep your

distance from him and heed his

instruction s he has many blessings

you’ve entered a new realm of spiritual

awareness therefore let your objective

be focused God will give a beautiful

gift through someone within the next

days so don’t worry consider fears about

things that won’t happen or persons who

aren’t a real threat remain composed and

avoid focusing too much on them simplify

your life in a world in need of love

love and give freely and without

hesitation push yourself to achieve your

goals in whatever circumstance you

encounter there will always be

difficulties but the process is never

ending God tells you that with him

anything is possible make decisions

today based on your intuition to stay

out of trouble he will deliver you just

in time from tumultuous Circ

circumstances that jeopardize a person

or things you care about you are meant

to be impenetrable and to thrive in

affluence I’m going to come over to your

house today and change things keep my

commitments adjacent to your heart and

pay attention but what I say to you I

shall grin in response to your sincere

prayers since it is in your delight and

satisfaction that I find my reason for

being I bless you with my presence

living in a Tranquility at strengthens

you a sign of faith I love you always my

darling child ask fearlessly I have the

ability to lift mountains of grief and

Destroy any barriers that are standing

in your way advocate for the morally

upright you’ll achieve your dreams

because I’ll be by your side Ammon all

is being restored by God as though it

were brand new recall that I am a loving

God who will always repay kindness

sometimes Miracles come in the most

unexpected ways think back on your

experiences conquering adversity and

remaining resilient in the face of

unforeseen circumstances remain

optimistic and embrace happiness and

success don’t give up even though you

may have had some Financial loss or

setbacks it’s just you and me a surprise

things are undergoing shifts in your

life right now talk kindly to others and

hold simple modest beliefs when life’s

storms blow through own up to your

mistakes and ask for forgiveness you

deserve New Opportunities and a fresh

start in my opinion your father

carefully built The Narrative of around

you as you enjoy stronger relationships

with relatives and close Companions of

receiving his support consolation and

love the heard of your previous

experiences will lessen I must not

pretend that I don’t need your love so

please meet me with it Lord refrain from

allowing jealousy to sprout rather open

the door to an endless stream of

prosperity ity Joy pleasure Liberty and

wonders you’ll become aware of how well

protected you are as You observe the

effects of your changes your prayers are

being heard for whatever it is you’ve

been hoping for such as your ideal House

of fulfilling career or a committed

relationship recall that happiness lasts

forever even when sadness could last all

night rely on gratitude and Faith each

time you feel deflated you are going to

get Sav if you confess with conviction

that the Messiah is Lord and that God

rescued him from Resurrection from the

dead despite the doubts of others you

are hearing me and I am sending you

enormous blessings that will ease your

pain and provide you comfort have faith

in the ability to heal and fulfill your

aspirations you have every cause to feel

fortunate and I am providing you with

wonderful chances to experience my

presence I stretched my Mercy regardless

of whether you were far removed from me

my dreams for you are coming true in the

form of your trust and Partnerships here

I am because I adore you we’ve heard

your desperate call and I’ve answered an

angel informs me that the ideas you have

in heart harmony with my time since I am

constantly at work in the background on

your behalf you are here to assist and

encourage you on this trip because you

have a mission only you can fulfill in

Your Heart Right

and accomplish towards me if you’re

looking for a new outlook in the past

I’ve accomplished amazing feats like

tearing down walls and separating Seas

this is the ideal moment to lead the

life of your dreams though your life may

seem disjointed to you on the inside

your Viewpoint will change as a result

of faith and possibly fasting Watch The

Life expansion video and take note of

its messages there’s more my love than

just the gift I have for you I want you

to succeed in all that you do in life

God loves you so when you are grateful

and and put your trust in him wonderful

things will happen you can ask me for

direction and I’ll respond find me by

seeking me out I will not remain silent

in the face of your struggles I see your

tears and hear your prayers in jesus’

name I want you please to be everything

that you were meant to be you will soon

see God too your interpersonal

interactions business wealth and health

will all exhibit the supernatural thank

you God please ease my stress in terms

of my body soul and finances also please

heal my heart know that the road ahead

is difficult and paved with hot stones

for anyone who yearns for love in the

face of Abandonment but trust that

everything will come together give un to

my promise to you have hope and

confidence in it give your heavenly

favor a profusion of blessings and

enduring happiness to this day it’s okay

to continue striving and making efforts

even when life becomes more relaxed and

helps you align with what you deserve I

see your tears hear your prayers and I

am prepared to reveal the next course of

action for you remember that even in the

face of seemingly insurmountable

difficulties I have always been there

for you my child concealing the

Everlasting benefits we have given such

as your relationship with me and

Redemption on your selected path your

efforts to advance spiritually and

mentally are recognized press on and if

you’re persuaded positive developments

enthusiasm and goodness are on the way

stay optimistic exciting times are ahead

never forget that life has more to offer

with boundless opportunities and divine

support type

to show if you believe that these

events will come to pass my ideas are

beyond your

comprehension trust that everything will

work out for your benefit I wish to

restore hope in your life by helping you

to recall my good

you have what it takes to conquer the

obstacles that lie ahead you may bring

people together and change lives by

living a life rooted in positivity and

Faith there is something really good

coming up greet it by typing for

, you have hours to go before you

experience a huge Triumph that will

prove your belief my little kid I

Proclaim that God is working to bring

your greatest desires to pass and that

he is arranging everything to work in

your favor I want to work a tremendous

miraculously in your life because I love

you so much I am pounding on the door of

your heart awaiting your opening to

admit me you should not be concerned I

am a loving and compassionate God who is

prepared to lead you through all of your

darkest sides recognize that you have a

purpose in my life please enlighten me

on your path and might your heart submit

to my desire God will reward your

efforts if you accomplish this see your

heavenly father appearing to bestow upon

you immense blessings that will change

your life and make it beyond anything

you could have ever imagined I never

take something away and don’t give

something greater in exchange thus try

not to stress about the challenging

things like how the waves and storms

submit to my will so will I tend to them

in jesus’ name put your complete

confidence in me for whatever please

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